Astrology For The Week Of March 11th-17th 2019

I can’t overstate the theme of “trying to make something ideal into something real” enough as far as this Mercury retrograde is concerned. On some level it seems, we are all attempting to actualize something out of the realm of fantasy, or bring something fantastical down into the earth plane. With Venus in Aquarius, people are more independent and individualistic, and there is an “unconventional” slant to interpersonal dynamics.

Monday has some "ZANG" to it.
We begin this week on a rather loopy, escapist, but also sensual , stimulating, excited, yet still somehow oddly grounded, determined, and practical by necessity-(although still slightly destabilizing, “whacky” and nebulous) note, with the Moon in Taurus perfecting a conjunction to Mars at 16 degrees Taurus, ringing in Uranus’ recent re-entery into this Venus ruled sign for the next 7 years. 

Something fresh, new, and exciting is happening, and in spite of the “spaced out”, sensitive, glamorous, highly idealistic, mysterious or delusional haze that the Sun, Neptune and Mercury retrograde in Pisces colors everything with, it appears that we are well on our way to enter exciting new territory. 

The 5 senses could be especially engaged this Monday, as Taurus is a very physical sign, and ruled by Venus, geared towards pleasure and beauty. Pleasing looks, pleasing smells, pleasing tastes, pleasing sounds, and pleasing sensations. This combination of Neptune/Venusian influences suggests a desire to escape into fantasy realms and perhaps gloss over life’s less than lovely elements, and bring some fantasies down into physical reality, perhaps in a way that allows more regular access to realms typically not within our grasp.  Some sort of desire to “permanently augment” and transform reality into one that is more to our liking is evident, and the drive to do so may border on a subtle mania or delusional fervor.

These configurations certainly speak of changes, and a strong desire towards an “enhancement” of our experience in some way. 
 Harmonious contacts from the moon to Saturn and Pluto suggest an intensity of feeling and a serious determination behind all of this, with an intent towards greater stability when it comes to making life generally more “idyllic”. Powerful and potentially permanent transformations to the landscape of our lives are occurring, and our thoughts can be rather inflated (or potentially delusional) around a picture perfect result or the manifestation of ideal results or scenarios. This will be a trial and error process.

 The conjunction to Mars from the Moon suggests that Monday could be rather action oriented, sensual and physically and emotionally sensitive to aesthetics and sensation. There is simply a strong drive towards pleasure and enjoying the finer things in life.  
Later in the early evening hours of Monday brings our mental and communicative faculties into play along these lines, and pleasing discussions, communications, thoughts, or short distance travels revolving around pleasure can be a focal point, that could cause perhaps significant and long lasting transformations. Again, our ideals around whatever this revolves around are highly…highly.. inflated, and we are definitely longing for something that transcends our usual experiences of life, or that incorporates more of what is “unusual”, “beautiful” and “ideal”  into our everyday reality.


Tuesday morning, March 12th, the Moon enters talkative, versatile, and multitasking Gemini, where Luna will eventually form a pleasing trine to Venus in Aquarius, adding a lighthearted, curious, entertaining, and inquisitive pleasantness to the interpersonal atmosphere, even in the face of lingering tensions due to the Venus/Mars square. Such tensions can now easily translate into fascination, charm, and flirtatious coquetry, while the Moon brushes up nicely against Venus.

Wednesday, March 13th, sees the Moon in Gemini form an inevitable opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius, adding to our perhaps already inflated desires and expectations. This could feel potentially excitable, high strung, extravagant, and indulgent. There could be a tendency to attempt to squeeze in too much of a good thing into too condensed a period of time, and the challenge here is to find a middle road. It is a lesson in moderation. 

The square the Moon makes to Neptune as well shows a tendency toward fantastical thinking, but it could be a very pleasant departure from every day routine, and also be wonderful creatively. As long as things aren’t taken too far, to a point of negatively impacting the more mundane aspects of reality or demanding too much of others (or of ourselves), this could be a delightful reverie that stimulates the imagination, pleases the senses, and enhances our everyday experiences.  The tendency towards day dreaming, escapism, and indulgence is strong, but perhaps sometimes we all need a little “YOLO” in our lives  to stay motivated and inspired, and to keep being “productive and exemplary citizens” every day. We could be easily distracted and our attention spans could feel like that of a goldfish through this portion of the week. 

Thursday, March 14th, the Moon forms an excitable sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron in Aries. This energy could be scattered, excitable, and perhaps some latent sensitivities or insecurities are activated. Much of what is happening has taken us into new and alien territory, and we could feel challenged to adapt our identities accordingly as we are taken out of our comfort zones in certain regards. 

Speaking of comfort zones,  around 1:50 PM PST Thursday, the Moon shifts into security oriented and emotional Cancer, leading into perhaps a more emotionally vulnerable (or potentially cozy and snuggly,) beginning to the weekend.


Friday March 15th begins with the Moon in cozy Cancer forming an idyllic trine with Neptune in Pisces.  Although, mid morning, we are quickly reminded of our responsibilities and the necessities of life, when Luna moves in for a swift opposition to Saturn (and Pluto) in Capricorn.  As much as we may want to cling to the cozy feeling comfort of reverie, snuggles, and warmth, duty and necessity calls. We can still hold on to the lovely impressions and memories left of our pleasant interludes, and use it as fuel and motivation. 

Early evening on Friday sees the Moon form a trine to Mercury retrograde and the Sun in Pisces, and a sextile to Mars in Taurus. This suggests there is much activity, much pleasantness to reminisce about as well as to look forward to in the future, and a lot of coming and goings, communications, and exchanges could be a part of the weekend.  A longing for more good times, warmth, security, safety and comfort, could be behind these aspects. Although there is an intensity behind it all, and it isn’t necessarily a negative one, in some cases, some people could feel rather “do or die” about having things (or people) be a very particular way, a way that matches their idyllic fantasies, -so it could be imperative to remain realistic about what is humanly feasible. 

With Saturn involved, it is inevitable that we will be reminded of the limits of reality, but with a positive relationship to go getter Mars, there are many benefits to working within the realms of what is practicable, as patience and a reasonably realistic approach, combined with determination, will pay off.

Saturday, March 16th, see’s a continuation of Fridays theme,  with the emphasis on communications, comings and goings, and perhaps exchanges of a rather emotional nature. Catching up, recounting stories, touching base, and emotionally reorienting ourselves to shifted (and ever shifting) landscapes. A lunar trine to the Sun, Mercury and Chiron, and a square to Uranus, suggests some deep healing is setting in amidst a whole lot of changing and dynamic situations that we are sorting our feelings over and acclimating our routines to. Finding ways to make things work for us longterm and to keep improving our experience could be at the forefront of our thoughts somehow. It is a lot to juggle and although essentially positive, there are certain elements that can feel rather emotionally (or otherwise) destabilizing. 

Fortunately, Mercury backtracking in Pisces will assist us in sorting out our emotions about things and testing out our ideals in reality, to learn what is feasible and what is not.  

Close to 5 PM PST on Saturday evening, the Moon shifts into enthusiastic Leo. Initially, other than a trine to Chiron in Aries, and a square to Uranus in Taurus, she doesn’t yet make any other super noteworthy aspects right away.  Saturday evening could see us feeling excited, confident, and enthusiastic about the future, even if slightly manic or perhaps just shaken by all of the changes we are adapting to at once, and perhaps it will find us seeking fun and entertainment. We may feel somehow reassured and more confident and excited about particular terrain than before, and this can be motivating and inspiring.

Sunday morning see’s the Moon in Leo oppose Venus in Aquarius, suggesting a conflict between our own needs and the needs of others. Finding a balance can prove challenging, but a challenge which will provide a greater understanding of the need for give and take in our interpersonal dynamics. A moon in Leo opposition to Venus in Aquarius can sometimes increase the likelihood of “drama” if it isn’t properly channeled. Later the Moon adds in a square to Mars in Taurus as well, suggesting “action”, (or irritation) and perhaps some kind of “physical” outlet might might be helpful if you happen to be frustrated by circumstances (or the behavior of other people.) 

This can be a rather impatient and intolerant energy that requires self control, as it can cause people to behave in ways that unintentionally alienate others via an easily aroused temper. 

The Leo Moon can have a tendency towards unnecessary theatrics, and a square to Mars can definitely increase the likelihood towards irritability and temper tantrums. Best to channel any potential frustration into something physical, like exercise, musical activities such as drumming, creativity, -or sex if possible- as opposed to creating dramatic interpersonal messes. 

An inevitable trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius adds emotional generosity, buoyancy, and assists in maintaining a positive, broad minded and upbeat attitude, even if there is impatience in the air. The excitability and enthusiasm of things to come, and the power of positive thinking when it comes to all the future possibilities, ultimately prevails over negativity, or any potential for petty squabbles. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next Monday.


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