The week begins with the Moon in courageous Leo, trine Chiron and square Uranus, and going on to oppose Saturn. There’s a fighting spirit to these configurations that call for resilience and a summoning of inspiration and motivation levels. Mars is the star of the show this week, as we see it’s direct station on Thursday. Wherever you are hosting this transit is calling extra attention this week, and there’s a strong desire to see improvements and progress in this area. Today’s configurations highlight adaptability to change, and a need to stay motivated and overcome challenges. Mercury in Capricorn square Chiron is a bit of an Eyeore influence, which poses a challenge to overcome a natural pessimism that can can tend to accompany a starkly realistic outlook. Pessimism has it’s utility and function and isn’t entirely useless. It can be helpful for eliminating a lack of realism or wasteful endeavors, but too much of it can paralyze progress and destroy motivation. Venus perfects a beautiful trine to Mars today at 8 degrees, and in air signs, this highlights encouraging communications and a supportive sense of community. There may be some challenges or setbacks to overcome, but this configuration provides the spark of motivation and innovation needed to keep the beat going strong. Uplifting connections and support from surprising corners can be highlighted. In some cases, friends can become lovers. Lovers can become friends. In the very least, interesting dynamics and creative breakthroughs are a part of the picture.


The Moon enters improvement oriented Virgo at 7:15 AM PST, making a quincunx to Jupiter, which can see an eagerness for progress, problem solving, and productivity. Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini is personable, innovative, curious, and eager to try new things. There’s a desire for change and creative turning points here, and the Moon goes on to square Mars as the day wears on into evening, building a trine to Mercury Rx in Capricorn and Uranus Rx in Taurus. This can see some pressure, nervousness or anxiety around communications, or simply a restless desire to make positive changes. It can be easy to see what needs improving, and there can be a desire to push for breakthroughs, up the ante, or negotiate new deals or terms. Venus grants Mars certain permissions, and there can be constructive conversations, agreements or offers on the table, or new and innovative approaches being entertained. With Mercury still retrograde until the 18th, it’s a good time to observe and reflect on information. Things will begin to pick up steam towards the end of January at the New Moon in Aquarius followed by Uranus stationing direct on the Lunar New Year (Year of the Rabbit). 


The Moon in Virgo is trine the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus today while opposite Neptune. A lunar sextile to Pallas suggests a wait and see approach, while Mercury Rx gathers intelligence and assesses the facts. These configurations are excellent for creative problem solving and coming up with new, enterprising ideas. There can be interesting discussions or offers on the table. Venus trine Mars and in tension to Uranus is restless and eager to break out of glass ceilings and any patterns of stagnation, but with Venus headed towards a conjunction to Saturn, timing is important, as is preserving structures and foundations that are working well and stand to pay off in the future. The Moon opposite Neptune can swing from hope to pessimism in the evening. An overall uncertainty can fuel the imagination and prompt creative thinking. The Virgo lunation emphasizes a focus on problem solving and an improvement of circumstances across the board. 


This morning see’s the Moon trine the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, while still opposite Neptune. There’s an ambitious start to the day, and although aims and desires are clear, (even a bit obsessive), prospects are less so, or ambitions can feel daunting. This doesn’t stop a desire to see something through or make progress, but energy levels can be low or there can be distractions, vague aches and pains, or other issues to contend with that subtly slow things down. Not to worry. Mars stations direct at 12:56 PM PST at 8 degrees Gemini, which can see some decisive moves that represent make or break moments which can help determine the direction of things going forward. We won’t be out of the woods of the Mars shadow phase until March, and with Mercury (squaring Chiron ) still retrograde until the 18th, there’s still more data to gather and patterns to observe, (and Mercury square Chiron can feel kind of depressing at times). With Mars picking up forward motion, things can begin to become more decisive. If you're feeling down right now, take heart. You'll get your groove back, and get back on top of things. The Moon enters Libra at 6:56 PM PST, forming a trine to Mars and an opposition to Jupiter, which highlights deals, trades, negotiations, collaborations and team efforts that can be mutually beneficial. A sort of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” motif can help smooth the way forward for everyone involved. A desire to advance or expand highlights clever compromises and helpful alliances.


The Moon in Libra is square Mercury Rx in Capricorn while trine Venus and Mars and opposite Jupiter and Chiron while square Hygeia. This can highlight helping people who are struggling, or being helped if you happen to be struggling. Health and healing can be highlighted. Whatever the case, working together with others cooperatively factors into the Libra lunation. The Sun sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto suggests not everything is so straightforward or clear cut, and this applies to solutions, projects, dynamics, as well as what’s motivating others. If there’s any disparity in power dynamics, it’s important to ensure that everyone’s best interests are being considered. That aside, this math can see constructive meetings or discussions, and plans or strategies being incubated. It can be excellent for creative brainstorming, getting feedback, pep talks, and bouncing ideas off of others, as well as forging meaningful connections. Those with power, skills, or resources can help assist those in weaker positions, either through wise advice, being a wingman, or through generosity of pocket or of soul. There can be valuable trades, swaps, offers, introductions, or networking opportunities. Love, romance, creativity, and harmony can help grease the social gears this evening, kicking the weekend off on a charmed note. Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters independent and headstrong Aries at 10:30 PM PST, signaling a more decisive time interpersonally that has less patience for stagnancy, waffling, or vague incongruence. 


The Moon in Libra is square the Sun, sesquisquare Mars, quincunx Neptune, trine Saturn, strengthening a square to Pluto in the evening. There can be some frustrated passions or an inner restlessness that can call people to think outside of the box for fun and enjoyment. Venus square Uranus is fascinated, fascinating, and craves rapture, novelty and excitement, which can see some unusual behavior in ourselves or others. If you’re trying to stick to the straight and narrow, a budget, or some kind of path of reform, these maths can produce some weird temptations or wild hairs out of the blue that can be difficult to resist, especially in the evening hours. Conversely, you can find new and creative ways to satiate a desire for entertainment and stimulation that won’t cost you a fortune (or self respect), or take you off of a desired trajectory. The Moon trine Saturn encourages thrift and simplicity, while Venus square Uranus is electric, eccentric, colorful and creative at best, and a restless and reckless gambler at worst. There’s a happy medium that’s both safe yet exciting enough to scratch an itch, that karma won’t reprimand you too much for later. Venus will eventually perfect a conjunction to Saturn, so it’s important not to lose sight of the long term. 


The Moon enters seductive Scorpio at 4:08 AM PST, opposing wild Uranus and sextile Mercury Rx in Capricorn. There can be surprise communications or revealing insights that can help inform decisions next week and beyond. The Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus can stir up deep, instinctual urges buried in the cockles of the individual and collective grundle. With Juno, the relationship asteroid now in Aries, romantic relationships can require more room to breathe. Desires around relationships can become more straightforward and uncompromising. Sports, physical activity, play sparring, martial arts, or showing off your elaborate sword collection to potential love interests can be good ways to bond or blow off steam during this cycle. Aries is ruled by Mars, and wants to get to the point. If there’s no passion or physical chemistry, and things feel indifferent, convoluted or confusing, (or conversely, smothering, manipulative or controlling), Juno in Aries will go fight in some war or just opt to be alone. Passion (or it’s lack), along with respect for personal autonomy can be a driving force in relationships. If there’s something you want interpersonally, Juno in Aries, with the ruler of Aries now direct, is the time to grow a spine and consider being more up front and action oriented, as there’s little tolerance for ambivalence.


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