After a New Moon in Aquarius having pressed a dramatic reset button, the Aquarius stellium continues to build this week, leading to a triple conjunction that hasn’t occurred in over 250 years (Mars, Venus, Pluto). This can see some powerful situations and dynamics building that can be truly game changing and set an entirely new precedent. We begin this week with the Moon in Aries, emphasizing a pioneering, quirky, strange, and independent energy that is continuing to build. As the day begins, the Moon is sextile Pluto, seeing some powerful downloads still being absorbed, perhaps around independent initiatives that are about to be taken. It’s unlikely that said initiatives will be taken entirely alone, but it’s probably not “together” in any traditional sense of the word either, and if so, then the situations themselves may be highly unusual and beyond anything previously experienced. Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 10:05 PM PST, conjoining Pluto. This see’s powerful drives to transform situations or turn them around, perhaps venturing into new, unique or uncharted territory to do so. Venus will join Mars and Pluto on Friday evening, with the Sun and Mercury leading the way, seeing powerful experiences socially, interpersonally, around desires, possessions, and values. 


The Moon is sextile the Sun, square Venus and semisquare Saturn as the day begins. This can see a focus on the future, and perhaps there are some things to look forward to, but for the time being there may be some tensions, unusual situations or dynamics, and a need for patience, discipline and realism. New insights, ideas or information may be being integrated this week, and with Mercury currently sextile Chiron while building a square to Uranus, there’s an intuitive awareness around vulnerabilities, and the mind can be hungry for new insights, vistas, cognitive states and approaches. Mars in Aquarius conjunct Pluto is a powerful energy, not to be underestimated. Gathering information becomes increasingly important as moves being considered can feel consequential or imply massive changes that may be difficult to undo later. There can be an excitement and strong desire for change, upgrades, and new precedents. Freedom, independence, authenticity, unconventionality, or a desire for the strange or unusual can be a strong driving factor. The Moon goes on to square Mars and Pluto, seeing a desire to wrench free from constrictive influences, or boxes or roles which no longer fit. This can impact relationships, money, values, or pleasure seeking. 


This Valentines day can be highly unusual. The Moon enters sensual and indulgent Taurus around 7 AM PST, squaring Mars and Pluto in Aquarius and Venus in late Capricorn. This can see more conventional situations or relationships under pressure, or strong desires can be pushing for changes that challenge the status quo. It’s possible that “the way things have always been” don’t satisfy the way they used to, and something different must happen to scratch an itch or break a cycle. It’s important to examine what void it is you may be trying to fill, but also, there is something compelling or inevitable about this mathscape that beckons for fresh approaches. The same old same old isn't working anymore. Relationships, tastes, pleasure, values, and desires can undergo a sea change under these configurations, and  with Pluto in Aquarius leading the way, radical authenticity is called for. The Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter, which see’s a strong desire to really enjoy the good things in life. There can be generosity, but also insatiable drives that can be a source of tension with others, so don't mistake kindness for weakness. With the Moon in tension to Mars and Pluto, self honesty is important, because bullshit is easy to spot. The Moon sextile’s Saturn in the evening, which keeps things grounded. Everyone is personally accountable. 


The Moon in Taurus conjoins Uranus while square Mercury, which can see out of the ordinary experiences or topics highlighted, perhaps some unexpected communications, informational bombshells,  or strange, or exciting news. There is a definite “coloring outside of the lines” energy to this mathscape, and new insights, sensory experiences, or information can be at the forefront. Being flexible and open minded can be important. A lunar trine to Juno can also highlight unusual marriages, or partnerships, literally or figuratively speaking. In either case, conventions are challenged, and people will need room to be themselves and explore new possibilities. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is exact at 19 degrees around 4:45 PM PST, seeing communications, short distance travel, text or even snail mail a source of change or excitement. The weekend can get off to a pleasurable, but perhaps unusual start. Something different is happening or new possibilities are on the table to explore.


Venus enters Aquarius, to conjoin Pluto and Mars. This is an alignment that is unprecedented in any of our lifetime’s, (unless you happen to be around 250 years old). This can see highly unusual situations in regards to social, interpersonal, financial, creative or pleasure seeking matters. Online and in the meat space things can crackle with possibility, electricity and intensity, and there is a certain touch of the weird going on. Whether you’re trying something new you never thought you would in a million years, or finding yourself attracted to things, people or experiences that defy anything you’ve thus far become accustomed to, it’s possible that taboos are approached or something new or exciting is on the table. In some ways, there may be an element of danger, intrigue or the “forbidden”. Even if not technically “forbidden”, certainly “fringe.” Relationships can be highly unusual, and new concepts, ideas, or experiences can be introduced by others that really make an impact. These are pretty wild, highly eclectic configurations to say the least. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 11:39 AM PST, seeing a busy, talkative, and excitable atmosphere, but there may be some subtle wet blanket vibes coming from certain corners (Moon square Saturn).


The weekend continues on a weird, exciting, perhaps slightly tense note, as Mercury perfects a square to Uranus at 19 degrees. Communications can be a source of surprise, and in some cases, contact absolutely must be made, or something needs to be discussed or revealed. It’s also possible that new or weird elements that have been introduced are having quite an impact, and this is either a mixed bag, or some people are more enthusiastic about it than others. Does someone feel left out? Or is there worry or concern that something is dangerous or wrong? Or is someones actions or desires seemingly alienating to certain others? Whatever is the case, these configurations are a force of nature, and everyone will need to adjust. There can be a lot to talk about or think about. Conversations can be enlightening and even somewhat cathartic, but there may either be difficult topics to broach, decisions to make, or other tensions to overcome.


Information that has come to light, or things that have been revealed or discussed can see a lot to take in. In some ways, things can feel like they’re almost too much at points, even if they’re exciting or largely positive. There can be sensitivity around uncertainties. There’s still a lot of yapping and communicating going on today, or a lot of information to absorb. It can be easy to overshare, or to withhold certain facts, overlook downsides, or simply portray things in a glossier light (Moon square Neptune, and semisquare Jupiter). So keep your feet on the ground and listen to your intuition. The Moon enters security oriented Cancer at 7:25 PM PST, and the Sun makes it’s annual ingress into etheric and sensitive Pisces at 8:13 PM PST. There may be certain private realities or things going on in your inner world that create a feeling of excitement within stability, of dynamic change within a stable framework. A lot of unusual realities or new possibilities to digest.


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