Astrology For The Week Of Feb 24-March 1 2020

Monday begins on the heels of the New Moon in Pisces, with the Moon still conjunct Neptune and sextile Jupiter. With Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun in Pisces, certain things are in a process of illumination and light is shone on that which needs to be released over to the fates, transformed, or reformed. It’s that Serenity Prayer steeze. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. The stellium in Capricorn is really something to be grateful for in many ways, because having a firm set of goals in mind for ourselves right now can help keep us focused on whatever we personally have control over and keep us level headed amidst some otherwise very irrational configurations, and not to mention, the potential for the proclivity towards certain “savior/victim” dynamics to get out of control. There is a strong calling for everybody to get down to business and “do the work,” whatever that means personally for you. There’s also a lot of compassion in the air to soften the planets that are straight up THUGGIN’ in Capricorn. Because they are thuggin AF, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t compassion, unconditional love, and humanity under the surface. So this week will see a strange balancing act between hard and soft. Being soft enough to show love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness in the right doses, but hard enough to protect yourself from being stabbed in the spine or taken for a ride that leads nowhere. As we begin the week, hopes and fears can be somewhat inflated, and later in the afternoon today the Moon sextile Pluto which may have us somewhat obsessing on unknowns or drifting off into intense fantasies or deep reflections. Some people may be perhaps being hit rather deeply by loss, longing, nostalgia, memories, or otherwise intense feelings of being “at sea”, while others are undergoing some profound spiritual transformations, revelations, and deep psychological growth and renewal. Mercury sextile Mars today can see the mind racing and perhaps driven towards some kind of escapism and distraction, ironically, it appears it’s an effort to actually stay grounded, maybe due to some exaggerated emotions or a sense of feeling out of control of something, or some other type of intense emotional situation or process that could be taking up psychic space or attempting to drive us to distraction. It might be wise to start the week off on a gentle note, be kind to yourself, and this week, try to reduce your expectations in general for the time being, to avoid disappointments. Staying focused on small, daily steps towards progress, positive reform, and transformation will lead to positive breakthroughs. Slow and steady progress that’s real, is much better than flash in the pan, seemingly glittery *instant results* that only wind up turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Venus tells a story this week of going from over optimism to realism and striking a balance to instigate deep reforms, particularly in regards to interpersonal dynamics, money, pleasure, self esteem, pursuit of happiness, and all things Venus ruled. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn, and moves into Aries around 11 AM PST to square Mars in Capricorn and conjunct Chiron. Venus, who has been squared up to Jupiter which highlighted the desire to improve circumstances and increase happiness, has begun to square up to Pluto, and a square to realistic Saturn will follow. Also today, Mercury retrograde sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Needless to say, overoptimism is exchanged for stark realism, and rational, enlightened, illuminated detachment is brought wherever there has been clouded over emotionalism. These configurations also suggest a lot of innovation around considerable hurdles, obstacles, or blockages to forward momentum and progress. With both Mars in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces in positive aspect to Uranus, “The Awakener,” it’s clear that an enlightened perspective, rational detachment, and applied realism is called for, particularly when it comes to dealing with any repetitive patterns or situations that no longer serve anyone. These configurations clearly illustrate breaking out of psychic ruts, and the results of doing so will have very real, tangible, physical results. Venus square Pluto can see the potential for some power struggles interpersonally, and this can see some intense feelings involved. This can show up in a number of ways. Jealousy, possessiveness, impatience, obsessiveness, and control issues, are but a few. With the Sun and Mercury both in sensitive Pisces, the psychology involved here could be very delicate and require some skillful handling, and striking a balance between hard and soft, and drawing clear, delineated lines between our own bullshit and other peoples bullshit, is a continual theme. This is why having clear goals and objectives for *yourself,* that don’t require involvement from anyone else, and will stabilize the growth of your own personal empire, will be so helpful under these configurations. The more clean, simple, and together our own side of the street is, the higher the likelihood of healthy, constructive, positive and fulfilling interpersonal exchanges will be in the future. So if shit gets hairy this week interpersonally, just keep on building your empire and improving your personal lot. The Moon/Chiron conjunction today focuses on the need to build courage and confidence for independent initiatives, and could highlight where we feel weak, and need to build our strength. The square to Mars can be simultaneously motivating and frustrating, but with both Mercury and the Sun in sextile to Mars, there’s plenty of inspiration and drive available to release and dissolve outworn patterns, contacts, or simply just communication styles (such as allowing someone to provoke you or getting you talking fruitlessly in circles, repeating yourself over and over as they refuse to listen to or accept what you are saying), or thought patterns that drain energy, waste time, and otherwise distract from forward progress and personal growth. The aspects to Uranus by Mercury and Mars can see bursts of insight, illumination, inspiration, along with a powerful drive to radically improve our personal circumstances.With the Full Moon in Virgo in March, this can see many people quietly preparing to kick off entirely new initiatives that positively transform their circumstances and place their lives on a very healing and growth oriented trajectory.

Today can see a subtle boost in courage and confidence, and it seems odd because it’s almost as if it’s *because* of challenges. A sort of “bring it on” atmosphere. With the Moon in Aries conjunct Venus, and square Mars (through the first part of the day) and Jupiter in Capricorn, there is a pleasant passion, drive, and enthusiasm around throwing ourselves into something that stokes our ambition, get’s us excited, or has longterm potential. Normally I would say that a lunar square to Jupiter in general can make people somewhat indulgent, lazy, or apathetic. It’s possible to some extent, but Jupiter is now in disciplined Capricorn, so this could actually stimulate ambition or our desire to exert control over ourselves in the name of achieving a goal. For the most part, these are pleasure seeking influences for sure, but it’s possible now we are finding pleasure via chipping away at a goal, setting goals, improving ourselves or working hard on something we’re passionate about and that get’s us feeling motivated. In any case, it appears we’re at least *trying* to summon the motivation, courage, confidence and enthusiasm required to really get behind something 100 percent and “go all the way” with it. Mercury retrograde can still have everybody feeling somewhat sluggish or hungover, or in some cases, kind of despondent, lost, or at sea, but in spite of that, there’s a lot of sturdiness, dignity, maturity, and even some child like enthusiasm available in these maths that can keep morale boosted and give us a lot to look forward to, -even while certain other things dissolve. Later in the evening, the Moon goes on to square Pluto, which can see the potential for some interpersonal dramas or emotional intensity building, on into tomorrow. Forewarned is forearmed. This energy could be positively channeled into a creative project or some other personal goal or ambition that you’re passionate about. 

Today see’s the Moon in Aries squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Whoa turbo…This is some intense energy, and it looks highly exaggerated/magnified somehow as well, like some kind of breakthrough. The Moon/Venus conjunction could actually see this as a really positive change, with an emphasis on fresh starts and new beginnings, particularly interpersonally. There is a breaking away from controlling or manipulative forces or dynamics, or otherwise  just breaking away from *internal ruts* that is apparent here, and it can feel invigorating and driven. A lot of it seems fueled primarily by impatience or perhaps, impulsiveness, but mostly an "I can't fucking take it anymore." Perhaps these are long overdue, fundamental changes. Venus in Aries wants everything RIGHT NOW, which is very motivating, but the planets in Capricorn are very stern and strict in the face of any hastiness, grabbiness, brashness, arrogance, entitlement, or “act now, think later” types of behavior. Not only does the Cap stellium encourage (Read:enforce) patience, -but it also demands a certain standard of etiquette, enforces a certain code of ethics, or quality of standard, and anything  below that standard can likely be on the receiving end of being rather harshly reprimanded, or at least, it could be felt or perceived as such by the recipient. There could also just be a lot of internal pressure as well. Either way, today could see some… reality checks, for better or worse, or a need to exert focus and discipline over the drives to achieve something. This could play out in a number of ways. Perhaps some recent move interpersonally was made in haste, or on an idealistic impulse, without having all of the facts, and now certain facts are kind of hard to ignore and maybe cause a slam on to the breaks, shift in gear, or a “hey now” moment, or some kind of realization begins to dawn. We are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde after all, so I would really advise people to try to move slowly into any new beginnings, particularly around commitments that are difficult to back out of. It’s also possible that there could be considerable pressure felt interpersonally, due to one person pushing to take things farther, (and quickly, like YESTERDAY), and another person wanting to slow the whole damn thing down and make sure things are gone about *correctly*, or that it’s even in their own best interests.  Regardless, it looks like there’s the potential for impatience, impulsiveness, or differences in pace, either now, or previously. The lunar square to Saturn can feel a bit deflating, like there's delays, or like a wet blanket, and the square to Pluto can produce some intense or obsessive feelings, jealousy, fears, possessiveness, control dramas, or subtle power struggles, but there's a lot of resilience and fortitude. Or they could be intense, pleasant feelings. If you yourself are experiencing intense emotions, or you’re on the receiving end of someone else’s intense emotions, always remember that you have a choice, and do your best to respond, as opposed to merely react. Saturn, and the Cap stellium in general, could actually be somewhat helpful here, as far as slowing things down, and helping people to reign themselves in. The lunar conjunction to Venus all day can also be really helpful as far as keeping things pleasant, civil, and congenial, even if there are some interpersonal challenges or tensions due to sudden shifts. Theres definitely a focus on relationship dynamics of some kind today. Regardless, whatever occurs today can see some long overdue shifts and transformations that in spite of any tensions, look to be really beneficial and opening up completely new possibilities. Something can't be ignored any longer, and we could feel driven to make changes, but the results won't be instant, which can see confidence waver at times, or doubts creep in, but there's also a lot of courage and determination available. 


The weekend begins on a note of rather potent feeling serendipity. Today see’s the Moon in earthy, sensual, and practical Taurus, conjunct Uranus in Taurus, sextile the Sun and Mercury Rx in Pisces, and trine Mars in Capricorn. This energy looks dope AF. With the Sun and Mercury both in Pisces, it’s possible we could feel released from something, or as if something challenging, or some challenging period, is finally on it’s way out. We could also receive some kind of good news, or reach some sort of agreement or new understanding with someone. There is a general vibe of “acceptance” even if there are still some challenges, particularly interpersonally. Today looks refreshing, revitalizing, grounding, and there’s a healthy balance between the earthy and spiritual natures. There could be a lot of inspiration to kick off new initiatives, and something shifts and clicks. Positive, edifying, exciting changes are unfolding, and it could actually be quite unexpected or maybe even rubbing our eyes in disbelief. The Cap stellium naturally wants to lean towards caution, realism, rationality, fact checking, so when things seem to go really well, something nice happens, or someone says or does something nice, the planets in Cap can become suspicious, as if to say, “hold up. Wait.. what?” These maths look really exciting, inspired, and motivating. The Sun conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars, and the Moons links to Mars and Uranus could see some revealing, or illuminating communications, new information come to light, or our curiosity and desire to stretch our comfort zones mentally, spiritually, or otherwise could be highlighted. It’s a mellow, laid back, comfy, slow unfurling type of energy that could be felt very physically, as if new life is being injected into the body. Grounding, stabilizing, but reinvigorating and motivating at the same time. Venus in Aries square to Saturn ensures slow, gradual, but dynamic changes which on the one hand, can cause delays for one reason or another interpersonally or financially, but also help to mitigate any jarring shocks to the system, as the changes unfolding at this time are actually truly dynamic, awakening, and life changing. Truly a personal “rebirth” for everyone on some level. The link between Venus and Saturn can also add a certain weight and substance to things, and see us placing higher value on any gains and strides forward we make individually, materially, as well as interpersonally. There’s a quiet dignity to this configuration that suggests that any delays, waiting, discipline, patience, or efforts involved will be well worth the while, so don’t let any hold ups or snags dampen enthusiasm or chip away at confidence levels. The Venus link to Pluto brings a lot of power behind whatever is unfolding, these are some pretty huge shifts and major growth spurts we’re all undergoing now, and with Venus in the sign that Mars traditionally rules, there’s a subtle competitive vibe present that can even feel sort of intimidating, but definitely lend some obsessive determination, resilience, and focus. It’s like a fine tuning and sharpening of confidence and courage levels. Later in the evening, the Moon throws in a trine to Jupiter in disciplined Capricorn that can be felt at the level of the body and experienced in a visceral way, and there can be a renewed optimism, faith, and determination around something. This whole mathscape has “energetic renewal” written all over it, and we can feel an intense drive to succeed -in all of the ways. It actually looks extremely motivating, so if you’ve been lacking in that, this weekend could see the beginning of a major resurgence of it, or a sort of “doubling down” on it. It could be weirdly energizing in contrast to the more mellow, passive, reflective, dissolving and retiring influences of the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. Something about this weekend could be really reaffirming in regards to any instinctual or intuitive hunches, and internal and external processes, transformations, and changes we’ve been embarking upon, and even seeds planted, -perhaps even as far back as December 2019.

Yea wow. Today see’s the Moon in slow, sensual Taurus trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile Neptune in Pisces. With the Sun in Pisces also sextile to Mars in Capricorn, we could be feeling fiercely idealistic, passionate, and inspired around something. Things may take as long as they need to, but it looks like we’re willing to put in the work and effort to manifest some dearly held ideal into reality. I don’t want to hype this math up too much but damn, this shit looks like the concept of Abracadabra in a geometrical format. It’s powerful. Don’t underestimate the power and legitimacy of your own will, instincts, desires, and applied efforts, because these configurations are very suggestive of some major transformations and leaps forward. Making the ideal real is a key theme. As are tests of faith and strength of will. But it looks like there’s everything to play for. Releasing attachment to specific outcomes or timetables can feel easier now because any efforts towards personal transformation can be rewarding, valuable, and empowering, in and of themselves, regardless of the carrot on the end of the stick that is driving it. What matters is that you have a carrot, of any kind, to lend you passion and motivation, so whether you wind up getting whatever that carrot is, or an entirely different carrot, is irrelevant, when you consider the value of the mere existence of carrots at all. This is metaphorical jargon for “Whatever gets your noodle goin man, -the important thing is that it’s goin.” Very inspiring maths that can see us intrigued with new possibilities and approaches, and open to learning and discovering new things. The vibes this weekend don’t look too damn shabby. The only caveat I feel a need to point out would be a tendency towards impatience with the Venus/Saturn/Pluto link ups, but it also seems like we could feel somewhat at peace and relaxed about the pace of things as well, as it gives everybody a chance to adapt to shifts in circumstances or dynamics, gather momentum, and get their bearings. With a stellium in Cap, just don’t expect instant results and try to avoid exerting too much pressure on to yourself, others, or forcing the pace of anything. This is still a Mercury retrograde after all, and breakthroughs as powerful and promising, (and even completely life changing) as these appear to be, take time to fully manifest. *Perfection cannot be rushed.* Otherwise, these configurations look like a shot of much needed, renewed drive, and motivation, and some major turning points are slowly but surely unfolding.

This morning begins with the Moon in late Taurus through the early AM hours, and around 11:30 AM PST, the Moon shifts into talkative, busy, curious, and multitasking Gemini to square Mercury in Pisces, trine Saturn in late Capricorn, and sextile Chiron in Aries. This could see the pace quicken, but also bring mental and emotional focus on to the many loose ends we need to wrap up. The Lunar/Mercury square can create some looniness, and mental escapism, and there could still be some things we feel uncertain, ambivalent, or indecisive about, but mostly I see this energy bringing focus to a variety of “to do’s”, communications, errands, as well as emotional and information processing and reflection. Digesting everything taken in over the tail end of the week, and perhaps even much that’s transpired and been learned from our past. I know I say this a lot, but I have to say it again: It’s all a lot to take in. New revelations, impressions, and information taken in throughout the week could take a minute to settle, but it looks like we’re regaining a sense of anchoring and stability within it all. The lunar sextile to Chiron suggests communications and news received of late has boosted courage and confidence levels, and perhaps even produced some subtle healing effects. 

Thanks for reading. Stay curious fam! See y’all next Monday. 


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