Today starts with the Moon exalted in Taurus trine Mercury Rx, Pluto, and Venus in the anaretic degree of Capricorn, while squaring Saturn and sextile Neptune and Juno. Huge leaps forward have been established, peak experiences have been reached, but there is still much work to be done to maintain steady gains and upward momentum. The Taurus lunation is easy going, ambling, and indulgent, preferring a leisurely pace, but the Cap stellium pushes for progress, which can amount to striking a balance between the two, seeing a slow but constructive day. Communications are highlighted, and there can be an odd mixture of practicality, celebrating gains, with an eye on yet even higher goals, along with a dollop of deeper or weightier issues being grappled with, processed, or transmuted in the background that can see confidences being shared, agreements being struck, or shoulders being leaned on. An earthy but goal oriented mathscape, with Venus in the critical degree of Capricorn, there’s an onward and upward atmosphere that’s oriented towards future possibilities. The Moon sextile’s Jupiter as the day wears on, seeing a lot of optimism and drive around goals and ambitions. There’s everything to play for, and signs of progress have been encouraging. Venus enters Aquarius at 6:09 PM PST, followed by the Moon entering inquisitive Gemini at 6:44 PM PST, seeing yet another shift in the playing field as new levels have been unlocked that provide more variety, and beckons to be explored.


The Moon in Gemini is conjunct Mars Rx and trine Venus at the zenith point of Aquarius, while semisquare Mercury this morning, seeing the morning start off on a motivated note. This makes for a surprisingly smooth transition considering Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all retrograde. It can feel like it’s all systems go, in spite of certain delays or obstacles slowing things down. There’s an eagerness to take initiative, explore various possibilities, and experiment, even an urgency to convey a message. New information or insights can illuminate unexplored options, solutions or possibilities. This can see some people more talkative and sociable than normal, and there can be a lot of running around, errands, short distance travel, or things to do. Venus sextile Jupiter can see a lot of optimism around happiness goals, seeing supportive interactions that provide encouragement without being smothering or controlling. Today can be productive, busy, motivated and talkative, but the Moon conjunct Mars can feel a bit pressed, nervous or irritable at times.


The Moon in Gemini is trine Saturn and square Neptune and Juno. This can see a desire to sort something (or someone) out, to determine what (or who) is workable. If something or someone insists on being mysterious, elusive, or unreachable, it makes more sense to work with elements and people that are reliable, clear cut and get guaranteed results. This math can see new structures or dynamics emerging that have more stability. The lunar trine to Saturn is focused and determined, while the square to Neptune is sensitive, empathic, creative, and wistful, which can see moods swing here and there, but the day has a productive and stable backbone that’s able to cut through any fog, uncertainty, or potential ulterior motives to keep things above board. There can be a need to combat low energy at times to keep things on task and running smoothly. Getting the facts around situations and eliminating unnecessary haze or confusion is a key theme today, as is having empathy for others while they get their bearings. Being or having a stable shoulder to lean on during uncertainty can factor into the equation. The Moon goes void of course after 4 PM PST, seeing a reflective early evening. 


The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 6:15 AM PST, where it squares Jupiter and Chiron. This can see a strong desire to get cozy and make things as comfortable as possible. The Cancer lunation highlights striking a balance between outer ambitions, achieving goals, and the inner life and domestic sphere, the root system which supports a steady upward ascent. The lunar square to Chiron is sensitive and aware of weaknesses in foundations, and there can be a need here for some self nurturing or nurturing loved ones. The lunar square to Jupiter can see heightened emotions, optimism, generosity, compassion, as well as self determination. There can be a focus on a strong support system or inner circle. The Rocky theme song comes to mind. The Moon is waxing to full by tomorrow afternoon, so hunkering down and creating space for the inner life, emotions, family, roots, and nurturing activities that nourish the spirit is apropos. A new era is kicking off.


The Moon in Cancer opposes Mercury, squares Chiron and sextile’s Uranus, which can see a need to reorient the inner world to catch up with outer changes. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune, seeing exquisite sensitivity and insight into inner processes. The Full Moon is exact at 3:08 PM, at 16 degrees Cancer. This degree of Cancer is associated with the 3 of Cups in the tarot, a card of friendship, emotional support and celebration that takes place in the safety of a walled garden. The various mythos associated with this face of Cancer bring to mind the concept of “good times create weak men”. If you look to your life, you may find that there is much that is actually going quite well, but there may be a longing present, or a nagging feeling that something or someone is missing, and/or that something or someone precious but fragile needs to be protected. Both the Sun and Moon are square Chiron, while the Moon opposes Mercury, sextile’s Uranus and trine’s Neptune. Whatever it is in your life that nags at you as an unresolved issue that lacks absolution is at least partially responsible for spurring you on to ever greater achievements. If every single longing or desire that you have was already satiated, there would be no drive or will to improve, grow, or achieve things in the world. This Full Moon can bring an acute awareness of ones blessings, with a desire to protect and nurture all that is going well, but it can simultaneously highlight a sense of weakness, vulnerability, or longing that can either be coddled and drowned out through unnecessary excesses, or conversely, transmuted into motivation to achieve even greater things. Focusing on protecting and valuing what’s good, without getting overly emotional about whatever is less than ideal can help to free up energy so that it can be used more constructively and to your advantage. Giving or receiving support and protection is highlighted.


The Moon in Cancer is trine Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno, while opposite Pluto. This can see a whole lot of feelings under the surface, and there can be some secret longings, or private difficulties that bring people together or underline the importance of certain bonds. Drives, ideals, and desires are strong, as is the nurturing and protective instinct. The Sun is closely conjunct Mercury Rx, which can see some revealing conversations, conclusions, news, or insights. The Full Moon may have brought up some “make or break” feelings or situations that may see some ruminating or processing over the next two weeks. With Mercury backtracking and not set to station direct until the 18th, and won’t perfect a conjunction to do or die Pluto until Feb 10th, more information has yet to surface, much is still being reoriented. Today can see supportive relationships, and the Moon heads into celebratory Leo at 6:40 PM PST, seeing something to feel optimistic and uplifted about. 


The Moon in Leo makes a morale boosting trine to Jupiter and Chiron, while opposite Venus and sextile Mars. This can see an upbeat and spicy atmosphere that’s keen to make the best of things, focus on the silver linings and what’s working to our advantage. Venus in Aquarius is able to rise above petty annoyances and is keen to innovate and experiment. The Moon squares Uranus in the afternoon, seeing some surprises that are most likely of the pleasant variety. This can see last minute get togethers or spontaneous communications or excursions that are a break from the norm. Relationships can require more space and freedom, or there can be a desire to shake things up with more variety and mental and social stimulation. Tomorrow is back to a grind as the Moon will oppose Saturn, so take care not to throw off your routines too much or make things harder on yourself than they need to be. There may be a need to play catch up on Monday to accommodate any unexpected diversions.


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