The Moon enters Leo at 3:36 AM PST, but not before opposing Pluto exactly at 29 degrees, seeing an intense flavor to the start of the week. This can see major preoccupations and situations building up. The air can be thick with suspense, silence, and tension, awkward lunar aspects to Mars and Saturn suggest there can be some challenges to overcome. The Sun and Venus are close together, and both are in tension to Uranus. There can be some shocks or reveals in the works, and this energy can be both exciting and unnerving. The Sun trine Chiron place an emphasis on health and healing. As the day progresses, the Moon squares Jupiter while trine Chiron, sesquisquare Neptune, and opposite Hygeia, seeing a larger than life energy. There can be hopefulness, but there can also be a flailing between optimism and uncertainty. This can center around healing topics for many. 


The Moon is conjunct Venus and square Jupiter this morning, and the Sun is exact in it’s square to Uranus at 22 degrees. This can be exciting but can also feel like it’s a bit too much at times. There can be some shocks or changes, but there is also ease and support. There may be some surprises in relationships or interpersonally. A lunar trine to Chiron can see a lot of sensitivity, with a caring and nurturing emphasis towards those who are vulnerable or in need. In some instances, this can be a case of “right place, right time.” Mercury conjunct Mars and trine Uranus just now can require people to think on their feet and act quickly. Unexpected events or situations can take people by surprise that require them to act immediately. This can see changes to normal routines or ways of doing things, but it can also see impulsive communications. Juno, the asteroid of marriage and relationships enters Leo at 12:29 PM PST, placing further emphasis on the part of your chart ruled by Leo. With so many planets retrograde, and more still to come, matters close to the heart, and the areas of your natal chart ruled by Venus, may feel on hold temporarily, or other more pressing matters can be slowing things down or seeming to get in the way. Things can require patience and there’s a need to recalibrate. Keep in mind today that you might not have the full picture, so try to avoid making assumptions, particularly about others. Although this can be a good time to open dialogue, ask questions, or seek more information.


The wee hours see’s the New Moon in Leo at 2:38 AM PST at 23 degrees. This decan of Leo is associated with Mars, and suggests a need for courage, tenacity, and fortitude under stress or significant challenges to the body, mind, or spirit. There are obstacles that need to be overcome, from both without and within. This New Moon is fortunately close to Venus, and in trine to Chiron, suggesting support, but the strongest signature is a square to Uranus. There can be some shocks. Something comes to the surface that is completely unexpected, though some information may be pleasantly surprising, there may also be things simultaneously emerging that are a bit unsettling to grapple with. Although good things are percolating, that serve as a sort of lighthouse through any challenges we may face, there may still be a struggle bus to close out. These are some passionate signatures. It can feel good to be breaking free of things that may have been holding you back, but it may take a lot of strength and determination. New information can come to light either around relationships, money, or even health matters. People can be surprising, but equally, we can also surprise and even amaze ourselves over the coming days. This can be a revealing and illuminating time. It’s as if the reboot button is being pressed. The Moon enters Virgo at 4:14 PM PST, where it will go on to oppose Saturn in Pisces, highlighting the collective healing crisis that’s been underway.  There may be a mountain of duties, necessities, or responsibilities, or a crisis to address that can create delays or put a damper on things for the time being. Keep the faith, keep plugging away, and have patience.


Hard work, patience, and diligence can pay off, and although the morning can be somewhat bogged down by toil and worry (Moon/Saturn), as the day wears on, there can be more optimism as the Moon trine’s Jupiter in Taurus. There can be a feeling here of finally getting on top of things that have posed challenges or difficulties.   In the very least, things can feel a bit more solid and it can feel good to see changes made produce beneficial results. There might even be some good news or helpful information. The Virgo lunation highlights problem solving, crisis prevention, health, healing, purification, cleansing, details, work, and organizational processes.


Today can see a lot of motivation to tackle issues and maintain relentless dominance over anything that could potentially undermine the progress that’s already been made. The Moon is conjunct Mercury and Mars in Virgo while trine Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This is a deep reset button. A lunar quincunx to Chiron suggests an opportunity to build bridges or mend things that have been fragile. A good day to tidy up, disinfect, organize, attend to details, and also good for gathering and exchanging helpful information. There can be a lot of insights available. These signatures really look like the launch of an attack on problems. In the very least, there’s a lot of motivation here to get quite a bit accomplished. There can be a desire for clarity around a situation. There could also be a preparation happening.


The Moon enters Libra at 4:53 AM PST. There can be some shifts happening that require intense focus, balance and compromise. Venus Rx is tightly square Jupiter, which can see a strong desire for people to enjoy themselves, and even the potential to go overboard, but there can also be other things that require a lot of focus, so striking a balance is key. There may be a need to tune out distractions, or balance several things simultaneously. With Mercury and Mars in Virgo, gritty details of life can seem to get  in the way of uncomplicated enjoyment. Slow, steady progress is key.


The Moon in Libra is sextile Venus and quincunx Jupiter while opposite Chiron today. This can see a strong desire for enjoyment and there can also be an emphasis here on physical balance. Just as easily there could be a need to have a little self control and patience. The Moon goes on to sesquisquare Saturn, which highlights a need to avoid self pity or succumbing to feelings of sadness or frustration. Even though it’s possible that certain things may be blocking particular desires right now, or delays may be causing doubts or uncertainty, aim to use this time as an opportunity for healing. Next Wednesday, the Sun enters Virgo and Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo until Sep 15. This can see an opportunity to fix mistakes and improve foundations.


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