Astrology For The Week Of June 10th-16th 2019.

We begin Monday with the Moon in anxious Virgo, trine Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, square the Sun and Jupiter, and opposite Neptune. We may be hyper aware of improvements and major overhauls we know we need to make, but the path ahead could feel obscure. We may simultaneously view things through a lens of sharp criticism and deep forgiveness. There is an odd mixture of utter realism, boundless compassion, quiet intensity, and even humor available under these configurations.

 Mercury in sensitive Cancer squaring Chiron continues the epic Fydor Dostoyevsky novel that Mars originally initiated. We could all be assimilating, sorting and processing a lot, emotionally and otherwise. Collectively and individually, it seems we are all navigating some kind of personal  breakthrough, recovery, vulnerability, sensitivity, ancient wound, weakness, cowardice, or private hell.
 It’s a thug life, -and we out here suffering. Hopefully, it just makes us all better at comedy (and empathy). 
With the Sun and Venus in Gemini, we may feel better seeking levity and keeping things light and relatively detached, while we break down, confront, sort through, and handle our own respective brands of trauma programming, defective emotional conditioning, cowardice, fear, self sabotage, and/or mental illness. (No big deal. Super simple stuff).  
If you’re quietly managing this transmutation work behind the scenes and not screaming or lashing out abusively at others, and even managing to muster some compassion and empathy, in an effort to reduce, rather than multiply the suffering in the world: Thank you. The world needs more kindness. This upcoming Mercury retrograde will be an exercise in courage. 

Monday evening see’s the Moon leave critical, anxious Virgo, and enter conciliatory Libra, forming a trine to Venus in lighthearted, nimble Gemini. This makes it a bit easier to focus on the lighter, more pleasant side of life, and to see the best in others. This is helpful, because a lunar opposition to Chiron in Aries may bring out sensitivities and vulnerabilities in regards to relationships, while simultaneously, the square from Mercury to Chiron ends. This can see us trying to bring balance and harmony to dynamics that have gone askew, or feeling the imbalance, dissonance, or wounds within partnerships more acutely. The lunar trine to Venus in Gemini can get us thinking about how to lighten the atmosphere or offer an olive branch, or at least see things in more simple and pleasant terms. 

Tuesday, June 11th, see’s the Moon in Libra square Mercury in Cancer. We may be driven to reach out or speak about certain feelings, make a compassionate gesture, or initiate some sort of dialogue, but we may feel at odds about whether it is safe to do so, torn between head and heart, or simply blocked. In the very least, we could be thinking about how to reconcile certain less than ideal interpersonal realities, vulnerabilities, sensitivities, issues to do with the past, and things impacting our emotional sense of comfort and security. Mercury in Cancer directs our thoughts into the heart center. The good news is this can make compassion more readily available in communications. The challenging news is this can also see us feeling more self protective and vulnerable. Later during the afternoon on Tuesday, the Moon also forms a square to Mars, -but without any help from Venus. This may see us more assertive and direct in taking initiatives, particularly in communications. Be careful to avoid conflict however, as people are sensitive, easily triggered, and nursing invisible wounds. Keeping things simple, light, and conciliatory will go a long way to encourage everyone to drop their weapons.  Including yourself, if you’ve been carrying around a metaphorical glock to “protect what’s yours.”  

A lunar square to Saturn later can intensify things. There may be a lot we want to express or say, or even a peace gesture we want to make, but we could feel inhibited or blocked from doing so, or certain harsh realities deflate our hopes, weigh us down, or stifle our emotional courage.  Perhaps the risk of having salt poured on to a still fresh feeling wound feels too great, or there are fears of rejection. It can feel difficult to make ourselves vulnerable, and more “safe” to detach and find something light, silly or distracting to occupy our minds with. If you can’t muster a good vibration, courage, empathy, or a positive, constructive mindset, perhaps it’s better to retreat. Although it may feel difficult to escape lingering unresolved emotions or feelings of frustration entirely. Try to cultivate compassion for yourself and others. 

A sextile between the Moon in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius later on in the evening helps to bring more emotional generosity and philosophical perspective on any interpersonal issues. 


Wednesday morning, June 12th, see’s this lunar square between Mars and Saturn naturally extend to Pluto, greatly intensifying our feelings about anything that has felt “off” interpersonally. If we want anything to transform, we must first begin with ourselves, and our approaches. This could require some digging and learning, and being open to new ways of doing things. A trine between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Libra can see us more willing to be open to other perspectives. 

The intensity still lingers through most of Wednesday, but as it wears on we may feel less constricted, frustrated, or inhibited in our communications. A lunar opposition to Uranus in stubborn Taurus, with the lingering square to Pluto, could see us acting a bit out of character, strange, or erratic, and needing more space and freedom. These configurations suggest that something about interpersonal power dynamics need to shift and transform to a healthier place. We may need to detach for a while or seek more independence to sort out particular feelings around our relations.

Late Wed evening, around 10 ish PM PST, the Moon enters intense and moody broody Scorpio, strengthening this Moon/Uranus opposition all the more. There may be some intense feelings we are trying to get a handle on and it could see peoples moods all over the map. 

Thursday, June 13th,  see’s the Moon in Scorpio trine Mercury in Cancer. Perhaps this see’s us more inclined to get a little out of our comfort zones and discuss sensitive topics. There is certainly a lot of sensitivity, vulnerability, and intensity under the surface in communications, and even our line of thinking. This could see people in a rather eccentric frame. There may not be a whole lot of clarity available with Neptune squaring the Sun, but a Neptune trine to Mercury means there is certainly compassion and forgiveness available to anyone into that sort of thing. 

Later, the Scorpio Moon trines Mars and Neptune as well, adding even more sensitivity, empathy and compassion to any existing stand offs, or making it easier to find relief and release from blocked feeling emotions. Even in total radio silence, or amidst self protective walls, the wells of compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, and understanding can run deep.  


Friday, June 14th, see’s the Moon in Scorpio still in trine to Mercury, Mars and Neptune, and throws in a sextile too stable Saturn and transformative Pluto to boot. This could mark some powerful turning points or emotional and communication breakthroughs that could feel deeply personal and could have longterm implications, potentially creating a sense of emotional transformation, transmutation, stability, safety, security, -and deep healing. Needless to say, Scorpio plunges the depths and isn’t afraid of the darker side of life, and all of this action in water planets could feel pretty emotionally intense at times. 

Saturday June 15th, see’s the Moon enter optimistic Sagittarius, where we feel the build up to the full Moon that will technically climax/occur next Monday. This places the Moon in harmonious trine to Chiron, offering a healing and more philosophical, high minded perspective on any lingering wounds or sensitivities. This lunation also places the Moon and Venus in Gemini in opposition. With Venus in Gemini, we could feel more flighty and detached in relationships, and this lunar opposition with the Moon in Sagittarius can place more emphasis on space and freedom, while simultaneously allowing us to gain perspective on sensitive issues. We may feel somewhat at odds with the demands of others at this time, which is understandable considering the intense alchemy performed during the Scorpio lunation. We may seek space and freedom to adjust our perspectives to the internal and external reality shifts in our emotional landscapes.

Later on Saturday, a lunar conjunction to Jupiter, who is retrograde in Sagittarius and extremely close to earth to the point of being able to see it’s moons with just binoculars. We could certainly be feeling a lift in our spirits and a general morale boost, even if we are still a bit scattered, undecided, or at odds in regards to others demands of us, or the directions we should take in regard to other people. It’s ok to set limits and take a mental health day if need be. It serves no one to push ourselves to a point of stress for the sake of people pleasing if we just aren’t feeling up to it or need to do our own thing to gain perspective on all that has transpired. Finding a balance between our own needs and the needs of other people is an art form that will need to be deployed at this lunation. 

Sunday,  (Fathers Day) June 16th, see’s the Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune. This could heighten our empathy and sensitivity quite a bit as we build up to the full moon. This could also make us prone to bouts of confusion, uncertainty, or mood swings. In such an optimistic and expansive sign, we may be prone to seeing things or people through rose colored glasses or entertaining vast hopes. Regardless, it’s always nice to try and see the best in others and in situations. These configurations are good for the arts, music, healing modalities, meditation, contemplation, gaining perspective, and esoteric matters. 

As the Moon grows full, (set to climax in the wee hours, 1:31 AM PST June 17th), there may be much to ponder in regards to relationships with others, considering the role Venus plays in this full moon. Venus in Gemini bores rather easily and is more comfortable keeping things light, (one foot in, one foot out), weighing options , entertaining more than one person, analyzing the pros and cons of certain interactions or situations, as opposed to more thorough or definitive enmeshments. 

There are many, shifts, changes, and reconsiderations yet to come, in the coming weeks. With a Mercury retrograde right around the corner, I highly suggest slowing down, and reigning in impulsive decisions, as all the facts (or feelings) may not be in our full conscious awareness, and there may be perspectives, feelings, or approaches we have not yet considered. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week. See you next Monday. 


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