The week begins on a note of reclusiveness, recovery, or preparation, with the Moon in quiet Pisces opposite Venus in purifying Virgo, and conjunct Jupiter now back at zero degrees Pisces in the early morning hours. This might not see everyone at their most socially inclined, but there is a sensitivity to nuance and details, as well as a desire, -or perhaps a necessity,- to address problems, eliminate excess, heal, cleanse, purify or improve things in some way. Over the tail end of the weekend we may have reached a point of tiring of our own bullshit in some way, or recognizing a rut, stale pattern, or problem, and a desire to improve things may have accompanied this. Venus in Virgo seeks to eliminate what is no longer working, and this cycle can see a more discriminatory approach to Venus ruled matters. Here, Venus has more exacting standards, but also a noble and humble desire to improve things, heal, and be of service. It can feel good to clear the clutter and the bullshit from our lives, become more organized, and commit to self improvement efforts. This transit can also focus on making the day to day grind more enjoyable and help us find more satisfaction in all the small things. This will be further emphasized and enhanced by Mars, which joins hands with Venus on Thursday. The other side of the coin is that it can also make us more critical and perfectionistic, but by having both Venus and Mars in Virgo, there will be an unmistakable drive and motivation to get our shit together, tame an inner beast, and make drastic improvements. This can be amazing for both mental and physical health. Later in the day see’s the Moon make a sextile to Uranus and conjunction to dreamy Neptune, and this can see time spent alone in reflection yield surprising insights, and/or there can be some interesting serendipities that take place. This can see the day close out on an interesting, inspiring, and imaginative note, and it’s possible this paves the way for some revealing conversations, surprising news, discussions, or exchanges.


Today see’s the Moon in sensitive and compassionate Pisces conjunct boundary dissolving Neptune, trine Mercury in 29 degrees Cancer, while sextile impactful Pluto. This can see some emotionally or spiritually beneficial exchanges, perhaps the ability to confide in someone can lead to feeling more supported and more confident somehow.  There can be some deep exchanges in some instances, and they can be mutually uplifting. Mercury, the planet of communications, enters courageous Leo at 6:12 PM PST, but until then, while in the final degrees of Cancer, there is an opportunity, perhaps even a compelling drive, to be more emotionally vulnerable and open, and this can be a sort of confessional atmosphere that makes discussing difficult, heavier, or darker, more taboo topics feel much easier, as there is a lot of empathy, understanding, and forgiveness in these configurations. It also provides a good atmosphere for having deep psychological or emotional insights, so connecting to others in more substantive and even emotionally nourishing ways can feel more natural and easy to do, as we can crave changes that are good for us and add meaning to life. This can see a poignant and reflective day, that gives way to a more dynamic and courageous atmosphere tomorrow. Perhaps it feels encouraging to open up new channels or levels of communication or to feel known or understood more deeply, and accepted, foibles and all. This can even take place entirely internally, and we can be capable of a lot of insight and compassion now, for ourselves and others. 


The Moon enters Aries, the brave little toaster, at 2:58 AM PST, to conjoin Chiron, trine the Sun and Mercury in Leo. Jupiter finally slips back into Aquarius at 5:43 AM PST as well, where it will bring with it some rewards and blessings for the hard work we’ve been doing in the area of our chart that Saturn has been visiting. With new channels of communications establishing themselves more solidly, we can feel more encouraged about the path we’re on. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn as well, suggesting that these aren’t frivolous contacts. Healing of some kind can be a topic of discussion with the lunar link to Chiron, and even if it isn’t overtly discussed, this can be an underlying theme or purpose behind the lines of communication being established now. In very simple terms, we can receive encouraging news in some way, or see signs of slow and stable progress around something we’ve invested time, energy, and patience into. The lunar trine to the Sun in Leo and Juno in Sagittarius see’s a drive towards whatever or whoever increases our vital life forces, uplifts, encourages, inspires, and motivates us to grow. We can crave things, people, and experiences that expand our consciousness and widen our worldview. The Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn in Aquarius can see purposeful culture clashes, but people would be wise to guard against know-it-all-ism or becoming self righteous, judgmental, divisive, and convinced to a point of pomposity, arrogance, and impetuosity. The wisest among us know that they simply don’t know everything. Those who see the world differently than ourselves can often be our greatest teachers. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron while squaring Pluto. This may see a somewhat intense and very driven undercurrent to the day that could require fortitude and courage. Mars enters Virgo at 1:32 PM PST. This first decan of Virgo is fastidious, hard working, and attentive to detail. The tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of Pentacles, a card of diligence, perfecting, and mastery. Here, Mars is keen to improve things, and has a penchant to detect flaws and be attentive to details that might ordinarily escape us. This drive can inspire things like abstention, ritual fasting, or adhering to regiments designed to improve, purify, cleanse, heal, refine, and condition. It can also conversely see people alternate between a saint like discipline and purity and a full blown hedonistic bender, as they calibrate and adapt to their desired aesthetic aspirations. The 8 of pentacles is a card of doing something over and over again, and this repetition leads to mastery. If you fail, you learn from your mistakes, and apply the lessons to your next attempts. The lunar square to Pluto can see us driven and obsessed around something. It’s possible this can see us grappling with particular drives or intense, subconscious compulsions that we are aspiring to get a better grip on, lest they control or sabotage us. These configurations can bring forth a desire to transmute or transform inner demons into allies and to embark upon some alchemical initiation of sorts. The cost of carrying on at the whim of our compulsions can be very apparent. Repression isn’t the answer. We must befriend the demon and look it right in the eye, facing it down with courage. Mars and Venus both in Virgo can actually make embarking upon a process of self improvement a highly enjoyable one, and we can even form meaningful and lasting bonds and alliances along the way. This Mars/Venus transit is excellent for performing a deep clean of your life, and removing the cobwebs and dust bunnies from all of the corners within your literal and figurative house that you’ve ignored or neglected. 


We begin today with the Moon in late Aries, heading into Taurus at 1:08 PM PST, where it squares the Sun and Mercury in Leo, trines Mars in Virgo, and sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. We can be spurred on and inspired to improve ourselves, perhaps via our social contacts, or otherwise, through our own inspired visions of how we’d like to be, who we’d like to be, and who we’d like to be around. There may be a lot of differences between ourselves and others, as evidenced by the Sun and Mercury opposing Saturn, but it’s possible these very differences inspire and motivate us to raise the bar for ourselves. The Sun and Mercury both trine Chiron now as well, and this can see encouragement and motivation, there can be a healthy sense of competition, as if there is everything to play for, but rather than competing against others, these configurations can motivate us to out do our own personal bests, and this can be motivated not only by noble altruism, but a commitment to authenticity and ’Tegrity. With the Moon trine Hygeia now, these configurations speak to healing, of the body, mind, heart, and spirit, and the connection each of these spheres has to the other. There can be people in our environment or social circle that motivate and inspire us by their very existence, and the passion and motivation this generates can fuel our own desire to bring out the best in ourselves. Later, the Moon also trines Venus as well as Mars. This can see interpersonal connections receive a boost, and there can be a lot of earthy passion and a focus on shared passions. Mutual encouragement and enrichment. Certain people can be very motivating and catalyzing to us without even realizing it, and there can be a quiet, mutual admiration going on here. This is a practical and earthy lunation that can see work and pleasure intermingle somehow, or, in the very least, we can get more pleasure out of our everyday experience and interchanges. Communications can be spicy and motivating, even if there is a certain level of intimidation going on here, indicated by the Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn. The Moon goes on to square Saturn in the late evening, and this can see some inhibitions creep in, or some challenge or other, with a need to muster fortitude and resilience. 


Today see’s the Moon in earthy and sensual Taurusstill squaring the Sun and Mercury, while trine Venus in Virgo, conjunct Uranus, and square Saturn. This can see us slightly challenged by the fact that perhaps we’re in new territory somehow, or out of our comfort zone in some way, perhaps interpersonally, with the Moon linking to Venus. This can see some interesting or unusual dynamics, and there may be some coyness, shyness, or inhibition here, but perhaps simultaneously a strong desire to push passed that as a sort of “shock therapy.” Conversely, we may be attracted towards something or someone that challenges our sense of what’s normal or expected. In either case, today’s configurations see some need to think outside the box, and perhaps innovate around challenges, hurdles, or unexpected delays or blockages. It’s possible we may feel somewhat judged or under the scrutiny of others somehow, whether this is real or imagined. It’s important to remember that others are typically much more self effacing and preoccupied with their own hang ups and levels of self consciousness than our own inner critic often allows us to believe, so if you find yourself worrying over what everyone else will think, remind yourself of this universal truth and let yourself off the hook a little, at least enough to experience the joy of a little unselfconscious freestyling. The lunar link to Saturn dissipates as the day wears on into evening, seeing it much easier to relax and let our hair down about any wild hairs that may be twitching in our buttholes. This can see us giving in to some more experimental or adventurous proclivities with less complex about it. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Taurus trine powerful Pluto, sextile Neptune, while still holding a conjunction to Uranus in the early AM hours. This can see us following our instincts around something that maybe we’ve dithered around for a spell, and perhaps with some inspiring results. The Moon goes on to square Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo, and this can see an energizing atmosphere that can motivate us to put a lot of effort towards something because the rewards of doing so seem as if they’ll increase exponentially in proportion to the effort executed. The Sun, and as of today, Mercury, square up to Uranus, indicating a highly innovative, and even subtly competitive atmosphere, that can inspire us towards new ways of expression and communication. This can see a lot of highly original ideas, new forms of creative expression, new ways of communicating with others, and unusual ways of enjoying ourselves. These configurations are simultaneously inspiring and intimidating, and we can feel challenged by our own passions and our desire to excel. With Venus also trine Uranus, this math literally reminds me of a peacock, doing his best to shine in his own unique way, in order to secure the attentions and affections of his prize, the peahen. This could literally be the case for people now. Whether it’s a specific person you want to seduce or impress, or a particular goal you’re trying to achieve, these configurations have their eye on a prize and are rife for “peacocking.” The lunar square to Mars grows stronger as the Moon heads into the last degrees of Taurus and can see Sunday closing out on a spicy and impassioned note that maybe some brisk physical activity would be well suited for. The week ahead calls us to streamline these passions in a goal directed manner, and it’s possible that any energetic excess finds itself an effortless outlet through precisely such mediums. 



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