Astrology For The Week Of Nov 11-17th 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in earthy, sensual Taurus, conjunct futuristic, rebellious, “shock therapy” Uranus, and trine stabilizing Saturn. As we build up to the Full Moon, the Moon goes on to oppose the Sun and Mercury Rx in Scorpio. With a rare, perfect occultation between Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio, this can see some major changes occurring within. With Mars in relationship oriented Libra sextile Jupiter, and Venus in Sagittarius squaring off to Neptune, this can see a lot of these changes being driven by our relations with others. People, including ourselves, can be hard to pin down, and there is a hopeful idealism and some strong desires that can border on the delusional, with a bent towards escapism. The Moon in practical, earthy Taurus can help us stay grounded, while simultaneously adaptable. This is about some major upgrades, and major releases. With Mercury rx in Scorpio very much highlighted by this lunation and the build up to the full Moon, this gives us a chance to confront a lot of buried stuff, strong compulsions, obsessions, desires, even patterns of self sabotage, and it offers a valuable period of reflection for everyone. Getting absolutely authentic about what’s driving us. People can have extremely high hopes at this time, but it’s important to stay grounded in reality, to avoid being disillusioned, or in the very least, be clear with yourself that certain fantasies are exactly that, and use the fantastical optimism and mojo they provide as fuel to accomplish things within the realm of what’s actually possible. There’s a lot of excitement and tension available in these configurations, and people can need a lot of elbow room and freedom at this time to follow the beat of their own drum and get in touch with their own instinctual natures. This is in fact a sort of liberation, where anything that doesn’t resonate with you or that holds you back can be cut out and released.  Later, a lunar sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto adds to the pleasure seeking vibe of Venus ruled Taurus, placing an emphasis on pleasant escapism, reflection, and giving the evening a dreamy, somewhat lusty quality, as we plum the depths of whatever get’s our mojo going and explore our own complex, instinctual natures and what’s been driving us and/or others more fully. This spurs on a deep internal transformation process of getting real with ourselves. Perhaps there are certain realities that we don’t want to accept (Moon opposite Mercury), because they force us to confront powerful (but blocked) feeling drives, perhaps interpersonally, that require an outlet one way or another.  (Mars sextile Jupiter/square Pluto.) This can see an alchemical process of release and transmutation unfold.

The Full Moon this morning occurs at 5:34 AM PST, opposing the Sun, Mercury, and forming a trine to Pluto. Change and transformation is the name of the game, and the changes occurring are of a deeply personal nature. Driven by powerful instincts, a Venus square to Neptune simultaneously highlights our need for freedom to explore our limits and boundaries, forcing us to confront wherever we’ve become overly optimistic and perhaps a bit delusional in regards to partnerships, money, pleasure, and other Venus ruled things. Lunar trines to Pluto and Saturn suggests a positive sort of reckoning of “I like what/who I like”, but simultaneously, we have to accept the limits our own stubbornness imposes upon us, and embrace a more realistic attitude around what’s actually possible, what’s real, v.s what’s really actually just a wistful pipe dream that we refuse to let die. This full Moon illustrates a sort of “coming to terms” process, and certain situations can begin to come to a head. This may play itself out interpersonally, as certain facts come to light, or communications transpire, but by and large, this is mostly a private, deeply psychological process. 

This morning see’s the Moon in flighty, communicative Gemini, forming a sextile to Chiron. This can see a talkative, busy morning, and whatever communications or news coming in seems to ease certain wounds or insecurities, or fortify the self esteem in some way, but with Mercury still retrograde and trine Neptune, it’s important that we be completely honest with ourselves (and/or others), as there is still a haze present, or the tendency to project ideals onto people. These ideals can have their roots in some intense or compulsory instincts/drives, that we are perhaps unconscious of, and are working to become more fully aware of and in conscious control of (Sun/Mercury rx in Scorpio.) The Moon goes on to oppose Venus in Sagittarius, which can highlight conflict between our needs and those of others, and where we’ve been perhaps a bit unrealistic or overestimated something or someone.  Mars in late Libra also begins an opposition with rebellious Uranus in Taurus, that will further strengthen when Mars eventually moves into Scorpio. This can see some risk taking, and there can definitely be some excitement, or challenge. Having a strong internal locus of control will be a must, as people will be unpredictable as they strive towards deeper authenticity. If you find yourself pinning your hopes on something or someone, -take care. Conversely, this can see some healthy, and necessary confrontations with self and others, a healthy revolution, liberation, awakening, and “up-leveling”. (I doubt I will have to warn anyone any longer to avoid people pleasing once Mars leaves Libra. ) Still opposing Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius, the Moon goes on to square Neptune in the early evening hours. This can see a wistfulness, or an unfulfilled longing fueled by addictive optimism that perhaps is a bit delusional. Relationships can be highlighted. This energy will need an outlet, and can be amazing fodder for artists, poets, writers, and musicians, as the emotional pallet available is deep, wide, and varied, -and shooting off in all directions. Hone in on what it is you are manifesting/desiring to manifest. 

This morning begins on somewhat of an emotional spin cycle. Relationships can be an area of delusion, confusion, and oddly, inspiration. Again, this is great stuff for creative people, if you can find/make the time. Otherwise, this can be a busy time, and a lunar trine to Mars and opposition to Jupiter in the afternoon can highlight a lot of dealings with others. Perhaps to the point of making us feel woozy or disoriented. Take care to ground today, and check in with the self. There is an expansive and confusing element in play that can disorient our inner compass. The nervous system can feel revved up and there is an indulgent/mentally/emotionally escapist quality to these configurations, with an emphasis on communications, social, and interpersonal exchanges, negotiations, and interactions. People wanting things from/with you, you wanting things from/with others, -make some sense of it all. Get it together. My nervous system is overloaded just looking at this math. It’s a spin cycle. Straight up. Jesus christ. It’s like a phone blowing up with calls and texts being thrown into a blender. WTF.


The Moon shifts into comfort seeking Cancer in the early AM hours of Friday, forming a sextile to Uranus. This coming off of a trine between the Moon and Mars can see us more assertive in extricating ourselves and being more emotionally independent. It adds a detachment to the emotions, and how we seek comfort that perhaps won’t jibe well with everybody, as a lunar square to Chiron can see some sensitivities lurking. Someone else’s coolness could also strike a nerve. In either case, we’ve all personally gotta do whatever it is we’ve gotta do to seek comfort, self nurturance, and security, even if that deviates from previous plans or the expectations of others. This weekend can see a bid for emotional independence in some way.  Venus reaches conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius today as well, and this can see our optimism levels soar (perhaps to unrealistic degrees?) Either way, we won’t want to be too hemmed in or confined as far as relationships, money, and pleasure go, and we could be seeking to expand our horizons, and boundaries, or our sense of proportion (or realism) could be blurred. It’s all very exploratory. The evening hours of Friday see a lunar trine to Mercury Rx in Scorpio, highlighting some pleasant emotional reflections, or some private, revealing communications/exchanges with others. Perhaps some information comes to light that edifies our decisions/direction, or we find comfort and support via a selectively chosen confidant.

Saturday see’s some boundaries being put into place and lines being drawn. This could see some reality checks, and some people could be feeling some disappointment, shut out, left in the cold, or somewhat disillusioned, as high ideals confront reality. Lunar trines between Mercury Rx and Neptune adds a lot of sensitivity, empathy, and understanding in communications, and some things are just “implicitly understood”, -without having to be explained. But there is certainly an intensity of feeling involved around whatever is being “intuitively picked up”, or coming to light and needing to just be accepted at this time. Accepting human nature, both your own and others, can help make these configurations easier if you find them challenging. All in all, there is a lot of healing, reflection, inner alchemy, and personal growth available due to this Mercury Rx, as everyone gets to the bottom of …themselves.  Venus conjunct Jupiter encourages taking a philosophical view, seeing love as an agent of consciousness expansion, growth, and learning-rather than a means to any particular end. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Cancer trine the Sun in Scorpio, and also forming a square to Mars and Uranus, opposing Pluto, and trine Chiron. Whoa man. Authenticity or bust. At 1:57 PM PST, the Moon enters creative, theatrical, and fiery Leo. The lunar square to Mars and Uranus can see relationships with others the stage at which theatrics or wild weirdness transpires. There’s a creative edginess to these configurations, and the moon/mars square can be somewhat irritable. Some people can do or say things for the shock value, or there can be a need for greater levels of personal expression. I don’t know why, but peacocks come to mind when I view these configurations. The way they make their glorious, feathery display to prospective mates. These maths could see people more inclined towards expressing themselves or seeking to gain recognition for what makes them unique, or pouring themselves into a passion project. Some people can be feeling down right provocative, and there's a lot of spark in the air. The lunar trine to Chiron suggests that getting more in touch with your own personal freak flag and unique callings and proclivities can be healing and edifying to the basic ego structure, and a growth in consciousness and expansion of your overall experience and confidence can ensue.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday. 


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