The Moon is in Virgo trine Mercury, Mars, sesquisquare Jupiter and opposite Neptune as the day get’s started. This can see a desire to sort things out or take charge of situations that have been uncertain. Hopes and expectations can be high but there can be some confusion. The Moon goes on to trine Pluto as the day advances, seeing strong feelings or an intense focus of effort and energy to complete work or last minute repairs or other problem solving. Things may meander a bit and there can be some delays in meetings or other cooperative endeavors, but this mathscape can still be very productive. The Moon enters Libra after midnight, which can see some breakthrough points in partnerships, agreements, mutual arrangements, meetings or team efforts.


The Moon in Libra is trine the Sun and Pluto, while in tension to Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. This can see some interruptions in schedules or other social or interpersonal tensions, but there is probably a good reason. Squares indicate action, so this can see a busy atmosphere, with business or social situations highlighted. Maintaining diplomacy or being obliging without completely compromising longer term ambitions can be a tricky balancing act. There can be some intense negotiations to navigate or compromises to be reached. Mercury and Mars tightly conjunct just now is driven and focused and eager to make things happen or get to the point. There can be solid foundations forming, and although there may be opportunities to do things a bit differently, live on the wild side or have a bit of fun and break out of monotony, it’s important not to lose sight of longer term aims or spread yourself too thinly in a desire to accomplish too much too soon. Find an organic and comfortable rhythm.


The Moon is opposite Chiron while squaring Mars, which can see some weaknesses or clashes around aims, desires or goals. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, but is driven and machine like and unwilling to be taken off course. There is the possibility for some butthurt, vulnerability or slight disappointments here, so take care to use diplomacy in situations that require diverging from the herd or sticking to your own plans. That being said, you can’t please everyone all the time and it’s not your job to regulate anyone else’s emotional state. This energy can be very matter of fact, and can be quite productive if the above mentioned tensions can be mitigated. 


The Moon is square Mercury and Pluto, which again, highlights intense negotiations, planning, focus, research or discussions. As the day wears on into evening, optimism can grow or there can be an excessiveness (Moon opposite Jupiter), but this is tempered by a lunar trine to Saturn so that things don’t go completely off the rails. There can be slight frustrations or other fixations bubbling under the surface (Moon square Pluto), but overall there is a stabilizing trend. Buried emotions can be coming to the surface, and turning points can be looming. The Moon enters intense Scorpio at 12:37 PM PST, which can see strong instincts and desires.


Things can be slightly chaotic (Moon square Sun in Aquarius), but a lunar sextile to Venus and trine to Saturn while opposite Jupiter indicates that any deviations from prearranged plans or schedules or other minor inconveniences is ultimately rewarding. A lunar sesquisquare to Neptune can see an out of sorts energy, or there can be be small sacrifices that need to be made to keep things running smoothly. The Moon square the Sun and opposite Uranus can see a desire to wrench free from anything too smothering or inhibiting, which can see certain people out of step with each other or slightly unsettled. There is a slight potential for butthurt here (Moon quincunx Chiron) and some people can be having an easier time than others with this energy. Try not to fight the current and focus on controlling yourself and not other people, and things can work out fairly well. 


The Moon is sextile Mars, opposite Uranus and trine Neptune, which can see a sweet release. There can be an opportunity here to let your hair down, and there can also be some surprises. The Moon goes on to sextile Mercury, which can see communications flowing freely, even if there are some slight social or interpersonal tensions. The lunar trine to Neptune encourages people to relax, go with the flow, and release the desire to control things (or people.) 


The Moon square’s Saturn, which can see a need for patience, acceptance, or endurance. Responsibilities can be looming, or there can be subtle challenges or delays that can’t be helped for the time being. Lunar tensions with Mars can see some frustrations around drives, goals or desires feeling thwarted temporarily, or there can be a pressed and fettered energy around responsibilities, duties, or challenges. Do what you can, not everything you can. This is a temporary aspect, morale will improve tomorrow, although it may take a moment to shake off draining influences or the feeling of being slightly thrown off course. Next week can see a much better flow state set in. 


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