March 2017 Horoscopes

The full Moon this month falls in the practical sign of Virgo, the sign presiding over health, routine, work, service, organization, crisis, and details. With so much emphasis on ethereal Pisces lately, we could all use some grounding. This is Pisces polar opposite, so naturally this will culminate tensions, but they appear to be tensions leading to a “step up”, or milestone in some way. While the sun makes a smoothing sextile to Pluto, applying a soothing balm on to the more tense and frustrating dynamic of the squares still being made to it by Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus, by the full moon of the 12th, Mars will have stepped out of the bully circle ganging up on Pluto, deciding to make amends. Mars ingresses into Taurus on the 10th, forming harmonious and conciliatory relations with both Saturn and Pluto. The full Moon in Virgo on the 12th makes a productive and cooperative trine to Pluto. This suggests the inklings of positive transformations that empower practical gains. 
The math I see before me indicates that with hard work, discipline, consistent effort, diplomacy, innovation, vision, wise and mature application of energy, -all combined with a positive attitude -some significant and beneficial strides can be made that completely transform circumstances for the better. 

The key here,  is patience and realism.

Chariot Of Fire
As we deepen into March, the emphasis on cardinal fire increases considerably, highlighting passion, vitality, enthusiasm,-(also impatience, impetuousness, and impulsivity) towards new initiatives. Initiatives that Saturn intends to slow down for means of perfection, mastery, and integrity, as if wisely exclaiming, “Whoa turbo. Keep your shirt on. Slow your roll.” This compliments the slow, determined and plodding pace of Mars in Taurus, who will get there in due time, through sheer stubbornness and tenacity, (and perhaps some rather unconventional means). Mars in Taurus making an eventual trine to Pluto suggests advancement in spite of (and perhaps maybe even because of) challenging situations. Obstacles be damned. This is a lusty, heavy breathing, goal directed configuration that get’s what it wants through sheer application of will. In other words: Sex magic. Late March will definitely be a time of energy legs and mega ultra power moves. A chariot of fire lead around by a plodding and determined bovine tenacity. Below, you will find a brief forecast for March based on the charts of the full and new moon, for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Enjoy.

*Horoscopes by Sun and rising sign can be fun, informative, and helpful, but the accuracy is limited, as it is only based on your Sun, moon, and/or rising sign, rather than your full natal chart, based on the position of celestial bodies in relation to the Earth at your birth. This provides astrologers with much more information to work with, and in turn, they can provide you with a more personalized interpretation.  If you would like to book a private reading with me, contact Amylia Willard through Facebook messenger, or, if you don't have a Facebook, email me at*

ARIES/ARIES RISING: The full moon is in fussy Virgo on March 12th, falling in your 6th house of health, work, routine, fitness, diet, pets, selfless service to others, ..and crisis. Something is culminating in your daily grind. Maybe you sense a need to ground yourself, recenter, or find yourself having to pour over details of some kind. The kisses the Sun and Moon are blowing to Pluto suggest you could be noticed, in a good way, perhaps for the humble, yet necessary services you perform, or the sacrifices you make for others. You could receive an important career boost, a leg up in the world, recognition, favorable street creds, or maybe even help from a boss, parent, or powerful authority figure. Perhaps your own authority is increased or recognized in some way, at work, or pertaining to health, diet, or fitness, -or how you manage a mini (or major) crisis. In spite of feeling psychologically weighed down, and maybe wanting to hide, or crawl into a cave with a meditation pillow, you’re still here, you still show up to life, and your example counts for a lot. You’ve really been keeping a lot in, stuffing things down, keeping a lot to yourself. Venus is retrograde in your own Sun sign, and you could be feeling the effects pretty personally. On the one hand, it’s a treat to have indulgent Venus in your sign for so long, but it’s not fun to have partners and authority figures at odds with you much of the time. You really need a break. I hope this full moon gives one to you in a big way. It may not come easily, and you could feel under pressure from people who’s culture or beliefs are different than yours, or a place of education, or from people at a distance, the law. Conversely, you just feel pressure to learn a whole lot of super detailed shit really, really fast, (another language.. or 12?)kind of like you’re cramming for a test, or having to wrap your head around something you don’t quite fully understand or aren’t fully confident in understanding- but don’t worry. You’ve got this. Remain confident Aries, stay persistent, consistent, and steady in your studies or dealings with the law/other cultures/people at a distance. By the time the new Moon rolls around (which is in your sign by the way), you’ll be on your cognitive A game. Just try not to cerebrally spar with partners too much, stay open, they have a lot to teach you. Try not to piss off authority figures to the point of self sabotage, (or disregard your own reputation or status on social media-once you post it, it’s out there. You can delete it later, but no one can “un-see” it.) But hey, maybe you need to vent. This is your month after all. March will definitely have you gung ho about increasing your money flow, boosting your self worth, standing up for your values, and going after what you value, making some huge transformations in how you make your mark on the world. Using your self esteem, money, personal possessions, and values to wield more influence in the world, and affect the way you are perceived and recognized. Power moves. This is some deep stuff. A personal crusade. Watch out for conflicts of values. You might have to alienate pretty much everyone except for the choicest of iconoclasts. People at a distance, from other cultures, educational/religious/spiritual institutions, and Sagittarians, will all be in good relations with you,  your studies and all higher learning will get you very far during this Mars transit. You’re clearly planning on achieving some unfuckwithable greatness. I look at this chart and I can’t help but think “MORE POWER! MORE FREEDOM! ENERGY LEGS! I’M SO FUCKING FUTURE!” Like… damn Aries, you wanna’ overthrow some stale as hell decaying shit and stick a flag in the rubble with your face on it. Right on. Just don’t get arrested.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: The full moon in anxious Virgo on the 12th falls in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, lovers, children, and parties. Something or someone can really inspire you, filling you with joy, delight, or a desire to express yourself creatively, that has a really powerful impact on your beliefs in a positive way. Seeing as how this full moon is in Virgo, this could have to do with the health of a child, or the details of a creative project, or maybe something selfless a lover does that touches your soul, or something you want to do or create to express your love could have your attention. You could just be having a really fun time, in a healthy way, digging into creative projects, enjoying the company of a lover, kids, or fun, creative types, expressing yourself in creative and entertaining ways, and just getting a kick out of life, and very possibly, yourself. “Good, clean fun.”  It may not be all plain sailing, as friends, groups, or people you know on social networking via the internet might not entirely “get you” or agree with you, or maybe they aren’t quite ready to hear what you’re on about, but perhaps you’re just ahead of your time, and the world needs to suck it up and deal? Either way, in spite of some of the subtle tensions indicated, this full moon looks beautiful, inspiring, and mind expanding for you Taurus. I like it. Good times and serious gnosis gains is win/win. You could feel a bit under pressure, or a bit of “performance anxiety” about deep, intimate partners, and how you express yourself (or your love?) socially/in social situations. “Should I comment on this photo?” or “Should I post a video of myself singing or dancing?” The answer Taurus, is yes. Always comment on the photo and post a video of yourself singing or dancing. Maybe you’re overcoming some shyness or don’t want to attract the “wrong” kind of attention, (or the “right” kind of attention from the “wrong” kind of people. If you’re not partnered, you might really want to be, and feel a pressure to put out “just the right vibes” to call in that high quality, heavy breathing, forever ’til death, super extra soul mate twin flame 100 shit. Whatever your situation, Mars is here to help you get your mojo back. And boy will you-but you’re also going to go on  a bogus healing journey that expands the holy fuck out of your mind, so hang tight, horned one. The new moon on the 27th in Aries falls into your deeply psychological, meditative, and secretive 12th house of retreat. Either you are processing some serious psychological debris, harboring secrets, getting crazy spiritual, or carrying out a secret love in your head or in real life, -(or all of the above). Venus will occupy this house for quite a spell, so there could be an element of sacrifice, spiritualism, loneliness, denial, or secrecy, when it comes to your affections. Whatever the case, you are determined as all hell to get to the roots of it, and communicating/reading/writing/thinking about unfathomable deep deepness on your own, or in private, with an intimate partner, will come super easily to you, regardless of whether you can agree on everything or not. This is some mystical otherworldly shit Taurus, like you’re on some furious quest for the last unicorn and you want to make it real or die crying. There’s a tension with (or about) intimate partners, intimate matters, deep psychological matters, that is spurring you to grow emotionally/spiritually, or to just think waaay more outside of the box than usual. You might be working out some really deeply buried psychic debris or psychologically adapting in some way to a new situation that requires some deep, inner searching and healing, so it will be important to develop or seek out a healing modality appropriate for you. Self help books, dream journals, a spiritual discipline such as tarot or astrology, and psychology. There are a lot of free resources out there that will help you process whatever feels you’re facing without upsetting the balance in partnerships, friendships, or relations with relatives and family members. On top of simply feeling more energized and driven, you might develop a huge boner for the occult, higher learning, people or places at a distance, depth psychology, healing, unearthing life’s secrets and mysteries, sex magic, and mysticism during this Mars transit. I say this due to the Mars/Pluto trine, and the way it interacts with the rest of the math in your chart. Maybe you’ll end up forming a coven of witches that is super underground or something. Who knows. I know one thing: Mars will make you feistier than usual (so watch out for unconsciously seeking out conflict or being in "war mode".) You are an unstoppable and relentless force of nature this month. 
GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: The full Moon is in detail obsessed Virgo on March 12th, falling in your 4th house of home, family, emotions, roots, security, foundations, comfort, nurturing, the past, and endings. Something powerful is culminating here. You may experience this full moon as a time of withdrawal, introspection, being a homebody, doing the dishes, folding socks, perhaps hanging with family, or redecorating/organizing your digs, eliminating stuff you don't need around the house anymore, and this all may appear simple and totally normal on the surface.. ..but the flirtatious wink the Sun and Moon are making to Pluto suggests some deeper, (if rather taboo) transformations are afoot. You may have some pretty revealing emotional epiphanies about your own sexual, instinctual, and intimate nature. This might not be (entirely) comfortable. Virgo is an anxious, high strung, perfectionistic, earthy, (though Mercurial) energy. Maybe you are thinking of the past, or dwelling on the limitations of your circumstances. Partnerships could have you focusing on your own perceived emotional (or sexual) weaknesses, perhaps worried if you can “live up to the brand.”  You could be feeling under pressure from partners to achieve fantastic things while coping with restrictive, isolating, or uninspiring circumstances. Maybe you’re feeling lonely, isolated, challenged, or cut off from partners, or partnerships are challenged by friendships, or wishes conflict in some respect- but a shared vision is what keeps you inspired and connected, regardless. In either case, super deep, but positive transformations are underway, no matter how unsettling this might feel. It’s necessary, and unstoppable. The Venus retrograde places our lady Aphrodite in your unconventional 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes, ex’s, social networking, shared vision, the collective, the unorthodox, and like minded souls, for an unusually long stay. This can make close intimate bonds feel a tad claustrophobic at times, this house is Uranus ruled, making you want to branch out into the wider collective, and question all the rules, (even your own.) This encourages you to dip your toes into a social pool of inspiration, to form connections that spark inspiring vision, so that when Venus dips back into your 10th house, you can apply it to your achievements in the outer world. Speaking of 11th house, the new moon in Aries on the 27 falls in just this very sector, and it’s god damned exhilarating, though this might create some tensions or controversy in partnerships somehow. You could want A LOT of space and freedom at this time. You’re in full on Freak Mode. It looks as though you can talk your way in, out, and through anything, like a breeze. Tensions could revolve around creative projects, recreation, sex, expression, parties, lovers, or children. Also perhaps some deeper, naughtier, taboo, or more intense/obsessive preoccupation. Basically, how you get your freak on could be rubbing partners the wrong way. By this point in the game, Mars is smack dab in the middle of your 12th house of secrets, psychological health, and retreat. Mars in the 12th is like an “anger management” transit. It typically manifests as a large degree of sexual frustration, or feeling “blocked” by something, someone, or some circumstance, but isn’t all that bad. The 12th house is like the dressing room where the actor practices their lines and get’s into character. You may just want more solitude, this could be a time of letting go, healing, or recovery. You can make outstanding use of this transit by channeling your (ahem...very physical) frustration into creativity, magic, and manifestation, or you can simply seethe inside, develop a raging porn addiction, or behind the scenes sexual tryst. It’s entirely your call Gemini, (although I highly suggest making the utmost thorough Occult use of this Mars/Pluto trine, as it’s in a prime location to manifest some long held dreams and wishes into a very physical, tangible form. Next month, your planetary ruler goes retrograde. You’ll want to be a lucid, fully functional conduit to navigate these shifting tides. 

CANCER/CANCER RISING: The full Moon in high strung Virgo on the 12th lights up your 3rd house of communication, siblings, neighbors, short trips, commerce, thoughts, writing, gadgets, and the written and spoken word. You could receive (or be the bearer of) some exciting news. Perhaps it’s something you’ve been anxious to hear about, involving broadcasting, higher learning, or matters at a distance. Maybe you learn something about a health or work matter, or talk over or learn the details about something with someone, ( a sibling, neighbor or local.) Or you’re taking a short trip locally to buy or sell something super specific. Whatever it is that you learn, buy, sell, or communicate, this could have pronounced effect on partners/partnerships, transforming them in an ultimately beneficial way. Some kind of breakthrough or pinnacle is culminating within your mind involving communications. You could feel a tad under pressure due to work however, or maybe a bit under the weather health wise. Virgo is an anxious energy, wanting to get things “just right”, so you could be anxious about how something is worded or put across, wanting to convey the right message, or double check that what you’re hearing is correct. It’s good to be slightly skeptical now, as people can be wooly or unrealistic in their thinking and dealings. Someone has to keep it real. Retrograde Venus spends an unusual amount of time in your 10th house of mastery, achievement, reputation, authority, and street creds. This is smooth because retrograde or not, this gives you extra time to go over your “brand”, and tweak your PR. You could get lucky breaks in career, and be smiled upon by bosses and power people. You’ll be investing in your public image during this transit, and you’ll love what you’re doing. Maybe not the boring details and “work-a-day” stuff so much, but your *actual* career, what you feel compelled to do. Tedium might actually cut into your focus on your “fame game”, as could your more “humble” familial commitments, but you’ll negotiate through it. This might be annoying to keep mentioning, but HEALTH. It’s important, as are regular routines. Don’t let your drive to shine in the public eye make you forget these humble, necessary facts. Coworkers, services you perform for others, and other little details could be a thorn in your side, but alas, it all must be addressed, lest a crisis (mini or major) erupt.  Regardless, your house of fame, honors, and achievement is lit up like a jack-o-lantern at this new moon in Aries on the 27th, so the seeds of something special are being sewn, (extra special for you as the moon in your ruler). You’ll be networking like mad, super driven to connect to like minded souls, engage with friends, social media, and into anything unconventional, humanitarian, revolutionary, and “out there,” fusing powerful partnerships and social connections during this Mars cycle. (Watch out for conflicts with friends or groups you're a part of though.) Maybe you and your partner are starting a band or trying to launch a successful drug cartel off the ground. Either way, you’re pumped about getting the word out to the world about what it is you’re doing or selling. You’re on a flaming charm offensive or mass marketing campaign. Just don’t forget your roots. You need the security of home, hearth, and family, keep the peace here with housemates, your security base, and familial bonds. Next month, Mercury goes retrograde. The potential for miscommunication or fuzzy thinking in the career arena could increase. Reinforce your exoskeleton and keep power walking ahead (sideways), like you do.

LEO/LEO RISING: The full Moon in anxious, O.C.D Virgo full moon falls in your 2nd house of money, possessions, self worth, and values. Your money, self worth, getting it, and how you earn it, could be a focus for you at the full moon. Something is culminating here involving some kind of transformation unfolding in your work, daily life, health and routines sector. This could ultimately be really positive. You might feel at odds with deep intimate partners, or someone you are heavily invested in (or with), very closely involved with when it comes to joint property, bank accounts, shared financial or energetic exchanges, matters involving intimacy, sex, and heavy shit, like, well, death.. You could also feel under pressure from kids, lovers, or creatively, or- perhaps your ego is just sore. (Although you could actually receive some positive communication at this time, maybe on the flirtatious side, something seems to make you feel pretty damn good about yourself) or perhaps you just get an influx of big, creative ideas, maybe about money or things you want to buy or invest in. The fun times and “joy joy” feelings may have been harder to come by and you’ve had to be more self sufficient when it comes to entertaining yourself, and it’s just felt like a big wet blanket over your life sometimes, really sucking the spark out of existence. It’s just been all about this heaviness and seriousness, duty and responsibility, but what you’d really like is some lighthearted joy, fun, adventure, somebody to leave you little love notes and flirt with you to take some of the cold hard sting out of reality. If you’re into someone at a distance, from another culture, some person who seems like they could open up your world, some kind of well read book nerd or polyglot or something, perhaps this person isn’t really all that communicative or responsive (which is weird for a polyglot, I mean damn, you’d think being able to speak so many languages or being so well traveled or well read that they would at least be more talkative or engaging). Maybe their face is permanently sealed into a book, or they seem more into whatever it is they are into than well…hanging out with you. Maybe a series of “missed connections” and “poor timing” or conflicting schedules, priorities, or life paths. Unavailability.  Don’t let it get you down Leo. Other people’s focus on their own lives isn’t a negative reflection on you. It’s important to try and understand what’s actually motivating you to want to be in the center of particular people’s attention so much, and why it’s so disappointing when you’re not. You don’t need to get interesting people to show interest in you to prove to yourself and the world that you’re interesting. This is a circular pattern of empty validation that doesn’t go anywhere or do anything to add substance to your life or your character. If you’ve been experiencing this, take this as a sign to become more interested in yourself, and refine all your frustrated creative energy into some kind of substantive outer achievement. This Mars transit will have you feeling ambitious, determined, and focused on outward achievement, and getting the recognition and rounds of applause you so crave. A steady, plodding but persistent application of energy into “mastery” and your reputation will actually help you get the good times rolling. You’ll be putting yourself and your work out there in the public eye more often during this Mars transit. (Look out for conflicts with authority figures, power people, and bosses however.) The new moon on the 27th in Aries falls into your 9th house of higher learning, study, consciousness expansion, travel, people and places from afar, books and nerds. You will be planting seeds in this area, and your entire 9th house will reek of nag champa due to the clusterfuck of planets that will stack up here at this new moon. Venus spends an unusually long period of time in your 9th house, due to her retrograde. Mercury as well, (who will retrograde in April.) This gives you a fantastic opportunity to go over things here, reflect, and perfect. You will continue to be thrilled about expanding your view on the world through your aesthetic senses; new ways of thinking, different people, cultures, and learning new things. Broadening your vision and experience of the world, traveling, and communicating to others about your spicy curry lifestyle, magic carpet rides, monkey in a fez, kama sutra, rosetta stone, and crystal collection. 

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: The full moon on March 12th happens in your own sign. You are the star of this show. This highlights your need to focus on yourself, and could pit your needs and wants against your partners, which could be at odds at this time. You might just need to check in with yourself, partners could (unwittingly of course) be challenging your self esteem, (you want to be perfect for them and don’t want to fuck this up), or there could be a conflict of values, (or a conflict over money.) Perhaps you just feel anxious and like you need to catch up with yourself to tackle any feelings of insecurity or anxiety. Maybe you just need some “you” time. You are the sign of health, so the full moon could draw attention to where you could use a bit of a tune up. All this energy in your opposite sign of Pisces has been really draining. It could be time to pamper yourself. Clip/file your nails, catch up on rest, eliminate the crap you know you don’t need in your diet, balance your gut microbiota, center and ground. This could be really good for you, perhaps reconnecting you with your creativity, sense of fun, flirtatiousness, sexual expression, inner child, (or children if you have them), transforming your relationship to these 5th house issues in an ultimately positive and inspiring way, that boosts your sense of self, and increases your self esteem. You could feel a bit under pressure from family, or emotionally, or anxious about security, outdated emotional patterns, or something from the past. This Mars transit is going to have you focused in a steady, plodding and determined fashion on expanding your mind, higher learning, study, travel, people and places at a distance, and opening up your horizon on the world..All of this mind expansion and higher learning will serve to bolster your sense of inner and outer security, relations with family, and clearing out the cobwebs of the past. (Look out for increased possibility of ideological conflicts however.) You’ll be powering forward with a determination to really grow emotionally, holding yourself as well as others to high standards of integrity, wisdom and maturity. The new Moon on the 27th in Aries falls into your 8th house of sex, death, deep intimacy, energetic exchange, taboos, jealousy, obsessiveness, transformation, shared assets, power, depth psychology, and the macabre. This area of your chart will literally be on fire at this new moon, like a flaming chariot of death piloted by Carl Jung. It plants a deep, dark, heavy breathing seed of deep deepness. Venus will be spending an unusually long period of time in this area due to her retrograde. Mercury stays here too, for a long time, for the same reason. You are clearly working out some extremely deep shit Virgo. Either that or you’re just getting extremely freaky naughty with your S.O. This is a house of heavy breathing life or death commitment issues, intimacy, sexuality, psychology, taboos. I already feel like I’ve seen and said too much. In either case, the retrogrades of very personal planets here (one being your ruler) will give you a chance to go over this area and get to the bottom of some things here. Be careful. (And please mop up when you’re done.) 

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: The full moon in Virgo on March 12th falls in your 12th house of secrets, psychological health, spirituality, healing, isolation, seclusion, delusion, addiction, escapism, endings, and retreat. Something is certainly culminating here for you behind the scenes, away from prying eyes. Coworkers, the reality of work, health, service to others, a feeling of sacrifice, and/or just the maddening details of daily existence could be psychologically wearing you down, and you might just need to pull back and reflect to replenish your emotional reserves. Pulling back into seclusion, and connecting with yourself spiritually, or otherwise reflecting on your psychological state could have a powerfully transformative impact on your sense of emotional security, feeling of rootedness, your home, or even your relationship with family. You could feel under pressure to communicate, drive to and fro, or under pressure from siblings, neighbors, your local environs, or be having issues with cars or communique. Maybe you just want to unplug and hide from everyone..well…maybe not “everyone”, though partners do seem to be slightly at odds with you, or you with them, you might have trouble keeping up with one another or being on the same page. There could be something that neither of you are discussing that actually really needs to be broached. Maybe you’re not sure how to bring it up, and would rather just let it go. You would actually stand to gain quite a bit if you challenge yourself (or your partner) to open up about whatever it is. Some kind of communique you receive, or something you see online ( spicy and taboo in nature, or just super deep/intimate/heavy breathing/obsessive, or conversely, involving a joint financial or property or banking matter ) could make you feel privately and pleasantly very pleased with yourself, boosting your sense of personal security. This Mars transit will make you very gung ho in a plodding, and determined fashion about throwing your energy into the heavy breathing 8th house of sex, death, deep intimacy, energetic exchange, taboos, jealousy, obsessiveness, merging, transformation, shared assets, (property, bank accounts), power, depth psychology, and the macabre. You’ll be very focused on obtaining solid, physical, practical, and tactile gains in this area while Mars is here. This placement of Mars makes you more courageous and certainly not timid about facing the deeper and darker sides of life. Communication will become increasingly important when it comes to manifesting any gains you’d like to see here, but you’ll be focused and determined and are “in it to win it.” This area of the chart also relates to finances, and bank accounts, so this bodes well if you have to "go to war" or "do battle" about money matters, particularly if you're saving up for something big, such as paying off a mortgage or saving to invest in some other large purchase. Look out for increased potential for "lovers spats" or intimate/sexual/shared financial conflicts while Mars is here however. Make sure your bank accounts and passwords are secure.) Otherwise, enjoy your freaky naughty escapades into this dark psycho-sexual-financial fun house, you filthy sick weirdo. The new moon in Aries on the 27th lands in your 7th house of partnerships. This house is literally on fire at this new moon, and a seed is planted regarding your relationships with others. Venus spends an unusually long period of time here due to her retrograde, as does Mercury, who stations retrograde in April. This gives you a chance to really go over some things, and really perfect and even revolutionize things here, as far as how you relate to other people goes. You will be challenged to think and communicate differently with partners, with emphasis on integrity, authenticity, maturity, substance, courage and honesty- but the point is to communicate, period. This will ultimately increase your emotional capacity and sense of security. Maintaining a degree of independence, or even “unconventionality” continues to be important, to either you, partners, or both. Your shocking weirdness will bring you closer as long as you can continue to keep it real. 

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: The full Moon in Virgo on the 12th lands in your 11th house of friendships, social networking, hopes, wishes, dreams, the unconventional, and universal, collective vision. Something radical is culminating here, and it’s transforming the way you think, communicate, learn, get around locally, or your interactions with siblings, neighbors, or your local environment in a positive way. You might receive positive news through a group or from a friend that makes you feel psychologically relieved, or optimistic (even if you’re slightly out of your comfort zone). You might join a group of some kind (like a YMCA?) Or start a new job. You might even be pressured into it by a partner, friend, or on behalf of a child. Whatever is happening, it’s in your best interests and will lead to a happier, healthier you, injecting a sense of youthful vitality into your life. Some kind of wish or goal could come true, in a small, humble, and practical way. It’s not effortless of course, there could be tensions or disagreements with or revolving around a child, lover, or creative project. You could feel under pressure financially, maybe just insecure and unsure of yourself, or could be having a conflict of values with a partner, love interest, or child, revolving around health, routine, work, service, diet, fitness, pets, something revolving around the daily details of living. Keep an open mind here, as you could stand to gain, even heal, and could learn something new, or put something into practice in your daily life that improves your health or psychological well being (usually both, as they go hand in hand.) Even if it’s weird, untried or seems “out there”, or challenges your comfort zone a little, it could actually wind up being very beneficial. Speaking of health, the new Moon in Aries on the 27th of March falls in your 6th house of health, fitness, diet, work, service, details, and routines. This sector is totally on fire and lit up like a christmas tree in your chart Scorpio. This new Moon plants a happy, healthy little seed revolving around your health, diet, fitness, work, details and daily life. This is all very healing, even if it feels tense or challenging. Venus spends an unusual amount of time in this sector due to her retrograde, along with Mercury, who will station backwards in April. This gives you an amazing opportunity to really go over things here, to fortify, perfect, and even revolutionize your approach to diet, health, fitness, work, organization, details, service, and routines. Check out the book Diet For A New America by John Robins, boost your fruit, vegetable, and legume intake, cut out all of the animal products, join a gym, make an appointment with your doctor to get your nutrient levels checked, look at your B12 and iodine levels. Get a probiotic supplement. Learn about magnesium. Go all out Scorpio. The sooner you become proactive about your well being, and the more you challenge your comfort zone and your excuses, the more vitality you’ll feel. This Mars transit will have you gung ho in a plodding and determined fashion about partnerships and collaborations. It could be creative collaborations, carpools, or a “buddy system” dynamic with a child, partner, youth, or loved one. In either case, teamwork, (and matching tracksuits?), will be where it’s at for you. Do watch out for an increased potential for conflicts with partners, collaborators, and your S.O while Mars is here however. Partners could be motivating (and pushing you) to make some necessary transformations.

The Full Moon in detail oriented Virgo on March 12th will fall in your 10th house of career, recognition, mastery, achievement, reputation, fame, notoriety, and street creds. What you do and offer to the public could be in the spotlight somehow during this full moon. This could be a golden opportunity, possibly through family, friends, “friend of a friend”, or groups you are a part of, to demonstrate your skills in your career or profession, or gain street creds and good PR.  You could feel anxious and have some performance anxiety, and could feel under pressure to produce “perfect” results, or the best performance possible. Try and relax and pretend like money isn’t even involved and that your self esteem isn’t totally on the line. Speaking of money, this particular opportunity could also boost your earnings, line your pockets, and produce tangible rewards, and if anything, certainly increase your sense of self worth, leading to deep and positive transformations in your values, how you value yourself, and the way you earn your income down the line. This may or may not just be a “one off”, but it definitely get’s you thinking about the benefits of taking yourself, what you do, and what you have to offer more seriously. It’s not a total cakewalk, and you might feel you’re in a “learn as you go” situation in certain regards, having to master certain details, but the learning you do and progress you make will be invaluable. Family could factor into this somehow, or be at odds with you in some regard, maybe there is just tension going on at home that could potentially impact your game face. Try not to let any home or family squabbles, or even emotional hang ups, maybe something from the past, "should have's" and "would have's"- affect your performance on the job or in public- just play it cool. Ultimately, family is really supportive of you, and may even somehow play an instrumental role in boosting your earnings or self worth, so just funnel any tensions into creative expression. You’ll be super determined about mastering details during this Mars cycle, and transmitting it into your craft to produce tangible results that increase your earnings and value. “I AM INDISPENSABLE!” Fitness, health, diet, routines, work, and service will also be calling to you. “How can I help you?” and “How can I improve and perfect this?” will be something you’ll be driven toward and motivated by. Serious Saturn in your own sign will help you chisel out tangible results like a machine in whatever you apply this drive toward. You could feel so caught up in some kind of unconventional creative project you’re involved in, a child genius, or an erratic/unconventional love affair, that you’ve had no time for friends or social networking. Or it could be the opposite, and you’re networking so much you have no time for your creative projects, romance, or kids. Both of these areas will blow up in a big way so you might need to clone yourself. The new Moon in Aries on the 27th falls in your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, parties, children, fun, flirtation, romance, and lighthearted love affairs. This house will be FLAME ON at this new moon. It’s a fun, flirtatious, creatively inspired and sexy time. Venus will be in this sector for an unusually long spell due to her retrograde, as will Mercury, who retrogrades here in April. This is a great opportunity to go over things here, undergo revisions, and perfect and revolutionize your creative expression, a project, your love affairs, flirtations, or relations with children or youth. Your discipline and creative vision will be on fleek. Combined with your drive toward improving everything from fitness, to diet, to your grasp on details, this is like a full on beast mode. Watch out for the increased potential for conflict with coworkers and people in your daily life during this Mars transit. On top of generally "fixing things" and organizing details, the 6th house also rules pets, as well as paperwork, so there may be an increased focus on these areas. Mars is "inflammatory", so watch your health, (or that of a pet.) (All in all, for best results: Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into anybody’s drama and just stay focused, disciplined, and ideally, -free as a bird.)

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: The full moon in detail oriented Virgo on March 12th lands in your 9th house of study, travel, higher learning, other cultures, people and places at a distance, beliefs, religion/spirituality, and consciousness expansion. Something is culminating here and it’s having a profound and transforming impact on your very identity. Something you’ve been studying or learning, or someone or something far away or from a different walk of life/culture/or belief system, is in the spotlight for you at this full moon. You might even be traveling, or making some plans to travel. This is an optimistic house of mind expansion, learning, philosophy, and open spaces, so you could definitely be feeling the expansive happiness of Jupiter's house. You could also (offhandedly) be applying something you’ve learned, (or somewhere you've traveled) to your career, reputation, or profession, or putting it out there in a public way somehow. In either case, your view on the world is expanding and it’s changing who you are at a core level, and how you go about “being you.” There could be slight tensions in communications, or with siblings, neighbors, local environment, or issues with transportation. You could feel under pressure psychologically to resolve a vague or special kind of “crazy” going on with siblings, family, at home, or just in communication with someone/people generally.  It could involve family, something from the past, or outmoded emotional patterns that need to be eliminated, either in yourself, in others, or perhaps both. You may even find yourself placed in the role of “counselor”, “guide”, “psychopomp”, or “therapist” at this full moon, to help someone work through their issues. You might even find it somehow helps you in turn, and affirms your identity to do so, (maybe even to the point of considering it in a professional capacity, or perhaps just sharing your (well earned) happiness in a public way.) In spite of any “psychic baggage” you may be encountering, this Mars cycle does a wonderful job at highlighting the psychotherapeutic impact of creativity, joy, fun, children, (or being child like), lightheartedness, flirtation, sex, romance, hobbies, and inspiration. You could feel more youthful, creative, and alive, or be dealing with a lot of young people, children, or creative types during this Mars transit. Dating, fun outings, romance, entertainment, recreation, this is a fun and pleasant Mars cycle. (Watch out for increased potential for conflicts with kids, lovers, young people, as Mars here can make such people "rowdier" and "feistier" seeming than usual however.) This is definitely great for sex and going after enjoyment full throttle. Inspiration will be your motivation. Lead by example and show people how to rise above their own psychic baggage and enjoy the present fully, in gratitude, in spite of, and even because of, the past. The new Moon in Aries on the 27th occurs in your 4th house of roots, home, family, emotions, feels, security, comfort, endings, the past, and you’re mom. <(I had to say that last one because A.)it’s true, and B.)it was just funny to throw in there at the end.) This sector of your chart is literally on fire at this new moon, and a cozy, comfy, and fluffy seed is planted here. Venus spends an unusual amount of time here due to her retrograde, along with Mercury, who goes retrograde here as well, in April. This gives you an amazing opportunity to work out emotional hang ups, old outworn emotional patterns, dysfunctional family dynamics, security issues, home and hearth, and getting to the “root” of matters. Establishing a sense of comfort and security through connecting with family, the emotions, and the familiar will appeal during this time. As will redecorating your digs. The past may come up a lot in your mind and heart, but this is a chance to make peace with it, and to revolutionize your approach to your emotions, your family, and your abode. Keep your youthful sense of joy alive and stay creatively inspired, spread this joy and inspiration around to others any time you feel psychologically weighed down. Inspiring others toward happiness will keep you inspired too. It’s a karma payment plan.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: The full moon in perfectionistic Virgo on March 12th falls in your 8th house of sex, death, deep intimacy, energetic exchange, taboos, jealousy, obsessiveness, transformation, shared assets,(property, bank accounts) power, depth psychology, and the macabre. You could be feeling slightly anxious and intense about something revolving around merging with another. Maybe you just really, really feel intense about wanting intimacy. Something is definitely culminating here, and it’s having an ultimately beneficial and transforming impact upon your psychology or your spiritual life, perhaps making you feel less isolated, or refreshing your psychological perspective on intimacy somehow, inspiring you to approach it differently. Virgo is a sign of "purification" and "elimination", so you could be pouring over the details of deep enmeshments and heavy breathing "sex and death" issues. (Sex and death are associated for a reason, in science, nature, and the occult.) You might be feeling anxious about an intimate bond.  Maybe you're also dealing with things that involve family, friends, or people at a distance, money, (or all of the above). You could feel under some pressure from friends (do you owe them money?) Perhaps you’re just anxious that you’ll have enough funds for your goals, or, maybe you’re just shy, having a generalized social anxiety?  You might have some goals involving friends, or some kind of long held wish or dream you’re very heavily invested in seeing come to fruition, that involves merging with others in a way that requires a great deal of trust, or a lot of money and serious, mature, trustworthy, hard working people to get off the ground. You could be communicating with friends and/or a partner at a distance, from your home, wanting to invite them to your home, in an attempt to organize some kind of “Master Plan” related to a collective vision you share with others. Maybe it’s felt a bit like “herding cats.”  All signs point to “if you build it, they will come,” Aquarius, so select your tribe wisely. You’ll be very active in your home during this Mars transit, and a lot of action will be going down from your home base, regarding this collective vision you’re in the process of mastering. You’ll be wanting to produce very tangible results in the physical form related to these dreams. This could even involve farming or gardening somehow at your home, (as Mars is transiting the earth sign Taurus.) Do watch out for the potential for increased conflict at home, with family, or emotionally during this Mars transit.. The new moon in Aries on the 27th of March will land in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, neighbors, locals, local travel, text messaging, thoughts, radio, the written and spoken word, cognition, and the mind. This sector will be crazy lit. The new moon here plants a fiery seed of initiative, right next to the Sun, and your ruling planet Uranus. Venus spends an unusual amount of time here due to her retrograde, as does Mercury, who will go backward through this zone in April. So you have 5 sky gods here at the new moon. Basically, you’ll be in Chatty Cathy mode, and for good reason. You must call in your tribe and assemble your minions. It is your destiny. The long amount of time Venus and Mercury spend here will allow you to reflect, perfect, and revolutionize your communication zone, in order to manifest your vision and build your dream. There could be some ideological conflicts, -but you’ll get by with a little help from your friends/groups you are a part of, especially the weird ones, they’ll have your back. Watch out with large investments and purchases while Venus is Rx though, especially with foggy Neptune in your 2nd house. Otherwise, viva la revolucion, Aquarius. Ride the communication lightning!

PISCES/PISCES RISING: The full moon on March 12th in your opposite sign Virgo illuminates your 7th house of partnerships, significant others, and collaborations. Something is culminating here regarding you and the apple of your eye, and it’s impacting your friendships, group associations, hopes, wishes, and goals in an ultimately beneficial and positive way. Maybe you are making new connections through your partner, or with your partner, or perhaps you meet someone through your social circle you could see as a partner. In either case, partnerships, collaborations, and 'the other" in your life are all in the spotlight for you at this time. You could feel under pressure to “perform” career wise, or are perhaps networking, making new friends, socializing with your duo/partner in crime, and career are intermingling or overlapping somehow. You could be anxious about how you’re coming across to powerful people, or people you’ve never met before. Perhaps sands have shifted and you’re on a whole new playing field goal wise, group wise, or friend wise. With Saturn in your 10th, you’re kind of “representing your brand” at all times, even in casual social situations. With the lunar climax focused very much on your S.O this month, a little selfless “giving back” may be in order to your partner (or business collaborator if you’re unpaired). You may be pleased to do so, it just might not be easy to take your eye entirely off of the “ball of achievement”, but you’ll manage. You and your partner could also be doing some “power networking”. This Mars cycle will have you very “results driven” when it comes to communication, the written and spoken word, interactions with neighbors, siblings, locals, and the local environment. Build that rep Pisces. (Do watch out for increased potential for conflict in communications, with siblings, neighbors, or people in your local environment.)You and your partner might be indulging and celebrating together over a joint investment or some other intimate or shared milestone. Money could be an issue however, and could definitely be on your mind. You might want to keep the good times and money rolling in, which is great news, because the new moon in Aries on the 27th plants a flaming hot seed of initiative in your 2nd house of earned income, money, possessions, values and self worth. This sector of your chart will be lit up like a stock market exchange. You’ll have your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Through the power of practical application, networking, friendships, word of mouth, marketing, and sheer reputation, you will attract bit coins and doll hairs, manifesting active and passive income, and solidifying your value. Venus spends an unusually long period of time here due to her retrograde, as does Mercury, who moves backward through this zone in April. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to reflect, perfect, and revolutionize the money you bring to the table, how you go about it, your values, what you value, and the value you place on yourself. Get that money, you spiritual gangster.


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