Astrology For The Week Of March 9-15 2020.

We begin the week with a Full Moon in Virgo, exact at 10:48 AM PST. Mercury will also station direct this evening at 8:49 PM PST. This Full Moon is most excellent, and very difficult to fuck up. With lunar trines to Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, this math is money AF, things are starting to really fall into place, and you would really have to go out of your way to think yourself into having a bad time and forcibly limit and block out all of the good trying to happen. With the Moon opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, it’s possible to do exactly that, the potential to become anxious or fearful over unknowns is there. This can be averted by just staying lifted, and remembering that all we’ve really got are moments. Be grateful for the moments, and just do what’s in your power to appreciate and improve upon the moments. This aside, this is some very physical, earthy, sensual math that can be really energizing, grounding, and motivating, putting us very much in the body. It’s like a really high quality, organic, fair trade, light roast espresso paired with a blunt rolled around the finest of trees. Quality. There’s a quiet intensity to these configurations also, that suggests that something is, in fact, on the slow burn. Progress won’t be instant, but will be a product of steady vision, patience, daily habits, routines, rituals, and repetition. Laying down new patterns and routines, releasing old chapters, and opening up to new possibilities are key themes of this full moon. With Mercury stationing direct tonight in Aquarius, this week will see things finally begin to gain traction, things can finally begin to slowly progress where they may have been stalled, muddled, or delayed. Give it time. With so many planets in Earth, and Mercury needing to get back up to speed, progress will be slow, but deep.

Today see’s the Moon in Libra, placing an emphasis on interactions with others. This places the Moon in opposition to Chiron, and forming an out of sign trine to Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn. It’s possible there’s some sensitivity between others that might revolve around a misunderstanding, and/or feeling misunderstood. It could be that an issue of pacing or boundaries needs understanding, clarification or negotiation, and with the Moon in the sign of diplomacy opposing Chiron, we may need to have confidence in our ability to harmonize differing perspectives in order to create understanding, stability, integrity, agreement, and congruency going forward. Over the next few days, the interpersonal landscape can be vivid, clarifying, and perhaps, sobering, as the partnership oriented Libra lunation forms contacts to the planets in “just the facts please”, physical, realist Capricorn. With Pluto now conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and Venus conjunct Uranus, some powerful interpersonal turning points are imminent in regards to relationships of all kinds, business and personal. This takes negotiation, mutual respect, and harmonization. 

Today see’s the Libra Moon trine Mercury, (now direct,) in Aquarius, while squaring Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This is a highly charged energy, and there can be a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and intensity behind any agreements forged today, or communications in general can really make an impact or arouse a whole lot of feelings. Perhaps we are enlightened around something that was previously unknown or unclear to us. Perhaps something turns out to be better than we had feared. There can be some frustrations present as well, but there is definitely a “catalyzing” energy to these configurations. Hot damn. It doesn’t look too bad actually, this math could actually see some really good stuff happening for people, and it could all be pretty surprising or unexpected. Whoa now. This math is getting pretty intense.

Today see’s the Moon in intense and instinctual Scorpio opposing Venus and Uranus in physical, sensual Taurus. DAMN. This is some serious freak math right here. Shits ‘bout to get weird this weekend, no doubt. There’s definitely bound to be a lot of surprises in store. Regardless of what’s going down, things look optimistic, with the Sun sextile Jupiter and Pluto. These are risk taking configurations. If you play your cards carefully, you’ll be happy where they land. The Scorpio lunation is an intense, if rather private one, but with the link up’s to Venus and Uranus, it can see pleasure seeking in unusual ways either alone, or with close, entrusted others. There’s a definite “letting the hair down” vibe here though that can see people more in touch with their instinctual, animal natures, and there can be restlessness or a wrestling with intense, conflicting feelings or urges, and emotions can be changeable. This can make social interactions potentially awkward or uncomfortable if you’re unsure how to handle your own or other peoples desires, feelings, urges, instinctual compulsions, or just sheer animalism. It could just be a whole lot of surprising feelings that have arisen that could require some reflection or privacy, or just the close confidence of a trusted person in order to assimilate and adjust. There could also be a need to set firmer boundaries. It’s definitely not a boring energy, but the planets in Earth signs also emphasize staying grounded, sensible, practical, stable. Not letting any of the interpersonal fluctuations and shifts knock you off balance. Late this evening the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, creating the perfect atmosphere for reflection, and kicking the weekend off on an idyllic, inspired, if poetic note.


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio trine the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces, and sextile Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. It also goes on to square Mercury in Aquarius. What a “T.G.I.F” geometrical signature this shit is though. This is a dank looking energy, I don’t like to hype stuff up too much, but this looks somewhat serendipitous and magical, poetic even. Almost as if life suddenly becomes a dope independent film with a really good soundtrack. It’s like reality is suddenly preferable to fantasy, because it’s real, or we suddenly notice all the potential in what’s actually real, and what’s actually possible, -and what a fantasy our reality actually is. With the lunar square to Mercury, we may have to overcome some inner resistances or conflict between the mind and the feelings, or limiting ourselves by sticking in a comfort zone or valuing perceived safety over growth, because the potential available within new possibilities is significant, life changing, life affirming, and life enhancing. These are some deep, tectonic shifts going down, and there’s sign posts and synchronicities woven throughout it all that seem to act as guideposts, as long as we’re open, humble, and cognitively receptive to the language of soul. 

Today see’s the Moon in optimistic, broad thinking Sagittarius, squaring Mercury in Aquarius the first part of the day, and trine to Chiron throughout the day. This lunation assists in absolving any cognitive dissonance or resistance by enlarging our scope of vision, making peace with the instincts and intuitive hunches. This has the fortunate impact of increasing courage and confidence levels and widening our horizons. Perhaps surrendering to certain instincts under the Scorpio lunation have bolstered and affirmed our position on things, or lended some sort of confidence or optimism. This lunation could see us more adventurous and less constrained or emotionally inhibited, and also more open to learning or trying new things. It can be healing to do so. Opening our minds and worlds a bit can let in a lot of warmth, color, inspiration, and positivity, even if nothing makes complete and total sense yet. It’s like learning a completely new language, it takes time to form substantial, understandable sentences. This lunation can see us open ourselves up to new things, and eager to soak up knowledge, wisdom and culture, broadening our emotional bandwidth through study, higher learning, travel, or people that are just…really...different to us, in age, wisdom, experience, culture, beliefs, or occupation. It’s possible that whatever we soak up now can help us feel more confident in ourselves, and offer healing. 

Today see’s the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius squaring the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Our emotional antenna can be heightened and it can feel like we’re tuned into some new frequency, but we can also feel on shaky or uncertain ground. There can be a longing present as well, perhaps certain needs or desires we feel we have to relinquish for the time being. There can be some confusion present, swings of mood from fear to faith, and it can be difficult to express your true feelings around something with the Moon in contact to evasive Neptune and the Sun in elusive, slippery Pisces. It’s almost as if you even expressed them, they’d merely be going into a void or directly into a woodchipper anyhow. Conversely, there's also a lot of compassion, selflessness, and humanity, empathy and understanding in the atmosphere. People helping people for the sake of helping people. An uncomplicated, basic generosity of spirit, even in the absence of any personal gain or reward. If you do feel a twinge of loneliness or going without,- again, it comes down to “Ye Olde Faithful *Internal* Locus Of Control.” Releasing. Letting go. Non attachment. Producing your own joy.  All that jazz. Y’all probably think I type this shit out like it’s easy for me to do. The shit ‘aint easy, it takes practice. Transmutation. Alchemy. Just ask any voluntary celibate or practitioner of Tantra. The struggle is real fam, I gotchu. I feel you.  Regardless of the need  to redundantly hammer home the internal locus of control once again to induce eye rolls or mild nausea, this math is awesome for music, the arts, inspiration, and great fodder for creativity, as well as just really laid back, chill, and meditative in nature. Awesome for spiritual study and pursuits as well. It’s an all around kind of hazy, dreamy mathscape that’s suitable for a stereotypical Sunday. A pajamas, messy hair, instrument strumming, blunt smoking, philosophical freestyle kind of mood that can actually be really good surf. We may be releasing or saying goodbye to certain chapters, or may have to relinquish something in order to gain something else, but the end of March will begin to show tangible evidence of why this sacrifice or trade off is actually good medicine.  Monday, things take a turn for the serious, the surprising, and the whimsical, and things can begin to take off in an entirely new, pleasant and exciting direction. The end of March will be a very powerful time, with some significant shifts and strides, forward and upward.


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