Many things happened over the weekend. Venus stationed retrograde, Chiron stationed retrograde, and Mercury perfected a square to Uranus at 22 degrees. This could see some reveals, surprises or plot twists. Things can definitely be a bit topsy turvy, or there can be a weirdness in the air, but Mars in Virgo is determined to bring order and dignity to chaos. The Moon is in harmony seeking Libra today, opposite Chiron and square Juno. This can see some interpersonal sensitivity. Mercury and Uranus may have caused some shock or sudden realizations, or the need to do things differently, perceive things differently, or even speak differently. Unusual situations can have some people feeling a bit raw, sensitive, vulnerable or challenged. Staying open to new possibilities or different perspectives can help integrate new or unusual insights or realities. The Mercury/Uranus influence is still strong today, and although there may be challenges or unusual things to contend with, this can also be mobilizing. Last week, we dealt with the Mars/Saturn opposition. This week, Mars comes in contact with Jupiter, and solutions are more readily in sight. 


The Moon enters Scorpio at 9:55 AM PST, squaring the Sun in Leo and Pluto in 29 Capricorn, and trine Saturn in Pisces. Although there can be some tension, and pressure, there can also be a push for breakthroughs and a tenacious determination to stabilize things. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars and oppose Jupiter, which can see more motivation to get things organized and streamlined. There can be some optimism around progress. Tomorrow can see some decisive energy.


The Sun is still opposite Pluto, and although out of sign now, is still an underlying influence. This can see a push for major overhauls. In some ways it can be kind of menacing or intimidating, but also motivating. The Moon is sextile Mars and opposite Jupiter, which can see a tendency for people to bite off more than they can chew. There’s definitely a strong desire (or requirement) to get a lot done. Excitement can build as the Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, this can also give some people a case of nerves. An awkward quincunx to Chiron can offer up opportunities for healing, forgiveness, and bridge building. 


There can be some things that feel unsettled socially or interpersonally as the day starts off with the Moon opposite Uranus, and square Mercury and Venus, which are exactly conjunct today at 28 degrees Leo. The Moon is also trine Neptune, bringing a lot of understanding and compassion to dynamics or situations that may be unsettled or rocky. In some ways there can simply be tension between people wanting to enjoy themselves, and the need for hard, but rewarding work. In spite of the lunar squares, good agreements can be worked out and there may even be some sparks. Feelings can play a big role in communications today, and in some ways this can be centered on the past or offer new or surprising insights into emotions or instincts around relationships, recent happenings or investments, just when you think you had something or someone figured out. The Moon enters optimistic and forward looking Sagittarius at 5:24 PM PST, to trine the Sun, and eventually Venus in Leo. There may be some obstacles or frustrations to contend with at first, but things will eventually find more of a foothold.


The Moon squares Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, seeing a bit of crotchety energy as the day begins, in spite of optimism and support. There may be situations that require some patience, hard work, and attention to detail. Recent disturbances in the force likely serve an ultimately beneficial purpose. Mercury enters Virgo today at 2:31 PM, which can see a pause for thought when it eventually goes on to oppose Saturn. Mercury will also go retrograde in August, where it will aim to sort things out, improve and perfect them. Today can see the power of positive thinking in the face of any frustrations, delays or obstacles. The lunar square to Saturn lets up in the afternoon, but the square to Mars doesn’t relent until around midnight. Try to funnel any frustrations into productive ends and take care not to overreact.


The Moon in Sagittarius forms a trine to Venus in Leo, while square Neptune and trine Chiron. There is potential here for little pleasure trips but there may also be an out of sorts feeling where maybe the will is there to execute things but the energy is low, or there are things that still need to be tended to which can leave people feeling a bit spaced out. There can be positive and even emotionally healing interchanges. Maybe taking care of work, chores or responsibilities has to happen before people can really let their hair down, or maybe a compromise can be found. The day can be largely pleasant, but it’s possible that responsibilities or things that need to be attended to aren’t far from the mind. The Moon enters dutiful Capricorn at 8:44 PM PST, seeing the rest of the weekend oriented towards streamlining, organizing, cleaning, problem solving, and preparing for the week, and month ahead, which can require a lot of dedication to making improvements.


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Mars and Mercury in Virgo while sextile Saturn, going on to trine Jupiter in Taurus. It can feel surprisingly good to get on top of certain things, organize, accomplish, prepare and improve. If there’s been anything that’s felt out of sorts, this energy is determined to address it head on as opposed to simply resign to complaining about it or feeling helpless. It's a pull yourself up by your bootstraps energy. A lunar trine to Pallas also highlights longterm efficiency, health, organization, work and improvement strategies. There is an eye here on the long term. Today is down to earth, grounded, sensible, and pragmatic. Next week kicks off on an ambitious and productive note, determined to make some changes and whip things into shape.


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