Astrology For The Week Of June 3-9th 2019


We begin this week with a New Moon in talkative, busy Gemini. Both the Sun and Moon in Gemini for squares to Neptune in Pisces, and oppositions too Jupiter in Sagittarius. There is a hint of delusion and denial. With a conjunction to Mercury, we may be sifting through emotions and information in as detached a manner as possible, perhaps barely scratching the surface. 

There may be much going on in the background or under the surface that we either simply don’t know about, don’t want to see or confront, or haven’t come to terms with. 

The involvement with Jupiter and Neptune can make it somewhat difficult to concentrate, as our imaginations may be working overtime. Regardless, there are intimations of more positive circumstances ahead, in spite of confusion, uncertainty, dissolution, or in some cases, outright dishonesty. 
Sifting through facts and feelings, as we embark to expand on certain fronts, that will benefit us long term, can be a theme. Perhaps not everything we have uncovered, or continue to unearth, has been “delightful,” and in some cases, certain dreams have actually died, and are being completely replaced with new, more realistic, authentic, and feasible ones, that will better suit us. A letting go and “coming to terms” process that as nebulous as it may feel, has perhaps been long overdue. With an opposition to Jupiter in truth seeking Sagittarius, certain undeniable truths absolutely must be faced and incorporated into our mindset and into our emotional reality.

The more we can integrate unavoidable realities, and factor them into our approach,  the better off we will be able to navigate June, July, and the months and years ahead. 

With Mars no longer square Chiron, many of us are leaving a painful or difficult period behind us, where we (or others, or both) had to take on some rather defensive posturing, where the focus was very much on self preservation. Now, we can reestablish a fortress of safety, recovery and security, -and slowly but surely experiment with becoming vulnerable again. This time, with hindsight, and healthy, restructured boundaries in place. Although the severity of the Mars/Chiron square is gone, there is still much to clean up from it’s aftermath, and perhaps some of the stings of vulnerability left behind still somewhat fester, as we release aspects of our past that compromise our feeling of safety and sense of self respect.

With Saturn and Pluto in trine to Venus in Taurus, deep shifts and transformations have been underway in regards to partnerships, intimacy, sharing, money, economy, pleasure and self esteem.  Utter realism is required here, and cutting out anything that compromises our longterm security, and making an effort to revise, transform or remove whatever is dysfunctional from our lives, (even if such “cutbacks” or transformations have been uncomfortable) will help set us up for a much stronger and more fruitful foundation. A process of maturation and growth. We could be uncompromising in pursuit of what brings us joy, security, and abundance, and anything that interferes with that and does not contribute to or benefit our longterm advancement will need to be cut out. This need not be unpleasant, and will ultimately be extremely beneficial. 

Tuesday morning, around 10 AM PST, see’s the Moon enter emotional Cancer. Here, both Mercury (in the last degree of Gemini) and the Moon, form squares to Chiron. Perhaps something we read, see hear, or a communication we receive, touches upon a wound that hasn’t entirely closed up. Around noon PST, the Moon (conjunct Mars in Cancer) forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, encouraging new approaches to old problems or conflicts around our sense of security, vulnerability, the past, and our sense of personal autonomy and identity. Around 1 PM PST, Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, enters sensitive Cancer, placing the communication and thinking emphasis squarely on emotions, the past, security, and vulnerability. 
We can seek to liberate ourselves from repetitive and redundant circumstances, interactions, reactions, or responses. Not wanting to repeat what has gone on before can see us in emotionally innovative form, freeing ourselves from outworn and perhaps deeply dysfunctional emotional patterns that don’t serve our best interests. We can feel rather fired up about this as well, with a lunar/Mercury conjunction to Mars. Defending our turf and protecting what’s ours becomes high priority. We may feel great incentive to do so, as not doing so could potentially inflict much pain, or repeat a vicious cycle all over again that we know never leads anywhere promising. 

We may have new tools at our disposal, new resources, and new values, even new groups and connections, in which to combat inner (or outer) “demons”, and this can see a rather experimental time ensue in our lives when it comes to “how we have always done things.” If how we have always done things hasn’t been working, or producing the results we would like to see in our lives, clearly, it is time to apply new approaches. 


Wednesday,  June 5th, see’s the Moon in Cancer oppose stern Saturn in Capricorn, placing an accent on Mars in Cancer’s opposition to this restrictive planet.  This coincides with a lunar trine to Neptune in Pisces, acting as a sort of “anesthetic”. The moon predictably goes on to oppose Pluto in Capricorn as well. Needless to say, this isn’t the most easy going vibe, and we may be unearthing some rather uncomfortable feelings, but could feel restricted around sharing them, or perhaps -we simply know better not to. With Neptune involved in harmonious aspect, we may be trying to rise above, heal, and even dissolve certain feelings that we know won’t lead anywhere constructive. 
In either case, it’s a good idea to “vet” any involvements with others at this time, or in the very least, go through a process of purging outworn responses, attachments, feelings, patterns, and connections that compromise our personal sovereignty or security, and simply aren’t in our best interests. 

With Mars trine Neptune, our sense of direction can feel a bit off kilter, and we might be very impressionable, vulnerable, and open to suggestion. So it will be important to stay grounded in practical reality. 

Thursday, June 6th, see’s the Moon in late Cancer form a lovely lunar sextile to Venus in Taurus, and a trine to Chiron. However- an emotionally destabilizing square to Uranus can see some stubborn and erratic behavior in ourselves or others. Perhaps we just feel unsettled in our deployment of all these new approaches. 

The Moon enters Leo around 1 PM PST, which may place a focus on boosting and healing our sense of self esteem and confidence, after it has perhaps taken somewhat of a blow. Healing our sense of identity and trying to bring more of a sense of enjoyment, play and spontaneous self expression into our lives, and allowing the “inner child” out to explore, even in the face of lingering vulnerability and wounds to the identity  (Mercury is now square Chiron), can help to strengthen the spirit. 

Mercury now square to Chiron as opposed to Mars, can see the same sort of vulnerabilities in play, only this time, on a more specific and less generalized stage. That of communication, information, written and spoken word, and even social media. All of the arenas can make us feel a bit more vulnerable and exposed, as we negotiate our new realities and “new selves” into the world. The lunar passage through Leo will help provide us with courage to “test the waters”, and get a feeling for our boundaries, vulnerabilities, and limits. We may be contemplating initiatives that perhaps make us feel rather exposed or that push us out of our comfort zones. It can be challenging to combat our inhibitions due to how vulnerable we may feel (Mars opposition Saturn/Mercury square Chiron.) But could be very healing to make an effort to do so.


Friday, June 7th, see’s the Moon still in Leo, trine to Chiron in Aries. Luna goes on to form a sextile to the Sun and a trine to Jupiter. This boosts optimism, morale, and confidence all at once, even in the midst of lingering vulnerability.  There is something bright to look forward to indeed. We may not have everything all figured out, but something is putting some pep in our step as we enter into new times. Some sort of positive validation, or optimism about endeavors can have us feeling “the party spirit.” Summer has arrived, and life is too short to waste it hiding our light under a bushel. 

Saturday, June 9th, see’s the Moon in late Leo square Venus in the last degrees of Taurus. This could make it feel a bit difficult to be ourselves with others. Perhaps we have gone out on some sort of limb in some way that causes us to second guess our decisions or behavior, or we have a mild bout of insecurity about something (or someone) new we are trying out or experimenting with. This could be creative or personal in nature, (or both.) 

Around 3 PM PST Saturday, the Moon enters fastidious Virgo. This may see us in rather critical frame. Either of ourselves, or others. Due to the Lunar square with aesthetic Venus in the final degrees of Taurus, we may be focusing in on the flaws of ourselves, others, relationships, or our creations in some way. Nothing is wrong with a little constructive criticism, but it’s always wise to remember that we are all only human. Sure, there is always room for improvements, and making improvements in a constructive and humble way is probably the best way to handle this lunation, as it can actually produce rather fruitful results. 

Venus moves into dualistic and versatile Gemini at 6:37 PM PST Saturday evening. This begins a cycle of versatility, novelty, communication, and mental stimulation in regards to partnerships and finances. Venus here is rather “surface level,” and has a rather short attention span. She may be more prone to having more than one activity (or even relationship) going on at a time, and prefers to “dabble” rather than go into any great depth. This can be a restless but fun period in relationships, where intellectual rapport, humor, games, shared laughter, and entertainment becomes more important. A very lighthearted, silver tongued, and quick footed Venus cycle, where people tend to try on many hats, taste many flavors, and avoid being pinned down. The key word here is “variety” and changeability. Venus in Gemini has many faces and many masks. 

Sunday, June 9th, see’s the Moon in Virgo sextile Mercury in Cancer, while still in trine to Uranus in Taurus, and opposition to Neptune in Pisces. We may receive news, communication, or simply have a thought or idea on how we can improve emotional connections, or our sense of emotional security. We may not have all the facts, and not everyone we deal with is 100 percent honest.  There could also be cognitive blockages, or a refusal to accept (or deal in) reality in some cases, so using our own sense of rational discrimination as much as possible will be wise. Mercury in Cancer isn’t the most rational placement and we tend to do most of our thinking through the emotional centers during this cycle, or our ability to accept or consider certain facts can be very colored by our emotions.  

With Mercury conjunct Mars, we may be very driven around securing our positions, and unearthing information that can assist us in that cause.  Inevitably, Mercury will go on to oppose Saturn and Pluto, so it’s possible we may uncover a great deal of rather dysfunctional, or heavy shit that could potentially be extremely uncomfortable. Brace yourselves, and do your best not to be sucked into the dramas or dysfunctions of others, or to go backwards in your own growth and development.  The math ahead won’t be particularly easy, I’m not going to sugar coat it. June and July are in my opinion, the most “whacklesauce” looking months of 2019.  These next 2 months could require some tough decisions, personal accountability, determination, and major self honesty, -but could also produce some amazing and well overdue personal growth from the inside out. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a most triumphant week! See you next Monday!


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