We begin this week with the Moon in sensual, tactile, and indulgent Taurus, and both Mercury and Venus having freshly changed into different signs, while we gear up (or down rather), for Mars stationing retrograde, to remain in tension with Saturn until October. The Moon in earthy Taurus is conjunct Uranus, trine the Sun in Virgo, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and sextile dreamy and idealistic Neptune. This actually get’s the week off to a surprisingly buoyant start, and if there is still a bit of a crisis atmosphere, there is also the resources and determination available to resolve them. The Moon in Taurus sends some grounded shockwaves through the atmosphere and places emphasis on reshaping, transforming, and improving things, and making the best of them. What would you like to change for the better? There is a powerful and pleasant idealism in this mathscape that wants to turn dreams, ideals, fantasies, and aspirations into practical reality and mold things to it’s liking, and there can be some profound, transformative experiences and dynamics unfolding that can really be making an impact. These configurations can shine a light on the resources and various potentialities at our disposal, and ways in which we can use them creatively to improve our lot, build strong foundations, and multiply our abundance.  The sextile to Neptune can see an element of serendipity as well, and things going on can have a certain amount of surreality to them that can have us rubbing our eyes in disbelief at certain points. There’s a lot of generosity and fecundity in these configurations. Mercury in partnership oriented Libra sextile Venus in creative and passionate Leo can see some pleasant and charismatic interactions that can be quite beneficial and a sense of revitalization, passion and enthusiasm to life via some very harmonious, entertaining, and life affirming exchanges that can be really inspiring and motivating. Excellent for creative collaborations, romance, enjoyment and entertainment. Even if things have felt otherwise imperfect , challenging, or testing our patience, as the Sun in Virgo highlights crisis, crisis prevention, and what needs improvement and attention, and the Mars/Saturn square tests our endurance, exchanges with others, thinking creatively, and seeking to increase joy and confidence, can be the spark of life and motivation that help pull us through the bumpy parts and keep us motivated and inspired. Today can see a powerful focus on taking inventory of our respective situations, resources, connections, and seeking to innovate a firm foundation from which to springboard forward from. It’s an overall pleasant, abundant, blessed, easy going (but determined) energy that has a lot to offer, in spite of what can feel like some significant challenges or blockages.  The Mars retrograde can be best viewed as a steady and determined building phase, in preparation for Saturns final official re-entry back into Aquarius, (and hence, a different house in your personal natal chart.) Whichever house in your particular chart is ruled by Aquarius will be a primary focus of mastery, discipline, hard work, building, chiseling,  strengthening, and generally pulling our shit together for the next 2 and a half years. This will have a  pronounced focus on the future, and will call for some innovative, perhaps unconventional or even highly unusual approaches.


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus, in trine to Saturn, Pluto, as well as Mercury. We can be absorbing the profundity of impact of certain exchanges, and there can be some powerful negotiations, agreements, collaborations, conversations and interpersonal experiences underway that can really be bringing a lot of creative inspiration to the table. The Moon in the final degrees of Taurus goes on to sextile Venus in Leo as well, and this can see some pleasantly visceral and warm exchanges. The Moon moves into talkative and curious Gemini at 2:28 PM PST, and the trine to Mercury in Libra and sextile to Venus in Leo can place the focus on connecting and communicating with others, bouncing ideas back and forth, and keeping the inspiration and motivation flowing and growing. This can be quite an expressive atmosphere, and a lunar trine to Saturn suggests there’s something longterm about this. There’s work and patience involved, but there’s a focus on setting foundations, making agreements, and utilizing our creativity and our connections to others to form a workable game plan. This can be a pleasant, talkative, and charming energy, and quite busy socially and interpersonally.  Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries seeks to build confidence and strengthen the solar plexus chakra, and it can be that interactions with others have prompted a desire to polish our aura a bit and address anything we know is keeping us from being our most confident selves. Venus in Leo is a bit of a peacock and wants to display all of it’s beautiful feathers, and so the trine to Chiron is great for addressing weak spots in self esteem, taking inventory of any insecurities that may be holding us back, and doing what’s in our power to address and resolve them. There is a warm, compassionate encouragement here that can be really inspiring. Even if there is some shyness present, there is also courage and healing. With the trine Venus makes to Mercury, our interactions can be a source of continuous inspiration and encouragement. The Gemini lunation certainly see’s communications highlighted in a stimulating and pleasant way, and conversations can really bring a lot of enjoyment and vitality. With the lunar sextile to Chiron, there can be a very healing and compassionate quality to this. 


Today see’s Mars station retrograde at 3:22 PM, at 28 degrees Aries. The Moon in clever and curious Gemini square the Sun in worry wart Virgo, trine Mercury in Libra, while later going on to square Neptune. There can be a bit of nervousness, worry, or anxiety to these configurations, and navigating a host of unknowns and what if’s can be a team effort, that definitely highlights the benefits of cooperation, and staying in touch and connected with others, and keeping in the loop. Minor lunar tensions to Mars and Saturn can add to a sense of hypervigilance or highlight the potentiality for challenges. The retrograde of Mars is a slow grind characterized by it’s square to restrictive Saturn, and this can see a test of patience and endurance, but there is definitely a passionate drive that will need to be channeled towards constructive ends in order to “unlock the next level of the game.” While many astrologers may fear monger about Mars retrograde, any transit, aspect, or configuration is an opportunity. With a square to Saturn, also retrograde, (in Capricorn), this is intended to function as a catalyst to some carefully considered action, or series of actions, and the backtracking can provide opportunities for reevaluation and consolidation of energy. This can help provide opportunity to focus our drive with more pinpoint precision, intention, and economy, and eliminate waste of time or energy. Sure, with the square to Saturn it’s possible to feel somewhat limited as to our scope of action for one reason or another, but it’s possible for any frustration to be funneled into something constructive. In fact, with Jupiter in frugal and disciplined Capricorn, it would be beneficial to do so. With the Moon in Gemini square the Sun in the other Mercurial sign of Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces, this kicks off the Mars retrograde off on a somewhat anxious and high strung note, and it can feel like a rather worrisome atmosphere that can have a “sleep with one eye open” kind of feeling about it, and have the nervous system alert for any potential crisis, danger, or what could possibly go wrong next. If the Venus retrograde in Gemini that squared up to Neptune in 2020 taught us anything at all about the nature of this year, it’s that there has been a whole lot of fuckery afoot. If 2020 had a slogan, it would be something akin to “FUCK. NOW WHAT?” If 2020-2022 had an official mascot, it would be Dr. Weird from Aquateen Hunger Force. Don’t even pretend like that isn’t a hundred percent accurate. That being said, this Mars retrograde begins on a somewhat tentative tone, with a touch of hyper vigilance to any potential fuckery afoot, and a lot of unknowns. This stresses the importance for a strong internal locus of control, which is a theme I discussed at length when Jupiter entered Capricorn. It will continue to be very important to stay focused on what it is that we *do* have control of, and channel any worry, anxiety, angst, frustration, or fear of any unknowns into constructive mediums that can provide a sense of stability, calm, self control, and self reliance. The Capricorn stellium has definitely heavily emphasized the sheer utility and practicality of lived and applied stoicism. Wherever you’ve been hosting this powerful Capricorn stellium in your chart, is where you’re undergoing a massive reconstruction and mastery process.  Look to the house in your natal whole sign chart that is ruled by Capricorn, to see what area of life you’re hosting a major transformation and rebirth, and where you’re seeking to reclaim your own sense of authority, power, and personal mastery.


This morning sort of carries over a little of the nervousness or anxiousness from yesterday with the Moon Gemini square the Sun in anxious Virgo, and mysterious Neptune in Pisces. There’s a lot of unknowns, but a lunar sextile to Mars Rx in Aries see’s the cleverness of the Moon in Gemini team up with the drive and passion of Mars in Aries to create a t shirt that I used to have with a calculator on it that said “If there’s a problem, I’ll solve it.” This creates a keen adroitness that can be alert to taking action in a crisis (or to prevent one). In the very least, this energy doesn’t just take anxiety lying down, and is determined to do something about it. This can see physical movement be very good for the nervous system, as there can be a lot of mental and physical energy building up. A lunar trine to Juno in Libra spotlights relationships with others, and they can continue to be a source of motivation, harmony, and source of inspiration. Over all, this day can be action oriented and communicative, and the Sun in Virgo trine to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can highlight an organization process, and place a focus on what we need to improve, perfect, purify, and prepare for, and all the little details that need tending to in order to lay down a strong foundation for the future, and reduce worry and anxiety as much as possible by covering all the bases.


This will have to be a synopsis, because I'm navigating a straight up genocide at the moment.

I didn't write the astrology for the weekend, but we kick it off with the 9/11 anniversary, in classic Rockefeller/zionist fashion.

In short, this is going to get pretty hairy, and is going to require a lot of innovation. Saturday looks especially difficult, especially towards the evening hours, with a moon/Mars square, and moon/ Saturn/Pluto oppositions, (Moon will be in comfort seeking Cancer)-confoet could be difficult to come by and we will have to fight for it. There could be some pretty challenging circumstances to navigate, and the atmosphere can feel a bit pressing and pressurized, emotional, intense, and possibly dramatic. Sunday see's a little relief but not by much, with the moon in Leo linking to Venus in Leo, and trine Chiron in Aries. A sliver of sunshine perhaps, amidst rapidly shifting and highly chaotic circumstances. This weekend is going to push a lot of people out of their comfort zones and could be very challenging. Next week can see some assistance, starting with the Moon in Virgo, which will emphasize crisis, so it doesn't mean things will be easy, but there can be some hard won improvements in circumstances due to sacrifices, attention to detail and hard work. But Virgo season this year is very crisis and worry oriented. When the Moon enters Libra, the focus will be on cooperation and working well with others. It won't be easy at all times to be on the same page, but it's imperative that people set any bullshit aside to deal with any crisis at hand and stick to the most pertinent issues. Because of my situation, I can't guarantee the weekly astrology will be posted next week, so I've tried to include a little bit of next week in this synopsis. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this isn't going to be easy. Once the Moon enters Scorpio, compassion will be key to navigating extremely destabilizing circumstances, and the lunar square at this Scorpio lunation to Venus in Leo can see some potential for drama that is largely unnecessary and perhaps even petty in light of the real issues on the line, so it will be important for everyone to keep their priorities straight and not allow any jealousy, competitiveness, or otherwise petty ego squabbles add unnecessary stress or friction to already chaotic circumstances. 


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