Today see’s the Moon in Taurus , conjunct Uranus, and square Mercury in theatrical and expressive Leo. This can see a sentiment of some being fed up with restrictions and very vocal about it. The lunar/Uranus alignment emphasizes freedom from constraints, but can also see a lot of weird, wild things going on, while the lunar square to Mercury can see this have somewhat of an overdramatic flair. The later goes on to square the Sun in Leo as well, and form a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. This can see more emotional generosity, while simultaneously bringing more attention to stubborn resistance to impediments on freedom and human rights. The spotlight is certainly on the fact that people want their basic human rights back. I woke up this morning and my attention was very much on the situation in Melbourne Australia. The current configurations certainly exemplify the world events. The Mars/Saturn square shows two factions that do not agree, and it can be difficult for people to resist divisiveness and a demonization of “the other side.” It will be important therefore, to try and maintain our common humanity for the rest of the year, as there are celestial trends that could encourage a certain dehumanization, particularly of those who “don’t follow the rules” or question “authority” in any way. Under such configurations, it will be wise to question the merit of such “authority”, as the proclivity towards abuse of power is certainly present in the configurations of 2020. Currently not only is Mars in Aries squaring Saturn in Cap, but also Jupiter, so there is an inflated reactionary response on both sides, but particularly so on the side with the most power and authority that is emphasized in triplicity in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto.) As the week starts out with the Moon in Taurus we see unconventional, shocking, and unexpected moves on behalf of authority as well as on behalf of those opposed to it, and with Leo currently emphasized there is a certain overdramatic, even bombastic flair to all of this, and Jupiter certainly magnifies and exaggerates everything beyond all proportion.


This morning begins with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, square the Sun and Mercury in dramatic Leo in the early morning hours. For some this can see some lucky breaks or bizarre strokes of fortune, or other interesting, noteworthy happenings. The trine to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as a loopy, relaxed sextile to Neptune in Pisces dominates for most of the day, which can see some unusual, out of the ordinary occurrences that stand out somehow. This can certainly see some pushback against repressive measures gain some foothold. It also creates a potential opportunity to dissolve division with a lunar sextile to Neptune in the picture for a portion of the day. This can see empathy and understanding, or at least the potential for it. The lunar square to the Sun in Leo, along with the trines to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto certainly brings authority (and clashes with it) into the spotlight, perhaps in a dramatic way.  For the most part today offers a grounded energy that is good for getting a foothold and making transformations that can help to form a good foundation. There is an edginess to the configurations of the week that are a consistent background theme, but the Taurus lunation can help to keep things simple and focus in on what’s in our own control and what’s in front of us. Cultivating self determination can help to stave off feelings of powerlessness, as with Mars in tension with Saturn (and with Pluto, exact on Thursday), this can be a source of edginess and discomforting undercurrents, as it can feel like certain powers are operating unchecked over our lives that can add to feelings of frustration, unsettled power dynamics, or looming confrontation. Self determination can help to transmute any such sources of edginess. Today offers a good opportunity to get grounded, rooted, and help to cultivate some stability and focus in on our center of power and internal locus of control.


Today see’s the Moon enter talkative, busy and multitasking Gemini. No major aspects form for the majority of the day, but a sextile to Chiron, a semisquare to Mars in Aries, and a sesquisquare to Pluto in Capricorn suggests taking initiatives, or perhaps having conversations via text, online, or with neighbors, or taking short trips in the local environment that can help to boost morale, or set a completely new precedent as to how we go about things in our everyday, local environment. The emphasis is on siblings, neighbors, and communications under the Gemini lunation, and things are changing and transforming in this area for sure, and people in our local environment could be catalysts for a new precedent. It could be that certain things are difficult to put into words for now, and that much of what we are doing now is simply observing and planning. There can be an increased sensitivity to what is said or done now, and it’s possible we’re just feeling things out or are in a fact gathering phase on how to approach something or someone, (or whether to do so at all.) The Moon in Gemini is inquisitive and curious, and there could be a subtle, low key fascination with something or someone perhaps rather different from ourselves, or perhaps we feel misunderstood, or have misunderstood someone else. If that's not the case, it could be that things are simply transforming in our neighborhood or local environs in a big way, and this could set off some nervous excitement. Regardless, the lunar sextile to Chiron provides a certain compassion and understanding for other people’s struggles, as well as some healing synchronicities. This lunation can heighten our curiosity about the world around us, and see us seek more variety and stimulation through our everyday environment. Today may be more about observing. Tomorrow can see more actual communication or talks transpire, or agreements reached, but there can be some confusion in the air, -at least initially. It can be challenging if it feels like people are from “different camps” or “different cultures”, or simply have different points of view that can feel irksome to get around or reconcile, as people can be pretty entrenched in their viewpoints. Otherwise, this is a very catalyzing mathscape that can see some powerful changes and negotiations unfolding.


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury, and eventually the Sun, in playful and creative Leo, -while also squaring Neptune. It could be that a common chord can be struck through playful or creative activities, and there can be a playful, competitive streak to these configurations. There could also be good news, but also a feeling that more information is yet needed. The Mars/Pluto square is exact today at 23 degrees, which can certainly see some intense, if rather passionate undercurrents, and the lunar square to Neptune can bring up some of the confusing themes we experienced under the Venus retrograde. It can also potentially help function to dissolve entrenched viewpoints or barriers if given the chance. This powerful square can see some potent transformations or major power moves. There's definitely something "big" going on here that changes the landscape entirely. There is definitely a mischievous, curiosity and a playfulness to these configurations, that can see a sort of subtle competition of viewpoints that can spark some rather impassioned reactions, or stir intense feelings, or excitement. The Moon later goes on to sextile Mars in the evening, which really emphasizes the Mars/Pluto square, and on a positive note this can function as a sort of catalyst, and see some powerful actions being taken. The lunar square to Neptune all day can make for a sensitive, confused, if somewhat delusional vibe, and there can be an element of longing, dissatisfaction, or spaciness to this that can seek an outlet via entertainment, fun, creativity, recreation, or playful competition. There’s also the potential here with the Mars/Pluto square, for some drama, intensity, impulsivity, or compulsion, but this energy can just as easily be funneled into something extremely constructive. In either case, something changes forever going forward, and in a big or noteworthy way that makes an impact and a difference. The weekend can see a more emo, comfort seeking turn, with a simultaneous drive to seek creative stimulation, fun, or amusement. There's definitely some excitement in the air, and the configurations certainly suggest that some major shifts are happening that indicate the possibility that life could become more fun or entertaining.



This morning begins with the Moon in Gemini sextile the Sun in Leo and Mars in Aries, while still making a square to Neptune. This definitely suggests that there are certainly new initiatives that are infusing life with more excitement, motivation, and joy, and possibilities can feel promising. The lunar square to Neptune indicates the need for more information before we get too balls to the wall excited, but there is promise there for more excitement and opportunities, particularly in the local environment, and through communications. There’s a childlike enthusiasm here that can be bursting with energy that can really serve to light up any sense of flagging motivation. Suddenly things seem less drab and there can even be something to celebrate, even if it seems a little premature to draw conclusions. There’s definitely a lot of action this morning and perhaps a busy (but exciting) atmosphere. Mid morning see’s the Moon conjoin Venus as it prepares to enter cozy Cancer late in the afternoon at 4:36 PM PST. This can see some positive developments in relationships, partnerships, and on the home front, and regarding security, rootedness, and a sense of tribe. Evening see’s the Moon square Chiron, which can see a bit of vulnerability, but this also provides an opportunity to work out and assess any weaknesses. There are definitely some powerful changes happening under these configurations that can change our whole sense of “home”, “tribe”, “family”, and some people can be uprooting entirely, whilst others can be welcoming new (or old) members into their family or circle of close trusted others. A reconfiguration and revitalization of some sort is happening that is certainly causing a transformation. 


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus, square Chiron,  sextile Uranus, opposite Jupiter and Pluto, and trine Neptune. Wow. Talk about big changes. Some people could literally be moving or uprooting. Whatever is the case for you personally, it’s clear that things are definitely changing in a big way. Change can make us feel vulnerable, even when it’s positive. There’s something almost idyllic, synchronistic, or fated about this, and the lunar oppositions to Jupiter and Pluto definitely suggest that there’s nothing small fry about the changes unfolding at a foundational level in our lives right now. In some ways, with the lunar square to Chiron, we can feel a little out of our depth or a bit vulnerable in the face of what may feel like a rapid sea change, but there is something simultaneously sort of mystical and serendipitous about what’s unfolding, almost an answer to a prayer.  In some ways these configurations indicate that the universe seems to be sending nourishment and a sense of comfort, security directly where we’ve needed it most. Kind of like a big hug. There can definitely be a lot of emotion and sensitivity in the air, and things can feel “poignant”. Just the lunar contact to Uranus alone indicates foundational changes. Things are in flux right now, but seem headed in a positive direction that can set a completely new precedent. Big changes in the works, and there can be a lot of inspiration around this. 


Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer square Mars in Aries, while opposite Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually Saturn joins in on the action. Moon/Mars squares can sometimes be irritable and emotionally impulsive, frustrating, and intense, but for the most part this day can be centered around taking action around the home front or in regards to domestic situations. Again, a lot of people could literally be uprooting or moving house, or simply changing something big at a foundational level. There can be some impatience, aggression,and intensity to todays configurations, but this energy can be channelled into some constructive actions, as squares always indicate action. Certainly there is intensity in the air today, I can't emphasize that enough, considering the planets and signs involved, but the trine to Neptune suggests using our intuitive faculties and leaning on faith or connecting to whatever our concept of the divine is, to navigate very powerful currents. It also indicates a lot of synchronicity is afoot. This energy illustrates a foundational overhaul, and the construction of new foundations being set into place. The lunar opposition to Saturn can indicate that perhaps duty or some seriousness overrides our need for comfort and connection, and this can see some feeling cut off and perhaps a bit lonely or despondent, but this too shall pass, and it’s most likely just impatience, or circumstances beyond our control that is at the root of any despondency or discontent anyhow.  There’s definitely a lot of energy available to get a lot done.With both the Sun and Mercury in Leo making trines to Mars in Aries, there’s a hint of drama excitement, perhaps a stormy or theatrical atmosphere. For some, this can even have a romantic or creative dimension, and can see some exciting negotiations, intense undercurrents, or interesting plot twists, shifts, or handshakes underway. Next week begins on an exciting, unpredictable note, with the Moon in competitive, playful Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, and trine Chiron and Mars in Aries, indicating dynamic and positive changes, plot twists, certainly a lot of strange dinner theater, some of which can do a lot to boost morale or bring surprises.


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