Today see’s the Moon in action oriented Aries, trine the Sun, Mercury and square Venus and Pluto which perfected their conjunction on Saturday. Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius in the wee hours PST, and Mercury enters Capricorn near 10 AM PST. So we see some significant shifts taking hold here.  The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter, which suggests there’s things to feel optimistic about, even in the face of significant transformations. This being the shadow phase of the Venus retrograde, (which begins officially this upcoming Sunday), can see things in rather unusual territory. With Venus stopping right on top of Pluto at the end of this week, this can see us wanting to look at something or someone more closely, as there may be something promising we may have overlooked, or there is a complexity there that causes a fascination or fixation. Meanwhile, Mars entering Sagittarius portends a cycle of adventurous curiosity where there is more passion to widen our lens on the world, while Mercury in Capricorn snaps us into reality in an earthy and matter of fact way, and our focus on a particular goal will become razor sharp. Today can see some promising news or developments, and there can be some intensity lurking under the surface. Differences between ourselves and others can be a source of both attraction and repulsion, and subtle culture clashes or differences in backgrounds, values, habits, etc can be opportunities for growth, learning and expansion. Venus/Pluto loves and hates like a tattooed fist, so there can be some interesting (to say the least) dynamics in operation now, that contain depth and complexity. Mars in Sagittarius braves this otherwise slightly intimidating terrain with an explorative, open minded and philosophical attitude. 


Today see’s the Moon in down to earth Taurus conjunct exciting Uranus, square Saturn, and trine Mercury in realistic and cautious Capricorn. This can see a slow, steady and cautious approach to radical changes or very unusual situations or people. The lunar trine to the asteroid Juno suggests that there are positive things on offer via relationships to others, but there are certain realities or limitations that need to be accepted or taken into account. Today has a practical focus, and the lunar square to Saturn suggests applying any wisdom we have accumulated via our experiences. Something calls for maturity, hard work, or discipline. There can be a lot of distractions. With the Sun sextile Jupiter and square Neptune, our world may be expanding in ways that leave a lot of open ended questions, and a lot of unsolved mysteries. Today’s lunar aspects place emphasis on focusing on that which we can control, amidst the changes and transformations taking place now. For many, the interpersonal/social/ or financial front is undergoing some powerful tectonic shifts. A lot is going on under the surface. Tomorrow can see some compelling draws, or some intense, perhaps highly unusual dynamics or preoccupations in the spotlight. Things that are unfolding can give us much to ponder upon. There can be exciting changes or major shifts that shake things up, -or a desire for that.


Today see’s the Moon in sensual Taurus trine Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, square Jupiter, and sextile Neptune. Obsessive focus on something can be magnified right now, but this can actually feel good. Fantasy and imagination merges with the earthy practicality to manifest powerful changes, slowly but surely. Ideals can be high, and we can derive a sense of pleasure from being responsible or dedicated to something or someone. There can be some very positive shifts occurring or the potential of such is available, materially, financially, interpersonally, socially. Our values, tastes, sensibilities, and what pleases us can be vividly in focus, and there can be much to integrate. Tuning into these things, (as well as to the body) functions as a good compass now. 


Today could see some intensity. Perhaps pleasant intensity? Either way, it’s possible diplomacy will be required to navigate certain dynamics or situations. This is a very driven configuration. Noonish PST see’s the Moon reach 29 degrees Taurus,, and this can represent a peak point of productivity, success, a task completed, or an aim accomplished. 12:43 PM PST see’s the Moon swing into Gemini, and this can see something solidified via communications. This could represent something beneficial being negotiated. The Moon/ Mars contact can be utilized positively to get a lot accomplished very quickly, or used on something that requires a great deal of effort and concentration. Potentially also good for trades. Negatively, this energy could be squandered on disputes, outbursts, or arguments. Not needing to win trivial arguments saves you time, energy, and friends, and you don’t need to attend every argument you’re invited to. Arguing with a fool means there are two fools. Moon sextile Chiron can see a compassionate attitude to other peoples pain and weaknesses.


Today cam see a focus on solidifying or concluding some negotiations, meetings, or building bridges of communications. The evening see’s the Moon square Neptune, and this can see some confusion, possible deception, delays, or a lack of clarity. Things can feel open ended and unclear, or there could be mysterious or secretive elements at play and a need to get a better grasp on something or get more information. The Sun sextile Jupiter is generous and optimistic with it’s assessment, and acknowledging the positives can be easier to do. Mercury in Capricorn is naturally cautious, rational, observant, realistic, and methodical in it’s approach, and it’s trine to Uranus can see a lot of original ideas, insights, and a “think outside the box,” experimental mentality. It’s square to Chiron maintains an air of humility, due to things being in uncharted terrain.  Something may be being released now, perhaps an old way of doing things, and a restructuring process is underway.


Today see’s the build up to the Full Moon in Gemini this evening. The Moon is opposite the Sun, trine Jupiter, and square Neptune. This can see some beneficial arrangements. Take care to avoid deceptive (or self deceptive) elements, or deluding yourself, and don’t be swindled, gamed, or manipulated. These maths can see opportunities to help others in need, and there is an emotional generosity, as well as genuine curiosity, with a desire to expand our world through communications. Make sure to look after yourself as well, and try not to overly cater to the desires of others. Compassion is present but so is confusion, and this can see a release of something, a person, a situation, a mindset,- with a focus on building new, more positive foundations. A lot of nervous curiosity is present here. The Moon trine Jupiter can see adventurous plans in the making, and things can be pleasantly expanding, but there can be internal emotional conflicts about things. The Full Moon culminates at 8:36 PM PST at 27 degrees Gemini. This face of Gemini isn’t the easiest lunar position. It represents a sort of “executioners sword”, difficult decisions to make, warring cultures, or internal/external conflicts of interest. It’s a rather emotionally unavailable and removed lunar placement due to the sort of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” nature of whatever difficult decisions manifest in this decan of Gemini, due to the polarizing elements it contains. Light and dark are in contention here, and it is a tragicomedy. Choose wisely, as decisions made under this decan tend to have an element of finality and weight about them. The Full Moon here calls such difficult choices and inner/outer bargaining to our attention, and can be something requiring examination going forward.


The Moon enters comfort seeking Cancer this morning, opposite Mercury, sextile Uranus, and square Chiron. We can be sensitive and feel undecided about the changes unfolding, while also feeling excited, even if new terrain emotionally or commercially has us feeling somewhat vulnerable.Venus stations retrograde at 26 degrees conjunct Pluto at 2:36 AM. Venus in the 3rd face of Capricorn has an affection for heights, mastery, and power, and desires to be enthroned. It also possesses an innate appreciation of the qualities, attributes and virtues necessary to achieve it’s goals of enthronement. A throne of any kind is never offered without great responsibility. Venus backtracking through the third and second decans of Capricorn will provide an opportunity to reevaluate and streamline an approach to our goals and ambitions. This retrograde station occurring right after a Full Moon in Gemini can also bring a meditation upon the necessary sacrifices required to achieve them. Time is valuable. Who and what we spend it on determines our karma, and is the birthplace of either future misery or future success. Venus stationing retrograde being conjunct Pluto places a spotlight on karmic enmeshments, karmic contracts. Energetic entanglements that can be binding in nature, or in the very least, difficult to get out of once entered into. Therefore it’s wise to carefully evaluate who and what you choose to give your power away to. Examine the cost of any idolatry, the value of consigning away your authority, and the integrity of things and people who occupy untouchable pedestals of power and authority within your mind and within your world. Weigh the price of your values and of the powers that you desire for yourself accordingly, because the 3rd decan of Capricorn sheds light on the fact that more often than not, the price of power or the privileges one desires is one's own freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, and vital life forces. 


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