Mars and Uranus begin this week with a bang. The Mercury Neptune square over the weekend with Mars and Uranus building up to a perfected square may have seen some unexpected curve balls. There can be a lot of excitement. The Moon is in Libra today opposite Chiron, seeing a bit of weakness or vulnerability, but a desire to maintain harmony. Mercury enters Cancer, breaking away from it’s square to Neptune, making things a little bit easier, but Mars perfects a square to Uranus today at 21 degrees, while also trine Chiron. Tension can be apparent, (positive or negative) but this can see a boost in energy and courage to face things down, which can be useful, as there can also be a need to get certain things under control. Finding your feet and adapting to change is highlighted. Relationships can be taking some turning points.


Today see’s things fall a little more into a groove with the Moon sextile Venus and Mars, but there may be some intense undercurrents building as the Moon squares Pluto later on today. Certain discussions or decisions can be looming, or have already happened and are now being absorbed. The lunar connection to Venus and Mars early on strives to make the best of any challenging or unexpected circumstances, and to look on the bright side. There is much that is positive. There can still be a lot to take in. Tomorrow can open the floodgates of communications and make it easier to talk about challenging or submerged topics.


The Moon enters deep and investigative Scorpio at 1:55 AM PST, where it forms a trine to the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, while opposing Jupiter in Taurus. This can relax inhibitions quite a bit. It can feel good to relieve tension by opening up channels of communication, speaking from the heart, or connecting to the feelings. Discussions can be private, confidential or meaningful, or the information shared or topics discussed or thought about can be things that have long been buried or suppressed. The Sun trine Saturn emphasizes stability, and it can feel good to simplify things and focus on grounding activities that encourage more structure, order and security. Establishing or reestablishing integrity, and stability to certain relationships (Moon trine Juno) can factor in to these configurations, perhaps in unexpected ways. Authenticity can be important, but there is still a lot to digest.


The Moon is square Venus, Mars, and Lilith, and opposite Uranus, and both Venus and Mars are in contact with Uranus, suggesting that people have to get used to more independence, or have the courage to follow their most authentic leanings. Coseness and distance have to be balanced. This can be challenging and sensitive terrain to negotiate, but it’s not impossible. The Sun and Mercury in contact to both Saturn in Jupiter suggests striking a compromise between stability and growth. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune this evening, seeing a lot of compassion, gentleness and understanding. There’s a great deal of open mindedness here. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:59 AM PST, going on to square Saturn. Even though certain conditions or situations may be far from ideal, or not precisely how certain people would wish them to be, there is a great deal of emotional resilience here, and it can be easier to find meaning and see how everything ties together in the bigger scheme of things. The Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction at 8 degrees Cancer, seeing important communications, reveals, or emotional realizations setting in. The Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn see’s a good balance between curiosity, opportunities for consciousness expansion, growth and learning, -and common sense, consistency and stability. Neptune, planet of ideals, illusions, mysticism and higher love, stations retrograde today at 27 degrees Pisces. This is a degree associated with extremely high ideals, unseen forces, psychic influences, and going all in on the ultimate dream.


The Moon in Sagittarius is uplifted by a trine to Venus, Mars, and Chiron today. Morale can be boosted, and there can be healing experiences available. There’s a lot of creativity in the air today, and even some excitement. For some, this can highlight travel, adventure and exploration, for others, this can take place in the mind via a love of learning. This is a positive and enthusiastic mathscape, and for some there can be passionate encounters. In the very least, something to smile about. 


The Moon enters Capricorn at 10:20 AM PST, seeing a trine to Jupiter in Taurus and a sextile to Saturn in Pisces, and building an opposition to the Sun and Mercury in preparation for the Full Moon tomorrow. There can be a sense of reassurance around knowing more about what it is you’re dealing with, and even some positive things that are worth nurturing, but there can still be some head or heart decisions to grapple with. A sense of stability can feel good, but with Venus conjunct passionate Mars and square rebellious Uranus, there can still be a certain restlessness and reluctance to be pinned down. Regardless of this, the Moon trine Jupiter is generous, good natured and cautiously optimistic. There can be an acute awareness of blessings here, and a desire to use them wisely so they grow. 


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