We begin the week still adapting to the shift of emphasis brought on by the Sun’s entrance into Gemini, and Mercury backtracking into Taurus, among other things, - with still more shifts to come as Mars enters Aries on Tuesday and Venus changes signs on Saturday. The Moon is in reflective Pisces today, sextile Uranus and conjunct Neptune and Juno. There may be some perspective changing surprises to integrate as new facts have been coming to light via unexpected news or communications with Mercury now having backed into Taurus. This can bring more clarity of purpose. Later on, the Moon goes on to conjunct Mars in the final, most urgent degrees of Pisces, suggesting that passions can be surprising and a desire for action, not just fantasizing or dreaming, can grow over the coming days. The evening ends on an imaginative and enthusiastic note that grows more determined on Tuesday onward. There can be a lot of motivation to prepare for more activity and focus in the are of your chart ruled by Aries. 


We begin today with the Moon in late Pisces sextile Mercury, conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Neptune, while sextile Pluto. News and communications can motivate significant change and shifts, and a renewed sense of clarity, drive, inspiration, and purpose can permeate the atmosphere.  Venus perfects a sextile to Saturn today at 25 degrees, and this can see patience paying off, and it can feel like we are finally about to see the fruits of our labors, patience, or devotion.There can be something beautiful unfolding. Shifts and changes being integrated and adapted to can still be in a sort of preparitory phase, but there is a feeling that things are turning a new and exciting corner. The Moon enters Aries at 2:39 PM PST, with Mars following suit at 4:17 PM PST.  Here the Moon is sextile the Sun, and conjunct both Mars and Jupiter. There is something that has our enthusiasm levels up to 11. With Mars now out of Pisces, and new facts coming to light, there can be a strong desire to act immediately and see an instant change. Mars is like a pent up animal, as in Pisces, it felt inhibited, shy, and uncertain. Now there can be more certainty around drives, but it will be important to temper enthusiasm lest assertion borders on aggression or over eagerness that can sabotage even the most lifted of circumstances. In either case, something can definitely be adding to enthusiasm and excitement levels, and it can feel in some cases that certain wishes are being granted. Mars is much more comfortable and motivated here. This energy can lift people out of ruts.


The Moon is conjunct Chiron today, indicating a lot of sensitivity but also an increase in hopefulness and confidence. Morale may have been boosted around something. With the Sun in Gemini sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto, there may be some powerful shifts occurring via communications, siblings, neighbors, news, and things going on in our local environment that can have more significance than we may realize. Mercury is sextile Mars and trine Pluto while squaring Saturn. There can be a powerful urge to communicate, but there may also be some shyness or inhibition, or a need to be careful in how we communicate certain truths as they can pack quite a punch. Although there may be something exciting brewing or something that has us feeling enthusiastic and motivated, there may be a need to be careful or sensitive about how we share certain facts that have emerged with others, as what may seem simple, innocent, uncomplicated, or just plain and simple goodness can somehow be loaded or heavy for certain others to digest. In other cases, there can be a feeling of intimidation around certain good things unfolding, almost as if there’s a need to look for something wrong, or waiting for a carriage to inevitably turn into a pumpkin. Regardless of whatever shifts are occurring now, there can be some things to be excited about. 


The Moon conjoins Venus and sextile’s Saturn while squaring powerful Pluto today, and this can see a strong emphasis on pleasure, enjoyment, and some powerful pulls. The sextile to Saturn suggests that something can be finally stabilizing that can allow for more enjoyment without upsetting the structure of our lives and our longterm goals. In fact, there can be an awareness here about the need or desire to integrate something enjoyable into our routines, and this can see a focus on harmonious change, adapting, and making room for something or someone. There can also be a bit of a transition here as certain patterns of stagnancy are phased out. With Venus entering Taurus on Saturday, there will be more of an emphasis on the little things and creature comforts that make life worth living. The Moon squaring Pluto while Venus perfects a square to Pluto at 28 degrees can see some underlying intensity, strong passions, drives, pulls, or undercurrents of power and passion permeating things. Almost as if whatever is going on might upset certain others, or there might be a need to be low key to avoid drama, power struggles, dropping the ball in other areas, or being consumed or obsessed with something or someone. If that isn’t the case, there’s simply a lot that is transforming interpersonally or socially and a need to clear the decks for sweeping changes settling into place. Venus square Pluto is rife with desire, and Venus in the final degree of Aries wants what it wants yesterday, so take care not to self sabotage via wanting something so badly that you chase it away or rip it to shreds and prematurely abandon the mission out of insecurity because it’s not instantaneous. There is some powerful chemistry or fated interactions or dynamics in play in this mathscape. The Moon enters sensual, practical and tactile Taurus at 11:22 PM PST, placing a focus on enjoying the small and simple pleasures of everyday existence. 


We begin the day with the Moon still conjunct Venus, while Venus is entering the final and most urgent degree of Aries and squaring Pluto. This can see some intense cravings, and an excited, almost nervous impatience, perhaps even a bit of intimidation. Slowing down to a more organic pace that allows you to enjoy the process and the small pleasures along the way is key. The Moon conjuncts Uranus, and this can see a lot of changes happening on a practical, every day level, and it can be liberating in some way to embrace authenticity and feel catalyzed out of certain stagnant ruts that many people settled into while Mars was in Pisces. With the Moon conjunct Uranus, and sextile Juno, the day can keep us on our toes as far as being adaptable to change goes, particularly socially, interpersonally or financially. Venus in the final degree of Aries squaring Pluto is in a low key beast mode. This aspect is powerful, driven, obsessed, compelling, instinctual and deeply passionate. There may be a need to try and calm down and cultivate some moderation, as something or someone can really have people fired up about getting what they want. This aspect is an irresistible pull and a compelling, magnetic drive. Mercury Rx in Taurus tries to play it down with it’s square to demure Saturn and it’s sextile to shy, spiritual Neptune, but it’s trine to Pluto suggests there is absolutely a desire here to get to the bottom of something, bring things to the surface and actualize something slowly and gradually.


Venus enters sensual and practical Taurus at 7:46 AM PST, still squaring Pluto. The planet of love, money, beauty, creativity, and sensuality has identified what it wants while in Aries, Mercury Rx in Taurus has been on a fact finding mission around how feasible something is, and now Venus slips into a more seductive and easy going frame, settling into a more grounded, practical, and centered attitude. Venus in Taurus brings people back into their bodies and the beauty of the everyday experience along with the simple pleasures available to us in the humble and typically underrated places that people can tend to take for granted The Moon conjuncts Uranus, and Mercury Rx in Taurus, while squaring Saturn, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. This can see a focus on communications and fact finding, as well as adaptation, organizing and preparing.  The Moon square Saturn emphasizes the need to play the long game and to temper nervous impatience and desire for instant gratification with resilience, strategy, and enjoying the journey.  What is meant for you will come. The Moon trine Pluto can indicate certain confidences shared or things uncovered that can stoke inspiration, change things dramatically, and bring more clarity of purpose. Next week begins on a driven and motivated note. There’s everything to play for, and the little, humble things in life can take on much more significance. 


Early morning see’s the Moon in late Taurus conjunct Mercury Rx and trine Pluto. This can see a somewhat reflective and earthy atmosphere. There may be a lot of information to sift through, but the Taurus Moon craves simplicity. Venus has just entered easy going, slow moving Taurus, where the pace is more relaxed and the focus is on enjoying the little things. The Moon enters talkative Gemini around 10:23 AM PST, placing a focus on communications, returning calls, messages, or uncovering information. Here, the Moon is conjunct the Sun in preparation for the New Moon that occurs tomorrow. This can see a busy Sunday for some, with errands, short visits, or meet ups, or a lot to do. It can feel busy and packed with activities, talks, communications, or a lot to keep up with. Mercury Rx squaring Saturn can feel mentally weary or a bit frayed around the edges. This aspect seeks to minimize stimulation to the bare minimum of what’s absolutely necessary in order to concentrate on what is essential, while the Moon in Gemini demands a bit of plate spinning and dexterity, at least, for the time being. There are certain things that can be very motivating, but there are also a lot of distractions, shifts, or comings and goings to accommodate. As we head into the New Moon, make sure to take some time for renewal and try not to overtax your nervous system. 


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