We enter 2022 on a serious and determined, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and put your money where your mouth is” kind of note, with the Sun and Moon in goal oriented, freal freal Capricorn. Today begins with the Moon conjunct Pluto, Venus retrograde and Mercury. This can see some loose ends being tied up, while some serious bridges are being slowly built, new foundations are in the process of being set. There is low key intensity and major transformation going on. There can be some considerable shifts in relationship dynamics occurring under the surface, in a slow and sustained, but powerful way, and this can pertain to either business or personal. Much of which is still being absorbed, metabolized, and assimilated. Still waters run deep, and what appears like nothing noteworthy on the surface can have a torrent of power, depth, passion and complexity underneath. With Venus retrograde, it’s possible now to take a closer look at something or someone that was overlooked before, and to set ourselves free from limiting mindsets, destructive patterns, and relationships. The New Moon on Sunday highlighted a sort of liberation process that’s been underway. This is some quietly determined but fiercely authentic math, and there may be some unexpected shifts that we're still taking in as the week begins. It can feel intimidating, but compelling or necessary to be authentic with ourselves and others, and follow a particular drive, pull, or path. The Moon heads into radical, experimental, but emotionally detached Aquarius, where it conjuncts Saturn. This can see new bridges being formed and established, or new frontier being reached via social connections, social networking, groups, hopes, wishes, or happiness goals. This can revolve around being true to ourselves somehow. Tomorrow can see some unpredictability or some breaks for independence or liberation. For some, perhaps the need to problem solve on the fly, very rapidly wrap something up, or adjust to shifting dynamics or circumstances.


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Sagittarius, which is square Neptune. This can see us driven by high ideals, perhaps even a bit delirious with desire or enthusiasm. The lunar conjunction with Saturn helps keep our feet on the ground and shoulder to the wheel in order to focus on matters at hand to achieve our lofty aims. Maybe there’s something sort of intimidating about something we want. The Aquarius lunation is fiercely authentic, and the sextile to Mars actively puts feelers out to explore territory in order to build bridges to the future. Things will begin to feel more solid and certain when Mars enters Capricorn on Jan 24. Until then, Mars remains adventurous but somewhat shy, tentative, and sensitive with it’s square to Neptune, and intuition is required to feel things out to discern what’s workable and what isn’t. Today can see some more surprising shifts or curve balls, but the focus is on solidifying new or slowly unfolding alliances and/ or goals. There can be some nervousness, excitement and electricity in the air around something that really inspires us.


Today see’s ideals, intuition, ESP, and fantasy highly activated with the Moon in late Aquarius getting cozy with Jupiter, freshly dipped into Pisces. This brings greater attention to the area in your natal chart that Jupiter recently re-entered, and to the adjustments being made in order to accommodate a greater focus and dedication to something close to our heart that deeply inspires us. There can be a lot of optimism around something, and with Venus sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto, there’s also the discipline, patience, determination, and obsession required to manifest a dream into being. There can also be a lot of compassion and humanitarianism afoot. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces at 4:17 PM PST, and this can see an immersion into something that’s been calling to us for a while. This is an inspiring, dreamy, creative and expansive energy, and we can be feeling optimistic and contented around a dream. Tomorrow can see drive and motivation along with inspiration, or strokes of creativity, genius, or serendipitous experiences. 


Today see’s the Moon in dreamy Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius, sextile Uranus, conjunct Neptune, while going on to sextile the Sun later. There can be some surprising insights, or even some weird synchronicities. There’s a passionate energy to these configurations that’s gentle, nerdy and shy. Perhaps we doubt ourselves a little, or maybe there’s an uncertainty about our own capabilities or whether we are aiming too high. Maybe the truth is we haven’t been aiming high enough, and our own under confidence has been the impediment the entire time.  The creative imagination, our ideals, and our sensitivity to beauty, aesthetics, fantasy, and subtlety can be vivid and feel highly attuned or engaged. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus in the later evening hours, and this can see a drive towards the beautiful, and the unusual. Pleasure can be found in quiet places or quiet ways, such as through artistic, creative, or spiritual pursuits. It’s a dreamy, poetic, and imaginative vibe that carries a vibe of unconditional love that surpasses time, space, silence, and pettiness. The Moon will go on to sextile Pluto tomorrow, suggesting a sort of surrender to an irresistible pull or process.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto, and this can see a surrender to something that compels us. We can get lost in something that we can’t stop thinking or fantasizing about. It’s also possible that something or someone compels our love or compassion. The lunar contacts to Neptune and Pluto is somewhat hypnotic, compulsive, and deeply mystical. Maybe we give ourselves permission to feel our feelings or explore something buried. This can also see something constructive manifesting, perhaps even some dreams coming true. The Moon enters Aries to conjoin Chiron at 9:26 PM PST, and this can see courage, enthusiasm, and drive around something that’s unfolding. There can be a lot to talk about this weekend, and bridges can be built, new people or new elements can enter into the fold.


Today begins with the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury in Capricorn while conjunct Chiron. This can see courage to take initiative in regards to communications. Perhaps we’ve been intimidated to broach certain topics or enter certain discussions or territory before. Today affords us more courage and a sense of adventure. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn and trine Mars, indicating new foundations being laid down socially or otherwise, and the courage and drive to expand our world somehow, perhaps through interactions with others. This could see some interesting alliances being formed. The Moon goes on to square Venus and the Sun in Capricorn, whatever is transpiring may have been a long time coming, or perhaps we’re looking more closely at something or someone we once overlooked. There’s a lot of passion in this math, but the lunar contact to Saturn understands the importance of pace, timing, patience, and endurance, and the value of small gains. Interpersonally or socially, something can make an impact this weekend. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries squaring the Sun, Venus, Juno, and Pluto in Cap, while trine Mars in Sagittarius. Interpersonally, things can definitely be headed into new territory. There can be some tension (positive or negative) as shifts in interpersonal undercurrents are navigated and explored more deeply. The lunar trine to Mars is not short of enthusiasm and a more adventurous attitude emotionally speaking. Something absolutely has to be explored, in the name of authenticity, certain stones must be turned over. Whatever changes are afoot here can lead into expansive territory and have us following our muse. It can feel exciting and intimidating all at once. Again, it bears mentioning that our path forward will become more solid and certain once Mars enters Capricorn on Jan 24th. This Mars cycle, along with the Venus retrograde, is exploratory in nature, and the more true we are to ourselves and whatever we are called towards, the more we will get out of this cycle. It’s weird to say this, but if you’re a bit nervous or intimidated about what you’re pursuing right now, it’s probably a good sign you’re moving in the direction of your souls growth. 


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