Today begins with the Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. There can be a sluggishness to combat, and holes or weaknesses in routines and schedules can be glaringly obvious. This is some major “get it together” energy. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus as the day progresses, seeing a desire to shake things up or rise above impediments or disorganization. It’s clear that a sort of reset button needs to be pressed as certain rhythms are just not sustainable long term. Something needs to change, but for now, everyone’s doing the best they can and working with where they’re at. Upgrades and revisions are needed in order to streamline things and manage time, energy or resources more efficiently. A lunar sextile to Pallas suggests new strategies need to be formed. The challenge is that the momentum gained thus far has to keep going, so making tweaks and adjustments and consolidating a streamlining or improvement process will have to occur in phases so as not to sacrifice any of the traction gained. The pressure is on, as the Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn’s entrance into Pisces looms. 


The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 4:40 AM PST at 16 degrees Virgo, quincunx Venus in Aries, trine Uranus, and building a tense square to Mars as the day progresses. This degree of Virgo is associated with the 9 of pentacles in the tarot, and the planet Venus. The 9 of pentacles is accomplished, self sufficient, healthy, independent, beautiful and abundant. This decan of Virgo represents the results, the fruits of a lot of labor, dedication, sacrifice and hard work. These configurations show a strong desire to maintain this fruitful energy, but it’s clear that certain adjustments (and perhaps some self honesty) is necessary to preserve this. Saturn moves into Pisces at 5:35 AM PST, making today a poignant one. Saturn here aims to reform the collective unconscious. There is strong psychological component to this transit. The consequences of poor psychic boundaries, or the benefits of sturdy ones, come home to roost here. Individually and collectively, the theme of psychological healing, reform, and deciphering delusions from reality, the boundary between the inner and outer realms, can exhibit itself in a multitude of ways during the next 2 and half years. The limits of reality are tested. Today can be filled with high pressure perfectionism, as what needs to be improved can stand out like a sore thumb. The Full Moon quincunx Venus aims to please, but Venus in Aries is primarily concerned with autonomy, not sycophancy. A certain amount of compromise needs to be sought in order to get where you’d like to be, or maintain your present position. There can be a lot of pressure here to really get it together, as a distinctly new timeline is being entered into. The Moon’s tension with Mars and also Neptune brings attention to everything that still needs to be resolved, fixed, and improved before Mars moves on to energize the next house. Problems can seem overwhelming, even though much progress has actually been made. Pace yourself. The Moon is trine Pluto this evening, giving access to deep wells of energy reserve and perseverance, seeing an obsessive drive towards improvement. This is a Full Moon on top of a Saturn station, while Saturn is also semisquare Chiron. So there’s weaknesses that need to be addressed. Go easy on yourself and be realistic about what to expect from yourself (or others) while we all adjust to the entry point of this new timeline. 


The Moon enters harmony seeking Libra at 6:44 AM PST, still making an out of sign trine to Pluto in the final degree of Capricorn. This can bring attention to relationships, power dynamics, agreements and compromises that need to be made if things are to be able to continue or progress. A lunar sesquisquare to Uranus in the early hours can see some surprises arise socially or interpersonally, or people can act out of character. Venus sextile Mars just now is charming, passionate, and assertive, but Mars square Neptune, along with the Sun square Mars, can blur boundaries, drunk text, be prone to blind spots, or unaware of what’s actually driving behavior. On the positive side, Mars in Gemini square Neptune and Sun square Mars can be very creatively inspired and psychically attuned (even amped up), but negatively, it can also be delusional, two faced, mentally addled, easily mislead, or worst case scenario, deliberately manipulative or withholding with information. People can mean well, but have a poor grasp of their own weaknesses, or be in a weaker position than they would like at the moment. The Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter and Chiron, seeing a great deal of optimism, but it feels oddly vulnerable to have such high hopes. Ourselves or others can talk a good game, but will there be follow through and will anything come of it? Stay tuned to find out. For now, it’s probably best to take what people say with a grain of salt and pay more credence to actions than to words. (Especially as everyone adjusts to Saturn shit testing the entire collective grip on reality. )


The Moon is opposite Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron today, making a sesquisquare to Saturn at the zenith degree of Pisces. Interpersonally, things can be confusing, and although hopes are high, they can also be vulnerable to tests, or blindspots, making independence and a solid internal locus of control the soundest option at the moment. There can be a pleasure seeking vibe, or a desire to get on the same page with others, or see who just happens to be on the same page as you by just being authentically you and allowing organic chemistry to do it’s job. This applies equally as much to creative initiatives and independent enterprises as it does to social or interpersonal situations. The pace kicks into higher gear as the Moon forms a trine to Mars in Gemini. There’s a lot of motivation and passion, and in some cases, a strong desire to be liked and accepted. Money talks and bullshit walks. Certain people may not entirely be on the same page, but there can still be a desire to maintain an alliance, or in the very least, harmonize differences. Venus in Aries places emphasis on independence right now. Juno, the relationship asteroid, is at 29 degrees and poised to move on into keep it real Taurus, which Venus will also enter next week, where she is in domicile. Putting your money where your mouth is will be gaining increasing emphasis. Purely wanting something or feeling excited about the potential of a situation or person won’t be enough for much longer, as Venus will seek something tangible, physical, and real. 


Today can see an interesting mixture of high hopes, and realism. It can be very clear that certain folks are well meaning and have good intentions. There may be an openness here to reality checks and in some cases, they can be welcomed with open arms. Juno in 29 degrees Aries is impatient to know where something is leading, and there can even be a sense of urgency, excitement, restlessness, or slight agitation in some cases around particular relationships. The Moon in Libra is opposite Venus, trine Mars and Saturn, while squaring Pluto in the final degree of Capricorn. Maybe shit is getting real so to speak. It can feel that way anyhow, as there’s a sort of crunch time energy to these configurations. In or out? Up or down? The Moon enters do or die Scorpio at 4:06 PM PST, trine Saturn in Pisces and square Pluto in 29 degrees Capricorn. There can be a desire to make some major changes, so that the outer reflects the inner, and vice versa. This can also see a readiness to make sacrifices, or even a willingness to take a loss if need be. Scorpio/Pluto energy doesn’t do half measures.  Tomorrow can see some important conversations, unique insights, psychic downloads, or surprising disclosures. 


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus and trine the Sun, Mercury, and Pallas. Insights, comments, weird happenings, news, or disclosures can seem to come out of nowhere, but a lunar sesquisquare to Mars in the early morning hours can suggest that something has been brewing a long time, or that tension can prompt a discussion or an epiphany of sorts. Conversations can involve sensitive material, or unusual, fringe, occult, secret, taboo, esoteric, or freakish topics. The energy can be intensely private and reflective, suggestive of a rolling in silence motif, but equally, much can be revealed or interesting connections made under the right circumstances. There can even be some unexpected disclosures or confidences. “Psst!” The Sun in mysterious Pisces squaring Mars in endlessly inquisitive Gemini can see a strong desire to go down a rabbit hole, uncover hidden information, or conversely, avoid prying eyes or people sticking their nose in business it doesn’t belong in. There can be a lot of interesting, cathartic, or even shocking discussions, or surprising news today. Conversations can tend to be limited to a select, trusted person or audience. There’s an element of intrigue, surprise, disclosure, and insatiable curiosity to these configurations. This can also be experienced entirely privately, in contemplation, alone. 


Today carries on the theme of yesterday, seeing the potential for shared confidences between select individuals during the early half of the day. The energy is highly sensitive and intuitive with the Moon in instinctual Scorpio trine the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune. There can be opportunities for profound insights via discussions, books, words, music, art, or media consumed, or simply meditation and communing with your own inner guidance system. Late evening see’s the Moon square Saturn, sextile Pluto, and sesquisquare Chiron, which can see a need for inner strength, and emotional self reliance in the face of potential self doubts or even questioning your reality a bit. Monday see’s more courage and optimism, but not before having to battle some doubts, slight challenges, or blockages. There needs to be resilience and faith as the Sun and Mercury in Pisces both squaring Mars in Gemini have a lot yet to untangle, resolve or unblock. Look to the area of your chart ruled by Gemini and you’ll see exactly what needs to be sorted out and honestly confronted. 


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