Astrology For The Week Of May 27th-June 2

We begin the week with the Moon in emotional Pisces conjunct Neptune, square Mercury in Gemini, and Jupiter in Sagittarius.  There is also a lunar sextile to powerful Pluto in Capricorn. We could be processing a lot of confusing, intense emotions, endings, transformations, or issues around power dynamics, and feeling a bit “on edge.”  It’s clear that certain things have to change, but how, and “where to from here” may feel rather confounding, and we may waver “back and forth” about what direction to take. It could be that communications feel stalled or blocked due to a lack of clarity around sensitive issues. A lunar sextile to Saturn however, can also indicate that someone is feeling very “resolute” about where they stand. 

In either case, it’s a rather emotionally charged, even vulnerable atmosphere, with Mars still in Cancer square Chiron. Protecting ones own interests continues to be a strong, driving force.

Tuesday, May 28th, see’s the Moon venture into forthright Aries around noon PST, conjunct Chiron, further activating the Mars/Chiron square. This could poke and prod at wounds around security, emotions, self preservation, the past, and (perhaps outworn) emotional patterns. The Moon goes on to square Mars, intensifying these feelings in a rather confrontational (if rather uncomfortable) way, and a certain “combative” element of self preservation,“survivalism”, and “protecting what’s ours” can reign.  Needless to say, this isn’t the most comfortable feeling configuration. Our need for comfort and security may feel pitted against our need for self preservation, and there could be a certain amount of defensiveness, and our “defense mechanisms” could be somewhat running the show. 

Although Mercury is at home in the air sign of Gemini, logic could still be hard to come by with an irrational Mercury square to Neptune. In the very least, we may be required to sift fact from fiction, and through a variety of nebulous emotions and sensitive impressions. 


Wednesday May 29th, continues these rather sensitive, self preserving themes. Communication can feel “muddled”, with much going on under the surface, we may have to intuit much of what is either being left unsaid, or information that is coming in to be assimilated. Security and self preservation continues to be a dominating theme.

Later Wed afternoon, the Moon in Aries, trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and still squaring Mars, also squares stern, cold Saturn. Emotions could certainly be inflated, and “looking out for ourselves” can see us and others taking some rather entrenched positions. This is an odd combination with Venus in Taurus, forming a trine to Saturn and Pluto, and a sextile to empathic Neptune, suggesting that underneath this defensive posturing, there is an underlying wish for cooperation, harmony, longevity, -along with deep transformation. But everything else going on suggests that there may be some rather headstrong opinions, beliefs, standpoints, and self protective barriers that could be interfering with the spirit of harmony and cooperation.  Someone or something, refuses to budge. 

Later on Wed afternoon, the Moon in Aries forms a sextile to Mercury in curious Gemini, opening lines of communication, and setting us on an “information gathering” phase, where we perhaps seek to strengthen our positions somehow. As Wed evening dawns, we may be considering other viewpoints or seeking to become a bit more open minded, and less defensive, as the Moon/Mars square begins to ebb off. Either that, or we feel we have pushed things as far as they can go, made our point, and can somewhat relax our stance a bit. There is still underlying power and control dynamics present  that could feel somewhat intense to navigate, but we may be seeking distractions and ways in which to lighten things up in the face of some deep, underlying changes and transformations taking place, with very longterm, perhaps permanent implications. 

Thursday, May 30th, continues this theme of navigating heavy underlying power dynamics and transformations. It’s a rather “heavy handed” atmosphere, but the Moon/Jupiter trine strives to keep our morale boosted, and our optimism intact. There could be a “sense of adventure”, or of “pioneering into new territory”, where we seek moral high ground, and to keep our heads above water. 

As the Moon ventures into the later degrees of Aries, a conjunction to rebellious, unstable, and “weird” Uranus begins to grow. We may begin to sense a growing feeling of restlessness, independence, and desire for “liberation”, or a desire to “shake things up.” A feeling of excitement, optimism, (and perhaps emotional instability) can begin to take hold. We may be seeking to escape intense, heavy situations, and weighty, loaded dynamics, and find our sense of enjoyment and pleasure again. 


Friday, May 31st, the Moon enters slow and sensual Taurus, leading into a weekend focused on injecting new joy and life and a sense of “experimentation” into circumstances that have felt stale, heavy, power tripping, or somehow otherwise uncomfortably “loaded” and overly serious. 

A lunar conjunction to Uranus and Venus, and a sextile to Mars in Cancer suggests a rather “innovative” approach to creating a sense of security for ourselves in relationships or in regards to finances or self worth. The old ways we have relied upon to feel “secure” may be failing us, and it may be time to experiment with new approaches to outworn emotional responses, patterns, and ways of creating safety and security for ourselves. This may see many of us venturing outside of our comfort zones. Even if “just a little.” (Perhaps even a whole lot.)

This could even be rather pleasant, although with Mars still square Chiron, we may be still feeling pangs of somewhat excruciating vulnerability as we leave behind certain outworn patterns and venture into new and exciting territory. Whatever is transpiring is most certainly injecting our lives (and libidos) with fresh excitement. 

Saturday, June 1st, see’s positive contacts between the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, while Venus makes the same positive contacts. Something (or someone) seems to have changed for the better. It’s as if a doll house has been shaken and dumped out, and reassembled into a more pleasing arrangement. There is something positive and stabilizing about these configurations, and perhaps, our hopes around something have been infused with new energy.  With the Mars/Chiron square now behind us, we could begin to feel safer and more secure about something, and begin to put a battle for self preservation behind us, and lower our guard. This looks like a happy ending, and a happy beginning. Something or someone is transformed, and it looks and feels deeply reassuring, even if there are different cognitive/communication styles and approaches, 9or even language barriers), due to the Mercury/Jupiter opposition. 

Sunday, June 2, see’s the Moon in mercurial Gemini, placing an emphasis on communication, (and perhaps information overload.) There can be a lot to process amidst all of the changes and “musical chairs” happening.  A lunar sextile to Chiron suggests the potential for healing communications, as the wounds around security that were prodded and poked at via the Mars/Chiron square are assessed so that a healing salve can eventually be applied. This will take emotional labor, and Sunday may see us “assessing the damages,” and processing a way forward, and what would be the safest route. There are many unknowns, and certain things (and people) may still seem unclear, nebulous, or in some cases, downright deceptive or in denial about certain things.  

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most excellent week! See you next Monday.


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