MON JUL 12. 

Today see’s the Moon in Leo conjunct Venus and Mars, and this can see a beautiful vibe focused on joy, creativity, love, and pleasure. Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces add a sort of surreality, imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, and pure genuineness to this playful, fun seeking vibe. With the Sun also trine Neptune, while opposite Pluto in Capricorn, these configurations soften the hard edges of life, lower defensiveness, and create a certain openness that can be refreshingly disarming and almost cathartic. This might come with a certain child like naivety, but life is meant to be lived, celebrated and enjoyed, and right now there is a conscious use and embrace of these drives that can create positive transformations in our lives. The Moon/Mars/Venus combination in Leo is concentrated, cinematic, and theatrical, while the Solar trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto can facilitate powerful serendipities, synchronicities, and put people in touch with their deepest callings and most substantive and genuine instincts. Afternoon see’s the Moon oppose Jupiter which can see an indulgent, dreamy, even cinematic atmosphere.  Certain things can feel too good to be true, as it can turn out that things we may have been nervous over or fretted about can be much less worse than we had imagined or worried about. There can be news or communications that increase optimism, inspiration and idealism, and people can be feeling the love.  Creative solutions to problems or challenges can be easier to come by due to the optimism that is naturally generated by these aspects.  There’s a lot of warmth, -and it’s not just the weather. There can be an electric charge to the day, and the evening can see a communicative atmosphere building as the Moon in late Leo sextile’s Mercury in Cancer.


The Moon enters earthy Virgo in the wee hours, at 1:30 AM PST, seeing a sextile to Mercury, which can see some interesting discussions. Venus and Mars are perfecting their conjunction at 19 degrees Leo today, and love, passion, creativity, and the pursuit of enjoyment, inspiration and fun are in the air, and this is a major motivator right now. Interpersonally, creatively and collaboratively, these are some really fascinating configurations, and Mercury’s trine to Jupiter can open up dialogue and dissolve barriers and defenses, while the Moon in Virgo sextile Mercury in heart centered Cancer can get down to the nitty gritty details of things, assisting people in discussing feelings in a matter of fact and uncomplicated way. A little restraint might not hurt, as the Venus/Mars conjunction perfecting now can rapidly accelerate things before they’re actually ripe, but it can feel refreshing to have more courage, bravery, and motivation. As the day progresses, the Moon trine’s Uranus which can see a desire to shake up routines that have become stale. There can be a lot of motivation and there can be a certain excitement and a palpable liveliness in the atmosphere. These configurations are revitalizing to the body, spirit, and the passions. Some surprising and significant shifts can begin to unfold. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo sextile the Sun in Cancer, trine Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn while opposite Neptune. This can see a dynamic atmosphere in the earlier part of the day, and maybe see some reorganizing happen, either in the home, or in life in general, in order to increase comfort and make way for fresh and positive stimulation. The conscious will and the emotions are in alignment, and the imagination, inspiration, and ideals can be highly active. With the detail oriented Virgo Moon linking to Pluto and Neptune, we can be very perceptive to nuance, signs, signals, symbols, subtext, subtlety, and non verbal communication now. There can be surprising little serendipities and synchronicities, as the universe can be dropping a lot of hints into the fabric of existence. This can also see a growing need to make certain changes around getting the work/life balance correct to make more time for tending to the inner world for a moment. Although the Virgo Moon is practical and detail oriented, we may want to pause, meander, or innovate a bit under these penetrative and reflective aspects. Doing so can help steer us away from burnout or worry, and yield surprising insights or new ideas, as well as help us be more receptive and in tune with the subtle undercurrent and natural rhythm and order of things. 


The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 7:32 AM PST, and Chiron stations retrograde at 9:41 AM PST. With the Moon trine Saturn there can be an inner stability, confidence and resilience, even if there is some indecision around how or even whether to proceed with something as the Moon also squares Mercury in emo Cancer. The Moon builds an opposition to Chiron as the day progresses and advances into evening, and this can bring up sensitivities or vulnerabilities, or make us more aware of our own and/or others weaknesses. Chiron’s apparent backward motion from earth during it’s retrograde journey can assist in addressing old wounds or weaknesses at their roots, which can produce a profound and necessary healing and new wisdom, whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, interpersonally or otherwise. Good medicine. Lunar semi squares to Venus and Mars can see relationships in the spotlight somehow, and there may be some waffling back and forth or uncertainty as to how to approach something. Moon in Libra square Mercury in Cancer is kind of a classic “sent <unsent” messages type of configuration, if there ever was one, and there can be a subtle tension in the air. This can also revolve around basic things like making plans, promises or commitments. Striking a balance between our own needs and those of others is a general theme under the Libra lunation. Best not to overpromise, over commit, or double book if you can help it. Conversely, if you want human contact, and you’re the type to be a stoic island of self sufficiency, don’t be too proud to ask for what you want. The Moon’s link to Saturn and Juno, along with Venus and Mars holding hands, give a steady resolve, courage, passion, and consistency of feeling in spite of any heightened awareness of vulnerability or weakness. We can be learning a lot about connecting with ourselves and others in subtle but powerful ways now that can be very enriching or enlightening.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra still holding a weak trine to Saturn and opposition to Chiron, and as the day advances, the concept of people pleasing or being afraid to ruffle anybody’s feathers is more easily set aside and replaced with a more genuine and authentic approach to human interactions, with a lunar sextile to Mars and Venus in confident and courageous Leo, while squaring the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. If we’ve been holding back from acting on how we’re really feeling, we could feel more encouraged to knock that shit off and just embrace the chips falling where they may by following our instincts. This could see some passionate math, perhaps some low key (or high key?) emotional intensity that can be pretty compelling. This isn’t “good” or “bad”. Maybe I’ll just call it “spicy” or “interesting.” By Saturday, maybe we can just call it “Hella Extra”. Today looks…interesting, as the Moon in Libra diplomatically navigates some intense drives, instincts, pulls, emotions, attractions, compulsions, or power dynamics. Maybe something needs to give in order to restore inner and outer balance or something, because repressing our real needs or drives is kind of just asking for a ticking bomb to go off at some point or for something to unravel or fall apart. Ask for what you need, do what you’ve gotta do. Be true to yourself. As long as you’re not imposing your will upon others by attempting to control other people via guilt trips, ultimatums, power trips, or making a scene with absolute hysterics, -keeping it real will help restore the balance in the universe, and there can even be the potential for some positive breakthroughs or a cathartic release of tension. I don’t know how else to describe this. This is a pretty authentic and genuine mathscape that is struggling really hard not to be.


The early morning hours see the Moon in Libra wanting to burst at the seams and perhaps struggling a little to reign in the more primitive and instinctual urges brought on by the squares to the Sun in emotive Cancer and obsessive and powerful Pluto. The Moon dips into do or die Scorpio at 11:38 AM PST, to trine Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in boundless Pisces. This could see a heightened sensitivity in the air, and there can be some sensitive or private topics discussed, quite easily at that. It can be easy to overshare, and some people can be prone to extremes, as there can be a lot of muted or restrained passion in the air that seeks an outlet and finds one quite effortlessly via the lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon in Scorpio goes on to square Saturn and oppose Uranus, so it’s possible for all this emoting and primal ooze to meet the unanticipated brick wall of someone else’s boundaries, cold indifference, shell shock, or desire to avoid confrontational or excessively emotional, dramatic, or controversial situations. Conversely, we may be struggling with an inner conflict around restraining ourselves and reigning ourselves in when it feels so utterly natural to spontaneously act on our feelings and instincts. This can see some very unusual situations or dynamics. Another spin on these configurations is an attempt to resist or redirect powerful temptations/pulls/desires, or the presence of some inner (or outer) conflict revolving around what we instinctually want deep down. It’s also possible something revealed catches us off guard or by surprise, and is simply a matter of “poorly timed spontaneity”, and it could be as simple as that. Regardless, it’s a highly interesting day that may contain a plot twist or some “fuck it” moments or two.


Today more or less see’s a continuation of yesterdays theme, only as it advances, it then throws in a lunar trine to Neptune and the Sun, and a square to Mars. The Sun/Pluto opposition perfecting yesterday colors the theme of these maths with some inward intensity as we battle inner drives, desires, and compulsions. As the day wears on, Saturn releases it’s grip, and there’s no longer so much inner or outer resistance. Lunar squares to both Mars and Venus can see a lot of passion in the air, and it’s got to go somewhere. There may be a drive to do something different, creatively, romantically, or interpersonally. The lunar/Neptune trine activates the imagination and there may be a longing after something or someone, some sort of rainbow we’re chasing, and there can be some unknowns or uncertainty, perhaps some indecision, and a need to take a wait and see approach. There’s also a lot of understanding and compassion. In some cases there’s a need to release attachment to something, at least temporarily, and redirect powerful, somewhat spicy drives in a more innovative direction. In other cases what’s happening here is a release of attachment to outcomes, which make it easier to take more initiative in some way, and this might see some interesting dynamics. There can be some creative shifts in a new direction somehow, and there can be a quiet excitement. With the Scorpio lunation, the day can be largely inwardly focused, perhaps some rumination going on around our creative, social, financial, or interpersonal direction. Although there are some action oriented squares as well. It’s a good day to make some adjustments, and the Moon’s contact to Uranus can highlight a desire to make some changes or switch things up a bit, taking a new approach to something in the week ahead.


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