We kick off the week with the Moon in Leo trine the Sun and Chiron in Aries, while opposite Saturn and square Uranus. On top of this we see Jupiter and Neptune exactly conjunct at 23 degrees. These configurations can see a hopefulness, a desire to make a difference or make some creative changes. It also see’s a beautifully non judgmental attitude. Jupiter and Neptune are boundless in their compassion and empathy and are able to see past great differences into the heart of humanity. The Moon goes on to also oppose Mars, and it’s possible certain initiatives or impulses can feel somewhat thwarted by circumstances or other inhibiting influences for the time being. Perhaps energy is a bit flagging, or other circumstances subtly slow people down, -but the Moon in Leo can actually be goaded on by this, and this can see the week begin on a constructive note, in spite of any impediments. A lunar quincunx to Neptune can see people tending towards being a martyr, or sacrificing too much for others, or pretending to be ok with things that they really aren’t ok with, in the name of harmony, which can lead to resentment in some cases. That warning aside, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and the growing emphasis in Pisces can see high ideals of love, and a great deal of forgiveness, empathy, a desire for peace, and a propensity towards surrender and consciousness expansion. 


The Moon enters Virgo at 7:07 AM PST, to trine Mercury and Uranus in Taurus and oppose Venus in Pisces and Mars in late Aquarius. There could be some surprise news or communications, perhaps even some unique insights. Things can feel a bit fluid and changeable, although with the Sun sextile Saturn there is an overall goal. The Moon opposing Venus can see a bit of peevishness, shyness, and there can be a need to strike a balance between our own needs and those of others. This can see an attempt at planning or exchanging information around schedules and the like, or maybe getting on the same page as others. There is also a more personable touch to these configurations that can be refreshing and disarming. This can also see an emphasis on making some changes and adapting to new circumstances or methods. There can be a bit of tension to get caught up on basic tasks and it’s possible energy is flagging a bit. The Pisces influences really want to dream and meander, while the earthy lunation and the pragmatism of Mercury in Taurus brings focus to the tasks at hand, common sense practices, and getting things done in the real world. Overall, the day can be filled with a lot of back and forth communications and creative ideas. People want to harmonize with one another.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo, making an opposition to Jupiter and Neptune while trine Uranus. It may take an extra push to get going under these configurations as the lunar opposition to Jupiter and Neptune are restful and a bit sleepy or indulgent, especially with Jupiter and Neptune both exact at 24 degrees. It’s an artsy, dreamy, creative and highly spiritual configuration that would rather meditate in quiet, peaceful surroundings as opposed to being taken to task. A lunar sesquisquare to Mercury in common sense Taurus can see communications a bit muddled, or there can be issues of timing or schedules to contend with (Moon in Virgo), but fortunately the lunar aspects to Jupiter and Neptune are generous, forgiving and understanding. People and situations can be a bit unpredictable or changeable, and there can be various things to adapt to, with much going on behind the scenes.


The morning see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Pluto while opposite Jupiter and Neptune. Minor aspects to Mars, Uranus, and the asteroid Juno can see some nervous tension around striking a balance around taking care of our own needs and looking after other people. A happy medium must be sought out as the Moon moves into partnership oriented Libra around 1:46 PM PST. Mercury in Taurus is also sextile Venus now, so this aspect highlights harmonizing with others, making concessions and finding an agreeable path forward that is mutually beneficial. This can see some pleasant communications opening up as well, perhaps rather surprisingly. The Moon in Libra opposes Chiron, and this can make us more sensitive to our own or others weaknesses or sensitivities. Fortunately there’s a lot of compassion and understanding in these configurations and it appears that many people are experiencing a lot of changes or needing to adapt to various shifts in schedules, priorities, or dynamic circumstances. Mars, the planet of drive, motivation, passion and conflict moves into Pisces this evening at 8:06 PM, ushering in a cycle that see’s people driven by more spiritual and creative pursuits, and where inspiration is a primary motivating factor. This can also see some people resort to less direct or more covert means to achieve their goals. 


The Moon in Libra opposes Chiron, and this can see a subtle sensitivity or vulnerability running between certain interactions. With so much Pisces action in these configurations, this can see people highly attuned to the atmosphere socially and interpersonally. Mars isn’t particularly comfortable in Pisces, and it can be easy to want to make excuses, as energy may not be as high, but do try to resist the temptation to hide under a rock, as there are some awesome opportunities that can even be spiritually enriching under these unique, deep soul diving configurations. The Moon in Libra, which will be peak fullness tomorrow, shines the spotlight on our relationship to others, and this can see some examination going on and perhaps some judgement calls or decisive moves being made or reassessed. 


The Moon is full in Libra today at 11:55 AM PST, opposite the Sun, trine Mars and Saturn, and square Pluto. It’s a bit harsh in certain ways, or in the very least, intense, but it’s authentic. It doesn’t have to be the case that certain relationships completely and totally end, but perhaps certain agreements or connections need to be revised, reflected upon, or simply more deeply understood. Maybe in some cases, something is in fact, a deal breaker. In other cases, this can see people realizing where they maybe could be doing a bit more compromising, or perhaps realizing where they’ve been doing too much compromising, which has lead to resentment. Things could come to light over the coming days, so it's a good time for reflection. Whatever is the case, this Full Moon can see a reevaluation of sorts in regards to certain interactions connections, or life situations, whether business or personal. A rebalancing of sorts. There can be some interesting meetings or conversations, and in some cases, with Pluto involved there can be an intensity or high amount of pressure around certain endeavors or exchanges, maybe even some buried, hidden, or submerged feelings. The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:23 PM PST, and this see’s Sunday morning get off to an intense, investigative and curious start.


The Moon in Scorpio is opposite Mercury and Uranus, and trine Venus and Mars in Pisces. This could see a sort of rebellious desire to slink off and do something different. There's a sort of Mystery Machine investigatory vibe going on here. We could be driven by curiosity or a desire to know something or someone more deeply, or understand what we're working with. This math could definitely manifest as a sort of “freak mode”, and could see people compelled to go on a quiet little tangent or do something out of character, reveal something, “break protocol”, or just break monotony or stagnancy. Definitely unconventional, fearlessly authentic energy. This could bring some pleasant surprises or unanticipated news, messages, visits, or conversations. It’s a quirky end to the weekend that can see some significant shifts and exciting variations that leak into Monday. 


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