We start the week with the Moon in Aries, emphasizing Mercury’s recent move into this pioneering and dynamic sign. This can see renewed vigor and determination in the face of certain things ticking along slower than expected. The area of your chart ruled by Aries will be subject to some rethinks, tinkering or reevaluations, as Mercury will spend an extra long time here due to an upcoming retrograde. Venus enters Pisces today at 2:50 PM PST. Venus is exalted here, but she separates from Mars, which can see love, social matters, money, creativity and pleasure take on a quieter, more spiritual tone. Certain people or situations can become more elusive now, or take on a tone of quiet mystery, with a focus on the internal world, fantasy landscape, or more etheric values. This cycle is good for creativity and getting in touch with the more subtle or gentle aspects of love, pleasure, creativity and beauty. The Moon in Aries trine Pallas can see a focus on forming new strategies. Mercury sextile Pluto can see intense focus on something, which can be good for concentration after last week’s Mercury/Neptune conjunction, which was better for dreaming, musing, inspiration and escapism than it was for execution. 


The Moon is sextile Mars in Aquarius, which is still square Uranus. This has been a weird, wild and experimental energy, and today can see another dynamic push for change and new directions. The Moon also semi squares Saturn and goes on to square Pluto and sextile Venus early evening. This can see a push to get certain things back on track or push for change or dynamic breakthroughs in money, pleasure, creativity, love and making things easier, more enjoyable or run more smoothly. There can be some challenges, glitches, or other hurdles to overcome or things can require patience, but there can also be some things to feel inspired about. The Moon enters earthy Taurus at 5:28 PM PST, conjoining Jupiter, seeing optimism. 


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Jupiter and sextile Saturn, which can see pleasure derived from exercising more patience or discipline or trusting a process. There can be some subtle frustrations with uncertainties or the erratic nature of certain people or situations with Mercury semisquare Mars in Aquarius just now, as there can be an elusive quality to things just now, so making peace with the organic pace and enjoying more every day things that have maybe been neglected can help patience come more easily. This aspect can also provide energy for persistent efforts that will pay off later. Venus in Pisces semisquare Chiron can see interpersonal or social situations feel more complex than usual, or in the very least, there’s a need here to confront or address your own needs. Gentleness and compassion with the self can go a long way in improving interactions with others. The afternoon can see some fortunate turns of events or some unexpected surprises or emotional, physical or even financial insights. Embrace what comes up and go with the flow. 


There can be some tension or friction today as the Moon in Taurus is square Mars in Aquarius while conjunct Uranus and semisquare Mercury. Communications can be impulsive, surprising, or very frank, and people, or even the markets, can behave in unusual ways. As the day progresses, trust your instincts. The Moon forms a sextile to Neptune and builds a trine to Pluto. This can see some weird serendipities or strong desires or instincts bubble to the surface. The Moon enters inquisitive Gemini at 8:16 PM PST. Follow your curiosity where it leads you. There can be some subtle tensions to navigate socially or interpersonally, as many can be sorting out their feelings or other issues in their lives, which can have people out of step with each other for the time being. The Pisces stellium emphasizes quiet retreats and healing processes behind the scenes or in out of the way places.


The Moon in Gemini is eager to make contact or retrieve or impart information with a sextile to Mercury. There can be an attempt to overcome communication barriers, blockages, shyness, challenges, or inhibitions. Try not to obsess too much on things if timing is an issue. The lunar square to Saturn can see some delays, or a down in the dumps feelings, so try not to succumb to negativity and keep a sense of humor handy. If certain people are less accessible, responsive, or available than usual, it likely isn’t personal. Some people can be needing more peace, privacy, or restful calm right now. Don’t take it to heart if you’re on different pages as other’s are. Aim to keep things realistic by enjoying little things and reducing expectations to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Conversely, Venus conjunct Saturn can see a quiet devotion that isn’t super obvious.


The Moon in Gemini is trine Mars in Aquarius and squaring the Sun and Neptune, which can see a sensitive atmosphere that can be highly creative and even downright mystical, but there can be a lot hidden, submerged or mysterious about emotional realities just now.  In spite of Mercury being in a very up front sign, it’s conjunct sensitive Chiron, and the other configurations are more passive and prone to take refuge in the art of subtlety. Things maybe aren’t super straight forward right now, but it’s a good time to explore the more subtle aspects of existence. The mind can be eager for inspiration and feedback. Venus inching closer to Saturn aims to bring ideals down to earth. The spiritual dimensions of love are accentuated. 


The Moon enters sensitive Cancer at 2:40 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Venus, square to Neptune, and quincunx to Pluto. This can see a sensitive and even downright mystical atmosphere where strong feelings bubble up to the surface. There can be some frustrations or worries over emotional uncertainties as the Moon goes on to semisquare Uranus. Staying open to different possibilities and releasing a need to control situations can help take the edge off and bring the more pleasant and creative potentials of these configurations to the fore. The Moon syncs up to both Saturn and Venus in Pisces. Emotional enrichment and even creative inspiration can come from humble places. For some, an enduring spiritual bond gains prominence and becomes apparent. Dynamics or circumstances can be slowly shifting in ways that can bring inspiration and hope in quiet ways. 


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