Astrology For the Week Of June 17th-23 2019

We begin the week coming out of the full Moon in Sagittarius, which encouraged an open minded, consciousness expanding, philosophical bent, and some optimism, even in the face of perhaps somewhat painful realities. The Moon enters serious Capricorn midmorning, around 10 AM, where it’s time to get down to business. A lunar trine to Uranus suggests a sort of “musical chairs” feeling, where we are dealing with a shifting reality that will have some rather long term implications.  The lunar square to Chiron indicates that this somewhat unsettled feeling can have many of us feeling a bit vulnerable.

With Mars opposite Saturn and Pluto, and Mars and Mercury both in trine to Neptune,  many of us can be seeking to alleviate pain, intense feelings of vulnerability, suppression, or significant emotional discomfort, via some kind of escapism. This approach can add more confusion and complication, and even exacerbate discomfort, pain, or vulnerable feelings in the long term however. A higher, perhaps more useful and beneficial octave expression of Neptune is one of reflection, spirituality, and inward seeking, for insight, meaning, and healing. As opposed to further confounding, confusing, or complicating the circumstances we may find ourselves in via outwardly seeking to numb, distract, or further deceive ourselves (or others), and simply “run away”. 

Opportunities for deep insights, personal growth, healing, and leaps in consciousness  and personal development are just as available as opportunities for self sabotage, denial, escapism, regression, and self deceit are under these configurations. 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  -Rumi 

Tuesday, see’s the Moon in Capricorn predictably conjunct Saturn and Pluto, and oppose Mercury and Mars. Perhaps certain things have got under our skin more than we would like to let on. With Mercury and Saturn opposite one another, there may be much we are keeping to ourselves and striving to either escape or magically transcend. There is a lot of healing available under these configurations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an altogether pleasant process. 

The Moon eventually makes a sextile to Neptune in the afternoon of Tuesday, giving us a shot of painkiller amidst some of the more intense or heavy things going on under the surface. Thank goodness for silver linings.


Wednesday, June 19th, the Moon taketh away the pain killer. Venus makes a square to Neptune however, so there can be plenty of distractions (and perhaps more opportunities for confusion as well.) With the only aspects Venus making at the moment being an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius and a square to Neptune, there could be some potentially delusional interpersonal behavior going on. For some this is as simple as seeing things or people through rose colored glasses and making extravagant gestures or out of character moves, “Lets get married in Vegas, we’re soulmates.” For others, this could take on a more duplicitous, or deceptive “double dealing” nature. For many, this is just a confusing time of sussing people (or ourselves) out. 

Venus in Gemini is most certainly curious, and if anything, rather anxious, and eager to gather as much information and intel as possible. Contacts to Jupiter and Neptune can simultaneously inflate and distort this curiosity, blowing it out of proportion, potentially leading us down a garden path. Pinning anything or anyone down (including ourselves), under Venus in Gemini, is a moot cause. With Neptune involved, things are further complicated by lack of clarity, over idealization, or in some cases, outright deception and manipulation, with some people being a bit too “clever” for their own (or others) good. 
However, she will not remain here forever, so it’s definitely wise to keep in mind that she will venture into much more emotional territory, where she will crave safety, security, comfort and familiarity, come July. This could be rather intense or even potentially rather uncomfortable, should things get too “out of hand” now, -as she will oppose the planets of Karma and Power.  
As long as curiosity doesn’t “kill the cat” so to speak, there’s plenty to learn, and plenty of interesting distractions to explore, opportunities to expand our territory and communications, and a whole lot of stimulation and activity under the current configurations. 

Wednesday evening, around 7 PM PST, the Moon enters detached Aquarius. A lunar square to Uranus in Taurus can certainly see some erratic, out of character behavior, and a need for more emotional (or otherwise) independence and personal freedom. 

Thursday, June 20th, see’s the Moon in Aquarius trine Venus in Gemini, hinting at some rather unusual or “unorthodox” interpersonal situations. These have a healing component, with the Moon sextile Chiron involved. There is something “liberating” about these configurations, a break away from oppressive circumstances, feelings, or situations. Stepping “out of character.”  The Sun is at 29 degrees Gemini at this point, indicating an “impatience” or restlessness around communications. It could feel as if certain connections just have to be made and certain things just have to be discussed, and the circumstances or even the connections between people can be rather unusual or “unorthodox” in some way. 

There is something “refreshing” about these configurations that hint at a spontaneous, but pleasant break away from “the established norm.” What is discussed could involve some somewhat ironically rather vulnerable material or disclosures, with the Sun squaring up to Chiron, with the intention of potentiating some kind of healing or relief from silent or irresolvable struggles. We could be way outside our comfort zones here, but it isn’t entirely unpleasant. (Just maybe a bit “weird” or unusual.)


Friday, June 21st, see’s the Sun move into sensitive Cancer, with the Moon in unconventional Aquarius still trine to Venus in Gemini, and sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. This can see us rather keen to expand our territory socially and interpersonally, in an effort to increase our sense of security and feeling “at home” in the world, both online and in real life. We could be adding new “tribe members” or branching out in some way, testing the waters with new people or changing our approaches in our relations somehow. Perhaps experimenting with new communication styles, or how (or even if) we communicate to certain people. Something is being reconfigured socially or interpersonally. This could involve travel to new locales, introductions to new social circles, or unlikely alliances being formed. Socially, interpersonally, and relationally, we are in experimental form and trying new things, new approaches, and new people. This is perhaps driven as much by necessity, and a need for security and self preservation, as it is by genuine curiosity. 

Saturday, June 22nd, see’s the Moon enter empathic Pisces, forming a trine to the Sun in Cancer., and a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. A whole lot of feelings are in the air, and it could be hard not to talk about them with Mars in Cancer conjunct Mercury. We could be taking some rather new approaches to dealing with “feelings”, and doing our best to view them with detachment and objectivity, and be unaffected or unswayed by them (Moon sextile Uranus.) Perhaps we are simply trying to make sense of it all and bring a higher perspective to particular emotional realities. Mercury’s backward journey into Cancer will do much to assist us in sorting through and making sense of particular feelings, so these aspects are some intimations of a process that is still very much in an “unpacking phase”.

The Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus could produce some bursts of insight, inspiration, or certain “emotional epiphanies.” Perhaps it will make a particular “bandwidth” available, emotionally speaking, that was somehow “blocked” previously. Or certain boundaries dissolve that make certain connections (or levels of connecting) possible, that previously, were not. In either case, we are branching out into brave new emotional territory at this time, sharing secrets, and dissolving boundaries. 

Sunday, June 23rd, see’s the Moon in boundless Pisces conjunct Neptune, squaring Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius. We are definitely in an emotionally experimental frame, expanding our territory and frames of reference here, with the Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus. Later, the Moon sextile Saturn adds some healthy boundary checks into all of this so that things don’t get completely out of control or expand too quickly beyond all reason. A healthy dose of realism and a reminder that all good things require time, patience and effort if they are going to materialize into anything substantial or lasting, is definitely helpful here. It would otherwise be all too easy to take things too far, too fast, -and in way too many directions. 

Later the Moon trines Mars in Cancer, suggesting that certain possibilities, or emotional bonds forged, have got us feeling pretty passionate, enthusiastic, comforted, and confident. With Saturn no longer opposing Mars as well, certain emotional blockages and frustrations have been removed, but a major transformation is still underway as we plunge the depths of our passions and our feelings. Dialogue that was perhaps difficult, “off limits”, or impossible, can now begin. 
There may be some rather intense feelings lurking under the surface, but a profound investigative and purging process is underway.  With Mercury still in opposition to Pluto and Mars, there are definitely indications of secrecy, shady behavior, paranoia, manipulation, power trips, power struggles, power grabs, obsessiveness, and not exactly “savory”, conscious, or altogether transparent motivations that could be present in people who choose to (consciously or not) operate on that particular bandwidth.
In either case, these aspects are helpful for doing a “deep dive” into our own or others motivations and “keeping it 100” with ourselves. 
You can take heart in knowing that any shady, unsavory characters will most certainly be exposed sooner or later, (probably this summer). 

I say “take heart”, -unless of course, you’re actually a shady, unsavory character, -in which case, -this might be a super time to (non judgmentally) come clean with yourself/and or/others about your real, actual motivations, to spare yourself the excess paranoia or indignity of “being found out” or “exposed,” because living with that level of unnecessary stress, secrecy, inauthenticity, high drama,  and hiding, has some pretty serious mental, physical, social, and interpersonal health consequences that can’t be staved off forever. 

In either case, there are some deep transformations afoot with some potentially very beneficial and powerfully healing breakthroughs available. An eclipse is right around the corner on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. We are in for some potent shifts.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have wonderful week. See you next Monday.


  1. Great post Amylia! I look forward to checking back in as the week transpires.

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