Today see’s the Moon in Cancer trine the Sun in Pisces, sextile the Sun in Uranus, and square Chiron. This can see some unusual or surprising feelings come to the surface, and we may be seeking new emotional outlets, and emotional and psychic refreshment. It’s like beating the dust out of an old blanket and shaking out the dust bunnies. This can see some interesting psychological, spiritual, or emotional revelations, and there may be an element of vulnerability to this, as there is a sort of attempt to liberate ourselves from fears or old wounds that may be holding us back from reaching new levels of fulfillment, growth, healing, and awareness. A new spiritual bandwidth is trying to push itself through and it’s becoming nearly impossible not to grow, mentally and spiritually, and the more we ignore the call towards deeper meaning, the more uncomfortable it becomes. With Mercury now direct, and closer to Saturn than the benefics, there may be a bit of “stiffness”, inhibition, challenges, pessimism, or fear to work through, but there is also a sort of maturity and determination to keep going, even if there has been a slow down or certain challenges to progress during Mercury’s final week retrograde last week. The Moon in emo Cancer later goes on to trine mystical Neptune in the early evening hours, and the can see a lot of compassion, spirituality, and even some almost telepathic connections. The trine between Mars and Pluto will perfect exactly tomorrow, at 25 degrees, so a push towards major, and deep transformation is really culminating towards a breakthrough. With Mars square Venus, and Venus gearing up to change signs soon, these transformations can involve Venus related matters (relationships/partnerships/money/creativity/beauty/the arts/values/self worth/etc). This can see a push towards a more spiritual dimension in regards to these matters, and a desire for deeper meaning, deeper values, and deeper connections that nourish the psyche, nourish the soul, and help us transcend the material or superficial and help bring aspects of a more idyllic and cosmic reality down to the earth plane. With the Sun in etheric Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, a theme of “spiritual awakening” can be felt, and the more nuanced, subtle, psychological and soulful realities of existence can be very apparent and more difficult to deny. This can also see a radical compassion and an opening up of the feelings, an exploration of the psyche, and there can be more open mindedness to what has perhaps been previously dismissed as too “woo woo”, “out there”, or unusual to take seriously. The soul, the Universe, God, the unspeakable galactic funk, (regardless what your name for it is,)-the more spiritual dimensions of reality demand to be acknowledged. 


This morning begins with the Moon in sensitive Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. This can see some intense feelings around something, or perhaps some poignant, or compelling emotional and spiritual experiences. There’s certainly a lot of depth of feeling and compassion to these configurations, and the intuition can be highly attuned. As the morning wears on into afternoon, the Moon makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus, which is perfecting it’s powerful trine to Pluto in Capricorn today at 25 degrees.  This can see a powerful drive towards action that can feel emotionally and spiritually compelling and revitalizing, and there may be an increased motivation towards a deeper authenticity, and making something happen or seeing something through. Perhaps certain feelings or realities that have been buried, denied, occulted, or submerged come more fully into the light of conscious awareness, and this can see some pretty profound shifts occurring that can be emotionally and/or spiritually invigorating, and infuse us with a sense of motivation, perhaps to fix or improve something, that may have been somewhat flagging or poorly understood. These configurations can see an increase in self assurance, drive, decisiveness and assertiveness around something, but is balanced nicely with gentleness and sensitivity to others feelings. It can be a fruitful energy, creatively, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The lunar opposition to Pluto can see some compelling, investigative forces at work, and there’s a clear push for inner and outer transformation. A feeling of “something has to change.” This rather intense configuration can be channelled constructively to facilitate some pretty awesome results or breakthroughs. Mercury, now direct, drifts further away from Saturn and closer and closer to Jupiter once again, and the Sun and Venus drift closer together, so as the week wears on, optimism and new hope can begin to pick back up, and the sense that our world is positively expanding that was felt previously as the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction perfected a few weeks ago, can once again be recaptured, as Mercury slowly but surely picks up steam. Tomorrow, the Moon enters charismatic and theatrical Leo, and the Leo lunation can see some unexpected surprises, or can see ourselves or others behave out of character or in unexpected ways. Perhaps some radical changes are being considered. There can be some rebelliousness, -and anywhere that there are authoritative, pushy, or overly controlling forces, there will be those who challenge this, who will stand up for themselves and others, and challenge the legitimacy of said “authority.” This can see an air of controversy brewing, but also a lot of courage in the face of challenges. Today can see an energetic drive to push through to make positive reforms that are more in alignment with our deepest values. 


Today see’s the Moon in fun seeking and playfully competitive Leo, in trine to Chiron in Aries, squaring Uranus, and opposite Mercury and Saturn. This is an interesting bunch of configurations, and there can be courage and rebelliousness in the face of obstacles or oppressive forces. The lunar opposition to Saturn can see some potential for feeling lonely or cut off from others, duty bound, or restricted somehow. The lunar/Mercury opposition can see some indecisiveness or self doubt,  where the lunar square to Uranus can see an emotionally erratic and somewhat exciting atmosphere of anticipation. There’s a rebelliousness to these configurations. Freedom of speech or it’s lack, and/or a feeling of being judged, condemned or just ignored, overlooked, or dismissed, or just feeling somewhat inhibited comes to mind with the Moon/Mercury/Saturn configurations. Perhaps it’s just that certain circumstances feel somewhat limiting or constraining. But the lunar trine to Chiron thankfully brings a healing resilience, courage and compassion to the table. Interestingly, the asteroid Hygeia, the asteroid of health, who presides over maintaining a healthy relationship between the body and the soul, is now retrograde in Leo, and the Moon in Leo makes a strong conjunction to this asteroid today, which can see these matters highlighted somehow. The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius as well, and as this opposition grows in strength this can see an inner battle over different drives and impulses, but these configurations clearly exemplify a desire for change, to shake something up, but perhaps wrestling a bit with how to go about doing that exactly. There can be a growing enthusiasm, and some shocks or surprises under these configurations as well, perhaps even some kind of epiphanies. It’s a quirky and unusual atmosphere to say the least.  The emphasis on oppositions here under the Leo lunation highlights a need to bring balance to areas that have been out of balance. If we’ve made a lot of progress in some area, or even just taken in a lot of new and surprising information, perhaps it’s come at the expense of one or several other areas, and there’s a need to get on top of things or better integrate the changes and new information, so that things don’t spiral out of control or throw us totally off balance. The need to get more organized and grounded will certainly be highlighted at the Full Moon in detail oriented Virgo on Saturday. The Leo lunation can see a whole lot going on, a whole lot to take in, and there can be a nervous excitement that can perhaps feel a bit overwhelming to the nervous system. So many changes have been navigated in recent weeks , so much has been learned, and there’s certainly been a lot to adapt to. There’s a need to balance different polarities within the self and within the structure of our lives that can be highlighted here, in order to adapt to new and surprising things, and for the positive changes we’ve been pushing towards to really take root. 


This morning see’s Venus move into mystical, dreamy, sensitive and imaginative Pisces at 5:11 AM PST. The Moon in Leo is still opposite Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, so there’s evidence here that something has certainly given us a WHOLE lot to think about. Midmorning, the lunar/Saturn opposition relents. We also see a lunar trine to Juno in Sagittarius as well, which can see supportive relationship contacts that can help to boost our morale, courage, and sense of optimism. With Venus now in romantic and dreamy Pisces, the Sun/Venus conjunction will increase in strength, and this brings relationships and our desire for beauty, pleasure, love, and all things Venus (and Neptune) ruled, more under the spotlight.  It’s possible that certain epiphanies or new information that’s come to light this week has had something to do with our relationships to others, and maybe something learned or revealed has induced a sort of shift. The Moon goes on to square Mars, and oppose Venus as it get’s into the later degrees of Leo, accentuating the Venus/Mars square. This can see something of significance unfolding interpersonally. The Mars/Venus square will relent in a matter of days, but this tension between the two planets of love and passion have worked to facilitate some sort of breakthrough. The coming days can see a sort of softening of boundaries, a letting down of walls in some way. There can be a need to integrate all that’s been learned or exchanges that have made some sort of impression upon us. The lunar square to Mars can see some impatience, a desire for action, perhaps some irritability, stubbornness, or even intolerance, but this energy can be easily channelled into creative or even physical activities if some self control is positively harnessed. A lunar quincunx to Pluto can see a sort of obsessive fixation on something and there can be a need to slow down and intentionally cultivate some objectivity or detachment. There’s certainly evidence of some passion here, and this weekend can see an organizational effort towards making concrete changes as we integrate new emotional or spiritual realities. 



Friday see’s the Moon in practical and detail oriented Virgo, in opposition to the Sun and Venus in Pisces, trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Mars, now in late Taurus and due to head into multitasking Gemini next Wednesday.  There can be a lot to take in here, and much of what’s been absorbed has prompted a desire to make physical and practical changes in the real world. These are some very physical and mystical configurations. There can be a desire here to get organized, and stay grounded amidst an ongoing background of a more dreamy and spiritual reality that is very retiring, private, quiet, sensitive, and solitary. The inner fantasy life, and the polarity/synergy between the spiritual/psychological and the physical/practical is very highlighted under the Virgo lunation. The relationship between the psyche and the body. Our mental state, and our reality. Virgo presides over elimination, purification, and simplification. Distilling complex universal truths down to their most basic components. Virgo also presides over health, routines, fitness, diet, regiments, self improvement, organization, work, service to others, and also, -our furry friends. The lunar trine towards Uranus can see a desire to make some radical shifts, and the perfection of the Mars/Pluto trine perfecting this week placed on emphasis on an ongoing process of positive reform and a push towards more authenticity. With Venus having shifted sign, and the Mars/Venus square relenting tomorrow, while the Moon opposes the Sun and Venus, it’s possible that certain others have inspired us further on our evolutionary path and given us something to strive towards or hope for, or in the very least, instilled in us some motivation that assists us in tapping into our own capacities for growth, change, and evolution. There may be a need to strike a balance here between our own needs and the needs of others, or between practical realities and our need for more reflection and meditation this weekend, as there is much going on internally and externally that requires integration and adaptation. Catching up with ourselves.


Today we see the Full Moon culminate in Virgo at 12:26 AM PST, so a little bit after witching hour. Along with the classic Moon/Sun opposition we also see the opposition to Venus and trine to Uranus. So this Full Moon can bring with it some interpersonal realizations or epiphanies that can give us much to contemplate or prepare for. In some ways, much of this may have been rather unexpected, and may have emerged quite out of the blue. There may be a need to catch up to these new realizations, as they may be having quite an impact, even if just on a subtle, metaphysical level. As Full Moons are about endings or a closing of chapters, this can see a release of patterns, habits, routines, even ruts we’ve been in, that no longer serve us or reflect our ideals or what we long to actualize in our lives. Wrapping up of loose ends. The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Neptune which can necessitate a need for reflection, compassion, faith, and release, and in some ways, it can feel that certain boundaries or walls are in a process of dissolving, perhaps walls we didn’t even realize had been erected to begin with. Conversely there can be an element of longing or sadness, or uncertainty. Desires that want to be fulfilled but circumstances could be in the way. Perhaps it's just a matter of time and patience and pushing through. Venus/Mars square also relents today, and Mercury has also loosened it’s tensions with Uranus which was rather jangling to the nervous system. Slowly but surely it can feel that certain tensions are somewhat dissolving and settling down. The Moon goes on to trine Pluto as well, and this combination of aspects can see something make a deep impression upon us, and we can be drawn towards something or someone very unusual, perhaps spiritual or artistic. It can see some positive transformations unfolding as well, or there is an intense process underway that can be somewhat all consuming. There's just something intense AF about all of this and everything can be a lot to take in. The Moon throws in a trine to Mars in Taurus as well, and this can see our passions positively engaged, with an action packed and driven element to the day. Our ideals can be highly stimulated here, whether spiritually, creatively, romantically or otherwise. Pushing something through to completion or a breakthrough point.


This morning begins with the Moon in the final degrees of Virgo, trine both Mars and Pluto. This can see a very focused drive and a very pronounced “getting your shit together” energy. Something can be profoundly motivating to us, and it’s possible for some that perhaps it’s another person who has inspired us, or there is someone or something we care about dearly that we can feel very driven and determined about. Around 11:17 AM PST the Moon heads into relationship oriented Libra, which see’s the Moon hold a trine to Mars in late Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius, which can signify the building of new and promising interpersonal foundations. Venus also heads into sextile with Uranus today as well, and this can definitely see something new transpiring in the area of relationships with others, and all things Venus ruled. There can be something highly spiritual, unconventional, creative, and very refreshing about interactions that could be getting off the ground now. There can be some really unexpected but pleasant developments that we really didn’t see coming, and also a trend towards liberation. Something or someone can really be inspiring us to grow spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically, and to be more free somehow. It’s like some kind of walls are crumbling and letting in some really beautiful light, inspiration, and warmth. A lunar opposition to Chiron suggests that in some ways we have to challenge our own self protective tendencies, but also muster the courage to stand up for ourselves in the face of pressure. Perhaps there’s a wariness of being wounded, and/or a need to challenge our people pleasing tendencies. There's a certain vulnerability to these aspects, along with a desire to protect and defend the vulnerable. Late evening see’s the Moon in Libra trine both Mercury and Saturn, so it looks like new channels of communication are being more firmly established between ourselves and others. This get’s March off to an interesting and optimistic, somewhat exciting and liberating start, and we can feel our world being expanded somehow via our connection to and solidarity with others, and/or communication endeavors. This actually looks potentially really interesting and beautiful.


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