This week kicks off with the Moon in Gemini. There’s drive and motivation to spare with the Moon conjunct Mars and trine the Sun in Aquarius, but is also squaring Venus in Pisces. This, along with the fact that Mercury is still catching up to speed and sorting itself out, suggests that there’s still some muddles to wade through before things can become more ideal. However, there’s plenty of drive and motivation today, and with Mercury trine Uranus, new approaches and innovative ideas represent a sort of touch and go process. Even if you experience minor setbacks, the progressive nature of these configurations far outweighs the disadvantages of new methods. Today, and this week can be productive as long as you can resist the temptation to feel demoralized by uncertainties. Venus builds a tense square to Mars this week, which can see some impatience for progress, and confusion around certain initiatives or relationships, with the potential for minor annoyances. There may also be a blinding focus on certain goals that can create a certain detachment or aloofness interpersonally (or there can be some really bizarre interpersonal or social situations that need to be handled with care and maybe some caution.) The week ends on a climactic note, with a full Moon in Leo which emphasizes a strong desire for change via innovative approaches. There can be shocks and surprises this week, and things can get interesting.


The Moon is trine the Sun, conjunct Mars and square Neptune, going on to trine Saturn, which can see a desire to overcome hurdles and get a foothold over muddles, confusion, and things interfering with a flow. There can be confusion and distracting energy, but it can also be good for receptivity and creative thinking. The evening see’s a more stable confidence settle into the atmosphere, where things can begin to feel more manageable. The Sun trine Mars is eager for progress, and even though there’s still uncertainty around certain issues, Mercury trine Uranus is good at creative problem solving and seeing something through. New structures, agreements,  ideas, systems and practices are being put into place. 


The early morning can see a focus on planning and scheduling, and trying to work out the timing and optics of certain meetings, events, or initiatives. There can be a sense of just sort of winging it to a certain extent, with the Moon trine Saturn and semisquare Uranus. Things can be up in the air, and there’s a push here to create more structure and consistency. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 12:11 PM PST, where it forms a trine to Venus and a square to Jupiter, which can see things feel more comfortable and begin to gel. Innovative approaches can work out better than anticipated, and this can boost optimism levels. Creativity, imagination and intuition can flow nicely. This can help in forming workable rhythms and strategies going forward. Jupiter, Juno, and Chiron all very close together can see beneficial alliances, where people can help each other out by complementing one another’s respective strengths and weaknesses. 


The Moon in Cancer is opposite Mercury and sextile Uranus while trine Venus today, suggesting another day for creative flow and innovation, but also replenishment. The Sun will perfect a square to Uranus this evening at 14 degrees, and this can see some unexpected revelations, curve balls or surprises. This can highlight some highly unusual people, circumstances, approaches, or situations. With the Sun also trine Mars, there’s a very spicy and willful nature to this configuration that can see a lot of determination to break free and push through barriers to progress. The Moon opposite Mercury can see some indecision, and a need to get the mind and the feelings to cooperate. There can be some self doubt until a balance is struck between the two. Listen to your body wisdom, and don’t bypass the physical, as it’s important to remain grounded. Today can see the potential for some pleasant surprises, but the Moon square Chiron can also see some sensitivity and an awareness of weaknesses or vulnerable points. The Cancer lunation is optimal for nourishing activities.


The Moon in Cancer is clannish, insular, and homebound, with a trine Neptune and opposite Mercury, going on to oppose Pluto and quincunx Saturn. This can see a great deal of sensitivity in communications, and there can even be some sob stories that can play upon the feelings. This isn’t to downplay legitimate suffering in the world, but take care to exercise caution if you feel particularly taken in by others woes or feel called to play savior or be a hero, especially if you don’t have your own situation fully secured, which can take priority under this lunation. The lead up to the Full Moon can see an element of drama and mystery under the surface. Today’s lunar quincunx to Saturn see’s some caution in the face of heavy handed tactics or intense situations, power dynamics or discussions. Be kind to others, but don’t drop the ball on your own life. This math can also see an intense focus on a goal or objective, and the Moon trine Neptune can see the imagination and empathic faculties highly active. There may be a need to pair back or create boundaries to remain focused and not be lead astray. There can be creative transformation and inspiration in the air this evening. Intensity can be channeled into constructive outlets.  


The Moon enters Leo at 12:48 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Jupiter, Chiron, and Juno. This configuration screams “muse.” There can be something to feel excited, encouraged, and inspired about, and as the Moon grows full, intensity can be building. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars, seeing a lot of motivation, spice, and drive. Big charm , creative flair, and charisma, this can also see competitive instincts aroused. Leo is a risk taking sign, and these configurations can instill courage. There may even be something to celebrate or feel happy and excited about. There can be a bit of a party atmosphere, and a desire to let your hair down and be more playful, creative, or expressive can dominate.


The Full Moon is exact at 10:29 AM, at 16 degrees Leo. This decan of Leo is associated with the 6 of wands, a card of victory, triumph, and success, oftentimes in a very public way. There can be opportunities for a rise in position here, that present equally important opportunities to refine the character. No other time is humility and virtue of character more important than when you are on a winning streak. Victory of any kind can be the biggest test to ones moral constitution and character that exists. This Full Moon is square Uranus and trine Chiron, which can present opportunities to shine and be valued for your own unique gifts, and even use them for the benefit of others. There can be some unexpected or erratic curve balls thrown into routines, and as the day wears on into evening, the Moon opposes Saturn, which can see duties or responsibilities looming that can add a seriousness to the party atmosphere. Today’s configurations can showcase progressive and encouraging trends, but also bring home the importance of not sitting on your laurels. For progress and success to continue, the hard work, discipline, consistency and dedication that brought it to you must continue. Next week can see a lot of pressure to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and eliminate weak links or unworkable approaches or dynamics. 


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