The early morning hours still see la lune in curious and talkative Gemini in trine to Mercury in iconoclastic Aquarius.  This aspect shed light on the importance to the psychological concept of authenticity and the “true self”, as well as generating new, and original ideas and concepts on the fly, for fun, -and for mental and emotional wellbeing. How in touch with your “true self” are you? Do you let it out to play? With both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, the pressure to conform comes up against the desire to remain true to ourselves. Being unabashedly who we really are, and individuating, being our own best friend, regardless of what groupthink or the crowd mind thinks or say’s about it (which can sometimes be rather nasty, let’s face it, there are a lot of people who are repressed, hypercritical, judgmental, fearful, and unhappy with themselves)- is the challenge -and the opportunity of Saturn in Aquarius. If you can live and behave authentically, by your own inner creed, in spite of immense pressure to do the opposite of that-even magazine articles in grocery store lines with articles that boast titles such as “Toxic Individualism”-then thank you, you’re granting others permission to also be their true and authentic selves as well, which is inherently healing in a culture that is rapidly normalizing a sort of malignant, collective shame and fear that, if we’re really honest with ourselves, defies all logic-(the anthropological evidence of which will, quite tragically,- all just wind up inside of a beached whales stomach at some point-ironically, all in the name of “science.”)  The Moon enters emotionally sensitive Cancer at 10:52 AM PST, to square Chiron, and going on to sextile Uranus in Taurus in the early evening. With the Sun in Aquarius sextile to Chiron, while the Moon in clannish Cancer squares it, in some way, it’s possible that a comfort zone of ours is being challenged. It’s interesting because it almost appears as if the Universe, in pushing people to really step into themselves and their own authenticity, this is simultaneously a cause and a cure to feeling vulnerable, misunderstood, or perhaps a bit lonely or outcasted in someway.  It is our dedication to our own individuation, what we truly feel, who we truly are, and what we truly desire for ourselves, that will ultimately liberate us, assuage our fears and vulnerabilities, and lead to a feeling of deeper security (Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus). Later this evening, the Moon also sextile’s Mars in Taurus as well, which only adds further impetus and drive towards this radical shift of “really stepping UP, into ourselves.” This can feel challenging, but it’s simultaneously the only medicine that is going to actually induce any true healing, because sad but true: No one else is coming to save us, and showing up for ourselves is what helps us show up for each other. These aspects can see some positive advancements towards goals and initiatives that can increase security (financially, self worth, etc) for the longterm. These aspects can also indicate a sort of liberation from outmoded patterns or attachments that don’t serve us. It can be easier to remove the water wings/inflatable arm floaties, -basically anything that we’ve been attached to that’s only been providing a false sense of security, but is ultimately only functioning as an excuse, and holding us back, and keeping us playing small. 


Today begins with the Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces. This can see an impetus towards creative initiatives with a psychological and/or physical healing component. There is a lot of compassion and understanding, but there is also a practical bent. Actions can be taken that can be beneficial and there can be some sort of catharsis happening for people on some level as well. The Moon in Cancer goes on to oppose Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. There is a compassionate release and deep transformation to this math that portrays two distinct sides of a coin, and only you will know which side of this you fall on. For one, if you have been accustomed to certain others leaning heavily on you and relying heavily on you to carry them in some way, (emotionally, financially or otherwise, Venus and Pluto both cover a broad and deep spectrum of human experience)- you can be encouraging in them more self empowerment, self sufficiency, and refusing to enable them to continue to cheat themselves out of the beauty and power of their fullest self actualization, which in turn, will allow you the unfettered pursuit and natural born right of your own. This is a gentle, compassionate, and unconditionally loving release (Moon/Neptune). Conversely, if you have been relying heavily on another person to carry something for you that you know deep down, you can, and should, be carrying on your own, you can be beginning the necessary and deeply empowering journey of truly and deeply meeting yourself and uncovering inner strength, resources, unique gifts, talents, capabilities, and resilience that you didn’t even know you had in you, -because your reliance on another person out of a false sense of powerlessness, helplessness, victimhood, low self estimation, insufficiency, fear, or simply a desire to constantly distract yourself-from…yourself- kept you from realizing the full extent of your own awesome powers to mould and direct your life the way you truly want it to be. Congratulations. There are other nuances within the bandwidth of these aspects of course, and it could simply come down to your usual manner of coping with something is simply no longer producing any corn for you. This might feel difficult or challenging at first, there may be some cloying, resistance, or attachments to work through here, but it can also be sensed, if you pay close attention, that a breakthrough is nigh. Try not to struggle against the realization of your own awesomeness. Today can see the potential for some intense interpersonal interactions, but the lunar trine to Neptune suggests that much of these intense transformations is actually going on internally, quietly, reflectively, behind the scenes, or deep inside, as Neptune tends to keep people very much to themselves, and encourages introspection, release, and getting in touch with the unconscious and the intuitive and spiritual faculties. This week we see a Full Moon in Leo, which brings attention to the importance of strengthening the Solar Plexus chakra. We also see Mercury station retrograde in Aquarius as well this weekend, the effects of which can already be felt. This will provide an opportunity for reflection and revision, -of how we can all move forward in a more authentic and self empowering way. Those who have already been initiated into the works of self love, self confidence, self empowerment, authenticity and individuation, -can help to be a lantern that can (hopefully) lead others more deeply into their true selves and their highest callings. Shine on crazy diamonds.


Today begins with the Moon still in emotionally sensitive and security oriented Cancer, opposing Venus and Pluto in matter-of-fact Capricorn and trine Neptune in unconditionally loving Pisces. Could be kind of uncomfortable. It could be some challenges or blockages that facilitate compassion. It could also be that creating and maintaining certain boundaries and cultivating a sense of discipline, for our own and others best interests and security, can still be kind of a theme here. This can be something as basic as resolving to be more lovingly disciplined with ourselves in some way, such as wake up at a certain time everyday and exercise for the longterm benefits of doing so even though it’s more comfy in the short term not to. Or it can be more complex, such as releasing an attachment to a particular person, particular comforts, pattern of behavior, or romanticization of the past (Moon in Cancer trine Neptune), that you know is not emotionally or psychologically healthy for you to cling to, even though it’s become a sort of comfort zone. Whatever the case is for you, these aspects will create a push out of a comfort zone, and challenge us to step more fully into the Solar Plexus and embrace the blessing and responsibility that is our own awesome powers. We may have to be more self reliant in some way that is challenging, or more focused on maintaining security somehow. If you’ve already got some goals set for yourself that you’ve been feeling super passionate about, then this can also be about committing more fully to them and upping the ante in the face of obstacles, or at least preparing to, as we are entering a Mercury Rx which can slow things down. If you don’t have any clear or precise self directed goals yet, then you are probably still in the process of coming home to yourself, which is just as awesome.  With Venus in Capricorn about to perfect it’s conjunction with Pluto tomorrow, this energy isn’t fucking around, and there can be profound shifts interpersonally and/or financially or in regards to power, values or possessions that make an impact, or have a sort of finality, destiny, fate, or inevitability about them. People in stonks, investments, and crypto, take note of tomorrow- as well as Valentines day, when Mercury Rx will perfect a conjunction to Jupiter at 13 degrees, while also conjunct Venus. (Just throwing this out there folks, do what you will with it.) Today can have some emotionally climactic moments about it, as the Moon reaches 29 degrees of Cancer around 6 PM PST, while opposing Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius. In broad terms, this can see a doubling down on goals, with shifts of power, shifts of alliances, -and/or the moving of money, finances, time, energy, and investments, emotional/financial/energetic or otherwise- into a new, experimental direction. For some this can see changes in image, style, aesthetics, or how people present or share themselves to the world, like an overhaul of PR or something (Venus). For others, this is more complicated,  depending on where you're at, but could be dramatically impacting everyday comforts/security, (moon in Cancer), long-term stability, up levelling and power moves, (Venus/Pluto in Cap), and the future direction of social support network s/groups/friendships/alliances/goals and visions of the future (Jupiter/Saturn/Sun in Aquarius.) It could be a bit of a bumpy ride, but not terrible. A lot of transition though Regardless of whatever is transforming and shifting in your world right now, Mercury will backtrack this weekend to ensure ample time to go over the details and learn whatever we can about this new direction or endeavor, as whatever it is, it’s pushing us beyond whatever we’ve grown comfortable with in the past and into new and experimental territory. The Moon enters theatrical, playful, but dramatic Leo at 6:54 PM PST this evening, to oppose the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, while forming an encouraging trine to healing Chiron in Aries. Even though Mercury is going retrograde this weekend, there is no more going backwards. This energy is decidedly future oriented. If there is any going backwards, it’s to revisit or reconsider something or someone dropped, shelved, stalemated, or never fully considered, nurtured, or investigated fully, that represents a path that has never been trodden. 


Today see’s the Full Moon in charismatic Leo, and everything about it is “so fucking future.”  The Full Moon is exact at 11:16 AM PST. Venus and Pluto make an exact conjunction today in Capricorn, so there’s an element of serious ambition, transformation, metamorphosis, permanent change, or finality to this energy. All or nothing. This aspect ain't playin and Venus is sick of the games. The Sun and Jupiter also reach an exact conjunction, at 9 degrees Aquarius, and there can be a lot of optimism about the future, new alliances, friendships, goals, it can be a very expansive and inspiring energy, and there can be some very fortunate encounters that are mutually beneficial. A sense of solidarity, community, brotherhood, sisterhood. The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in liberating and weird Aquarius, while squaring Mars and Uranus in earthy Taurus, and forming a trine to Chiron and Juno. This is some pretty radical energy, and with both the full Moon in Leo and the Sun in futuristic, and humanitarian liberationist Aquarius squaring up to Mars and Uranus, it’s like…anything can happen. It’s a restless, creative, rebellious, fun seeking, action packed energy, and there can be encouraging trends to release whatever inhibitions, situations, patterns, or circumstances that have been keeping us from truly stepping more fully into our own unique destinies. There’s an element of playful shit stirring to these aspects as well, but it appears to be ultimately beneficial. A fresh energy has been trying to come through for a while now. Full Moon’s are about endings, the completion of a cycle, so that a new one can begin in earnest. A new tack is definitely being taken here, and there can be something enlivening and rejuvenating and freeing about what’s unfolding. With the Lunar trine to Chiron and Juno, we can feel emotionally supported from unusual corners, perhaps a new set of friends, or just a sense of solidarity and community can be emerging. Old, outworn attachments, alliances, or simply patterns of behavior or approaches that served a purpose at one point but have outworn their usefulness are being left behind and a new, fresh energy is being let in. Doors are being closed on a particular era and opened on a new one, and the energy is palpable. Around 5 PM PST, the lunar opposition to Saturn relents, and this can see it easier to let our hair down and give in more fully to a sense of excitement and possibility, and release worries or doubts, or simply the effects of the weekly grind. There can be some internal conflict to navigate or some conflicts of interests with others to mitigate. It’s possible that our own personal goals, interests or needs of the moment can clash slightly with those of a group or friendships, or our own desire to explore our interactions with others or engage in the wider community or with new friendships in some way. Things will find their groove, there’s no reason to rush, but there may be a lot of excitement, or some impatience or pressure to perform or show up to contend with, either internally or externally generated. It’s a full Moon though, so… easy tiger. What’s important is that intention and fresh and dynamic energy is set into motion. We may be wanting to push ourselves to do and be a lot right now, and there can be a strong desire to play and explore. It’s also important to recognize the needs of the body, which the Virgo lunation this weekend will help to remind us of. 



Friday see’s the Moon in playful and competitive Leo in opposition to Mercury in Aquarius. There’s excitement but also some indecisiveness to this energy and we may feel pulled in several different directions at once like a kid at an amusement park. When in doubt, slow down and tune into the signals the body is sending. With the Sun squaring Mars and Uranus there’s a lot of dynamic change coming in all at once and it can be easy to let what was a focused and consistent effort towards constructive changes at a sustainable pace become a frantic and scattered drive that spreads your energy way too thin because you get way too excited about all the other exciting possibilities around you and lose touch with your primary modus operandi. The exciting possibilities will still be there after you’ve adapted to and acclimatized yourself to the pace of all the major inner and outer changes you’re manifesting. Don’t drop your own ball on yourself. This full Moon’s primary message was one of self empowerment, so if you feel scattered today and undecided how to handle all the incoming stimuli, fresh energy and changes unfolding, breath into your Solar Plexus chakra and focus on strengthening your center of power. 

Saturday the 30th see’s the Moon enter grounded and earthy Virgo at witching hour, (midnight) PST, to trine Uranus in Taurus.  This will help assimilate all of this fresh energy, new stimuli, and new possibilities and break everything down into smaller chunks that are more easily managed and metabolized. There’s been a lot to take in these past several weeks, and it’s going to help to get organized, adapted, settled in to a workable and sustainable groove. Mercury stations retrograde this morning at 7:52 AM PST, at 26 degrees Aquarius. This retrograde journey will help us refocus on our original intent and get settled in with it before we jet off into a tailspin around all the new, fun and exciting things we can get ourselves into or friendships we could explore. It will conjoin Jupiter and Saturn once again, which will help to plot out a wise and reasoned expansion. When you set a longterm goal that requires daily/weekly/monthly consistency for instance, it actually helps to “underachieve” at first, as opposed to overshoot the mark, so as not to overwhelm yourself by setting a pace or productivity level that is unsustainable and makes you drop too many balls, self sabotage, and give up entirely. The Moon in Virgo trines both Mars and Uranus which can see Saturday be surprisingly productive. There can be a drive here to get organized and we can be excited around setting new, exciting or experimental routines or rituals into place that can be realistically maintained, and slowly increased over time at a manageable and comfortable pace. This energy is about finding a groove with something new, and organizing everything else extraneous to that  (like leisure, social life, etc) around whatever that is, once that new thing, or new level of achievement with that thing is mastered. Examples are numerous, like, going from mastering trading Stonks to slowly integrating Crypto or something. Or slowly going from mastering yoga over time through daily practice, to teaching it. Some people are adjusting to mastering parenthood. Whatever it is for you personally, there’s some goal that has become the mainframe/motherboard in your life and it’s taking you into new, experimental territory, and you’re integrating everything else around that, and even everything else that is orbiting around that is new, exciting, changing and expanding. Evening see’s the Moon oppose Neptune, which can see the evening wind down in a creative, mellow, somewhat loopy or dizzy way.

Sun the 31st see’s the Moon in Virgo form some nice trines to both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, while opposing Neptune, which overall, can make for some pleasant experiences, even if there’s a bit of confusion, wistfulness or longing going on, there’s a nice energy for tending to the needs of the body and spirit. We can be drawn to unusual pastimes or people, with a creative or spiritual dimension, and there can be some opportunities for some pleasant exchanges with others. There can be a certain “intention setting” and preparation to these configurations, and Monday of next week can begin on a socially or interpersonally focused note that can see people wanting to mingle, gather, commune, and exchange ideas and pleasantries with others or even make new friends and connections.


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