After a disorienting Moon opposite Neptune configuration, the Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 6:29 AM PST, to trine Pluto in Aquarius, and as the day progresses, Mars, and then Venus. There can be much to report to others or catch up on. Impactful situations can get people on the same page, and other people can play a catalyzing role in making some deep changes. Although things can be rather intense, social and interpersonal exchanges can be motivating. Mercury in Pisces conjunct the Sun, Saturn, and Hygeia can see healing topics highlighted, and the consequences and karma of certain actions or behaviors are more apparent. Reforms and healing processes can be a topic of discussion. There can be a keen interest in overcoming problems, and a lot of compassion. It’s a somewhat somber atmosphere, but there is a great deal of support, understanding and solidarity.


This morning see’s a focus on relationships, with the Moon trine Venus and Mars and opposite Chiron. Support, compassion and empathy is exchanged, and there is common ground through shared experience. There can be sensitivity and vulnerability in the atmosphere, and it’s possible that some people feel under par, frayed around the edges, or weaker than normal, but support and understanding from others can be helpful. There can be a lot to take in, and insights or experiences can be simultaneously enlightening and challenging. Information shared back and forth can be affirming. This is good, because there is a hardship that must be tackled to which there are no instant solutions to outside of time, discipline, and endurance. Borrowing from the future is not a sustainable solution, it’s merely another problem in disguise. 


The Moon is in awkward aspect to Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune, and in the afternoon, it goes on to square Pluto. There can be a strong desire to escape, or uncomfortable feelings can weigh things down. The Sun and Saturn perfect a conjunction at 9 degrees, highlighting the importance of patience, integrity, and slow and steady progress. You know what the right thing to do is, and you also know that to run away from it will only make things harder for you down the line. With the Sun this close to Saturn, it’s impossible to gloss things over, and reality is plain as day. The Sun is also conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter, so sources of positivity and compassion are never far away. You may be supporting others through a healing crisis, recovery, or grieving process, or conversely, you are receiving support through things like these. The Moon enters Scorpio at 7:09 PM PST, which can see some strong feelings, but there is a determination to knuckle down, face challenges and get through to the other side of them.


The Moon is trine the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, while squaring up to Mars in Aquarius. 

There is a lot of love and support from behind the scenes and elsewhere. Conversations about deep, taboo or hidden topics, perhaps surrounding metamorphosis or transformation of some kind, can flow. There can be a bit of an out of sorts tension or frustration with the Moon square Mars, and a need to show some restraint (opposite Jupiter), but the Moon trine Saturn with the Sun so close to Saturn see’s a reserve of patience, tolerance and perseverance. It can be a good time for developing new habits and rituals, but this can require focus. Evening time see’s the Moon sesquisquare Neptune and opposite Uranus. Let yourself unwind and meander, as there has been a lot to absorb vibrationally. Keep in touch with positive influences in your life. 


Changes interpersonally or socially can be a lot to take in, and people can be unpredictable with the Moon opposite Uranus. Nerves can be a bit shot or it can be hard to fully relax. A lunar trine to Hygeia centers things around deep healing. Relationships, values, creativity and pleasure can play a big role in changes being instituted. New techniques, approaches, habits and rituals can be explored or implemented. Mercury conjunct Saturn and semisquare Pluto can see an intense focus on a project, person, or process, and things can come up that can challenge your thinking or the way that you do things. Avoid pushing your views on others. This can all be either disturbing or refreshing, It’s important to recognize that the process, whatever it may be, is as important as the end result. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:56 AM PST. Although there is optimism about new frontiers or horizons, there can also be worries, doubts, or sadness, with the Moon square the Sun and Saturn in Pisces. A lunar conjunction to Pallas tries to anticipate challenges and difficulties and form strategies to increase preparedness. If you feel slightly challenged or tired or down, know that this too shall pass. This can be a good time for breaking emotional patterns, which can see optimism and new ideas break through. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron which can see an emotionally healing time, or a good time to refresh the soul through creativity or caring activities. 


The Moon square Saturn can see responsibilities, duties, or restrictions weigh heavily. A lunar sextile to Mars suggests some physical activity or something that requires movement can help generate more focused energy to tackle things or prepare for the week ahead. Mars is now square Jupiter and sextile Chiron, which can see a bit of a personal healing crusade. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus while trine Chiron, placing further emphasis on healing themes. 


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