The Moon enters partnership and collaboration oriented Libra this morning, as Venus, planet of love and money, enters unconventional and humanitarian Aquarius. Here, Venus prioritizes friendship, independence, individuation, and a shared vision of the future, and she is more inclined to be friendly and perhaps a bit emotionally detached, and more inclined to focus on the future possibilities than she is to cling to the past, appeal to authority, or the status quo. This particular Venus cycle can see some very interesting and beneficial alliances forming, and we can reap unique benefits through immersing ourselves into community somehow, whether that be some type of fringe community, social networks, friendships, groups with shared goals, likeminded weirdos and the like. Whatever is unique, experimental, and “out there” can hold appeal and potentially offer up surprising benefits. The Moon conjoins the Part Of Fortune this morning as well as forming fortuitous trines to the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius-but opposing Chiron in Aries. These are some very good trends, but perhaps there’s an element of vulnerability and risk that accompanies the somewhat unpredictable quality of particular blessings, associations, or moves that are outside of our usual terrain or patterns. With Mercury now backtracking through Aquarius, it’s slightly weaker than normal, and with Mars in Taurus still squaring up to Jupiter while conjunct Uranus, it will serve everyone well not to make gross overestimations, -or get too cocky. Conversely, same drug, different arm, don’t stand in your own way or be too stubborn or bullheaded or set in your own ways to take advantage of the unique, (if rather unconventional or highly unusual) opportunities these configurations can (and will) offer up. Today’s configurations can see a lot of generosity and solidarity, and it seems like many are focused on catching their footing (Moon trine Saturn). A lunar quincunx to Uranus can see some impulsivity and excitability, and there can be a need to make some adjustments to adapt to the new trends unfolding. Lunar/Chiron configuration can see a sensitive atmosphere, and there can be some highly unusual situations or circumstances that are keeping people on their toes, but also a greater concern for and sensitivity towards the welfare of others. There’s a vulnerability here, sure, but there are enough positive trends in these configurations to counterbalance this. A lunar sesquisquare to Mercury (now retrograde) can emphasize importance of counting to 10 before jumping the gun or making reactionary moves or statements, particularly if you notice the feelings are very involved or provoked by something. For the most part, today can see some really good vibes, and there can be a lot of optimism around the future, and the new and strange possibilities opening up. A lot of solidarity and good will can be in the atmosphere,-along with an air of “experimentation”- and it can feel like there is a lot to look forward to, as new initiatives or endeavors are getting off the ground that can shift the direction of things significantly. There is a “liberating” quality to these configurations. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Libra trine the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. The Sun also conjoins Mercury and Jupiter, and Venus conjoins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as well. In spite of some heavier influences, we can be feeling optimistic around partnerships, collaborations, relationships, friendships, goals, finances, and visions of the future, as if our world is figuratively and literally expanding. A favorable shift in power and a trend towards the greater good and justice can be felt here. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury and it’s possible we could hear from someone or give or receive some good news, deals, or offers, perhaps unexpectedly. This can be something perhaps laid on the table previously being brought up or examined more seriously once again. This can see a lot of focus on communications, and even trade and commerce is highlighted here. The Moon throws in a square to Pluto on top of this, so this adds a layer of intensity, power, or clout, to whatever this is. Secrets can come to light or things that have been submerged can see the light of day. There may be a need to retreat a bit to form a plan/approach/or strategy to whatever is being brought up or unfolding here, as there may be a lot to consider. The lunar square to Pluto basically throws shade on the otherwise easygoing and humanitarian configurations and just intensifies the atmosphere. There can be a focus on righting wrongs. There could also be some obsessiveness or compulsiveness, hype, fear, etc. These configurations can also highlight secret, backdoor deals or insider info, exposures, or there can be something “taboo” (or even occult?) ..or perhaps dark, even macabre, to whatever is being discussed, thought about, revealed, or considered here. Pluto brings a sort of freaky heaviness to the table, and in it’s classic “Hades” fashion, it wants what it wants and will negotiate (or in some cases, manipulate) in order to get it, or simply just not back down, doubling down instead of buckling. This isn’t all terrible, it just illustrates the *potential* for some heavy handedness, power plays, (bribery? Pushiness? One track, do or die thinking? Desperation?) possibly on the part of people in more powerful or less vulnerable positions than certain others. However these configurations manifest, Pluto brings a heavy breathing intensity to the table that strikes a hard bargain that could be difficult to refute, as it's an uncompromising planet. Late evening see’s the Moon in late Libra also begin to build a square to Venus, freshly in Aquarius. Combined with the other aspects, (not to mention Saturn/Uranus) this can see some waffling back and forth or perhaps just a bit of a difficulty navigating either our own or others powerful instincts, drives, emotions, instability, etc. These aspects could see some sort of deals trying to go down and if this is the case, it appears one party has more clout, power, certainty, or experience than another, or in the very least, there is some sort of power dynamic involved here that can perhaps overwhelm the less prepared or less experienced party.  There is a sort of “let’s make a deal” quality to these aspects, and there can be shadiness being exposed. On a purely individual note, these configurations have a sort of “Nancy Drew” investigative quality, that can be excellent for research or diving in deeper around something that really intrigues us. Moon/Mercury/Pluto has a somewhat obsessive and tunnel vision quality to it that really cuts to the essence of things, and provides a laser focus that can see people unusually preoccupied with something at the exclusion of all else, watching something or someone like a fucking hawk.  With the Moon about to enter Scorpio tomorrow, it could be that some tempting offers or deals are thrown on the table that open up a sort of pandoras box. As generic as this is, I would just advise anyone to be careful what you sign or agree to under a Mercury retrograde, as it’s typically a better time for reviewing/revisioning/reconsidering/reworking ..etc.. the things you’ve already got going on. As for stonks and crympto go, keep your eye’s on tomorrow, as there could be some shifts to navigate, mitigate, or take into consideration. It's an atmosphere of extremes.


This morning see’s the Moon enter intense, sensitive, and instinctual Scorpio at 6:15 AM PST. This places the Moon in square to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and in opposition to both Mars and Uranus in Taurus today. There is a decided restlessness to these configurations, and perhaps a bit of uneasiness as we wrestle with conflicting feelings. These configurations have an unpredictable quality that can see people feeling somewhat out of sorts, and liable to extreme bandwidths. Letting off some steam through grounding physical activities can be of help here. The lunar square to Saturn can create some blockades but also present opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade so to speak. With so many squares in todays math this can be a somewhat “action packed day” that keeps us on our toes, or if your in the stonk and crympto markets, on the edge of your seats. It might be wise for people to think before they act on their feelings today, as the feelings can be rather unstable under the Scorpio lunation. It’s also possible that there’s an element of extreme hype with no substance, or fear mongering going on, so taking care to focus on that which is in your control, and keep in mind that the intensity of the Scorpio lunation will pass. There is a grit and determination to these aspects and there is a lot that is unconventional about it. With Moon/Uranus opposition, there can be some shocks and surprises today that seem larger than life, or in the very least, something can be blown way out of proportion. Take care to respond as opposed to react. In some cases it could be someone somewhere is trying to goad you into a particular over the top reaction (or investment) and this could play right into their hands. It can feel somewhat difficult to relax under these influences, perhaps there is some frustrations to grapple with for some, so maybe roll up an extra blunt or 12 to have handy, or double down on whatever relaxation technique you typically rely on. This energy can be great if channeled into productivity, and can even assist us in achieving new levels. Regardless of any sort of unsettling or destabilizing vibes that may accompany some of these aspects, the overall trends look promising. With both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius in sextile to Chiron in Aries, carefully calculated risks can pay off, and there is more courage available to embrace our own uniqueness as well as to venture into unique territory and experiment a bit with different or unorthodox approaches. There can be optimism around new social networks, friendships, alliances, futuristic trends, or ideas that are ahead of their time, or that have been sorely underestimated in the past. If these aspects do happen to get you worked up (hyphy) or even fearful (which, the potential for fear mongering and/or hype is there, but not a given), take heart that things will lighten up soon and this too shall pass. 


Today see’s the Moon in brooding Scorpio squaring up to the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius, opposing Mars in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces. There can be some very good hunches and intuitive nudges under these aspects, and the instinctual and intuitive capacities can be pretty strong. There can also be a lot of indecision and instability as well.  Conversely, these aspects can also err on the side of over idealization, as Scorpio tends towards extremes, and Jupiter, excess, and boundless optimism. However, maybe there is something to be feeling pretty damn good about here, and perhaps it can also be a case of the power of positive thinking.  There can be an emphasis on healing.  Today can be good for engaging the reflective and intuitive capacities, as there may still be some inner conflicts to grapple with here. We are in a Mercury Rx, so it’s a good idea to slow down and reflect, and take time over decisions, even if there is a sort of false sense of urgency spurring us on towards radical change. The lunar/Neptune trine can be a nice, soothing balm that helps to calm the beast within and release control over anything that falls outside of our locus of control. It can also see a lot of compassion as well, and even an increase of interest in the occult or spiritual matters, or bringing healing to people who have been harmed. Later, the Moon forms a sextile to Pluto which can see the mind drift to deeper places and conversations as well can veer into more esoteric or “taboo” topics. The lunar square to Mercury all day can see the mind very inquisitive, and the trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto can see a desire to delve deeper into whatever mysteries have piqued our curiosity. But these configurations aren’t exactly a fan of making small talk or talking about the weather, they favor a deeper and more substantive or even mystical fare. This can produce some deep insights, even while on our own, in solitude, and we can be more receptive to subtlety. Great configurations for artists, musicians, or people interested in esoteric matters. The lunar sextile to Pluto can give the emotions great power, and produce some impactful experiences. The Moon will shift into optimistic Sagittarius tomorrow, getting the weekend off to a pleasing, and more sociable start.



Friday see’s the Moon enter happy go lucky Sagittarius around 9:16 AM PST. Here, the Moon first forms a trine to Chiron in Aries, which can see a boost in confidence, courage, optimism and self belief that perhaps comes as a relief after the minor turbulence, real or perceived challenges, vulnerability, and instability offered up by the intense  Scorpio lunation. Next, the Moon forms a friendly sextile to both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius. This is both comforting, enlivening, and stabilizing. It’s as if things are falling into a sort of reliable groove, or we’ve reached a “home safe” kind of milestone that also represents something entirely new for us. I almost hear an audible sigh of relief when I look at these aspects, like “Whew. We did it.” Almost like climbing up to a new level in something. There can be something about this that is like a sort of "cosmic justice". There’s a pleasant sociability to these aspects, and the lunar trine to Chiron also brings opportunities to have healing exchanges with others. There’s a lot of good vibes contained in these configurations, and in some ways there can be a sense of being vindicated somehow. The Moon is also conjunct Juno as well, so we can feel very supported and there is a lot of good will between ourselves and others. Late night throws in the lunar sextile to Jupiter, so the positive vibes and good will only grow and increase in magnitude. Perhaps there’s even something to celebrate? These aspects bode well for money, investments, stonks/crympto, as well as relationships, friendships and the social life, -as long as people don’t get too far ahead of themselves. Saturday morning see’s the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextile indulgent Jupiter and square sensitive, empathic, but delusional Neptune. The Moon swaps the Jupiter sextile for a sextile with the Sun midmorning, and adds in a sextile to Mercury Rx as the day wears on. Altogether, this can make for some heightened feelings, and place emphasis on communications, goals, social networks, and friendships. The lunar/Neptune square can create a lot of confusion, but can also disinhibit people, perhaps to a point of oversharing and feeling out on a limb afterwards. Saturday looks good for chillaxing and good times, but not so great for making any sort of decisions that might require a more sober view of things, as it’s a little drunk at the wheel. Sunday see’s the Moon enter stoic and reserved Capricorn at 12:52 PM PST, where it will square Chiron, which can perhaps see a bit of vulnerability. Simultaneously, the Moon in Cap trines Uranus in Taurus, which almost adds a sly grin of “yea I said that/did that.” Or “Yea I’m actually doing this. So what?” It’s a weird admixture of vulnerability and completely unashamed authenticity that has an oddly liberating nature to it. Sunday can see a focus on new and exciting activities, approaches, initiatives, plans, and calculated risks, and a momentum can be building around this somehow that will begin next week in an action oriented and ambitious frame that has a quiet determination about it. A slow and determined effort towards making radical shifts.


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