Today see’s the Moon in late Taurus squaring Venus, Mars and Saturn, trine Pluto and sextile Neptune. There’s a need here to harness and direct energy towards a goal and to consider if you’re satisfied with progress thus far. If so, you’ll continue along in the same vein. If not, you’ll change things up to meet your ideals. Mars and Saturn are exactly conjunct at 22 degrees Aquarius,  which can see novel structures being laid down where perhaps freedom is only available under certain conditions. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is informed and directed by Taurus, which is about down to earth common sense, which can seem less and less common these days and stands out as more unusual, or it can seem like a rebellious, uncommon stance to be informed by ones own real life experiences and what you see in front of your face. The Moon heads into talkative, multitasking Gemini at 8 PM PST, while Venus quietly prepares to shift gears into Pisces tomorrow. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, where the highest octaves and spiritual dimensions of love are accessed, and high ideals and values are nurtured. This can see a cycle where people are happier to concede and adapt or relinquish certain habits or values which they have clung to stubbornly which may have limited their experience of love, pleasure, and social/interpersonal enjoyment, and all things Venus ruled. 


Venus enters Pisces at 8:18 AM PST this morning, it’s sign of exaltation, harkening a gentle and reflective cycle around Venus ruled themes. The Moon in Gemini is sextile Chiron, which can see the thoughts and emotions focused on healing in some way, consciously or unconsciously. Venus here is more adaptable, but can also be elusive and mysterious. The value of subtle experiences is more heightened, and there is less emphasis on requiring definition, structure, or needing things or people to be any particular way in order to accept them. It can also be easier to concede on certain points or relinquish control in certain areas. The Moon also goes on to sextile the Sun, which is sextile Mercury, and this can see news or communications highlighted, where perhaps certain things begin to come to light that can inform our actions and decisions going forward.


Today see’s the Moon in busy Gemini sextile the Sun, Mercury, trine Mars, Saturn and Juno, while square Jupiter and Neptune. With Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn, there’s a desire to make sense of certain things, or to understand the structures behind them or what is expected. This can revolve around particular interpersonal dynamics for some, with Juno involved. There can be verbal agreements or negotiations highlighted. It can see people’s eye on a particular goal, perhaps a shared goal, but willing to adapt or make certain concessions along the way in order to reach it. The Moon squaring Jupiter and Neptune can blur certain lines or confuse certain issues, but it can also see ideals and the imagination highly active, and can produce some very spiritual experiences. In some ways these configurations can test people’s limits, or highlight where they may have gone too far or where certain excesses have been counterintuitive to their goals. In other ways, these aspects can revive or stimulate hopes or ideals in things we had begun to lose faith in. They can also help bring clarity to things that have been confusing or mysterious. The Moon will Move into cozy Cancer tomorrow morning, which can bring a focus on security, love, and and pleasure pursuits, and perhaps changing things up or making some reforms in order to increase enjoyment.


The Moon enters Cancer this morning, and is seen to trine Venus while in subtle trine to Mars and Juno in Aquarius, and this can see a focus on making certain changes in order to increase comfort and security while also increasing our experience of enjoyment of the finer things in life. These configurations can see people willing to make certain concessions or changes, perhaps for the purposes of healing, or perhaps they are inspired or motivated by love. Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, and this can see a lot of self determination, but also a thoroughness and drive around cognitive processes that can be relentless and rather successful at unearthing things or endeavors connected to research, investigation, or getting to the bottom of something. There may also be subtle power dynamics to navigate for some people, whether internally or externally, but with Venus in Pisces, this can be done peacefully and graciously. In the very least, this can see people motivated by higher octaves of intentionality and the spiritual dimensions of love. The Moon goes on to square Chiron, and this can see a certain level of vulnerability, perhaps old wounds are touched upon or something within dynamics has us acutely aware of our own or others weaknesses or sensitivity. The Moon in Cancer trine Venus is very sensitive and has a talent for cathartic processes, harmonizing with others, and can be very charming, artistic, and creative. However, this math is no pushover, and there are certain things that won’t be given up in the name of pleasing other people, -namely, our self determination and autonomy.  


Today see’s the Moon in security oriented Cancer squaring the Sun and Chiron in independent Aries, while sextile Uranus. This can see a bit of inner conflict. Perhaps people are very sensitive to the security needs of themselves and/or other people, while also being very aware of the need to preserve their sense of self, individuality, and autonomy. Conversely, this can see changes being made or unexpected surprises coming up that maybe catch people a little off guard. Perhaps a shift in routines is throwing people off a bit. There might also be sensitive or important discussions or meetings in the offing. Or our own self determination may seem to rub others the wrong way, or there may be a need to strike a balance between our own interests and those of others. In either case, there’s a need to make some changes or revisions in order to get the best out of things. Business, social and personal interactions that prize independence, autonomy, freedom and authenticity as core values should fair rather well, but any dynamics with underlying power struggles or too much rigidity could get a bit complex or sensitive to navigate under these configurations. In some cases, we may even need to rebel against our own inhibitions or ingrained patterns and schedules in order to make some positive breakthroughs or meet the demands of the day.


The Moon in sensitive Cancer is square the Sun and Mercury, opposite Pluto, and trine Jupiter and Neptune. With Mercury square Pluto, this can see communications feel a bit loaded, and with Mercury sextile Mars in innovative Aquarius, we can be keen to break new ground. There’s a strong self determination here, and with the Moon trine Jupiter and Neptune, we can be tempted to soft pedal around certain issues, or even apologize for just being real. The positive side of this is that it lends sensitivity, open mindedness, and intuition to conversations or dynamics that might feel sensitive or even kind of intimidating for some reason. There can be a need to bring balance to certain power dynamics in some cases, or negotiate new terms or agreements, get something loaded off our minds, or step into new territory socially, commercially, or interpersonally. This can see some very substantive conversations that can even go into some deep and perhaps even profound and spiritual territory. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at 9 PM PST, and this can see some shocks, surprises, or take things into exciting or unexpected new terrain.  


The Moon in Leo is trine Chiron and square Uranus today, and with Mercury still squaring Pluto, there may have been some revealing or intense discussions, or in the very least, our minds may have been intensely focused on getting to the bottom of something we feel intensely determined around. There may have been some interesting perspective shifts due to unique insights gained through research or intense focus or discussions. Mercury enters Taurus at 7:09 PM PST this evening, shifting the focus towards making some real life changes and switching things up. The energy of today can see excitement or even some unexpected spanners thrown into the works. The lowest octave of potentials in these configurations is some kind of garden variety drama being stirred up. It doesn’t have to manifest as anything negative, as the positive potentials are very much there as well, and this can see exciting changes or paradigm shifts, possibly as a result of real talk, or uncompromising authenticity. People can be unpredictable. The Moon trine Chiron can boost morale and confidence or facilitate healing, and see something to feel excited or optimistic about. Next week can begin on a note that can see people motivated to work towards a goal and make improvements and positive changes to get more into alignment with things they would like to see happen. 


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