October 2017 Horoscopes


October begins on a pleasant, forward thinking, and stimulating note, in spite of obstacles, confusion, or uncertainty, with the Sun in Libra trine the Aquarius Moon. Mars and Venus still conjunct one another, both trine powerful Pluto, suggesting heady transformations and fine tuning in regards to pleasure, relationships, money, passion, motivation, drive, power, and instincts. All in the midst of considerable opposition, challenges, or hurdles to overcome. On the 5th, the full moon culminates in the fire sign of Aries, opposing the Sun in Libra, while the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all square up to intense, taboo and macabre Pluto. Some deep transformations could be culminating between self, other, and the merging, blending, and transforming of the two, (or highlighting areas of disagreement/potential power struggles). The energy will be rife with a power, compulsion,  intensity and impetus that will surely seek an outlet, this much can be said for certain. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury encourage diplomacy, and negotiation, compromise, and the sharing of ideas and pleasantries back and forth in Libra, while Venus and Mars in Virgo continue to work diligently at the pragmatic and organizational details, driven by strategy and a desire to refine, chisel, and perfect. Their opposition to Neptune pose the challenge of making idyllic fantasies, dreams, and romantic or creatively wistful longings manifest and blend functionally, cohesively, and harmoniously with the every day basics of living, without upsetting the delicate balance between various life compartments. Neptune’s “unknown” factor combined with the certainty and assertiveness of Mars (and the Jupiter/Uranus opposition), has put many into pioneer territory, where a curious mixture of hopes, fears, and uncertainties swirl with a pleasant but compulsive impulse to trudge into strange, daring, audacious, rebellious, forbidden, or questionable terrain, without a map, a flashlight, and only a vague plan and a strong, consistent feeling. While Mars and Venus continue to travel together through the practical and earthy sign of Virgo, reflecting a meeting of soulmates and a coming together of complimentary forces, it can be said that the destination is known, the desires have been precision pin pointed, but the map and means of travel toward their manifestation must be improvised and intuited. 


On the 10th, Jupiter leaves the Venusian territory of Libra, and heads into the darker, more instinctual, mysterious, powerful, secretive, taboo, and emotive domain of Scorpio, where it remains for a year long transit. Being that this is the largest planet in the solar system, it’s shifts are always considerably noticeable and perceivable, (both visibly in the sky, and it’s impact on life events) Since ancient times, Jupiter has been a fulcrum of predictive astrology, and it’s movements were observed heavily for this reason.  The day of Jupiter’s ingress into the watery depths of Scorpio is naturally a big day. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra form trines to the Moon in Gemini, while the Gemini moon still holds a trine with Jupiter as it reaches zero degrees. In spite of any obstacles, (Saturn), there is commitment to a cause, person, or making something materialize, and the potential for positive news in spite of challenging (but ultimately positive) circumstances. Jupiter’s new domicile in Scorpio will place the jolly giant into a harmonious trine to Neptune, encouraging an emotional depth, idealism, empathy, optimism and spirituality. It augurs well for behind the scenes activities, creativity, healing, emotional bonding, outright escapism via extreme forms of eroticism, glamor, intrigue, illusion, deception. The Scorpionic themes are sex/sexuality. Money. Power. Intensity of feeling. Merging with another.  Instincts. Energetic exchange. Death.  Intimacy. Trust. The taboo. The occult. The mysterious. The fated. The inevitable. The hidden. The forbidden. Healing and transformation. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so there will be a general increase in depth, mystery, power, freaky naughty compulsion, and intensity all around. It’s definitely a spicy and powerful transit, and a potent and “red carpet” year ahead for Scorpios and those with personal planets or ascendant in Scorpio. Because of Scorpio’s deep, instinctual and carnal nature, and Jupiter’s expansive, explorative, indulgent, optimistic, and consciousness raising nature, there could be an increased emphasis on sexuality, sexual exploration, and sexual healing, and really healing in general, on a deep level. Jupiter in Scorpio is all about integrating the shadow. It wants to go deeper.  The trine it forms to Neptune in Pisces will certainly heighten fantasies, dissolve boundaries, and add to the mysterious and healing nature of the transit. As dreamy, healing, otherworldly, idyllic, self sacrificing, and spiritual as Neptune can be, it can also manifest as illusion, deception, confusion, uncertainty, or create scenarios where things simply aren’t as they seem. Neptune/Pisces/12th house energy is where we go to heal, reflect, and recover, or conversely, to conceal, hide, or escape. So it’s worth noting that there could be an element of secretiveness and mystery to this particular Jupiter cycle, where people aren’t so quick to reveal all they have going on to just anyone. The dark side of Scorpio is manipulation, control, secretiveness, possessiveness, jealousy, ruthlessness, abuse of power, abuse of trust, and abuse of others… This combined with the potential for deceptiveness via Neptune suggests it may be wise to consider ones own motives, intentions, and desires, should you feel a need to manipulate facts, other people, or omit important information. There are times where what other people don’t know won’t hurt them, and there are times when what they don’t know is assaulting their entire sense of reality…. This is particularly true in intimate/sexual relations, or really any interaction that is high stakes, so it’s going to be important to be able to fairly, humanely, and honestly differentiate between who needs to know what and why.. Hopefully, the candid honesty, broad mindedness, and good will Jupiter is known for can steer everyone into more high minded territory when it comes to the sharing of power, secrets, trust, resources, energy, spit, sweat, blood, tears, semen, shit, garbage, gold, etc etc..


On the 14th, Venus moves out of the detail oriented and perfectionistic realm of Virgo and on into the domain she is most comfortable in. Libra. This smooths the way for congenial relations, partnership, harmony, and togetherness. This leaves Mars to catch up, who still squares up to Saturn alone. With Venus gone from this “square pair”, she’s no longer “taking the edge off” of this configuration while it remains, so it’s fortunate that she will at least be bringing some diplomacy to the table and smoothing the path that Mars intends to follow her in on the 22nd, a few days after the new moon. The Mars/Saturn opposition continues well into the very end of the month, suggesting our patience will be perpetually and consistently required, regardless of the strength of our impulses. Given these combined configurations, it appears that diplomacy, harmony, politeness and compromise will play a huge role in the success of any initiatives that have long been being considered. Niceties don’t always equate to sincerity however... but smoothing the way for further progress sometimes requires a bit of ass kissing, people pleasing, putting a positive spin on events, flattery, and compromise. Venus thrives in the domain of her signs of rulership. In Libra she will derive pleasure from peace making efforts, aesthetic enjoyment, love, beauty, appreciation of the arts, enjoyment, and refinement. Mars and Venus together in Libra will increase the desire and drive to cooperate and pair up with others. The planet of combat in such a partner oriented sign though warns also to steer clear of argumentative behavior with people whom we want on our side. The emphasis will be on negotiation. This places the planets of love, money and pleasure and passion, drive, and combat into opposition with unruly, exciting, and rebellious Uranus. This creates a rebellious, erratic, “genius,” odd, and unconventional atmosphere in the realm of partnership, pleasure, passion, drive, and sex. Freedom, and the freedom to be weird-( and the art of negotiating it,) will be key, lest people are put at odds with one another. 


Prepare to serve tea to your demons.  On the 17th, Mercury, planet of thought and communication enters the more probing and intense terrain of Scorpio. Here, Mercury focuses our minds on deeper matters, what’s going on under the surface, what are the motivations of others, what is deeply buried or hidden. It seeks to uncover secrets and get to the root of matters, exploring the depths in a more intense (and less fair, considered, or polite) way than Mercury in Libra would facilitate. Real talk. Deep, heavy thoughts and conversations that border on the morbid, taboo, dark, intimate, or erotic. Mercury in Scorpio is not satisfied with surface talk or conversations about the weather. This placement can also increase suspicion, one track mindedness, obsessiveness, or paranoia, just in the sense that Mercury in Scorpio has a laser focus, is profoundly analytical, and unlike Mercury in Libra, senses instinctively that life isn’t always “fair”. Expect conversations, messages, and thoughts to veer into deeper waters during this transit. Here, the planet of the mind will conjunct Jupiter, freshly in it’s new gothic emo domicile, making such depths and complexities and morbid or erotic fixations or compulsions feel larger than life and impossible to ignore any longer. If something has been stuffed deep down inside of you, it will be difficult to repress certain instincts any longer, and this may come up in conversation. It may be that something more deep and instinctual may need to find more full expression somehow. Who knows, you may find that your demon and someone else’s demon enjoy witty banter with one another, and that it’s safe to let them play together. Mercury in Scorpio is less afraid to venture into deeper, “scarier”, more “forbidden” or taboo territory. The Sun follows suit slightly before witching hour on the 22nd, adding further intensity to Jupiter's monster mash.


 On the 19th, an exciting and jubilant new moon occurs in Libra, as if to bid farewell to Jupiter’s reign in this partner oriented sign. There is definitely an expansive, unconventional, future oriented slant to this new moon, hammering home the need to harmonize disparaging elements and negotiate weird, wild, unconventional, unpredictable and/or changeable terrain. The universe is clearly placing an emphasis on “playing nice” as Jupiter takes us into the deeper, darker, more obsessively involved  “do or die” waters of Scorpio. In Scorpio, Jupiter is less willing to negotiate away it’s desires. It isn’t weighing it’s options anymore, and is playing for keeps, taking us deeper. There is a new decisiveness about Jupiter’s new persona that requires diplomacy and fairness to implement. This new moon plants seeds in regards to partnerships, diplomacy, and linking up with others. Expanding the possibilities and opening up our worlds through our connections to others.


I hate to break it to everyone, but spoiler alert: Halloween looks set to have a wee bit of a "wet blanket" vibe, with the Moon in Pisces squaring up to serious Saturn. This doesn't necessarily mean it will suck all around, just that for whatever reason, there could be some kind of emo shit or ending to process for some people, or some kind of limiting circumstance (work, duty, responsibility, distance) to contend with for others that rains on the parade just a little bit . All in all, it looks that in spite of the wet blanket aesthetic, ideals and hopes, emotions, fantasies, romantic/poetic imaginations, spirituality, desire for dreamy escapism and creativity are stoked and faith and empathy for our fellow humans is indeed kindled. The spirit of mischief will certainly be afoot. Having these lovely Neptunian vibes on such a whimsical, mischievous, and mysterious holiday, that is devoted to the underworld, contact with spirits, death, breaching the veil "between worlds", and the beyond, seems apropos and complimentary to this traditionally Scorpionic festivity. 

*Important Note: Horoscopes by Sun sign can certainly be helpful, often times they are surprisingly accurate, and in the very least, they are entertaining. However, it's important to keep in mind that they are general, written for the chart of your Sun sign only, -so the accuracy and precision available is limited. They are also a free service I offer to the public, so the detail I will go into is sparse. I keep things as general as possible, because it is simply less time consuming. They are not a complete picture of how transiting planets are impacting your own unique, personal birth chart, and I do not mention absolutely everything I see, even just for your sun sign alone. To receive a more in depth analysis regarding anything from what area of life you will be experiencing a total solar eclipse, current/future transits, personality/psychological analysis, preparation for events such as the Saturn return, progressed charts, relationship synastry, composite, predictive astrology, etc etc...Feel free to contact me on Facebook or through gmail at amyliawillard@gmail.com to book a private consultation with me. I offer a wide array of services and I would be pleased to assist you.

With the focus still very much on partners, partnerships, and collaborations as October begins, (both business and personal), you could be wrapping up some work communications with business partners from the tail end of September, or awaiting communications about work and/or health matters, and communications with partners. You’re set to become increasingly “other oriented” as October unfolds, and the stakes could feel like they are increasingly rising. You certainly won’t be feeling indifferent about things when it comes to your relationships with others this October. There may have been challenges, obstacles, or blockages related to people or matters at a distance, learning institutions, studies, the law, or people from other cultures, and you may have been forming a strategy around this. These challenges will eventually ease off, but it will take some time and some patience yet.. October starts with a bang, with an intense full Moon in your sign on the 5th. This could have you feeling rather sensitive, vulnerable, perhaps even obsessive or paranoid about something or someone. Or you’re dealing with another person who is like this. In either case, this full moon could lead to some intense interactions with other people, or thoughts about them. If you just keep to yourself, you could just be brooding about someone and lurking their social media profile, or someone else is doing this to you. This could be either a business or personal relationship. Perhaps you’re meditating on relationships in general, and the public/v.s private nature of them, or simply wondering what a certain person is up to. Mercury, the Sun, and the full Moon in your sign all square up to obsessive Pluto, so this could create a kind of heavy, paranoid,  extreme, shady, secretive, lusty, and/or coercive or compulsive atmosphere. Power dynamics are rife. Try to keep a cool head. You could however, receive a communication from a distance, or find that study or contemplation stabilizes your emotions. On the 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio, turning your super sexy, deep, dark 8th house of sex, death and joint assets up to 11. This augurs in a year where mystery, depth, sexuality, fatal attractions, depth psychology and merging with others goes full throttle. All things Scorpio will feel “blown up” in your life for a full year of freaky naughty persuasion. (This includes the darker Scorpio stuff like jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, fear of loss, and controlling behavior, so watch out for that, as Jupiter amplifies everything it touches, for better or worse.) For the most part however, this kicks off a profound and auspicious era for you in regards to intimacy, merging with others, joint investments, property, and yes…um..carnal urges. It’s time to embrace your inner freak and integrate your shadow Aries. Befriend your demons. Embrace your darkness. Heal those psychological and emotional wounds. On the 14th, Venus begins to head out of your 6th house and into Libra, your 7th, where you’ll derive pleasure and benefits through partners, partnering up with others, diplomacy, harmony, and compromise. This sweetens your relations with others. On the 17th, things get deeper as Mercury moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter, and you mean business. You’re either attempting to solve a mystery, or you and someone else are having some super..um.. deep exchanges. “Send more nudes please”. ..If you’re on the dating scene, it could be you’re entering a “serious contenders only” phase and you’re really doing some heavy investigating or getting balls deep into a getting to know you repartee with someone you fancy, (or picking up where you left off with an already deeply involved and established bond.) If not love, this could all be business/money/and investment related. The new Moon in Libra on the 19th plants new and exciting seeds in your partnership sector, and you could be making some pretty unconventional or unexpected moves to get things off the ground personally or professionally (or both.) Mars adds fire and impetus to this area on the 22nd, so you’ll be driven and motivated toward partnerships, or could experience partners (or potentials) as being super assertive, forward (or aggressive) with you. Spicy, spicy times indeed! Oh my! Obstacles related to studies, people or matters at a distance, or from other cultures may still require your patience until at least months end. The Sun follows Mars close to witching hour at the end of the 22nd, with it’s ingress into Scorpio, bringing yet even more focus to the Scorpionic, 8th house, ..deep deepness… You’ll be focused on your energetic/sexual/financial merging with others as you adjust to Jupiters blessings here.. Happy Halloween!

As October begins, you could be chatting with kids, creative folks, or people in your daily life, (or flirting with coworkers.)  Or you could be awaiting communications from a child or love interest, or thinking about your next smooth lines or poetic prose. All appears normal on the outside. (At least, you try to maintain the facade as best you can…we’ll get to that later.) You’ve certainly been feeling the flirtatiousness, creativity, and joie de vive of Venus and Mars in your 5th house of creativity, fun, parties and recreation. You may have been experiencing some blockages to intimacy and creative and/or sexual fulfillment, and have been attempting to devise strategies around and through that. With effort and courage, these will resolve themselves. Saturn is just making damn sure you really actually want what it is you think that you do and that this isn’t just some passing whim…On the 5th, a full Moon occurs in Aries, in your deeply psychological 12th house. Time alone with yourself, or some talk therapy with a trusted confidant, intimate other, or therapist could help you get to the bottom of resolving a growing internal battle of wills you might be having with yourself, or some other deeply existential or moral dilemma. Perhaps a confessional, to the right person, would remove a psychic or emotional burden you are carrying. In either case, this full moon will indeed generate intense feelings and experiences that herald a deep transformation and revolution in your private and/or psychological life. Regardless of the intense squares to Pluto, it appears that an intimate partner is supportive and understanding of whatever you’re experiencing. This could all really just be fueled by your desire for more fun, confidence, youthfulness, expressiveness, creativity, sex, joy, and need for aliveness in your life. (Are you having a mid life crisis or something?) Maybe you’re just trying to make sure you’ve still “got it”, and that you haven’t descended into mediocrity, staleness, stiffness, boredom,  and it could be freaking you out and causing a dilemma. Are you having the famous “7 year itch?” On the 10th, Jupiter blasts into intense and dramatic Scorpio, blowing up your 7th house of partners. You will certainly be blessed with your pick of contenders if you’re single, and blessed in general through cultivating partnerships and collaborations with others. Jupiter will expand your connections. This could also expand your indecisiveness…Because it expands whatever it touches, it’s easy to feel like a fat kid in a candy store, overwhelmed with all the goodies before you. “I WANT IT ALL!” So watch this tendency to sample the entire buffet when it comes to partners, you don’t want to create a musical chairs scenario..but you certainly don’t want to limit yourself. This area of your life will be blessed for a full year. It’s trine to Neptune could blur the lines between friendship/collaboration/and romance, so mind this. You’re a grounded earth sign, so lean on your element if you feel confusion taking hold. Do follow your bliss and your muse however, this same configuration will bring much inspiration through connecting up with others, particularly creative or spiritual types who share your unconventional and/or humanitarian world view. On the 14th, your ruling planet Venus moves into Libra, heading into your 6th house of work, health, service, and routine. You could be a flirt at work, or someone in your day to day life makes your heart go pitter patter. If you’re already involved, this could be kind of a pickle. On the 17th, Mercury moves into probing and intense Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 7th house of partners, suggesting you and partners could have some real talk to lay on the table. You and a significant other might have some sensitive but necessary topics to broach. Thank heavens we have all this diplomatic, Venusian/ Libra energy…a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLkp_Dx6VdI&list=RDvLkp_Dx6VdI#t=0 On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 6th house of work, health, service, fitness, and day to day routine, and you could be making some unconventional moves in this department and implementing new initiatives with your fitness, diet, routine, (or with that coworker you fancy? Hmmm?) Mars follows suit on the 22nd, bringing more energy, impulse, lust and drive to your daily life, work, or interactions with coworkers. The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on the 22nd brings your focus to partnerships. There could still be some frustration (sexual frustration?) or obstacles to contend with in regards to blockages to intimacy, at least until the end of the month. Patience. The Sun follows Mars close to witching hour at the end of the 22nd, bringing more focus to your partnerships. Happy Halloween!

You begin October expanding your creative horizons through learning, travel, creative interests, kids, lovers,    keen to integrate all of this new mojo into your daily rhythms. Venus and Mars in Virgo have had you driven to boost your security and “get rooted”. There may have been challenges to this due to initiatives partners have taken, or obstacles to emotional fulfillment with partners or seeing eye to eye with them. They may be in a more serious or “rigid” mode than you, or there are simply challenges to overcome regarding compromises you’re making with or on behalf of others. Maybe someone you’re dealing with is throwing wet blankets on your plans. Much has mutated and there is a lot to take in and implement yet. On the 5th, a full moon culminates in Aries, lighting up your house of social networking, friendships, goals, hopes, likeminded people, and wishes. There could be intense discussions or feelings between yourself, an intimate partner, about friends, social groups, or wishes of yours. This full moon is rife with intensity and it seems there are a lot of competing interests vying for attention all at once. You’re a Gemini. Good at multitasking. You’ve got this. Try and keep a cool head. Maybe you’re feeling some pressure from or around a personal, sexual, or financial situation, joint investment, commitment, settlement, banking or property matter that involves your wishes, goals, or social network somehow. In spite of intense squares to Pluto, you could receive good news from a partner or friend about a wish you both have. On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, bringing it’s intense and obsessive healing vibes into your 6th house of work, health, service, fitness, diet, and routine. You could receive some inspiring, feel good news on this day, as the moon (in your sign) forms a trine to both Mercury and Jupiter. This kicks off a solid year where you will not be short on work opportunities. You’ll certainly be blessed in the arena of work, health, diet, and fitness. Your daily life will generally be full of more optimism during this year long transit, and you’ll come into more contact with people who can help you. Take care to avoid going overboard (Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so try not to become a workaholic.) This is generally a very good transit for really getting your shit together, and even for implementing positive health and fitness revisions. The right healing modalities will find you at the right time. You will be very, very busy however…but good busy. Happy busy. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, and begins to head into your 5th house, where you will derive pleasure through creative pursuits, fun, recreation, enjoyment, playful competition, flirtation, romance, the arts, and spending time with children, or a love interest. This transit will boost your charisma and self confidence. Work it. On the 17th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 6th house, taking the conversation deeper at work. You might need to have some serious and big talks with coworkers or clientele. It all looks positive. Maybe you’re training people up, or being trained by some kind of teacher. Maybe you meet Morpheus and he gives you the tour through the human battery field and offers you the red pill or the blue pill. Maybe you become Morpheus. I don’t know. Maybe you negotiate a pay raise or get really serious about gaining more clients. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your flirtatious 5th house of fun and enjoyment. You could be taking a new and unconventional approach to how you enjoy yourself,  pursue a creative hobby, or perhaps, how you approach affairs of the heart and dating. You’ll be feeling exceptionally creative, confident and fun and freedom loving at this new moon. Even a bit zany. Perhaps even a stroke of genius will come upon you, or you’ll be attracted to some really weird, unconventional dating prospects. On the 22nd, Mars adds fuel to this party, making you super driven about whatever you have brewing around a love interest, creative project, or something that makes you feel alive and inspired. The Sun follows suit with it’s ingress into Scorpio, bringing drive and impetus into your 6th house of work, health, and self improvement, close to witching hour at the end of the 22nd. There could still be obstacles related to partners until months end, so patience will be required. Hang in there, and keep your eye on what inspires you. You’re making some deep and positive transformations Gemini. Happy Halloween!

By the time I get to Cancer I’ve always taken a weed and tea break, and so I typically write your horoscopes while I’m extremely baked. That’s just a disclaimer. If that throws everything I say from this point forward into question, we could straight up never be friends. Get off of my blog. If it doesn’t, please, by all means, continue reading at your own benefit/risk. You begin October wrapping up or awaiting communications from/with your local environment, siblings, or family, or pertaining to the home. Mars and Venus have had you driven, motivated, and deriving pleasure from communications, trivial amusements, talks with siblings and local environs, and mental stimulation in general. There may have been blockages, challenges, obstacles or frustrations related to work, health, fitness, or your daily life that you’ve been trying to resolve in a focused and determined fashion. These could take some patience to fully move forward, but with time, effort, and determination, this will dislodge itself.  On the 5th, the full moon culminates in Aries, lighting up your 10th house of reputation, status, career, achievement, and public image. The configurations of this particular full moon are linked intensely to Pluto, lord of the underworld..(What a pretentious sounding title.) This could produce some intense vibes within or around your partnerships, maybe involving the home, family, emotions, security, or the past.. This could also involve matters on the job somehow. Perhaps you’re feeling pressure on several fronts all at once and just working to stabilize things. In spite of any anxiety or intensity, it appears you receive praise of some kind or public recognition for a job well done. On the 10th, Jupiter begins to leave your 4th house of home, family, and emotions, where it has blessed you up for a full year, and on into Scorpio, heading toward your 5th house. This augurs a year of abundant joy, fun, creativity, romance, flirtation, children, and playful competition. Your confidence and charisma will certainly be high during Jupiters year long stay here. (Do avoid arrogance or egotism however…Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in the case of the 5th house, this includes your ego.) All in all however, this indicates a wonderful transit that will certainly bless you with plenty of creative and artistic inspiration if you are an artist of any kind, you will enjoy this very much. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, into your 4th house of home, comfort, family, emotions, and the past, where you will derive pleasure from lazing around the house in a blanket, home decorative efforts, comfort food, family, nostalgia, and emotional exchanges with people who share your history. Venus will bless your nesting efforts and make retiring close to home, hearth and family bonding pleasant. On the 17th, Mercury will move into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter, bringing your thoughts and communications to a more creative and child like place. Bouncing creative ideas back and forth, amusing your mind, entertainment, fun, and enjoyment will be more and more of a priority, and this tendency will be increasingly amplified thanks to Jupiter’s slow entrance here. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra lights up your 4th house of home, emotions, roots, and family, planting new seeds in this area. You could be making some pretty innovative, unconventional and exciting (dare I say genius) moves with your family or within the home base. On the 22nd, Mars adds further fuel to this impetus (what are you moving huge amounts of furniture or something? Jeeze..)..The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on the 22nd, suggesting further focus is placed on creative efforts, fun, enjoyment, children, romance, joy, and playful competition. Happy Halloween.

You begin October with Mars and Venus having you in driven pursuit of money, boosting earned income, and your self worth. You could be focused on communications with partners, siblings, and/or people in your local environment as October kicks off.  You could feel blocked, challenged, or frustrated in regards to earning money, and self esteem, or romantically and creatively as regards a love interest. This could be undermining your confidence. Perhaps someone you’re dating has knocked your confidence? These obstacles will take some time and patience to resolve, but at months end you should start to see evidence of them removing themselves. On the 5th, a full moon in Aries occurs in your 9th house of people and places at a distance, higher learning, study, long distance travel, and other cultures. If you aren’t traveling you could be anxious to hear from someone who is, or have some kind of intense thoughts/feelings/communications with or about someone at a distance, or even something you’re studying. You could feel under pressure at work, or in your routine or health matters, or have some kind of crisis to resolve that requires some creativity. Perhaps something has made you feel intense about improving your health, fitness, or efficiency, to feel better about yourself and more on top of your game. I’m sure you’ll come up with creative solutions or clever pick up lines. On the 10th, Jupiter moves on into Scorpio, leaving your 3rd house of talk, thought, local travel, banter, and rote learning, to bless up your 4th house of home, family, emotions, security, roots, foundations,  endings, and the past , for an entire year. Expect to derive an increased feeling of security, comfort, joy and safety from your domestic situation during this year long transit. Luck and abundance will flow to you through your family, getting in touch with your roots, nesting..Your parents may help you financially or you could receive an inheritance. You will take more pleasure in nurturing others while Jupiter is here. Enjoy this cozy, comforting, and emotionally fulfilling transit. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, where she will sweeten your communications, and make your daily commute and local excursions more pleasurable. This will certainly help you negotiate any awkward exchanges by giving you a silver tongue, and your communications in general from others are likely to be diplomatic and harmonious.  On the 17th, Mercury will move into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter, bringing your thoughts and communications to a more nostalgic place, where you will appreciate conversations with those who you have a shared history with or who know your story. Emotional exchanges, and interactions with family members is likely to be amplified due to Jupiter’s slow entrance into this domain. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 3rd house of talk, thought, siblings, locals, the written and spoken word, trivia, and text messaging, planting new seeds and new ideas in this area of life. You could be taking some new and innovative (if unconventional) approaches to this area of life, and perhaps you’re bouncing some pretty genius ideas back and forth with others. On the 22nd, Mars adds fuel to this fire, making you even more gung ho about being a chatty Cathy and getting out and about locally. You will certainly be coming across passionately in your communications, and be dealing with others who may come across to you as passionate as well. There will not be indifference in your exchanges with others. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on the 22nd, adding further emphasis to the cozy, and emotionally comforting impetus going on in your 4th house. Happy Halloween!

You begin October in fine form, with both Mars and Venus conjunct in your own sign. Enjoying the glory of all that is you, and all that makes you well…you.  If you want to make any updates or revisions to your image or wardrobe, now is the time, while Venus is still in your sign, you’ll be more likely to be pleased with the results. Having Mars there as well certainly makes for a passionate (if lusty) combination, resulting in more energy and drive to enjoy yourself more fully, (and equal and opposite frustration if you feel hemmed in from being able to do so.) You may have been experiencing some blockages, challenges, or obstacles from or around emotional issues, the past, family matters/members, your mom, the home, or property issues. Perhaps held back or curtailed by obligations in this arena. This could take some time to fully ebb off, but by months end you should begin to feel this ease up. On the 5th, a full moon in fiery Aries occurs in your 8th house of sex, death, intimacy, joint assets, bank accounts, merging with others, taxes, compulsions, obsessions, and taboo matters. Something around a child, love interest, creative project, hobby, party, or dating situation, could be making you anxious or paranoid, or you’re dealing with someone who is being heavy handed with you. It could also involve your earned income or self esteem in some way as well, (which really should actually be doing incredibly well by now). Whatever it is, it appears you can lean on family to ease your worried, Virgo mind, (as you’re already anxious enough as it is by nature. Geeze.) On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, leaving your 2nd house of money, earned income and self esteem full of blessings, and heading for your 3rd house of communication, thought, siblings, local travel and excursions, rote learning, trivia, and the mind. This infuses you with the power of positive thinking for a full year. You could increase your knowledge and skill set, people in your local environment could be especially beneficial to you, you could even take on a teacherly role for others. You could buy a new car, or transportation opportunities present themselves that make it easier to get around. Gifts and opportunities could come through short trips, visits, messages, phone calls, emails..and good news will flow during this year long transit. If you’re an author or orator, you will come crossed very well in your written and spoken word. Enjoy this jack of all trades, mentally stimulating and optimistic transit Virgo. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra into your 2nd house of earned income, money, possessions, and self esteem. Things will flow smoothly for you in this area and you will do well for yourself financially while she graces this house. It’s almost like scraping in all of the winnings that Jupiter has left you with. “Make it rain.” On the 17th, Mercury, your ruler, moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 3rd house, amplifying your focus on communications with others, but surely in a positive way. You will be more talkative and eager to learn and exchange information with others. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 2nd house of earned income, planting a new seed here. You may be making some pretty innovative and unconventional moves (or purchases) in this area, (are you bit coin mining?) On the 22, Mars moves into Libra, bringing for verve and passion and action into this same area, fueling any new initiatives in regards to your earned income, acquisitions, possessions, or self worth. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on the 22nd, bringing more conscious focus on to communications, text messages, and local excursions. Happy Halloween! 

You begin October still feeling pleasantly driven and passionate about something you’ve had going on behind the scenes, away from prying eyes, and feeling self determined about securing your future. Albeit, Mars isn’t exactly stoked when he’s in the 12th house, so you could be feeling some impatience about um…passionate matters..I always call Mars in the 12th an “anger management” transit. It’s an exercise in patience. Doubly so with it's square to Saturn. You may have been experiencing blocks, challenges, or obstacles in communications or short distance travels, perhaps meet ups with others or certain conversations have had to be put on hold due to schedule conflicts, or simply just life happening. These will require time and patience to fully let up, but towards months end you should start to see progress and a trickling of forward momentum. On the 5th, a full moon in your opposite sign Aries occurs in your 7th house of partnerships, putting the focus squarely on the others in your life. In spite of the intense line up to Pluto from the Sun, Moon, and Mercury indicating intensity, you could receive some stabilizing news or messages from a partner. The trine between this full moon and Saturn implies you, a partner, or both, are committed to making something work, perhaps in spite of impossible seeming odds. The links to Pluto suggests perhaps you could feel some emotional, home, or security anxiety. Maybe you are just really wanting things within your living, family, or emotional situation to feel truly settled, secure, ..and to simply “gel” already. You’ve certainly had your fair share of transformation and upheaval in regards to your root system, emotions, family, home, and security. It looks like the transformations are still underway, but you and a partner have a shared vision now and just have to innovate it’s manifestation. On the 10th, Jupiter leaves your sign (leaving you blessed), and heads into Scorpio, to your 2nd house of earned income, money, values, self esteem, possesions and acquisitions. Prepare for a full year of “making it rain” in this regard Libra. The benefits of Jupiter in this house are typically very physical, tangible ones. As Jupiter tends to expand whatever it touches, do watch the inclination to overspend or engage in excessive retail therapy. Other than that, your wallet will gain weight. (Never a bad thing!) You will feel it’s benefits to your earning power, value system, and comfort levels. Kaching! On the 14th, your ruling planet Venus saunters into your own sign, where you will derive pleasure from accidentally catching your own reflection in store windows. “Who’s that sexy mothafucka? Oh..that’s ME. DAMN I’m foxy.” Any upgrades or revisions you’ve wanted to make to your image, wardrobe and personal appearance, do so while Venus transits your sign, as you’re more likely to be pleased with the results. On the 17th, Mercury enters Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 2nd house of money, values, and self esteem, placing the emphasis on financial negotiations, money talks, and discussions about values. Jupiter will amplify these talks, so this could include negotiating an increase in pay. On the 19th, a new moon occurs in your own sign, planting new seeds in your house of identity. You could be making some rather innovative and unconventional moves in regards to who you are, what you are about, and how you live your life. These are powerful new beginnings to a whole new life chapter. You’re being true to yourself and you’ve learned a thing or 12 about a thing or 12 from the heights and blunders of Jupiter’s sojourn through your sign. It’s left you with wisdom, (and in some cases, the wisdom found only through excess and going over the top.) On the 22, Mars adds fuel to this new beginning by moving into your own sign, energizing you further to actualize yourself and your own desires with all of this new found wisdom.  You will certainly be feeling passionate, energized and charasmatic. (You could also be more prone to impatience if reality isn’t catching up as quickly as you’d like to your agenda.) But you will certainly be motivated to make pleasant shit happen. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on this same evening, adding a more conscious focus on your earning potential, self esteem, money, acquisitions, possessions, and values. Happy Halloween! 

You begin October feeling passionate and driven about fulfilling a long held wish of yours, and/ or friendships and networking, while also feeling rather retiring, perhaps in recovery or preparation mode, keeping many of your thoughts and ideas to yourself or only sharing them with a privileged few. A whole new life chapter awaits, so it’s understandable if there’s a lot to take in and it has you in a meditative, preparatory frame. You may have been feeling blockages, challenges, or obstacles to your wishes, or perhaps socially or things you’d like to do with friends, maybe due to financial constraints, perhaps you aren’t earning enough money at the moment to do something with friends. If it’s not money, it could be an issue of values or self esteem, or some other resource you don’t feel you have enough of. It could take some time and patience, but at months end, you could see this issue start to make some forward progress. On the 5th, a full moon in Aries occurs in your 6th house of health, work, fitness, diet, routine, service, crisis, and crisis prevention. Something here is coming to a close, and a new chapter is unfolding, leaving your world transformed in the process. You could feel anxious or nervous about/around communications, or perhaps you just have a bit of ‘information overload’. Pluto in the 3rd tends to make ones thoughts heavy and inclined towards worse case scenarios. It looks like whatever is going on in your health or work sector is stabilizing your comfort levels, self worth, and/or your earned income/money situation. So regardless of the reverberations of upheaval you may be feeling (thus is the price of transformation), you have a lot to look forward to. On the 10th, Jupiter moves out of Libra, where it’s blessed your 12th house of solitude, recovery, behind the scenes activities, secrets, hospitals, and psychological health all year, -and on into your own sign. Prepare for your world to expand Scorpio. As you settle in to this transit, you’ll notice that you’ll be greeting life more and more with an optimistic, “can do” attitude. Things that previously seemed challenging, daunting, hindering, or even insurmountable, will begin to suddenly feel (and be) possible and doable. It could feel that the sky is the limit. Jupiter expands whatever it touches however, so do guard against becoming too full of yourself, arrogant, or overly self interested.  There is also a risk of overindulgence or other forms of extreme behavior. Otherwise, party on dude! Prepare to take advantage of the opportunities life will offer up to you while Jupiter travels through your sign! Congratulations. You are the zodiacs lucky lotto winner. You have hit the cosmic jack pot. Received the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. Use it wisely, Charley. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, into your 12th house, where you’ll derive more pleasure from solitude, reflection, contemplation, meditation, laying low, or time spent in private with someone you love. It could take you a minute to jump on Jupiter’s band wagon, so you’ll appreciate some time to prepare for your year long party. On the 17th, Mercury heads into your own sign, to conjunct Jupiter, auguring a time where you’ll be more communicative, and receiving more communications from others. You certainly won’t be short of ideas of things to do, and others could be coming at you left and right with suggestions and opportunities. You might not take advantage of everything immediately, but you’ll sense a positive trend unfolding and will have a lot to think about. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 12th house of healing, seclusion, solitude, reflection, psychological health, endings, secrets, and behind the scenes activities. There has definitely been a lot to take in this past year, and the blessings (and healing) Jupiter has brought to this retiring, secretive, psychological and spiritual sector of your life has poised you to go forward in new and innovative ways. A deep feeling of liberation could set in, as you realize all the directions you could take all this. Soon you will emerge from your cocoon. On the 22nd, Mars enters Libra, adding further emphasis to this need to reflect. Mars isn’t the happiest here, and I typically refer to this as an “anger management transit”. Basically, there could be some things to “wrap up” and finalize before you can really dive in full throttle to “your shiny new life.” Patience dear Scorpio. Your time is nigh…The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into your sign close to witching hour the evening of the 22nd, making you more focused on yourself, who you are, and what it is you want. Prepare for AWESOMENESS! Happy Halloween!

You begin October in a career oriented frame. Pleasantly driven toward achievement, public recognition, reputation, making a name for yourself, and focused on social networking. You may have been feeling blocked career wise, and maybe just feeling blocked in general, as far as the progress and consistency you’d like to see in this area goes. Perhaps you don’t feel recognized, or you feel stuck in a holding pattern, or progress has just been slow. This could take time, effort, and patience, but at months end, you may start to see the beginning intimations of some forward motion. On the 5th, a full moon in your fellow fire sign Aries occurs, in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, fun, hobbies, parties, children, and playful competition. In spite of the intense squares the Sun, Moon, and Mercury make to Pluto, indicating a heavy, anxious, or paranoid kind of vibe around your earned income, money, self esteem, and values, it looks as though you could hear some good news through a friend, your social network, or social media, about something regarding a creative project of yours,  a romance, a child, or something you’ve really put your heart into.Something could reassure you that your efforts regarding something close to your heart are paying off, and all is not in vain. On the 10th, your ruling planet Jupiter leaves Libra, and your 11th house of friendships, hopes, wishes, and social networking (leaving you with your blessings there), and moves into Scorpio for a year long transit of your secretive, psychological, 12th house. Here, Jupiter will help you in all “behind the scenes” endeavors, and benefit you in all activities that are done privately, away from prying eyes. Some people enter into a private romance during this transit. Others are simply more content to be in their own company. All in all, Jupiter here will help rid you of of deep seated fears, guilt, or any other kinds of private torment. It’s like having a guardian angel. This is a transit of healing, recuperation, and preparation, and by the time it is through, you will have put many old wounds and limitations behind you. You will be more in touch with your subconscious processes during this cycle, and your sensitivity, empathy, compassion, charity, and altruism will be considerably heightened. Psychologically, you will feel more buoyant. You may be more interested in metaphysical studies, dream interpretation, the occult, and research during this transit. During this cycle you are building your faith, in yourself, in others, in humanity.. in life itself. Any work that you do which helps others in some way will bring you much joy. This is a very selfless house. Meditation, retreats away, and time spent alone or with select others in peaceful surroundings will appeal to you while Jupiter shacks up in the “mystical god of the sea’s” house. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, into your 11th house, where you will derive more pleasure from friendships, networking, freedom from conventions, shared group activities, shared interests, and camaraderie. People you meet and social groups you involve yourself in will be right up your alley while Venus graces this house. You will benefit through friendships. On the 17th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 12th house, amplifying any behind the scenes communications, or a need to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself for a spell. It could be you’re in observation mode, or, conversely, going “under the radar”. Maybe you’re preparing to set your default mode to either “meditate” or “stealth” (or both.) Perhaps you simply don’t want to have to answer to anyone, receive any flack, deal with interference, or explain yourself ad nauseam to anyone, and are arranging your life thusly. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 11th house of friendships, hopes, wishes, humanitarianism, unconventionality, and social networking. New seeds are being planted here, and you could be making some (or striving toward making) some super liberating and unconventional moves regarding your friendships, hopes, wishes, goals, and social networking. This house is ruled by rebellious Uranus, so you’re definitely thinking outside the box at this time. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Libra, adding further drive, passion, and fuel to whatever mad science you’re cooking up in this humanitarian house. You certainly won’t want anyone cooping you up, imposing limits on you, or putting you in a box, that’s for sure. You’ll want to let your freak flag fly, (even if discreetly.) The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour the evening of the 22nd, placing further emphasis on “stealth mode.” Perhaps you’re reflecting on (or discussing) your next moves with yourself or a privileged confidant or co-conspirator. Happy Halloween! 

You begin October pleasantly and passionately driven around your studies, travels, matters or people at a distance or from other cultures, and anything and anyone expanding your view on the world and your freedom within it. You’re also focused on your career, street creds, reputation, achievements, and public image. You may have been experiencing some blockages, challenges or obstacles psychologically or behind the scenes, perhaps the obstacles aren’t easy to define or the “enemies” feel “hidden” (or are even imaginary.) Are you being your own worst enemy? You could just be having some doubts about things and maybe it’s been making you feel “stuck” and wanting to “get out of dodge” or travel far, far away where the grass appears to be greener ( maybe someone in a distant locale is motivating this desire.) It could take some time, effort, and patience, but at months end, you should start to see signs of these obstacles beginning to slowly let up. On the 5th, a full moon in Aries occurs in your 4th house of home, family, emotions, security, your mom, comfort, and endings.  Although you could feel rather isolated and under considerable pressure (due to the squares the Sun, Moon, and Mercury make to Pluto at this time), it appears that something reassures you and stabilizes you psychologically. Perhaps you hear something from a boss or higher up, or receive some kind of recognition, or word of approval for an initiative you’re wanting to take, that helps make you feel more secure in your footing and foundations. Synergy. Whatever transpires, comes to an end, and/or begins, sets off a wave of deep transformation that will ultimately help you make the power moves, balancing acts, and major changes you’ve been hoping to achieve. On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, beginning to leave your 10th house of career, status, and reputation (leaving you blessed there) and moving on to bless your friendship and social networking sector for a full year. Prepare for your circle of friends and acquaintances to increase during this year long transit. Reaching out beyond your usual circle can bring you opportunities while Jupiter is here. This is a very unconventional and liberating house, and it also rules the internet and social networking websites. Jupiter here will help you formulate broad, longterm goals, and affiliate you with people and groups that can help you reach them. A wish could come true during this Jupiter cycle. You may have opportunities to join (or lead) clubs, guilds, or groups.  Sharing a common cause or ideal with others will bring you joy. Enjoy this year long boost to your networking sector, and use it wisely. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, helping you rake in the winnings of Jupiter’s year long stay in your 10th house of career, reputation, and achievement. This will help you come across smoothly on the job, with bosses, higher ups, or V.I.P’s. Your public image will benefit from Venus gracing this very visible house. On the 17th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, revolving your thoughts and communications around your friendships, social networking, likeminded weirdo’s, the unconventional, and humanitarian endeavors. You’ll be making all kinds of connections and coming across smooth and competent while doing it.It looks like you’re working toward stabilizing your life across the board.  On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 10th house of fame, honors, public recognition, career and achievement. New seeds are planted here, and it looks like you’ll be making some pretty innovative, liberating, and possibly even unconventional moves in regards to your status or career. Freedom through ambition,  hard work, maturity, discipline and mastery is an unfuckwithable kind of freedom that no one can question. Whatever it is you have going on, you have a built in alibi: “I’m working here!” On the 22nd, Mars moves into Libra, fueling your ambition to get ahead even more. You’ll unquestionably be at your ambitious, Capricorn best. Moving on up! The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour the night of the 22nd, putting further conscious emphasis on your friendships, social networks, unconventional, freakish hopes and wishes. Happy Halloween!

You begin October feeling passionately driven about intimacy with a special someone, or, if not so inclined, then joint financial involvements. You’re also focused on higher learning, travel, people or matters at a distance, and consciousness expansion. Perhaps you are experiencing love as an agent of consciousness expansion? One can only speculate…You may have been experiencing blockages, challenges, or obstacles in regards to your wishes, or your friendships. Maybe your friends don’t accept your intimate partner or you two have different goals or ideals or different kinds of friends? Maybe there’s something unconventional about an arrangement that isn’t sitting well with one of you, or there’s a shared goal you both have that is taking a long time to come to fruition. It may require time and patience, but by months end, you should hopefully see these obstacles begin to ebb off and see some forward progress. On the 5th, a full moon in Aries occurs in your 3rd house of communication, text messages, neighbors, siblings, local environment, local travels, and thought. In spite of the squares the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all make to Pluto at this time, indicating some psychological anxiety and perhaps paranoia or vague fears, it appears you could receive a message or communication (perhaps from a friend), that somehow reassures you that some stabilizing trends are indeed attempting to unfold. On the 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, and begins to leave your 9th house of higher learning, travel, study, and consciousness expansion, where it has blessed you up for a full year, and on into your 10th house. Here, Jupiter will help you gain status. Public recognition and professional success characterize this transit. Some people actually marry while Jupiter traverses this house. You could experience more freedom in your career. The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive rewards will await you. Don’t be a shy wallflower Aquarius! Put yourself out there during this year long transit. Update your profiles, share your gifts. This is also the house of fame. That isn’t of course to say I’m urging you to attempt to “get famous”, I’m just saying, hey, you deserve to be recognized for all you are and all you do. Enjoy this successful transit! On the 14th, Venus moves into your fellow air sign, Libra, helping you scrape up the winnings Jupiter has left you in your spiritual, consciousness expanding 9th house of travel, study, and higher learning. You will derive pleasure from expanding your horizons, through learning, through travel, through trying new things. Anything exotic and out of the ordinary will please you. On the 17th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 10th house of honors, recognition, status, and achievement. You’ll be coming across with more authority, and many of your thoughts and talks could center around your ambitions. This is a very visible house, so you could be putting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions more on public display during this time.  On the 19th, a new moon occurs in Libra, in your 9th house of travel, philosophy, higher learning, and wide open spaces. A new seed is planted here, and you could be making some pretty innovative, liberating, and unconventional moves in this regard (getting your passport to go off to Thailand with your special someone? Signing up to attend a Wizard Academy?) Only you know. On the 22nd, Mars joins the fun in Libra, making you even more driven about whatever 9th house mind expansion you have going on. You will certainly be energized to broaden your horizons, and it’s very possible you won’t be traveling alone. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour the evening of the 22nd, bringing more focus to your public image, status, career, and reputation. Happy Halloween!

You begin October feeling passionate and driven about partnerships and collaborations with others, and focused on the deep deepness and vulnerability that is merging energetically, financially, or sexually with someone (or all of the above.) As October starts, you could be focused on what you have to bring to the table, your own assets.  You may have been experiencing blockages, challenges or obstacles when it’s come to getting other to fully cooperate with your “master plan”, or in your career, reputation, or on the job. You have a particular ambition or public image to fulfill, and you need others fully on board. Perhaps you want credit where credit is due, or are awaiting something you are owed.  It could take time and patience, but at months end, you could begin to see evidence of these obstacles to progress receding and giving way. On the 5th, a full moon in Aries occurs in your 2nd house of earned income, acquisitions, possessions, values, and self esteem. In spite of the tense squares the Sun, Moon, and Mercury form to Pluto in your 11th, (indicating the potential for anxiety or and intense amount of power dynamics around friendships or group involvements), it appears that this particular full moon has you taking on an authoritative role in your circle and hence, has a positive impact on your self esteem (or pocketbook). You are a stabilizing force and an example to others. Even if everyone isn’t quite on the same page yet, your presence, vision, and the work you do inspires them. That’s saying something, considering that with Pluto in your 11th house, you’re hanging out with some powerful folks. On the 10th, Jupiter moves into fellow water sign, Scorpio, leaving you with many blessings in your 8th house of sex, death, joint assets, energetic exchange, and merging with others, and moving in to shack up in your 9th house. Here, Jupiter is in his element, as this is his native house. Jupiter here will bring you benefits through higher learning, study, travel, consciousness expansion, and expanding your horizons. You’ll become more intellectually curious, and anything you are studying will go well, and bring you joy and fulfillment. Teaching or learning (or both) are favored while Jupiter is in this high minded house. Educational and travel opportunities will expand your horizons. This is a freedom loving house where wide open spaces appeal. You’ll be less inclined to sweat the small stuff, or concern yourself with petty problems or inconveniences. Faith in a higher meaning and in your purpose will help to ease stress and open doors for you. Enjoy this expansive and optimistic year long transit! Use it wisely. On the 14th, Venus moves into Libra, into your 8th house of sex, death, intimacy, joint assets, property, wills, inheritances, sexual/financial/energetic exchange, and deep merging. This helps you rake in the “winnings” that Jupiter left you in this house. While Venus is here, you could receive a financial boost, possibly through a partner. An intimate connection made during her stay here could be revitalizing or even healing. Venus here will help you to smooth over differences in any intimate union you have, and your intimate relationships could be intensified (in a good way!) On the 17th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, to conjunct Jupiter in your 9th house of higher learning, travel, consciousness expansion, and people/places at a distance. Talks and thoughts will tend to revolve around learning and/or travel during this period, and you could be studying a new subject, attending/holding a lecture or class, hanging out with “teacherly types”, teaching others, or taking a deeper interest in something you’ve always wanted to know more about. On the 19th, a new moon in Libra occurs in your 8th house of merging. A new seed is planted here, and you could be making some new, innovative, and even liberating moves in regards to your deeper involvements, (new sexual positions? Tantric sex? Swingers clubs? Vasectomy? Joint investment in a timeshare? I don’t even know..) Only you know, Pisces. On the 22nd, Mars joins the party in Libra, adding even more fire, energy, action, and emphasis to your 8th house of merging, so whatever freaky naughty stuff you’re up to during this time, you will certainly be fired up about it, and you won’t be alone. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Scorpio close to witching hour on the evening of the 22nd, putting more focus on to your studious, teacherly, expansive and well travelled 9th house. Happy Halloween! 


  1. wow i had no idea that such massive shift and turns in the stars could matter to our lives on such a large scale. it was interesting to read so much about myself like this


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