Astrology For The Week Of March 2-8 2020.

Monday see’s the Moon in anxious, curious, and multitasking Gemini squaring the Sun and Neptune in dreamy, reflective, and passive Pisces. This can see the day rife with distractions, and it can be difficult to concentrate. With the Sun in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn, we can definitely feel an idealistic determination and drive around something, but the key lies in grounding and centering, in order to actualize it. Venus in the final degrees of Aries, squaring up to Saturn, and getting ready to move into Taurus to conjunct unconventional, liberating, and surprising Uranus on Wednesday, (the same day Mercury backs up into unconventional, Uranus ruled Aquarius) -can see a vibe of restlessness, impatience, frustration, and growing excitement. It’s as if something new and exciting is about to happen that shakes things up or functions as some kind of catalyst for change. Change is definitely coming, but we may need to hold our breath and grit our teeth a bit until at least the weekend to see tangible evidence and taste the shift, as Saturn is really slowing things down and creating delays, so don’t give up or “quit right before the miracle”, as they say.  Towards evening, Mercury makes a sextile to Venus, suggesting we may begin a process of picking something up where it was left off, interpersonally, socially, or otherwise. This can see news, communications, or new information revealed or exchanged that can give us something to look forward to. Due to the emphasis on Uranus, this week can see everyone begin a process of stepping more fully into themselves, and there will be those who will have to adapt and accept these changes. In spite of how it may seem right now, things are actually on the up and up, and just require some patience to find their groove. Have faith.

Tuesday begins with the Moon in Gemini trine Mercury Rx, which reaches zero degrees Pisces. The lunar square to Neptune as well can see confusion, wistfulness, longing, and increased sensitivity, and we can be very impressionable to whatever we see or hear. Communications of all kinds are highlighted, and the imagination can be very stimulated. The mind and the feelings can be more in synch as well, but Neptune’s fog can cause us to have doubts. Trust in the process, and try not to fret about how long it’s all taking. Venus, nearing the end of Aries, forms an out of sign conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, and this could see us growing impatient for something we can touch, feel, and taste. Something tangible. We want to see it to believe it. Maybe we need to work on actually believing in it first. That’s how things manifest. The afternoon see’s the Moon sextile Venus and square Chiron, and this can see some really pleasant interchanges take place, some news or communications can stoke our enthusiasm, while also making us aware of where we need to develop our strength and courage. Something entirely new is on it’s way to us or through us, and we might be aware of small or large ways that we aren’t even prepared for it yet. These configurations also suggest something needs to dissolve, be fully released, or let go of in order to begin something else or devote ourselves more earnestly in a particular direction, as you simply can’t be in two camps at once, or have your fingers in all of the pies forever. It’s disorienting and yields little returns. Basically, you have to pick one direction, stand with it, and be willing to take an L. For some, this can create a feeling of sacrifice, or play upon peoples sympathies, insecurities, or martyr complexes. With Uranus involved, listening to and honoring your own actual feels is imperative. 
Evening time, the Moon shifts into emo Cancer, trine Mercury in Pisces, and sextile Venus and Uranus. Both Mercury and Venus are in critical, “fated” degrees. This can see some powerful inward turning points and interpersonal shifts begin to unfold. With the Moon also squaring Chiron, we can be in a process of becoming more clear about our feelings, but much is simply an issue of confidence, courage, and timing. These maths actually look largely pleasant and easy going, in spite of the tensions present, it’s possible to feel that some positive changes are unfolding, but there’s a need to curb impatience or otherwise crotchety feels under the Cancer lunation. 

We begin today with the Moon in Cancer, trine Mercury, and sextile Uranus, square Chiron, and opposite Mars. This can see a highly sensitive atmosphere, and feelings can be somewhat all over the Map. There can be sensitivity and vulnerability around communications. Mercury backtracks into detached, erratic Aquarius today, and Venus will shift into sensual and physical Taurus this evening, at 7:07 PM PST. With the Moon trine the Sun, but squaring Chiron and opposing Mars, it’s possible that people could be sitting on a lot of feelings, that could feel somewhat frustrated, delayed, or otherwise circumstantially blocked, and these configurations can create a somewhat hypersensitive atmosphere. Fortunately, the square to Chiron ebbs off as we get into the afternoon, which makes for a less “crotchety”atmosphere, but there could still be a bit of defensiveness or emotional blockages, emotional frustrations, or slight grouchiness. Midweek looks to be the most uncomfortable math wise due to the Moon/Mars/Saturn/Pluto oppositions, but this passes rather quickly. Early evening see’s the Moon trine Neptune and oppose Jupiter, so it’s possible people will seek to escape any passing frustrations, impatience, or uncomfortable emotions through seeking relaxation, a pleasant pastime, fantasizing about possible futures, or just something pleasant that passes the time. Visualization and inner preparation for the way you would like to see things evolve in your life would be an excellent use of these configurations. Venus has been squaring up to Saturn, which has been felt as a somewhat frustrating and delaying influence for people, particularly interpersonally. So this shift of Venus and the conjunction to Uranus, trine to Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter this will bring into play as the weeks unfold, will be a much welcome reprieve. Anyway, the evening hours of Wed can see people geared towards emotional escape and self soothing, as the Moon/Mars opposition seeks to let off steam in constructive ways. With Venus conjoining Uranus, this could be felt as a sort of interpersonal circus, as new contacts circle into peoples lives, and new waves of impulse are felt. It’s an “anything can happen” type of vibe that certainly won’t be boring. Far from it. Things actually look set to become pretty exciting. These configurations also place an emphasis on people simply becoming more fully themselves, and it’s rather uncompromising. These maths will emphasize the importance of alliances that don’t confine, control, inhibit, or seek to discourage your personal development or fullest, most authentic expression of who you are. It’s a rather liberating influence that will function almost like a steamroller that say’s “MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY” to anyone seen to be interfering or is just not in alignment with whatever it’s trying to do.  Venus conjunct Uranus does what it wants, when it wants, and will stubbornly resist being told what to do, confined, or put in a box. This is some potent energy that could see some unusual alliances or interpersonal contacts/situations unfolding, for some, quite out of the blue. For others, these energies have been gaining momentum and traction for quite some time, and it will only seem out of the blue to outside observers, if there even are any.

This morning begins with the Moon in Cancer opposing Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, and trine the Sun and Neptune. The afternoon throws in lunar squares to Venus and Uranus. So things can feel somewhat unsettled, stir crazy, and the pressure is on, but simultaneously, things may feel blocked, delayed, or frustrated somehow, with the only outlet being Neptune, which is really just releasing things over to the fates, timing, and just waiting things out. But it's also about faith, and belief. Detaching from outcomes and cultivating a strong internal locus of control is really important here. As is patience, and the faith and belief that what’s meant for you will come, as the lunar/Uranus/Venus square can create some restlessness and stir craziness for people, particularly around relationships and interpersonal contacts. There's a growing craving for change and excitement here. It's on the way, guaranteed. In the meantime, the stronger your inner locus of control is, the easier and less unsettling these particular configurations will be, as much is simply a matter of timing with both Venus and Mars now in slow moving earth signs. The Venus/Uranus conjunction promises change, excitement, and breaks from whatever the norm has been. The Moon will move into Leo tomorrow to trine Chiron, so this should help lend people more courage and confidence, and catch up to speed. Trust and believe that you're deserving of good things, and that you deserve what you really want.


Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic, theatrical Leo, trine Chiron in Aries, and square Venus and Uranus in Taurus. The Sun also sextile Jupiter today, and this can lend quiet optimism around taking calculated risks. The Leo lunation emphasizes the desire for more confidence, courage, and fun. With the Moon squaring Venus and Uranus, this can see people in unusual frame, and wanting to make some magic happen. Indeed, there can even be some interesting serendipities or synchronicities this weekend. There may be a desire to shake things up, take interpersonal risks, or generally stir the soup, add spices, and make it taste better. This can see some interpersonal shifts, some of which were actually quite unexpected, but they look set to bolster confidence, courage, and optimism somehow. Regardless, nothing will be instant, but it looks like some positive trends are unfolding, and people are slowly but surely breaking free from self imposed constrictions, limitations, and inhibitions. The end of March is definitely set to be pretty interesting and exciting.

Today see’s the Moon in Leo oppose Mercury Rx in Aquarius. This can see a somewhat indecisive energy. It’s possible that there’s just been so many variables brought into an equation and so many things to get excited about that it’s given us a lot to think about and mentally/emotionally digest. It’s important to be discriminating as opposed to merely reactionary towards new information or communications we receive now, as Mercury is set to station direct soon, and it will take a while for the dust to settle. Later on, the Moon in late Leo builds a pleasant, out of sign trine to both Venus and Uranus, and this can see excitement levels build, and a feeling of there being “everything to play for.” Even though it could take a bit for everything to make complete sense, and the Piscean/Neptune influences can make energy lag a bit, these are some encouraging aspects that can motivate people towards positive change, -for the sheer sake of positive change. The Full Moon in Virgo coming up on Monday focuses on health, diet, and routine, and brings attention to the small details of life, and anything that we need to improve upon. There will be plenty of motivation available to make positive breakthroughs and set up new, life enhancing personal patterns that transform our lives for the better. It’s like a deep clean.

Today see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo. This lunation is a powerful, “GET IT TOGETHER” vibe. With the Moon trine Mars, Venus, and Uranus today, we can feel pleasantly motivated to literally and metaphorically “clean house”, and initiate some radical reforms to really get ourselves and our lives functioning at optimus prime. It’s possible something or someone has lit a fire under our butthole, and today can see some pleasant and surprising developments interpersonally that are really motivating and inspiring. With the Moon opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces of course, there could still be a lot of unknowns, and we will have to adapt to some shifts and catch up to speed, but regardless, this lunation looks set to be *extremely* motivating somehow. That’s the main word that comes to mind when I see this math, just…major motivation towards self improvement and enhancing joy and pleasure in life. It could take people a bit to get their bearings, but the impetus to really get serious about making improvements or long over due positive changes, is definitely there. Interpersonally, these configurations look promising as well, and people can be really motivated to want to bring their best selves to their interactions, -because they also *want* the best for themselves. Impetus and drive towards joy is high while Venus rolls through Taurus.

Thanks for reading! Stay curious fam, I’ll see you next Monday.


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