Happy New Year! We step into 2024 with the Moon in Virgo trine the Sun and Jupiter. This is nice and has some courage to take calculated risks, but is also a bit jumpy, anxious, and easily spooked, with Venus in adventurous Sagittarius in hard square to Saturn in Pisces just now. Mercury will go direct this evening at 7:08 PM PST, at 22 degrees Sagittarius square Neptune and semisquare Jupiter. This can see some uncertainty and a need to reassess and regroup. The Moon also makes a trine to Uranus and is opposite Neptune, so the prospects of risk taking can feel unclear. Best to slow down momentarily and focus on dependable gains and regaining confidence and courage while Mercury finds it’s footing. It won’t reenter Capricorn until the 13th of Jan, so things can feel a bit loopy this first week of the year as people find their balance. Mars will enter Capricorn this week, so more stability is on the way, which can set up a playing field where solid gains can be made.


The Moon in Virgo is square Mars in Sagittarius and opposite Neptune, while trine Pluto, which can see irritability and anxiousness. The more you have to lose or the more you have riding on a situation, the more crotchety these configurations can be. Mercury, now direct, squaring Neptune just now is easily distracted and out of sorts. This is not an aspect where you want to have to think about too many things at once so take care to reduce high pressure situations. Try to learn from mistakes and don’t be in too much of a hurry. Mars will move into Capricorn on Thurs, so this first half of the week it’s better to avoid wild flailing, even if you feel like you want to hit the ground running. It’s better to have a plan as opposed to acting on whims. The Moon enters Libra at 4:47 PM PST, which can see more harmony and balance begin to set in tomorrow. This can be helpful socially or interpersonally if there have been tensions.


The Moon in Libra makes a sextile to Venus today, which can help take the edge off of the tense square between Venus and Saturn, which may have seen poor timing, misunderstandings, or other stresses or tensions interfere with the overall natural flow and harmony in situations and dynamics. The lunar opposition to Chiron suggests this may be a good time to redress grievances, weaknesses, or address raw feelings or misunderstandings. The Moon goes on to square the Sun in Capricorn, so overall there’s a need to stay practical and focused on the longterm, both interpersonally, socially, and financially. There can be a facts over feelings approach that necessitates setting raw emotion aside and sticking to the matters at hand to maximize gains later. 


Mars enters stoic Capricorn at 6:58 AM PST, where it is exalted. The Moon is sextile Mercury which can be helpful for unpicking knots and facilitating good communications if there have been tensions or misunderstandings. With Mars now in an exalted frame, this can see a possibility for more solid momentum and gains, and a wiser, more controlled use of power and energy. A trine between Mars and Jupiter that will build as time goes on sets up an atmosphere of slow and steady gains, some of which can be quite dramatic over the next few weeks and on into February. If you play your cards carefully, you can do quite well for yourself.


The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:39 AM PST, seeing a lovely trine to Saturn and sextile to Mars. This can really help stabilize things, and a good foundation can be put into place to make considerable power moves. Venus is slowly released from Saturn’s grip, and Mercury square Neptune is still distracted, though perhaps becoming more inspired at possibilities, and less jangled than at the beginning of the week. It’s still a good idea to bide your time for now and focus on adjusting vibration, attitude and frame. Get into alignment with a more abundant timeline. As Capricorn is more heavily emphasized, timing things properly, and mastery over certain situations becomes important. 


The Moon in shrewd Scorpio sextile the Sun in ambitious Capricorn and opposite Uranus can be instinctively on guard against anything harebrained or too good to be true, which is good, because Mercury is still very much squaring up to Neptune, which can impact thinking or make people vulnerable or impressionable. Make sure to get all of the details, do your research, or form a good strategy. There can be some interesting surprises and inspiring moments this weekend, it can definitely be positive for brainstorming and musing sessions with the Moon in contact to Uranus, Neptune and Pallas. 


There can be some awesome, even healing bonding experiences for some today, or at least the potential for such. The Moon heads into Sagittarius at 1:08 PM to conjoin Venus and oppose Saturn, which can see a lot of optimism but also a feeling of the need to cut things short or prepare for the week ahead. Responsibilities can weigh down or infringe upon stellar musing sessions, but next week, particularly after the 13th, things can really see an uptick in progress, momentum, power moves and gains. Mercury shaking free from the square to Neptune and entering Capricorn to conjoin Mars will see things really grow legs that can walk straight to the bank.


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