Astrology For The Week Of Dec 2-8 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in the later degrees of Aquarius, still squaring up to Mercury in Scorpio, creating a detachment from otherwise intense preoccupations or emotions. The big news this week occurs today. Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, enters earthy and methodical Capricorn at 10:20  AM for a year. This see’s Venus and Jupiter both trine Uranus in Taurus. With Venus also in sextile to Mars in Scorpio, this could have seen many people driven to contemplate taking some calculated risks in a completely new direction. Change can be difficult and scary, and although Venus is no longer in tension with Chiron, Jupiter picks up where she left off. I spoke last week about ‘Tegrity(TM), as these maths have certainly highlighted the importance of embracing our own authenticity and allowing our choices to reflect that…which means also embracing the fact that not everybody is going to be in complete agreement with whatever you decide. With all of these planets in Saturn ruled Capricorn however, this could see some wrestling with ethical or moral quandaries. I;e: Guilt. Something Saturn (and Capricorn) are very familiar with. With Mars and Mercury both in instinctual, uncompromising Scorpio, it’s important to really connect with whatever “rings our bell, and makes us feel most alive.” If you find yourself motivated by guilt to go in a certain direction, as noble as this is-it's the fucking wrong direction. Mars in Scorpio needs more than mere guilt to rouse it to action. Mars in Scorpio is concerned with the primordial seat of power in the human being. The mojo. The passions. Scorpio doesn’t rule over Sex and Death for nothing. This is the power within the human being that creates life. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn want congruency and Tegrity(TM). With so much Cap emphasized here, there is the knowledge that whatever decisions made are going to stick. There are longterm implications.  So, under these configurations, things are narrowing down and coming to a more decisive and congruent turning point. You have the right to change your mind, no matter who may be disappointed or upset, what ultimately matters is that you step on to a fertile platform for personal growth and do what is most in alignment with your deeper passions, higher callings, and personal empowerment. This can be a difficult process for some people, as certain sacrifices need to be made on the altar of Tegrity(TM). But if you catch yourself motivated by guilt as opposed to “FUCK YES”,-stop yourself. Ask yourself if you would rather be stuck with a decision you made out of guilt, or if if you would rather be stuck with a decision you made out of a place of self empowerment and “Fuck yes”. (As a person with a Cap stellium myself, I have to check my tendency to be guilted into things all the time, and let me tell you, it’s been empowering AF to say NO to this reflex.)   This is also a powerful time for individuation, as the Aquarian lunation squares up against Mercury in instinctual Scorpio and perhaps see’s us questioning ourselves, as it can feel that the stakes are rather high. With Mercury and Mars in Scorpio combined with this growing, powerful stellium in Capricorn, there is a feeling that once we step into certain territory there is simply no going back to the way things were, so it’s a rather do or die moment astrologically, as something needs to be released in order to enter into a new vibration. Powerful stuff. Later, as the Moon edges towards the last degrees of Aquarius, it forms a sextile to Jupiter freshly in Capricorn. The Moon enters Pisces around 11 PM PST, suggesting a feeling of release, a letting go, that somehow benefits us. Perhaps a sigh of relief, and a decision to embark upon a new direction.

Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Pisces, squaring the Sun in Sagittarius, and forming a trine to Mars in Scorpio and a sextile to Uranus as well as Venus. This can see us commit to a new direction interpersonally or otherwise, and it looks to be extremely beneficial. With Jupiter square Chiron however, perhaps it takes courage, and being true to ourselves, and perhaps it hasn’t been an easy decision to make, as again, maybe not everyone is happy with it. There’s also a lot of unknowns involved, and whatever is going on now is certainly out of our comfort zones somehow, but exciting all the same. These are curious maths, because there is a lot of liberation in the mix, the theme of breaking away from something (old ways of life? Outmoded situations? Limiting beliefs? Confining circumstances, controlling individuals, inner negativity or doubt?) in order to achieve greater harmony, pleasure, and personal fulfillment. These maths will definitely see a lot of action transpiring in regards to relationships and alliances, as well as finances, over all security, -and self worth. With the Pisces lunation, there is a release of something, an ending of something, a sacrifice. But there is very clearly a new cycle beginning in it’s place. Around noon PST, the Moon conjoins Neptune, and with the Sun squaring up to Neptune, and the Moon squaring the Sun, there could be some longing, perhaps some unknowns. Some people might even be processing the end of one relationship and the beginning of a new one, or perhaps a revival of one that was on the rocks, or some other kind of “relationship revolution”. If this is the case, the planets in Cap emphasize slow growth. Take your time, and most importantly, get to know *yourself*, first and foremost. You’re the only one that you *have* to spend the rest of your life with. Make sure you’re in good company in your own solitude, -because nothing and no one can supplicate that, and it’s also what you’re going to be bringing to your interactions. Either way, Tuesdays lunar sextile to Venus and trine to Mars can see some inner and outer alignment of wills, and offer some valuable reflections that can see us making more sense of certain feelings, drives, and impressions, and coming into more congruence with it all. Neptune emphasized can certainly see some sacrifices being made, and this can maybe come with some vague uncertainty, perhaps even a tinge of sadness or guilt. The Mars/Uranus opposition lets up today however, so there are certain blockages around aligning more authentically with our will being removed, and the controversy of doing so will slowly but surely recede more into the background to be released. This is replaced with new, fertile ground that beckons to be explored and bristles with potential. Some are experiencing radical departures from what has been known, and entering new, foreign terrain literally or figuratively, and it can be exciting and scary at the same time, due to so many unknowns. “Jeebus, take the wheel.” Oddly, even amidst uncertainty and radical change, there’s an ironic notion of stability to these configurations. Today is rather dreamy, reflective, imaginative, and there can be some pleasant interactions, impressions, and exchanges peppered in. A lot of compassion as well, even if it’s unspoken. Even in the face of saying goodbye to certain chapters or releasing certain things to the fates, there is an odd feeling of serendipity, and that somehow, some way, it’s all going to work itself out. A sort of trust  in, and surrender to the divine order of things is called for. With Jupiter trine to Uranus, we are surely being called out of the safety of certain comfort zones and into new possibilities. This Pisces lunation is an opportunity to work through and release fears, doubts, restricted self concepts. In the Mayan calendar the shadow side of this day is “choosing to remain safe at the expense of growth.” Fortunately, embracing it looks to be a surprisingly pleasant and beneficial experience, so it would just be kind of setting ourselves up to have a really bad time to resist the flow of our own growth and be afraid of our own positive feelings. It harkens a time of release and of moving forward into new possibilities that actually look fertile AF.

Today see’s the Pisces Moon trine Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, and sextile Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see some extremely positive power moves and communications or thoughts going down, and perhaps it’s all very “behind the scenes,” and occurring in a super low key, understated, or even secretive way. This is a rather passive lunation, so many people are simply thinking about what they might like to say or ruminating over feelings, endings, or their sense of direction. Whatever is going down is setting some longterm foundations that will completely change things going forward. It almost seems divinely orchestrated, fated, or what have you. (These maths have been really unprecedented, it's some pretty powerful stuff.) We could receive support, guidance, or encouragement from behind the scenes, or even just “signs” from the universe that help us feel more certainty and stability about whatever path we’re deciding to embark upon. There is something stable, supportive, reassuring or quietly affirming about today’s configurations. There could even be some sort of epiphanies reached that help us feel more solid within ourselves. Lunar trine to Mercury in Scorpio all day really emphasizes communication and thoughts, and with both in water signs, this involves the feelings and instincts, and coming to a place of inner congruence and acceptance about them. There can be some healing exchanges possible, and deep levels of communication, -even wordlessly, silent understandings. A lot of creative inspiration is available as well. A growing lunar link to Chiron begins later on towards evening. Very healing stuff going down here, even if it accompanies some challenges and a need to release, or get more time alone to digest and distill things. A lunar square to Jupiter in the evening hours can see some indulgent or somewhat excessive tendencies, but oddly, -with Jupiter now in Capricorn, such escapism can actually take the form of running from (or simply handling/managing) rather “large” feelings, via throwing oneself into work, practical tasks, -or some other form of self mastery, self discipline, goal, or personal achievement/advancement. It's a pretty mellow, reflective, but focused vibe that can be good for creativity. Inspired, low key enthusiasm.

We begin this morning pulling our shit together from the Pisces lunation, to gear up for a more active, less passive lunar phase. Around noon, the Moon enters fiery and assertive Aries, where we will simultaneously feel more vulnerable and more emboldened. Initially, the Aries Moon still holds a trine to Mercury (although out of sign and weaker), while simultaneously conjunct Chiron and square Jupiter. This could see some “big feelings.” There may be an urge to communicate something, or there could be a bit more assertiveness in communications but it’s a rather brief window. With Chiron involved, everything takes courage now, but today, as Mercury enters the later degrees of Scorpio, it forms a trine to Chiron, which can give us the balls and more courage around revealing certain things we’ve maybe kept stuffed down. In the very least, we begin playing with the idea of opening up some kind of pandoras box or revealing more of ourselves somehow. We could have some doubts, vulnerabilities, or feel challenged somehow, particularly by the sheer amount of changes transpiring. The lunar square to Jupiter can definitely magnify the emotions, and this can see people throwing themselves into some kind of self mastery or practical tasks in order to manage them, if there isn’t any appropriate outlet for such assertive drives or “big feelings”. After death, comes new beginnings, and releasing the old can be a vulnerable process that can have us feeling “out on a limb.” But this is a time to embrace the new, to have courage in the face of vulnerability, embracing our own authentic selves, even if it’s humbling or scary.  It is ultimately what will bring growth and transformation. The Aries lunation represents a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle. It just so happens that this one carries particular magnitude and significance, given the other configurations. 


Friday morning see’s the Moon in Aries trine the Sun in expansive Sagittarius, which can be energizing and otherwise optimistic feeling. In some ways, it could feel our worlds have opened up a bit and we have more space and freedom, emotionally or otherwise. We could actually need this space to process certain things. Minor tension between the Moon and Mercury, along with squares to Venus, Saturn, and eventually Pluto, are the only other aspects of significance throughout this day. This could see some interpersonal tension, or perhaps just some awkwardness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entirely negative tension, but it could just be that so many intense changes are unfolding that people may need some personal space and independence to implement certain things. Squares indicate action and breakthroughs. So there could be a lot happening at this time. Expressing ourselves can feel a bit awkward due to some of these configurations, so it’s better to just not put pressure on ourselves or others socially or interpersonally. There’s definitely some major moves going on, and a lot of intensity in the air. Give yourself and others a wide birth if it’s too hot in the kitchen. Do you boo. Allow the dust to settle. There could be some pleasant shocks or surprises right around the corner that really change things up in a significant, beneficial way.

Today starts on the heels of yesterdays intensity, but we can feel things starting to shift into a more pleasant direction as the Moon edges into the later degrees of Aries. A trine to Jupiter and a conjunction to Uranus begin to build and this could bring a feeling of considerable excitement, optimism, and a liberating feeling, -even if there is lingering intensity from some corner of our lives. These could be changes on a practical, physical level, being that there is such an emphasis on earth here. These are major transformations. There could even be a sort of understated, low key, “giddiness” to these configurations, as if we’re preparing for something exciting to happen. The Moon shifts into Taurus in the wee hours, and there could be a milestone to celebrate by the time the weekend is over, though it won’t be one that has been arrived at easily.

Today see’s the Moon in sensual, practical Taurus, seeing a rather mixed bag of a day, though is largely positive. This weekend has certainly produced some breakthroughs. Todays configurations include a lunar conjunction to Uranus, an opposition to Mars in Scorpio, trines to Venus and Saturn, and a sextile to Neptune. Wow. What a download this shit is about to be. So.. let’s break this down.The lunar/Mars opposition could certainly see the potential for conflict or irritability. It could be someones not happy with something we’re doing or have decided on. It could also be that the sheer force of will and push forward required of us has left us in need of grounding, centering, and creature comforts in order to more fully remove our grumpy glasses, take in the new view, or take advantage of our new reality. Regardless, there’s a potential for some irritability, grumpiness, or conflict with a Moon/Mars opposition, so take care to *deliberately* seek out others who support your growth, happiness, and fullest expression, -and try to avoid anyone who wants to stifle or inhibit that. Today might be very telling in regards to who celebrates you coming into deeper alignment with your most authentic self and fullest expression, -and who bemoans and resents it, or wants to control, stifle, inhibit it, or throw a wet blanket on it. Because, CONVERSELY-we have some very pleasing, stabilizing, inspiring, and even idyllic configurations here that show some promising, long term potential for major growth, blossoming, joy, and transformation. To top it off, it looks stable AF, and even creatively and spiritually inspiring. There may be a lot of unknowns emphasized by the Sun/Neptune square, but there's also a lot of potential herr for creativity or spirituality, and it can feel good to put faith in something.  Mercury in 29 degrees of secretive, and intense Scorpio today, due to enter open, honest Sagittarius on Monday, the floodgates of communication will open, and our courage will grow regarding sharing some of these intense experiences, private processes, or repressed truths. In either case, things will lighten up considerably, and thinking more positively will come more easily, as will being more forthright, honest (maybe even blunt) with others about what we’re really thinking. We’ll also be more openly inquisitive and less cagey/closed off. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay curious my friends! See you next Monday.


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