Astrology For The Week Of Feb 10-16 2020.

After a full Moon in dramatic and expressive Leo, we begin the week on a more “back to basics” note, with the Moon in Virgo. With the Moon opposite Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, and trine Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Capricorn, and later, Pluto and Saturn, the need for discernment, elimination, and to simplify matters that may have felt convoluted, unclear, or out of control, and to innovate a new, clear path forward amidst rather confusing, bemusing, or highly unconventional circumstances, -can be very apparent. The Virgo lunation seeks to bring order to disorder in the name of purification. The trine to Jupiter in Capricorn can see us derive a sense of calm, optimism, centeredness, and security via efforts towards simplification and elimination. Striving towards a reduction of chaos, entropy, uncertainty, unnecessary confusion, delusions, and illusions appears to be the goal of these particular configurations. This would seem apropos, as Mercury due to station retrograde on Sunday, to spend an unusually long time in the slippery sign of Pisces (through to April), it would be wise to simplify your life as much as possible. Mercury is in it’s detriment in Pisces and at it’s least logical and rational here, so much can feel up in the air, unclear, unsorted, and in flux, during this long, highly reflective, fugazi of a Mercury cycle. So this Virgo lunation in the first portion of the week is of particular importance and should be viewed as an opportunity to prepare, -by drastically simplifying things for yourself as much as humanly possible. Todays math illustrates a shift in direction, a shift in priorities, and a powerful focus and determination to stay on track in spite of some extremely confusing, bewildering, distracting, dissolving, deceptive, spaced out, and otherwise tricksy, uncertain influences. There is a quiet optimism in these configurations that suggests that although certain things may not have gone down as planned, and certain hopes may have been dashed, there are some unanticipated possibilities or potentialities emerging within a silver lining that we may not have even considered, and this can create a feeling of cautious, but steadily growing optimism. With Venus now in impatient Aries, and Mars in the last degrees of Sagittarius, due to shift into Capricorn this Sunday, -the need to take some kind of action that will drastically change the whole damn game- will continue to build throughout this week. 


Today begins with the Moon in late Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius and trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see the day start on a somewhat energized, if rather anxious, nervous, potentially nit picky note. The Moon in Virgo tends to zoom in on problem areas and can be prone to worry, perfectionism, or being overly critical of self or others. Simultaneously, this can be very catalyzing energy towards really making improvements and taking care of business, and the lunar trines to Saturn and Pluto provide a lot of discipline and determination to “clean everything up”, and get rid of any unnecessary bullshit clogging up the works. There can be an impatience to cut to the chase and get to the pure essence of things, or a desire to get everything “perfect”, fucking yesterday. We may wrestle with doubts or simply anxiety over what could go wrong, feel anxious to improve ourselves and/or certain situations or circumstances, but otherwise this is potentially a very productive energy. Later on in the afternoon, the Moon heads into partnership oriented Libra to oppose Venus and Chiron in Aries.  This places emphasis upon our interactions with others, which can produce some feelings of vulnerability and impatience. A lunar quincunx to Uranus in Taurus can see us nervous and excitable, but also somewhat impulsive. Whatever is going on now interpersonally can see people feeling highly sensitive to the undercurrents within relationship dynamics. As Mars in late Sagittarius inches closer towards Capricorn it builds a square with Chiron in Aries, which suggests that the coming Mars cycle can see people feeling really “out on a limb”, perhaps asserting themselves and then feeling somewhat vulnerable afterwards while they wait for the results or response, as Mars in Capricorn is about the long game, and patient, consistent effort and determination towards a goal. So things may take some time, and this need for patience can test peoples confidence levels, as results will not be instant. The progress made during this oncoming cycle (Mars moves into Cap on Sunday), will be slow, deep, and meaningful.

Todays astrological special is the Moon in Libra opposite Venus in Aries and square Jupiter in Capricorn, while Mars begins to build a sextile to the Sun in Aquarius. This can see cautious optimism along with a growing desire to move things along, or at least begin to think about potential future actions. There could be something unconventional about whatever is unfolding interpersonally, and things can take time and patience, and require a realistic outlook and keeping your feet on the ground. Mercury conjunct Neptune can make this challenging at times, as this creates a mental and communicative landscape that can veer between poetic, idealistic and dreamy, to foggy, misty and nebulous. Tests of faith. Faith in ourselves, faith in others, faith in the universe as a whole. It could also test our very sense of direction. They say anxiety is thinking too much of the future, and depression is thinking too much of the past, so keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground in the here and now will be key to curbing impatience and making steady progress towards realistic, realizable goals. The needs of ourselves and those of others, or simply envisioning how/where/when others can be factored into our lives while still keeping our own ships afloat can be a theme in todays mathscape. The lunar trine to the Sun in Aquarius, and a square to Pluto in Capricorn later this evening highlights visions of the possible futures, and all the how’s, who’s, when’s, what’s, and where’s that realizing certain visions, and bringing things into fruition, will involve. We can be feeling somewhat intense around certain things, and there can be a lot that’s under the surface. It could feel that a lot is at stake. This will take balance, harmonization, cooperation, diplomacy, patience, and cohesion to navigate.

Today begins with the Moon in late Libra conjunct Juno, trine the Sun, sextile Mars, square Saturn and Pluto, and growing in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. It could be that people could feel a growing desire to penetrate a veneer of nicety and move things into deeper territory, or push something/someone off of a fence. It could also be that recent interpersonal shifts and initiatives have given much to chew on. Early evening see’s the Moon move into deep, and emotionally intense Scorpio to oppose Uranus, where we could ask more probing questions of ourselves or others, or pull back in an attempt to detach in order to reflect and absorb any and all recent revelations. It’s all been quite a lot to take in. The Moon/Uranus opposition can see emotional restlessness, and the emotions and instinctual nature in general can be intense, changeable, volatile, or surprising. Sensitivity can be very heightened, and people are simply more likely to behave like freaks under this configuration, (be forewarned.) There can be some intense or surprising communications, revelations, powerful synchronicities, or things revealed over the next few days under the curious and investigative Scorpio lunation that can take things into an odd or experimental direction. 


Happy Valentines day. <3 Today can see some unexpected but perhaps pleasant surprises with the Scorpio Moon trine Venus and Neptune in Pisces, and opposite Uranus. Mars in the last degrees of Sagittarius building a trine to Uranus in Taurus could see some bold, experimental, and innovative initiatives and calculated risks being taken over the coming months. With both the Moon and Mercury in trine to the north node in Cancer, this suggests backtracking in some way, perhaps there is something valuable in the past that could do with a second, perhaps more thoughtful analysis and assessment. A deeper introspection upon something we may have left behind may be called for, in order to forge a path to the future. These configurations also call us to be vulnerable in some way and to step deeper into the feelings. Later a lunar sextile to Jupiter can make us feel fortunate and perhaps more settled and optimistic emotionally. The channels of communication can also be wide open and it’s possible to communicate much and extract a great deal of information and emotional impressions from seemingly very little, or right out of thin air. The veil between ourselves and others can feel much thinner. Being that it’s valentines day, it’s also possible that there can be some touching gestures or exchanges between others, some of which may be quite unexpected. There could also be a lot of wistfulness or longing for something or someone that feels to be missing, or some very romanticized ideals around something or someone. These are some pretty beautiful configurations for creativity, inspiration, and imaginative or aesthetic expression as well. Words spoken or impressions received can touch us deeply under todays math, and the emotional and instinctual landscape is rich and highly nuanced. 

Today see’s the Moon in late Scorpio square the Sun in Aquarius, and trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in the final degree of Sagittarius sextile the Sun in Aquarius suggests preparation for future actions, and our eyes can very much be on a distant horizon. Whatever is going on now can definitely be pushing a comfort zone, require a lot of innovation, and “buck the expected norm” in some way (Moon square Sun,) but oddly, we can also feel emotionally settled and actually really comfortable about this. Even more odd, considering Venus is in Aries, we can even feel some sense of satisfaction from being..(*GASP!*) patient. By the time evening arrives, the Moon heads into adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius to trine Chiron in Aries. This can see us feeling more courage and optimism. Although, with Mercury about to station retrograde tomorrow, nothing is yet set in stone, but we can definitely be feeling more positive and less risk averse about the possibilities opening up for us, and this increased openness  can invite a lot of potential for healing-even if nothing seems to make any GOTTAYUM sense-(and chances are, it reaaaally fucking doesn’t and we’re all kind of just making this up as we go along, and could be questioning absolutely everything right about now.) Welcome to Wonderland. Enjoy your stay.

Today see’s the Moon in curious and explorative Sagittarius square Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, and trine Venus and Chiron in Aries. There is an innocence and naivety to these configurations that is just adorable, -but also a tad precarious and somewhat nebulous. Fortunately, Mars moves into Capricorn today, where it is exalted. Here, Mars is wise, mature, discerning, energetically economical, congruent, resilient, patient, determined and sturdy. This will help to mitigate the childlike romantic idealism, impulsiveness, impressionability, or wishy washy confusion of the other configurations. Mercury stations retrograde today around 4 PM PST, taking us on an extended reflective and nostalgic journey through the feelings, the unconscious, and the psychological processes. It’s a lot to unpack and examine. A lot of things from the past can resurface for reexamination. Todays configurations can actually see us longing for what we feel to be were simpler times, and there could be a desire to recapture or revitalize something that was lost. The lunar square to Mercury in Pisces as it stations retrograde can have us seeing things through a very subjective lens, so it’s important to make extra effort to ensure we’re viewing things realistically and operating under a factual pretense, as it can be very easy to let our imaginations become carried away in fantasies. But that need not be a bad thing, as these configurations can produce some inspired feelings, and we can feel motivated by the idea of love, beauty, creativity, and pleasure. With Mars now in Capricorn, we can be readying ourselves to work up the confidence to take some decisive actions and make some serious, and innovative power moves next week, beginning as soon as Monday. 

Thanks for reading! Stay curious fam. I’ll see you next Monday.


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