Astrology For The Week Of May 13th-19th 2019

Monday kicks off with the Moon in practical Virgo, in positive relationship to the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, and in direct opposition to Neptune. This places an emphasis on “getting shit done”, improving routines, and is a really all together stabilizing influence. Although the lunar opposition to Neptune can create a bit of absent mindedness, forgetfulness, or spaciness. A Mars square to Chiron can kind of make us prone towards being a bit of a nervous wreck, scattered, irritated or just hypersensitive to routines or communications going astray. 

Late evening as we close out Monday, the Moon makes a square to Mars in Gemini, suggesting a burst of productive, communicative, multitasking, improvement focused energy, ..rather late at night. This could see some of us up organizing our sock drawers or doing some frenzied last minute cleaning/organization, or for others, it could take on a more communicative slant. Coupled by a lunar square to Jupiter, we could have some rather big ideas, or impassioned impulses that rev our engines for the ensuing week ahead.  This aspect could also be conflict prone, so forewarned is forearmed.

Tuesday morning, the 14th, carries this rather energetic, productive, busy tone in the early hours. Some pretty major transitions are happening, and there is a “busy body” atmosphere to these configurations, with a lot of nervous energy.
 The Moon enters  Libra on Tuesday, near noon, PST, placing the focus more on partnerships and collaborations with others. As this places the Moon in direct opposition to Chiron initially, there could be some sensitivity or vulnerability to navigate, but it’s nothing the Libra Moon can’t harmonize.


Wednesday the 15th, is rather eventful, as the wee hours of the morning (2:46 AM PST), Venus leaves impulsive and passionate Aries for one of her signs of rulership, Taurus. This transit will place an emphasis on the physical, tangible, and sensual elements of partnerships and practical matters. A close contact to Uranus suggests changing things up in regards to all Venus ruled endeavors, whether this be adding more excitement or breathing room to relationships, adjusting to new financial or practical conditions, or even just spicing up the wardrobe and manner of dress. Either way, Taurus is results oriented, and there is no doubt we will be able to see, touch, and experience the changes brought about by this transit. There will also be much to communicate and think about while all of this “newness” is integrated into reality. We are creating a “new normal.” This transit also places Venus in harmonious relationship with Saturn and Pluto, suggesting that these changes are for the positive and will deeply transform the landscape and perhaps offer more stability and consistency in the future.

Later on Wed evening, Mars follows suit with an ingress out of nervous and chatty Gemini, into emotional and security oriented Cancer. Since Monday, Mars in the final degrees of Gemini has been in square to Chiron, suggesting tensions, blockages, sensitivities, or simply ill timing around communications and general itinerary. This square is set to last until the end of May, and take on a bit more of an emotional tone as it swaps it’s square to Chiron with an opposition to Saturn and Pluto in June. We’ll deal with that later… 

We begin Thursday the 16th with the Moon in late Libra making intense square face to Saturn and Pluto, while in trine to Mars. This creates a rather “confrontational” and “assertive” vibe, perhaps a bit emotionally charged, leading up to the full Moon. 

The Moon enters moody and broody Scorpio at 2:26 PM PST. With a lunar opposition to Venus and Uranus in Taurus, there could be a restlessness and intensity around relationships, made all the more passionate and deeply felt by the lunar trine to Mars in Cancer. It’s an odd combination of a deep need for security and intimacy, and a need for excitement or independence. There is an odd “quirkiness” and emotionality to these configurations, all leading up to the Full Moon over the weekend.


Friday morning, the 17th, the Moon applies a soothing and spacey balm in the form of a trine to Neptune in Pisces. In the afternoon, the Moon in Scorpio opposes Mercury in Taurus, suggesting the potential for some difficulty around making decisions, or around communications. 

Friday evening the Moon forms a stabilizing sextile to Saturn, suggesting that in spite of the rather intense build up to the full moon, there is a stable port in the storm. 

Saturday the 18th see’s the moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto, bringing some kind of marked transformation to completion before the lunar climax. This could highlight some intense emotions, though not necessarily in a negative way. The Moon climaxes full in Scorpio at 2:11 PM PST, at 27 degrees Scorpio. A trine to Chiron slowly intensifies as the moon inches closer to Sagittarius, which it will reach by 6:21 PM PST. This lunar climax is highlighted of course by the opposition to the Sun in Taurus, but also an opposition to Mercury. We may be adapting to so many changes that making decisions about what to even do with ourselves this weekend can feel rather difficult to do. Personally, as an astrologer, at full moons, I try to simply lay as low as possible and not make a whole lot of demands of myself or others because it’s typical for emotions to be rather magnified at this time and people can tend to be at their least rational. 

Late Saturday evening, the Moon/Mercury opposition ebbs off, as the moon is in Sagittarius by this point, set to make contact with Jupiter.

Sunday the 19th is highlighted by the Moon in Sagittarius trining Chiron for most of the day, and squaring Neptune in Pisces, along with conjoining Jupiter in Sagittarius. This ends the week on an optimistic, dreamy, expansive and hopeful note. 

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most excellent week. See you next Monday.


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