June 2017 Horoscopes


June kicks off running on the residual fumes of Mars opposition Saturn. A tension that deepens and grows more complex before it dissipates. Within the first week of June, Mars moves into zero degrees Cancer (on June 5th.) This creates a much more emotional and security oriented drive comparatively, where there is a motivation toward comfort and succor from the rigors of battle throughout the upheavals of the retrogrades. This also lends a less cerebral and more emotional tone to the Martian planet’s chosen style of combat. Venus shifts into sensual and practical Taurus on June 6th, the next day, where along side her sextile to Mars, she will form a sextile to spiritual, dreamy, delusional, fantasy based, and/or deceptive Neptune, and an eventual trine to deep, dark, obsessive, controlling, heavy breather Pluto. Stability and security become increasingly important. Late in the day on the 6th, Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, shifts out of stubborn, grounded Taurus and into the more dexterous, flexible, and well…mercurial terrain of Gemini, where it is very much at home. This will certainly increase the amount of clever banter, witty repartee, smooth talking salesmanship, and general mental back and forth, as well as the overall nervous energy and “quickness” behind our cognitive processes. Thoughts, messages, information, and words will fly like quicksilver through the ethers, and visits from neighbors, short distance local travel, and the overall “busy body” pace of the mind will increase as Mercury leaves the slower and plodding “stick in the mud” terrain of Taurus to mix and mingle in multitasking, lighthearted Gemini. This lends us some logic and detachment amidst a steadily increasing emotional landscape.…at least…for a time….Eventually, Mercury begins to feel like an outcast and joins the rest of the emo crowd due to peer pressure and a weak will. *(As an aside, just a real talk disclaimer to y’all: With Venus in sensual Taurus forming these kinds of aspects, some people might do or say anything to um… simply get laid, and Mercury in Gemini is a smooth surface talker. If you don’t mind greasy pick up lines or the idea of a sketchy, badly scripted porno, disguising itself as an even more poorly written romance novel-enjoy. This isn’t to say single folk can’t come across any sincere contenders, but if a person who is “too good to be true” has “eager beaver” syndrome/is very focused on just getting at “your gold” or “into your enchanted kingdom”, and you don’t even know their backstory, true intent, physical address, or why they have a moat with alligators around their (totally locked, Level: Rubicks Cube) phone, -make a mental note to red flag that mofo, unless of course I just (unwittingly) described your dream date, in which case, ew…just…ew.…  For the rest of you who are happily coupled up? Schedule in Bangfest 2017 on your calendar, call in sick, and shut off your phones.) 
Tensions grow exceedingly hard to ignore come the full Moon of the 9th, when Mars in Cancer, who is still squaring up to Saturn in Sagittarius until the 12th, decides to form a pissy relation to Jupiter in Libra for the duration of June. If June 9th through 12th appear climactic in the regard of emotional tension, this is only the beginning…as power broker Pluto in Capricorn will eventually get in on this kerfuffle as well, by the 17th. The Sun, and Mercury, planet of the mind, move hand in hand together, from mental gymnast Gemini into Cancer, “Lord of the Feels” on the 21st, the same day as the Sun, making the shift into Feelsville extra noticeable on this day. This makes even more certain that the new Moon on the 24th is a highly emotionally charged and perhaps even nebulous, “boundary pushing” sort of time, where cool logic is scant, and emotions, cravings, instincts, and an unwavering drive for comfort and security lead the way. Logic be damned. Prepare to set sail on a sea of feels, comrades. 


On June 9th, our lady Luna has her monthly climax in the dual sign of Sagittarius, bringing our attention to the need to be er…. philosophical about things.  Sometimes life isn’t so black and white, and we don’t have all the answers, things need to be questioned, ruminated on, meditated upon, new perspectives on prior happenings, and new takes on old philosophy’s beg to be entertained, if only to maintain optimism amidst continuous flux, rapid change, seething tensions, irreconcilable differences in beliefs, views, religions, and opinions, and the collapse of old ways of being and doing things. “Maintain an open mind” is a catchphrase of this lunation. The trine of Luna to Uranus begs me to say the redundant but apropos phrase “expect the unexpected.”  Expand your reference points and challenge small mindedness, in yourself, and others-but certainly keep your wits about you, your boundaries clearly defined, and your bullshit detector fully operational, as the squares that the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all form to Neptune in Pisces during this full Moon can challenge or make you question your sense of reality, -or make you open to mental or emotional manipulation and being told tall tales. Fortunately, the conjunction this full Moon forms to Saturn in Sagittarius helps to keep a sense of reality, reserve, karma, integrity,  and of “crime and consequence” firmly in place. People are serious and mean business and won’t be accepting any fluff unless it’s “fluffs with substance.” 


Come June 24th, the new Moon in Cancer sets a tone for new beginnings,  emotionally speaking, and boy howdy does this appear to be an emotionally inflated time, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars all in Cancer. This new Moon will be dominated by Luna and Neptune, where the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, all form (albeit, harmonious) aspects to this nebulous sea god of fantasy, imagination, dreams, spirituality. secrecy, and boundary dissolution. Powerful things are unfolding this month, this much is certain. Secret trysts? Venus’ trine to Pluto in this mix suggests as much. If anything, some very powerful, moving, potentially even highly romantic climes. Perhaps even the stuff of novels. There is an “against all odds” sort of vibe to this new Moon, brought about by the square the Moon, Mercury, and Mars make to inflationary Jupiter in Libra, suggesting an odd “emotional extravagance” and over the top “kind of a big deal” to certain events, “like..whoa”, ..or that perhaps not everyone is happy or “all for” what transpires. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Perhaps Neptune’s involvement may attempt to shroud certain things to minimize or medicate the emotional impact, or avoid confrontation. It’s worth remembering that squares are meant to facilitate breakthroughs. It may be wise to carry the tone of the full Moon on the 9th on into the energy of the new Moon, and remain philosophical, as the energy around this time could be rather intense and certainly “unstoppable”, given the conjunctions to Mars, and the trine Venus is forming to do or die Pluto. 

“I don’t mean to impose, but I am the ocean.”


You begin June catching up on work, resolving a crisis, or focused on health, fitness, details, service, and/or pets, -and still reeling from all you’ve had to mentally digest. The sheer amount of intense communications from a distance, travel, higher learning, and all the to-ing and fro-ing, errands, talks talks talks, and/or dealings with siblings, neighbors, locals has been overwhelming. It’s really all just been a lot to take in, and yet, “the fat lady has not yet sung.” Communications have been heated at times, with your ruler Mars in your 3rd house, and you’ve had to take off at a moments notice at points, to attend to something or other with an “urgency” about it. This Martian energy and drive begins to shift into your sector of home, emotions, family, foundations, and security on the 5th, making you more driven to secure your fortress, defend your turf,  and seek some calm after the storm. Something in relation to your identity, desires, and self direction begins to show signs of positive change, liberation, revolution. You could feel more retiring and desirous of rest, comfort, time with family, roots, recovery, and retreat during this transit. More of a clannish,  nurturing, and nourishing “home body” vibe takes hold, that could also be very focused on the past in some way.  Partnerships have certainly been a weeeeee bit of a battlefield, although Venus in your own sign has admittedly taken (some) of the edge off, but maybe a time out of sorts is in order. She moves on to bless up your 2nd house on the 6th, helping you manifest things into the physical plane with more ease, boosting your self worth, income, and giving you a taste for the good life. Get that money and treat yourself, Aries. Venus here will make you more aware of your values, -as well as your value.  Never settle. Go for gold, because you’re gold, Aries. Increase and cultivate your feeling of self worth, self esteem. Know that you deserve the good things this life has to offer, and to be treated well by others. You are not meant to live as a doormat or slave. Family, your roots, and people at a distance or from other cultures, teachers, scholars, higher learning, travel, study, -will all aid you favorably in boosting your self worth and earned income during this Venus transit. Mercury begins to head for your 3rd house of talk, thought, siblings, neighbors, local travel, and text messaging later on the 6th, to take the place of Mars. So there will still be plenty of back and forth, but the heated quality, urgency (and/or hostility) won’t be such a driving theme. (Just watch out for fights with family, or in/about the home, emotions, security, the past, and your “turf” with Mars moved in to your 4th.)  The full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius occurs in your 9th house of people and matters at a distance, higher learning, spirituality, philosophy, travel, law, consciousness expansion, and other cultures. There is a serious tone to this lunar climax, and it’s going to be important to stay grounded and realistic, as events at this lunation could really challenge you psychologically and spiritually. It looks to involve partnerships in some way, but it doesn’t look bad, perhaps you want to keep something under wraps for some reason, or you’re still dealing with something from the past that has you seeking sanctuary from something or someone, or some situation arises or climaxes in which you have no psychological precedent for and don’t quite know how to deal with. Perhaps you’re in a moral quandary about something and searching your soul as well as seeking advice from a mentor, guide, licensed professional, or spirit for answers to any dilemma you may face. The 9th house also rules the law, so hopefully you don’t need to get the long arm of the law involved. Spirit has your back, and mentors, guides, teachers, people from other cultures , and yes, even the law, will have your back, and won’t steer you wrong.  Allow them to help steady you. Family, your security, home, roots, emotions, and the past-may be at odds with partners in some way, or partners are at odds with your family, or what makes you feel secure, or something that went down in the past with partners has you feeling defensive and emotionally guarded and self protective, or protective of your turf, home, or partners, or a weird mixture of all of the above. I’m just an astrologer man, I don’t know what kind of crazy shit you’ve got yourself into here, it could be something as simple as somebody talking smack to you about your beliefs, some kind of ideological difference.  You could also hear some positive news that surprises you, or get a really genius idea, have some kind of spiritual epiphany or innovative breakthrough in higher understanding. However, Neptune’s fugazi could have you struggling to know what to even believe, or maybe just feeling torn, or psychologically uneasy or challenged about something or someone, maybe involving your status, visibility, or reputation. Perhaps you feel partners are trying to make you look bad or interfere with your career or something you’re trying to achieve. Midst all this, you still have to make a living. Try not to be swindled or strong armed out of your hard earned cash (or hard earned self respect). One thing’s for sure, if it’s a contest between family, home, security, and partners, -security/family has the upper hand in the situation. Come the 17th, you could be feeling emotionally defensive about something, or, actually at odds with a family member. This could be an ideological conflict, or revolve around how best to handle a legal issue, or people/matters at a distance. Make sure you have all the facts, as the Mercury/Neptune square suggests not all the communications coming in or ideas are factual, rational, (or entirely honest.) Make sure what you hear, say, (or think) passes the reality test. You and a partner could actually have some strokes of genius, but maybe you have to keep things on the DL for now to avoid controversy. Just make sure you aren’t pulled into something shady that compromises your security in any way. “If mom and dad/the landlord find out, ..we’re fucked.” Otherwise, it looks like a fun, indulgent time. By the 21st, things shift significantly as the tone becomes much more emotional in nature, both in primary focus, and as regards thought patterns and communication. The Sun and Mercury walk hand in hand into Cancer. The past, roots, and emotions loom firmly into view. Practice your breast stroke because by the new Moon in Cancer on the 24th, you’ll be in deep waters. Who knows, this could be cozy, although there could be some family/and/ or emotional feuding, as someone in the fam, the home, or from the past, will be at odds with your aims, or perhaps not well disposed toward partners, or something you’re doing for or on behalf of them?Reconciling it all somehow will require some um…”artfulness,”  Aries.

You begin June focused on your communications with a lover, child, flirtation, or some form of creative expression/creative form of communication/some kind of “art baby” of yours. (Or you’re just laying on the charm…super thick.) You’re still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 2nd house of money, self worth, earned income, and your 8th house of merging, deep intimacy, other people’s money, joint investments, realty, and energetic exchange. This may have brought up money issues, self worth issues, (or both), and money/self worth (or it’s lack) may have become an awkward bone of contention (spoken or unspoken) between you and an intimate partner. Perhaps money has been tight or expenses have risen, or jointly held resources have been compromised, lost, or damaged somehow. For some unlucky few (being optimistic here) this has caused the necessary division of resources due to a divorce or separation, causing you to “feel the pinch” in more ways than one. For others, this opposition has hit you in the self esteem as well as wallet, seemingly out of nowhere, and given you a bit of a “competitive” streak when it comes to feeling “good enough”, sexually, financially, and otherwise,  for your intimate partners, as they are for you. Let’s take a deep breath together now, and I want you to repeat after me: “I AM ENOUGH.” Ok. GOOD. I’m glad we had this talk. On the 5th, Mars begins to head for your 3rd house of communications, thought, siblings, neighbors, short distance travel, leaving emotions in it’s wake in your self worth and money sector. Something in your psychology, or behind the scenes reaches an important phase of positive change, liberation, and revolution. Mars makes way for busier, chattier times. You’ll be more assertive in communications during this Mars cycle, (try not to get into arguments), and people will be more assertive in their communications with you. You and an intimate partner could be getting to the bottom of some things while Mars is here. On the 6th, your ruler Venus graces into your very own sign, where you’ll enjoy the pleasures of being in your own skin and mirror gazing. “Who is THAT sexy beast?” Finally. She will be out of your 12th house…what a slog that was… This will be a great time for wardrobe updates or making any changes to your appearance you’ve been too nervous to make, such as a haircut or other cosmetic alterations. Venus will assure that you will like the results. Enjoy favors (and compliments) from others during this cycle Taurus! Easy street. You’ll be in smooth form as the “belle of the ball”. Later, on this same day, Mercury, planet of thought, begins to head into your 2nd house of self worth and earned income, where you’ll have your mind on your money, and having money talks/negotiations. Mars may have got your hackles up about something here while he visited, Mercury is going to help you negotiate better deals. The full moon on the 9th happens in Sagittarius in your 8th house of sex, death, deep intimate partners, realty, and other people’s money. Whatever is culminating here, you could get some good news from co-workers, on the job, or about a health issue, you could be getting some help from someone, or resolving a crisis (or mini crisis before it becomes full blown.) You may have felt challenged here lately about work, routines, schedules,  some kind of crisis or looming potential crisis, or health issue, and needing to come up with the funds to manage anything that could crop up. You and intimate partners may be putting your heads together in a serious way at this full moon, and maybe you feel some psychological relief attempting to settle in. This full moon is tense, and the 9th through the 12th could require patience and diplomacy. You might have to alter some of your goals or “downsize” some of your wishes in certain regards, and just really make it a point to remain realistic about what’s feasible. Realism is going to be key. Intimate partners seem to be a good source of this realism, so run your ideas by them and try not to take it personal if you feel they pour cold water on something you say, or ideas you have. They are trying to be realistic, but they support you 100 percent, even if you aren’t on the same page about absolutely everything. Whatever the issues are, they seem to revolve around money/earned income, intimate partnerships/sex/death/heavy breathing commitment issues, joint assets, work/health/routines, and some dreams you may have, and just feeling prepared for any random contingency that may arise. Crisis prevention. Maybe this has been a heavy psychological burden that also weighs on your intimate life somehow. You’ve got Venus in your sign, so you have a charm factor working in your favor. Work it. You’re more supported than you know. Again, just be realistic when it comes to your wishes, and your social networks, friendships. Select your tribe wisely, budget wisely, so that you don’t pour money into a black hole disguised as a wishing well, or place your reliance on unreliable, flaky people. Come the 17th, Pluto get’s in on this square action,  and you may hit an intense learning curve when it comes to work, health, routines, and time management, or have some kind of crisis to resolve. Make sure you leave yourself time to psychologically defrag. Partners can be there for you, but this does nothing if you aren’t there for yourself. You two may have some ideological conflicts that need to be reconciled, perhaps you feel their wishes, goals, friendships, need for freedom come at your expense somehow? Maybe the daily grind and all the pesky details of life have been intensifying and you’re realizing that you’re not a machine. Throughout this month Taurus, make it a point to schedule in some mental health days, so that a full blown psychotic break with reality isn’t the signal that maybe you need a little help or a rest or a slower, less busy schedule. The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th occurs in your 3rd house of communication, and looks like a fair amount of catharsis will be in store. Your throat chakra will be lit AF, and the air will certainly be cleared about a number of things. Open up and let it out Taurus. Things could feel rather emotional, but all in all, the climes are favorable for you to speak your piece (just try to remain peaceable, and don’t quit your day job…unless of course you’ve found something to replace it that suits you more.) For the sake of your mental health though, clear the air, have yourself some some talk therapy. Pay attention to your physical health too, and what your body is trying to tell you. You could be learning something or teaching something new,  (or both at the same time), and it’s powerful stuff.

You kick off June still very self focused, and perhaps on some identity shifts taking place due to shifts  going on emotionally or in relation to your home. Still kind of reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition that’s been going on between your house of self and others.  You and a partners goals could still be at odds in certain ways, or conflicting somehow, or a partners goals feels at odds with your identity.  Maybe you just feel a ton of pressure around fulfilling a partners wishes, and again, “living up to the brand.” Maybe you both have your wishes and they somehow cancel each other out to fulfill one or the other. Come the 5th Mars begin to head in your sector of earned income, self worth, and your values, leaving emotions in it’s wake in your identity sector. Something as regards your friendships, dreams, groups, and wishes begins to show positive signs of change, liberation, revolution. A goal could be realized, or a shift in relation to your friendship circle has commenced. You’ll be more money driven, and motivated to stick up for your values and your sense of self worth during this Mars cycle. Making shit happen, getting your creative juices flowing and manifesting things. On the 6th. Venus shifts into your private 12th house of secrets and endings, ushering in a period of romantic reflection, where you’ll feel more of the love in private, quiet, or “behind the scenes”, settings, away from the prying eyes of others and the fast paced hustle and bustle of existence. Maybe you are letting something go, or saying goodbye to a chapter in your life somehow. Either that or you’re just keeping your love a secret for some reason, or making some kind of sacrifice to be with someone during this Venus cycle. Later on the 6th, your ruler Mercury moves into your own sign, which certainly makes you feel more communicative than maybe you have for a while. You may have been digesting a lot of information in private, behind closed doors, and now you may come out with announcements, proclamations, and maybe be more forthright in your thoughts during this cycle.  The full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius happens in your 7th house of partnerships. The spotlight is on your significant other. There’s an element of seriousness, and “the longterm” about whatever is surfacing at this full moon. You’re creatively fired up about something, and perhaps a lot is changing in a partner’s life that maybe you feel kind of “split” about and don’t know how to bring it up or confront them about it. Just be honest, and avoid duplicity. There appears to be a heavy commitment with a certain amount of sacrifice involved, but this could totally revolutionize your life.  There could be a lot of unknowns yet as well, when it comes to how certain changes will affect your status, your goals, reputation, career, etc..From mid month, things get a little more intense as Pluto joins in on the square action, from the 17th, in your 8th house of deep commitments, intimacy, joint assets, energetic exchange..Heavy man….The pressure is on when it comes to commitments. Someone wants the signature on the dotted line about something. “Come up with the goods.” By the 21st,  you’re ready to talk money, and negotiate in your earned income sector, and assert your values verbally, secure good deals for yourself, etc, maybe get the word out for what it is you do or sell, or maybe explain something to a partner (or maybe a boss), or have some sort of “difficult talk.”  The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th lights up your second house of earned income, money, possessions, self esteem, and values. You are ready to take some major decisions, and make some big sacrifices for love, but there are certain things you won’t compromise on. You and partners may be going through some huge transition together, or making some major moves. In spite of this being a very practical, money motivated house,  this could be an emotional time. Partners are either bringing sweeping change into your life, or you are bringing sweeping change into the life of partners, and it’s either changing your values, residence, sense of security, or approach to earning money, relationship to your possessions,  -or all of the above. Maybe you feel psychologically pressured or strong armed (even if gently) into certain major moves, commitments or arrangements, or some part of you is feeling rebellious and resistant to feeling controlled, or your wishes and sense of wildness, freedom of choice and movement, and independence feel a tad controlled, curtailed or hemmed in by a deep enmeshment. You’ll find a way to “color outside the lines” to keep your inner peter pan happy. In either case, this new moon screams “get money regardless.”

As June kicks off, you’re talkative, but still in a bit of a “meditative mode”, and still driven behind the scenes, perhaps stuffing down some repressed frustrations accumulated in your daily life, work, health, or routines. Still reeling from the Mars Saturn square between your 12th and 6th houses, you’ve had your fair share of juggling between getting your daily bread, and getting the solitude you need to think straight, and may also have been navigating your fair share of hypochondria as well, either struggling to get to the bottom of health issues, or knowing that you may be unconsciously sabotaging your health (or your job, or routine). “I know this isn’t good for me but..” Or you just straight up need a break and either can’t give it to yourself or you think you’re a robot and don’t need one (although unconsciously recognize you very much do.)  Like I said back in April, Mars in the 12th is kind of an “anger management” transit, it’s kind of a slog. Fortunately, by the 5th, Mars shifts gears and heads into your sign, and something related to achievements, status, recognition, mastery and public image/reputation begins to show positive signs of change, liberation, revolution. This should pick up your energy considerably. “CRAB ON ROIDS!!” You’ll feel a lot more self directed from here on out. It’s like the universe is laying out fat rails of Martian cocaine and telling you it’s time to take the reigns when it comes to steering your identity in the direction you want it to go in and being more assertive about your personal desires. On the 6th, Venus begins to head into your iconoclastic 11th house of friendships, the future, networking, hopes, wishes, groups, oddballs, and likeminded souls. You will enjoy the “friendship” side to romantic involvements during this Venus cycle, and if not partnered up, may meet a romantic partner through groups and friendships. Having the space to be yourself, and freedom of movement, feeling unrestrained, will appeal more during this time. As will the “weird” and the “wild”, and humanitarian people and principals.  You will definitely be feeling more of a “social butterfly” as this transit unfurls. Later, on the same day, Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, heads into your secretive 12th house, which will commence a period of perhaps not sharing everything you think out loud, and being more reflective, keeping more to yourself, or only sharing your thoughts with trusted confidants. Maybe you’re ruminating over some new information, digesting the end of a phase, or preparing for a new one. Or perhaps negotiating something in private involving family or the home, or getting to the bottom of a health issue. The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th occurs in your 6th house of health, work, routines, service, pets, and details. Make sure you’re clear on your routines or a health matter. You could just be feeling “world weary”, but having to get down to the daily slog anyway. There could be some major changes happening in the home or emotionally and with friendships/goals/networking/the future, that’s altering your approach to deep commitments.  You could be at odds with a family member, someone in the home, or maybe someone from the past, or could have felt like you’re emotionally butting heads with someone, maybe at work, or over a health issue. Maybe you feel like you’re sacrificing a lot. Try to get some down time at this full moon if you can, chilling at home and getting comfy could do a lot to restore you.  You could even receive good news from a family member, someone from the past, or someone in your home. When it comes to beliefs/studies, maintain an open mind, but try to be realistic when it comes to learning, beliefs, studies, people and matters at a distance. Let some clarity set in, as you might not have all the facts at your disposal, and things could just be murky. If there’s something about your health that you feel might be slowing you down or interfering with you feeling optimus prime, address it Cancer. Don’t put your head in the sand about it anymore. The sooner you get serious about feeling your best and reversing any issues, the faster you’ll turn this ship around and put it behind you. Even something as simple as cleaning up your diet. The only thing you’ll regret is not doing, (and sticking to it) sooner, because something in this health/work department will surely be standing out at this full moon, so whatever it is wants to be looked in the face and dealt with. Come the 17th, Pluto get’s in the square action.  You and partners could reach a stalemate, or be at loggerheads about something. Maybe you’re just thinking about some heavy stuff..(meditating on mortality? taxes? Sex? Joint assets? Heavy commitments?) Maybe there’s something intimate partners or family members or room mates want to do they are dead set on, or vice versa, and it’s a case of “unstoppable force meets immovable object.” Hard to say. You could be motivated by some pretty high ideals and principals, and no matter how willful you might be, you’re still open minded and fusing your self focused drive with empathy. By the 21st, you come out of the shadows as far as saying what you think goes, and maybe make some announcements, proclamations, or just make what you’ve been ruminating over, discussing with the family, or privately digesting known, although something about work, your daily routine, or health appears to be making you feel blocked or held back. By the 24th, the new Moon is in your own sign, and there is a huge focus on your own identity, wants, desires. Cancer is lit at this point, and you could be facing some emotional blocks and eventual breakthroughs. Something at home or in the family, or even some hang ups from the past,  might be making you feel blocked or frustrated. You can transform it, just tackle it all head on in your emotionally adept way. Any knowledge from mentors, studies, higher learning, philosophy, even self help books, can be of great assistance. Mercury in your own sign trine Neptune will make you more inclined to want to talk it out, -non violent communication style.

You kick off June still very driven to  branch out in your social circle, and focus on friendships. In the first days of June, you’re also focused on earned income, self esteem, self worth, getting money regardless, and your values. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn square between your 5th and 11th houses, you may have been feeling romantically blocked by a friend, or creatively blocked, and experiencing some frustrations as far as achieving a cherished wish, hope, or goal. Someone at a distance or from another culture, a nerdy, teacherly type, provides inspiration, but maybe circumstances are just less than ideal and you’re having to be more patient when it comes to a situation involving a love interest, flirtation, child, or creative interest than is maybe comfortable. Maybe you’re still trying to get a read on someone, (or several someones.)  Or you’re feeling pressure from a romantic interest because they’re trying to get a read on you and pin you down. So many things are unclear yet. By the 5th, Mars shifts gears and heads into your secretive 12th house of endings, and something related to higher learning, travel, people and matters at a distance begins to show positive signs of progression, change, liberation, revolution. Although this is not the most pleasant place for Mars, and I typically refer to this as the “anger management” transit, as Mars can feel really blocked here. I don’t really know how this will play out for you, I mean, you could have some feels for a friend but something is in the way, like distance or something else, and maybe it makes you feel emo, or like keeping your passions to yourself. You could also have some repressed anger that doesn’t have an outlet, or just feel stuck or blocked somehow. There could have also been some endings you’re processing. Mars here can also increase the likelihood of shady escapist activities or drowning your sorrows in addictions, -or pleasant secret trysts. Could manifest in multiple ways. It does look like you’re getting some behind the scenes support somehow, even if sometimes you may feel blocked communication wise, if you are having a rough time in any way. On the 6th, Venus moves into your 10th house, where your public image and reputation will receive a lovely boost. You’ll be noticed for all the right reasons, so that should make you feel pretty dandy. Higher ups and authority figures such as bosses and VIP’s will also be well disposed toward you during this Venus cycle. Good time for a PR boost, update the online profiles, etc. Later on this same day, Mercury begins to move into your 11th house of friendships and social networking. You’ll want to mingle and feel like getting chatty and socializing with likeminded folks while Mercury is here. Moving forward, future focused. The full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius happens in your 5th house of creativity, sex, flirtations, romance, children, drama, playful competition, competitive sports, parties, and recreation. Attention is most certainly on a love interest/potential love interest, flirtation, child, or creative expression at this full moon. Things seem to get intense or the stakes are raised somehow in a speculative venture or with someone you’ve been romancing/attempting to romance. You could feel competitive, or like you’re competing with someone in your social circle or someone that you vaguely know for the attentions of a love interest. Leo, if someone is making you compete or making you feel like you have to jump through hoops to get their interest, you could be dealing with someone who has some serious self worth issues. If it’s you who is making others compete over you, well, damn Leo….enjoy the circus. There is an element of seriousness at this full moon, so maybe you narrow down your options or someone communicates intent (or vice versa, and you communicate yours.) Are you being “cock blocked?” Or are you just scared? Make sure you’re dealing honestly with people, or that you aren’t getting involved with a closet addict or someone with serious psychological hang ups, or that you yourself don’t have some unaddressed issue you’re running away from by throwing yourself into the dating scene. Things may not be quite “nailed down” at this full moon, but perhaps the inklings of something begin to make themselves known. Nothing wrong with talking and getting to know people. Your intent and that of other people might take some time to reveal itself. There may be a difference in lifestyle between you and this person, or a difference in philosophy, or approach to health. Who knows. Maybe you’ll learn something new. The full Moon to the 12th look set to be some pretty climactic days, so hang on to your hat. Come the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the square action, from your 7th house of partnerships. Is someone putting pressure on you or being controlling? Or is it you feeling that way? Maybe you or someone else are feeling possessive. Your fantasies and imagination are certainly stirred. Don’t let it make you crazy. Try talking about whatever comes up instead of stuffing it down, or dealing with it passive aggressively by deliberately stoking someone’s jealousy for instance, (because that’s really mean and so high school.) On the 21st, things get more emo, as Mercury moves into Cancer into your 12th house. You’ll feel more secretive, reflective, and like keeping your thoughts to yourself, or only communicating on the “down low” with very specific people. The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th really accentuates this “secret squirrel” vibe. Whatever you have going on at this new moon, you’re only dispersing the 411 on a “need to know” basis. You could be wrapping up a life chapter, and really reflecting, doing some letting go, or you’re embarking on some super secret operations and doing some serious meditating and planning, plotting and scheming. This could relate to some deeper commitments, joint assets, a death (literal or figurative) or a “fated feeling” bond/secret lover.  Maybe you don’t want people prying into your biznass. My lips are sealed, Leo.  I ain’t judging, sheesh…

You kick off June with the Moon in your own sign, focused on yourself, your identity, and maybe the disparity between your public persona and who you really are. Public image, mastery, career, reputation, has been a focus under the Gemini Sun and Martian transit. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition, between your 10th and 4th houses, you may have been wanting to be more achievement driven, but also faced with the fact that no amount of outer achievement can bring the emotional security you seek. Or you’re torn between the responsibilities of home, hearth, rootedness, family, and emotions, and the need to make a name for yourself and appear super together and exciting and an “authority in your field”, living up to “the brand.”  Maybe you’ve been overcompensating a little, for a lack of something elsewhere. Inner security? Rootedness? Centeredness? Belonging somewhere? Come the 5th, Mars begins to head into your 11th house of friendships, hopes, wishes, likeminded people, oddballs, Einsteins, weirdos, and the future, and something involving deep, heavy matters, intimacy, merging with others, deep commitments, and weighty concerns, joint assets and joint investments, reach an important phase of change, and revolution really. You’ll feel more driven to set yourself apart from the crowd on the one hand, and on the other, be super driven to engage in some humanitarian group endeavors with some “on the fringe” type folks. You’ll want your freedom of movement, freedom of action, and won’t appreciate anyone trying to hem you in during this Mars cycle. The 11th house is the house of the activist. The reformer. You’ll want to throw yourself into futuristic, weird, revolutionary stuff with other eclectic freedom fighters. The responsibilities of home and family will still be there, competing for your attention, so try not to spread yourself too thin, or be at odds with your own security, family, (or mom) too much. Deeper commitments may have been challenging your self worth or values sometimes, (or pocket book.) On the 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, making her way into your 9th house of higher learning, travel, consciousness expansion, philosophy, and study. You’ll want to broaden your mind via your love interests, or be seeking love interests who have something to teach you, want to travel with you, or who want to learn from you or with you. You won’t want the moss to grow under your feet, and scholarly, teacherly types, well traveled, cultured, well read types will appeal to you, and you’ll derive pleasure from learning and expanding your mind. Maybe you and a partner will learn a language together, or a skill. Accents and people at a distance will make your heart go pitter patter. You could meet someone at a seminar, class, or checking out a book at the library. You’ll want someone to make your brain tingle, not just your nether regions. Later this same day, Mercury, your ruler, moves into Gemini making a b line for your 10th house of mastery, achievement, career, public image, reputation, fame, and “your brand.” You’ll be more noticed for what you say during this mercury transit, this is great for advertising what you do, spreading the word about anything, and negotiating in your career, with authorities, or higher ups. If you’ve got business cards Virgo, pass them out at social gatherings. The full Moon in open minded Sagittarius on the 9th occurs in your security oriented 4th house of home, family, roots, emotions, and the past. There is a “serious” tone to this full moon, and a need to be grounded firmly in reality when it comes to dealings with partnerships, as you or someone else may not be dealing entirely in the facts, or the “facts” just aren’t all in yet. Your reputation/career could also be at odds with your home life, family, or emotional security somehow. In either case, home, family, the past, and what makes you feel secure are in the spotlight for you during this lunation. You could receive some news around this time that boosts your self esteem or earned income/money. Maybe these advancements take you out of your comfort zone in ways, and you’re feeling the pressure. Wait for the dust to settle to make assessments. Aside from the squares to Neptune suggesting all the facts aren’t in when it comes to partners (or their feelings about things?), this looks to be an otherwise stabilizing lunar climax, given the conjunction to Saturn. So it looks like something substantive is forming, this could relate to a property matter or home or family matter, or maybe you’re settling something from the past, and leaving it there, once and for all. Emotional improvisation seems to factor in, something is being revolutionized. Keep an open mind. On the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the square action, from your 5th house of creativity, sex, lovers, romance, recreation, kids, and parties. Pluto is one intense mofo, so you could be feeling pretty heavy about something or someone, perhaps a touch obsessive/controlling, dare I say, possessive. Or someone could be behaving this way toward you. If you’re a parent, juggling career, making money, and keeping your eye on kids to make sure they are staying out of trouble could be all consuming, especially if you’re dealing with a teenager who is um…”coming of age.” If not, this could be a lover or love interest, and you’re so swamped with staying on top of your career and money situation that thinking about all the fun they are having without you is driving you nuts. (Or you’re dealing with lots of texts at work from someone wondering about all the fun you’re having in their absence.) You might not be on the same page as someone you’re dating or would like to date for some reason. On the 21st, things take a turn for the emo when Mercury and the Sun both move into Cancer in your 11th house of friendships, groups, goals, wishes, and likeminded weirdos. You’ll definitely be in networking mode, and feeling driven about it to boot. Intensely so. Perhaps even competitively so. Competing with a friend? Or over a love interest? Or on behalf of them? I don’t know. The new Moon on the 24th is an emo’s paradise, taking place in Cancer in your 11th house. Whatever is going on at this time could maybe challenge your values, self esteem, or wallet. Something major is beginning in your wishes sector though. Could involve friends, or some cherished wish of yours you’d like to make happen, and maybe have to reach deep into your pockets to shell out the cash to make it happen. Maybe a humanitarian cause that has your attention?  This definitely also appears to be a highly idealistic time, with 5 planets making aspects to Neptune (only one grumpy one, ..Saturn…of course..) So again, realism is important. Keep your feet on the ground no matter how dreamy and emo you might feel at this time. You could actually transform something positively about a work or health situation that maybe brings more pleasure in your day to day life, or improves how you feel physically. Maybe a friend tips you off with some information. This new moon will certainly make you want to let your freak flag fly.

You kick off June in reflective form, thinking deep thoughts, perhaps revolving around someone at a distance, or beliefs, ideas, other cultures, travel, study, learning.  Or you’re talking to this person, confiding in them, or their confiding in you. There’s been a lot to take in, and a lot of heavy discussion or thoughts in relation to deep commitments, intimacy, sensitive, or taboo topics. You might want to run away to a distant place, expand your reference points, hang out with cultured or exotic people, or someone at a distance, but work kind of get’s in the way of such longings, at least for now. Someone at a distance, or higher learning, ideas of a vacation and a trip to greener pastures has certainly been boosting your morale and having you feeling spaced out at work. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re mind is far away lost in fantasy of times to come. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 3rd and 9th houses has had you frustrated in communications, missed connections, misunderstandings, and dealing with a huge learning curve and exercise in patience. Some conversations you’re glad are over and done with, other conversations aren’t picking up pace fast enough for your liking. It’s almost as if the people you want to be talking to aren’t talking enough to you, and the people you want to avoid won’t stop messaging, and you wish they’d find someone else to talk to. Then there’s just being flat out misunderstood. Come the 5th, Mars begins to move from your 9th house of higher learning and distant places and people, and positive changes begin to show themselves in relation to partnerships, something feels revolutionized in your relationships to others. Mars moves into your 10th house of status, achievement, mastery, public reputation, public image, ambition, and career. You’ll be more driven and achievement oriented, going for the gold, and possibly even competitive when it comes to getting recognition and street creds during this Mars cycle. Ambition on steroids. Something, or someone is certainly the carrot at the end of your stick, and has you fired up to make something of yourself and achieve specific aims. Maybe someone at a distance or from another culture has lit a fire under you, or your inspired about manifesting your next vacation or adventure or trip to visit someone far away. On the 6th, your ruling planet Venus moves into sensual Taurus, in your 8th house of deep enmeshments, intimacy, commitments, sex, death, joint assets, and all things taboo and macabre. You will certainly be feeling the heat in your love life, and will be especially attracted to secrets, intensity, passion, and wanting to delve deep with someone. Whatever love story that is playing out is certainly noteworthy, passionate, intense, and unstoppable. Like the stuff of movies. You will want depth and intimacy and intensity, and yes, maybe even some drama. If you’re not already involved, you may finally give in to an undeniable attraction and lay it all on the line, do or die. It could make you nervous to be so vulnerable, but it’s a “now or never”, “all or nothing” kind of transit, so embrace the depth and courage it takes to “go there” and “say that,” or send that “risqué” message or broach that sensitive topic.  If you’re already involved, you and your partner could really derive pleasure from getting really psychologically deep with each other, and um, well, ahem…getting super freaky naughty together (of course, I mean, it’s Venus in tactile Taurus, come on now wonchahey,) “Send the nudes.” The full moon on the 9th occurs in Sagittarius in your 3rd house of communication and the mind. Something here could culminate, you could receive a message, or have a conversation that maybe gives you an inkling as to the “definite” nature of something. Whatever transpires, or whatever is exchanged in conversation is substantive. This could all be very distracting on the job however, and it appears that something about your work, routines, details, a “crisis”, or a health situation is still kind of confusing or unclear, as if the dust hasn’t quite settled about something, all the facts aren’t in, or all the details aren’t quite in place for things to run as smoothly as you’d like them to just yet. But whatever is learned or communicated at this full Moon seems stabilizing and optimistic. There could be a block between you and someone at a distance/from another culture, or your dream vacation, studies, travels, higher learning etc, but give it time, this will absolve and is temporary or circumstantial. Perhaps there’s some ideological differences, or differences in lifestyle to work around as well with someone. Come the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the grumpy square/opposition action, from your 4th house of home, family, emotions, security, and the past..Maybe old, outworn emotional patterns rear their heads, or there is a family squabble, or security issue related to your home (or emotions) that comes up. Or perhaps there’s someone controlling in your home environment. Some of you may just be facing yet more potential changes to your living situation. No matter, someone you feel a deep, intimate bond with, your lover or partner, is 100 percent behind you. Maybe they are in fact the very motivation for the changes (residential or emotional) that you’re contemplating. Breakthroughs abound. By the 21st, things take a turn for the emo, as the Sun and Mercury simultaneously head into Cancer together, heading for your 10th house of street creds, public persona, fame, achievement, career, recognition, mastery, reputation, status, and visibility. You will certainly be ambitious about something (or someone) Libra. You’ll be getting more attention through what you say and communicate during this transit, and you’ll certainly say what you say with authority. If you are a writer, or visual or audio artist of any kind, put your work on display so that people can see it and share it. If you have business cards, pass them out to people. The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th falls in this house as well, and this house is LIT Libra. You will certainly be getting recognition for what is you do, on the job or otherwise, as this is a very visible house. Because this house is so visible, do mind your P’s and Q’s Libra, because whatever you say and do will be noticed (and noted) by literally everyone. I just want to make sure you are recognized for all the right reasons, as you could be feeling a TON of pressure at this time, due to the Moon, Mercury, and Mars all squaring up to Jupiter in your sign. Needless to say, work conditions, health, fitness, daily life, and routines seem to be almost “idyllic” for some reason at this time, but you may not be telling the full story, or know the full story, there is some kind of fugazi as regards to work, coworkers, health, fitness, daily life, routines, but you certainly have your dreams about how you’d like things to gel, regardless of the pressure to “perform” you may be feeling personally. You could feel at odds with bosses or authority figures, or something regarding your status, reputation, public image. For whatever reason, this new Moon has you puffed up like a peacock, all your feathers on full display. Maybe you are feeling competitive with someone, on the job, or elsewhere. There’s really no need though Libra, you can relax, Jupiter in your sign “bigs you up” enough as it is. Your eye is certainly on a prize this month, that’s for sure. You’re moving on up to have a grab at the brass ring and want to secure your position.

You kick off June still very focused around deeper, “scarier”,more intimate, life or death matters, and in the first days of June, there is a focus on the future, friendships, networking, goals and wishes. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 2nd and 8th houses, issues of earned income, money, spending, self worth, self esteem, and joint assets, energetic and financial exchange, sharing, mortality, deeper issues such as intimacy and merging with others, and again, mortality and all things Scorpionic, taboo, and well.. macabre- have had their fair share of kinks to work out, frustrations, anxieties, misunderstandings, blockages, and “waiting things out” involved. Major transformations have been afoot for you, as the Mars/Saturn opposition has been fostering a breakthrough in your area of transformations.  Discussions with partners have yielded some powerful truths, and many frustrations have been ultimately constructive in nature. Come the 5th, Mars heads into Cancer, leaving deep, sensitive emotions in it’s wake in your 8th house, and something involving your health, work, daily life, a crisis, pets, and routines, begin to show positive changes, revolutionized really. Mars begins to head out of this heavy breathing 8th house and on into the expansive moral high ground of the 9th house, where you will be more optimistic, driven to expand your horizons, learn new things, immerse yourself in other cultures, and explore more wide open spaces. It’s like something heavy and intense is behind you. Travel and people/matters at a distance will perhaps be involved somehow. On the 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, finally bringing you tangible gains in a health, work, or routine matter, before she edges completely into your 7th house of partnerships, where she will spend the entirety of her transit in Taurus. Here, she will yield fruits in partnership with others. You will feel more cooperative, and others will be more pleasant and acquiescing  with you as well. You will certainly feel the love, and will derive pleasure from your relationships with others. This could involve someone at a distance, or perhaps you’re learning new things and expanding your world through a love partner. Later, this same day, Mercury shifts into analytical and intellectually curious Gemini, deepening your curiosity about others, and steadily taking your mental terrain into more weighty territory, increasing the amount of intimacy you experience via intellectual rapport. You could also be thinking about some heavy duty inevitable’s during this Mercury transit. Death. Taxes. The fact that we’re all pink on the inside. It’s also a very “psychological” house. Some of you could just really be relishing the fact that you’re deepening your involvement with another person, or accelerating the “getting to know you” phase into something more heavy breathing, committed, and intense. Scorpio lives for this shit. There might even be something psychologically therapeutic about this, perhaps “cathartic”, or “confessional” in nature, or even outright actual therapy of some kind. It’s certainly making you feel more optimistic about certain things than maybe you have in some time. There’s a hopefulness about this Mercury transit. The full moon on the 9th occurs in Sagittarius in your 2nd house of earned income, self esteem, values, and possessions.  This is a very practical and physical house, that in my opinion, also involves our most precious possession of all: Our body. In spite of all the nebulous squares to Neptune at this full moon, suggesting to be wary of speculative ventures, or that perhaps all the facts aren’t in regarding a romantic interest, flirtation, creative endeavor, child, or “gamble” you’re taking, this full moon in general appears to be stabilizing and substantive, as regards you earned income, money, self esteem, body, and even your health-due to the positive aspect it forms to Uranus in your 6th house. You may be adjusting to a new physical or monetary reality, and it appears you receive some reassuring news, perhaps from an intimate partner, that psychologically reassures you. Someone is there for you and supportive. No full moon is without it’s tension however, and it appears that someone you’re intimately involved with is also at odds with you somehow, this could just be some conflicts about money, but it could also be a conflict of values that could eat at your self worth (or pocket book).  Something between you and another may have been psychologically wearing at you, and you really want to see it resolved, healed, and put to bed. The trines happening to Jupiter in your 12th house suggest some healing is certainly going down, within you, or behind the scenes, and perhaps in more ways than one. Mid month, Pluto joins into the squares and oppositions, from your 3rd house of thought and communication. You and someone else may be at loggerheads about something, but maybe this has more to do with communication style rather than substance?  There is a deep understanding and kismet there deep down, and desire on both sides to find common ground, grow, and do better. Just make sure you’re honest and open up about deeper issues, sometimes the scariest thing is to be vulnerable, but that very act is a strength that, far from putting you in a compromising position of disempowerment, actually does the exact opposite, and empowers you. When people can see your sensitivity, they are more inclined to honor it, -because they know it’s there. If it’s hidden behind a cold, or power hungry exterior though, they are more inclined in turn to want to protect themselves from what they may perceive as ruthless, angry, unfeeling, when really, you’re so sensitive that you’re hyper vigilant about not being taken advantage of or hurt. This can be counterintuitive. Many Scorp’s underestimate their own impact, power, and strength, -and what it leaves in it’s wake- and sometimes they use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or… a chainsaw to slice… chives. This intensity is part of what makes us love you Scorpio, but know when a chainsaw is too much. Someone may have unwittingly hurt you. There may be insecurities and fears on both sides of an issue, obscuring the ability to see it clearly and fueling misunderstandings. With Pluto in your 3rd house, communications are bound to be loaded and intense, both to and from others. Aim for psychological understanding. Partners are willing to work with you, as well as on themselves. By the 21st, things take a turn for the emo, as the Sun and Mercury head into Cancer, together, leaving your intimate, do or die 8th house on a very emotional note to head into your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy, people and matters at a distance, other cultures, study, travel, adventure, and wide open spaces. You will want to let your hair down and get some fresh perspectives on life during these transits. Come out of your hole. The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th makes this area of your chart absolutely LIT, Scorpio. Adventure calls. Distant lands. New vistas. Learning curves. You could feel a tad psychologically weary at this new Moon, perhaps you’re just digesting a lot, wrapping your head around a lot, learning a lot, healing from a lot, and determined to continue healing. Maybe you are secretly or psychologically feeling at odds with some of these new things you’re learning, people from other cultures, or at a distance, or there is some kind of “tension” related to philosophical differences.  A situation involving a child, lover, flirtation, form of recreation, parties or celebrations, or creative project, or even competitive sport or speculative gamble look almost “idyllic” at this time, -with one exception- the square from Saturn to Neptune-so…mind your spending or inclinations toward hedonism…other than that, enjoy blissing out. 

You kick off June still focused and driven about partnerships, and in the first few days of the month, you’re focused on career, achievements, and your work is visible to the public eye in some way. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 1st and 7th houses, this has created tensions (to say the least) between you and certain others. Conflicts in view points, each person with their own version of things, not to mention, the sheer amount of responsibility on your shoulders (thanks, Saturn) not really giving you the time you’d like to be able to have to properly devote to sorting anything out or connecting to others in any kind of satisfactory or meaningful way. Missed connections, misunderstandings, and the jumbled emotions they cause kind of cut into your work life and interfere with your focus.  Mars in your 7th hasn’t exactly produced the most “objective” or entirely “peaceable” exchanges, but it certainly has made certain others, and/or certain issues with others impossible to ignore. On the 5th, such interchanges take on a more emotional tone as Mars moves into Cancer and on into your deep, dark, and macabre 8th house of sex and death. You’ll be more fearless about confronting the dark, dangerous, risqué, and taboo sides of life during this transit. Make no mistake about it, if you’re getting the intuition that June is going to be somehow more emotionally intense than usual, you’re absolutely correct. If you’ve got no idea, well, you’ve just been warned Sagittarius. You’ll be more driven to get to the bottom of any festering skeletons in the closet, and face down demons. On the 6th, Venus shifts into Taurus, manifesting some real, tangible gains in your creative, fun filled 5th house, and moving along to bless up your 6th house of health, work, details, service, and routines. You’ll derive more pleasure from being of service to others somehow, fitness, health, feeling organized, working, and performing routine, arbitrary tasks during this transit. Selflessness will make you feel pleasure. (Just don’t become masochistic about it.) If you’re single, you could meet someone through work, on the job, at a fitness center, gym, while jogging, or at a health food store or in the produce isle. Flirtations on the job or workplace romances could take place for some of you. Others of you could fall for someone “in crisis”, someone who needs “help”, (psychological help, emotional help, physical help, spiritual help, fiscal help). You could naturally befit the role of “rescuer”, or “therapist” with Venus here, unable to turn a blind eye to suffering or resist the call to solve everyone’s problems. Be very careful you aren’t being taken for a ride Saggi. If you work in the counseling profession, be careful not to blur the line between patient and therapist. When it comes to Venus in the 6th house, recognize the very fine line between helping to heal, and enabling/rewarding dysfunctional behavior. Not all dysfunctional behavior is necessarily unpleasant (at least, not initially…) You’ll also be more attracted to those who are humble, who may help, serve or counsel others in some capacity, which is a plus, as these traits are truly rather rare these days, and drastically undervalued in society. Later, on this same day, Mercury moves into Gemini, into your 7th house of partnerships and others, bringing more rationale into talks, communications, and negotiations between you and others, opening back and forth between you. With Mars moving out of this area, this takes some heat and hostility out of the equation. The full Moon on the 9th is in your own sign, in your 1st house of self. Your very identity. Having the moon full in your own sun sign can produce a feeling of emotional vulnerability. In spite of all the squares forming to Neptune, suggesting you could be in the dark about something emotionally or in the family, or in relation to the past, or maybe you’re keeping family in the dark about something, or that perhaps something in that’s gone on in the past is still fuzzy or unclear, and you aren’t quite sure how to process it yet because the dust hasn’t quite settled around something related to home, family, emotions, security, or the past…The conjunction this lunar climax forms to Saturn in your sign is emotionally steadying, stabilizing, and helps you keep your feet on the ground and hopefully retain a sense of realism. You could need it, as pressures and opinions, feelings, wants, suggestions, and or/demands from others (partners AND friends), and even your own wishes, could be weighing heavily on you at this full moon, and it could be hard to know what to do as regards your own emotional security and what’s actually even right for you, or “correct” to do in general. It appears your heart is going to win out on this one, and you may need to take steps to avoid controversy in some way. Just remember to protect your self worth, self respect, and yes, even your money Sagittarius, all of which have been very hard earned- and don’t compromise on your real values or sell yourself short. By the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the square/opposition action, pressurizing your 2nd house of money, earned income, self esteem and values. The idea of “going all in balls deep” with a person may be on the table somehow, either throwing your money in together with someone for a joint investment or asset, or merging bodies, souls, lives and destinies. Heavy stuff. But you’ve also got to make something practical and lucrative from your own creative ventures. Make sure someone is being honest with you Sag, and listen to your instincts. Make sure you’re being honest too, with yourself, as well as others. There might be a lot you’re willing to do to help out partners, kids, or lovers who are in dire straights or having a difficult time, but if something seems a bit “off” or doesn’t seem right, or you know you need to focus on keeping your own ship afloat to be of any use to anyone, there’s no harm in slowing down the pace of things. Contrary to popular belief, especially when it comes to love decisions, and really…anything at all ..except racing…-going slow, moving slow, means you actually care and value the interaction, activity, etc.. If no one is dealing with a literal bullet wound or bleeding profusely and in need of an ambulance, take a tip from Venus in Taurus and slowwww things down. On the 21st, things take a major turn for the emo, as the Sun and Mercury walk into Cancer, hand in hand, leaving a lot of feels to digest over partnerships and getting deep and heavy in your 8th house of heavy breathing life or death issues, intimacy, intensity, merging, sex, joint assets, debts, and death. You’ll be pretty preoccupied by some heavy hitting issues, and something appears to be weighing heavily on you. Some deep, heavy matters may be putting you under pressure, or maybe bumming you out somehow, but somehow you appear to be making the best of things and having a fun time creatively, or with kids, lovers, or parties, some kind of recreational events, you seem to be saying “Life is meant to be lived, regardless.” Maybe you’ve epitomized and perfected the “emo” lifestyle at this point and are doing what emo’s do best: Play or listen to really good music while secretly (or not) feeling some really deep or depressing emotions. Whatever is going on in your life, it seems you’re determined to emphasize the positive, which there appears to be quite a lot to emphasize. By the new Moon in Cancer on the 24th, you’ll be full on professional emo. You might as well just drop an album at this new moon. Your intense, brooding 8th house is super lit. This whole set up looks like the math of an emo indie film complete with soundtrack. You’re definitely brooding about some deep, majorly heavy shit. It’s almost like you’re at odds with your own wishes, - or the wishes of friends, ex’s, or someone you know, even if vaguely. (Some) of you could be throwing yourself into a workplace romance or “crisis relationship” that “hurts so good”, but isn’t that great on your self esteem or wallet, because it’s one sided in some way. Or you’re in denial about something from the past and really tuning it out..or someone else is. Or outright blocking a person out. Conversely- Some of you may just really be wanting to help someone who is experiencing a major crisis of some kind, and figure out what “the right thing to do” is when it comes to some weird and dramatic disparity between deep, intimate partners/bonds, someone you’re involved with jointly (financially or otherwise tied to), -and your social circle, friends, and groups. Or it’s something in your intimate life, or that you’re joined at the hip with/enmeshed in, that goes against the wishes of other people. You could be just wishing it all would gel. Someone in your social circle is (clearly) not exactly super stoked… about the bond between you and someone else. You could be really trying to think outside the box about something deep that seems to have been affecting you or someone close, -or trying to heal something emotionally, or from your or another’s past,  or in your home or family. That’s… all really cool, as long as you’re not glossing something really important over… Maybe you and someone else have to emotionally block out other people, to protect yourselves somehow?Study this Sag. There’s a lesson or sacred breakthrough in any conundrums that come up at this new Moon, and they are deep ones, you could feel investigative and “transformative.” Like a deep undercover agent. This house (the 8th) can be an intense, but deeply healing one, and because it’s so vulnerable, and involved, it’s wise to go slow and remain studious, ever watchful of yourself and your patterns, motives, priorities, -and those of others. It could reveal some serious medicine revolving around healing , transforming, and rehabilitation. Something in the home, family, emotionally, or involving the past looks almost “idyllic” at this time, but you may be aware of some necessary reality checks, and perhaps, VERY necessary emotional boundaries. Or, you or someone in the fam are in denial about something, stubborn to “get on the bus of change”, and/or deluding themselves. For whatever reason, it is clear that you are blocking someone the fuck out of your emotional zone, -or home. It could be a necessary “security check.” Mind the emotional fugazi effect, (it’s Saturn squaring Neptune, so whatever it’s blocking is absolutely necessary for the time being.) Otherwise, enjoy the amazingly idyllic peace within the home, with family, roots, emotions, security, comfort, or in relation to something from the past.

You kick off June still very focused on work, services you offer to others, health, routines, fitness, and pets, and the first days of June have you in philosophical frame, studying, learning, expanding you frame of reference, or focused on people/matters at a distance, mentors, teachers, and higher learning. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 6th and 12th houses, you’ve really been trying to wrap your head around how to best help someone, resolve or prevent a crisis, get your routines/work life/fitness in order, (paperwork, etc..), and maybe just overwhelmed with the sheer amount that there is to stay on top of. It may be weighing on you psychologically, and there is a “burdensome” element to this, and maybe a lot of selfless sacrifice involved, either to help someone going through a rough time, prevent a “rough time”, or just stay on top of every little thing that could wrong. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then a pound of prevention will be worth..um… a ton of cure. You’ve been sorting out a lot of niggling little details and managing mini crises. Like a nurse or a crisis worker, you’re “on call.” You may have been needing to help someone, while also still helping yourself and it could all be a lot to manage, and has maybe had you in retreat, dealing with more pressing matters and simply trying to avoid total burnout. On the 5th, Mars shifts into Cancer, leaving emotions in it’s wake related to your routines, services you perform for others, crisis, details, work, and daily life. Some positive changes within the home or with family begin to make themselves apparent. Something is beginning to gel, or be revolutionized in some way. Mars begins to head toward your 7th house of partnerships and others, and you’ll be more driven to put energy into your interactions with others, and others will be more assertive about interacting with you during this Mars cycle. On the 6th, Venus shifts into Taurus, leaving material upgrades and tangible gains in your 4th house of home, family, emotions, and heading in to bless up your 5th house of creativity, sex, recreation, parties, children, flirtations, joy, competitive sports, and fun times. Outstanding. This will lighten up your world considerably and make any other burdens you may have been carrying much easier to carry. You’ll derive more pleasure from artistic/creative pursuits during this Venus cycle, as well as parties, fun times, children, flirtations, romance, and recreational sports/activities, etc. A “lightness of being” will be apparent, and you’ll gravitate toward creative types and venues, and be “in love with love.” If single, you could meet someone while having a good time, at a party, show, art exhibition, or poetry slam, or you could woo someone with your creative expression, or someone could woo you with theirs. You could even just feel flirtatious, and “game,” enjoying making others smile and having that smile returned. New love or courtship could ensue for some of you. If partnered up, the romance factor will be high, sex will be fun, and you’ll enjoy fun excursions and dates together and feeling that “in love feeling”, bringing the romance back to life, falling in love all over again. Ahhh…sweet romance, fun times. Later on this same day, Mercury moves into Gemini, where talks of love and flirtations begin to shift toward talks of work, duty, details, and crisis resolution/prevention. You could be helping someone, maybe being kind of a “therapist” for somebody, perhaps even running errands locally for them, or helping them resolve a crisis through performing an advisory role during this Mercury cycle. A friend, or perhaps an ex. Or you’re just more talkative with coworkers, bantering on the job, but usually here, such banter or thoughts are in service to someone, or serve some kind of purpose, and are “selfless” in nature. There could be paperwork you’re getting out of the way as well, and there could be a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” about, errands, and details that require your cognitive attention. The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th happens in your 12th house of secrets, retreat, and your psychological life. There is a “somber” and “serious” tone to this full moon, there could be a strange mixture of “optimism” mixed with a “furrowed brow of concern.” You might be psychologically perplexed as to how to best handle an issue, that maybe revolves around helping someone out of a crisis, or helping someone in general. This person may look up to you, and/or emotionally depend on you somehow. This could be a friend or family member, a child, or someone from the past, who you care for, who’s situation that you do empathize with, and maybe you just don’t know what to do. Part of you may want to swoop in and “save” them, but another part of you recognizes that “you can lead a horse to water, but..” You could be grappling with how involved it’s appropriate to get at this full moon. Changes happening within the home or family could also be going on, and it’s not bad, a lot of it looks really good, and even stabilizing. There could just be a lot happening that is very unclear at the moment. All the facts aren’t in. There could even be some deception, delusion, or manipulation going on, someone somewhere perhaps isn’t thinking right, dealing in the truth, or maybe they are psychologically unwell, physically unwell, -or both. Communications are muddled and vague in general, and perhaps more specifically, talks with siblings, neighbors, or someone in your local environs. If it’s not any of these people, than it’s someone you’re texting or messaging. You’ve got no choice but to “feel it out” in regards to facts in some cases, using your intuition to guide you. If someone is troubled, or not making good decisions, it’s hard to know the “right” way to approach things. Sometimes what’s advocated by experts or conventional wisdom seems cold, unfeeling, ineffective, as far as actually helping the person goes, and getting to the “root” of the problem- and more effective at just helping to protect the people affected by said person and/or their shitty decisions or behavior . You could feel in tricksy psychological territory with someone or something, and you’re having to be very open minded, and open to “improvisation.”   On the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the opposition/square action. You and partners or others could feel at odds as to how to handle, clean up, or stave off a crisis, help someone in need, or you’re at odds about something revolving around work, health, healing, fitness, details, pets, nutrition, or routines. You’re aims and what you’re trying to achieve may conflict, and it could even involve your career, authorities, or reputation/public standing somehow. The pressure is on, and you’re ready to make power moves to eliminate problems. On the 21st, things take a turn for the “emo”, as the Sun and Mercury walk into Cancer, hand in hand, leaving an emotional, sensitive vibe in your health, service, and “crisis worker” sector, and shifting that emotional focus solidly on partnerships. Finding an emotional (or even residential) “safe space” when it comes to home, family, security, roots, or the past is key. There could still be a feeling of psychological burden as far as “making everything gel” goes, but you’re determined to make everything work somehow. It looks like in spite of challenging matters or a feeling of “burnout”, things within the home or family are actually going really well, and feeling “secure.” You’ve got this on lock Cap, and you and a partner have empathy in spades to navigate any challenges together. The new Moon on the 24th in Cancer occurs in your 7th house of partnerships and significant others. This area of your chart is LIT at this new Moon Cap, so the focus will be very much on your partner. You could feel “under the gun” career wise at this time, there could be an important deadline to reach, or some major public presentation to make, or some other achievement oriented activity that involves your career or public reputation somehow, making you feel “exposed”, or just under a significant amount of pressure to achieve something, perhaps by an allotted time frame, and maybe something going on with partners or in partnership has your complete attention, and is somehow at odds with your your aims, your obligations to your career, or even how you’re perceived by the public at large. Your reputation. Your status. Authority figures, bosses, VIP’s, people in power, etc. You could feel challenged to please absolutely everyone and live up to the “brand.” Fortunately, communications are exceptionally empathic and creative at this time, even “idyllic”, but you may want to watch for “blind spots”, double check your work for errors, and make sure that what you’re saying and what you’re hearing is what is intended by you or the other parties. It looks like you and partners are really feeling the love at this new Moon, in spite of any pressing matters in your career. 

You begin June still focused on your creative/romantic life, or your children if you have them, and the events in their lives. Love, parties, recreation, sex, fun, …drama and theatrics. In the first days of June, your focus is on some heavier, deeper, more intense matters, intimacy, merging, joint assets and joint investments with others. Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 5th and 11th houses, you’ve had your fair share of frustrations as regards a child, love interest, creative expression, sex, romance, competition, having fun, feeling joy-and friendships, hopes, wishes, groups, the larger collective, and goals for your future. Maybe some people in your social circle have thrown down kind of a “wet blanket” vibe, or cold water on your expression, or at least, it’s felt that way at times. For others of you, a love interest or child may have really been a handful, and any drama revolving around that has left little room (or desire) for an active social life. You could just be working on your confidence, a creative project, and overcoming some social inhibitions.  Or you’ve been having a struggle between wanting to do your own thing, focus on your own creative projects and creative development,, (which builds confidence) and wanting to be part of the group, the collective, and feel socially connected with friends. Striking a balance can be hard. You’re own projects or absorption in your creative or romantic life can be all consuming, leaving little time for collective involvement. or even things like Facebook, social networking, or fighting the good fight with humanitarian groups. But oh…the good fight is in you, and it’s going to be coming into fuller expression through your creative flow, because you’re absolutely loaded with ideas and fecundity….On the 5th, Mars shifts into Cancer, leaving an emotionally poignant vibe in your creativity sector and heading forward into your work, health, routine, fitness, nutrition, service, and “crisis management” 6th house. Positive, liberating, and revolutionary changes make themselves felt in your communications, transportation, neighborhood, and dealings with siblings and locals in your environment. Like a breath of fresh air, a new era commences. This Mars cycle will make you more driven and motivated to get organized, fit, get your routine together, feng shui your house, work, diet, pets, clean out the fridge, get functional routines in place, make “to do” lists, and manage all the niggling details of life so you can stay on top of your game and feel prepared for anything. Crisis prevention. Ready for anything. You’ll also feel driven to employ your services to others in some way. A generalized “self improvement” kick, you’ll be wanting to improve systems and even people in your life. “How can I help you? How can we make this function better/more efficiently?” On the 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, leaving you with practical, tangible gains in your 3rd house of communications, transportation, and local environment, and heading in to bless up your 4th house of home, family, emotions, roots, security, and the past. You’ll derive more pleasure from comforting activities, and being in the home and with family, decorating, nostalgia, the past, and even playing host/hostess, inviting people into your abode during this transit. If you’re partnered up, you and a partner will enjoy sprucing up your home together, and lounging, making each other comfort foods, and getting together with family, looking through photo albums, or reminiscing of times past. If single, you could have a bout of nostalgia, and feel a desire for emotional comfort, and someone who “knows your story.” Having an emotional connection with someone will be more important than anything else. A sense of familiarity, emotional affinity, or shared history, shared emotional experience, will be stand out connecting points. “That happened to me too. I totally identify with that.” Later on this same day, Mercury the messenger moves into chatty Gemini, turning talks about emotions or with/about family more objective, and then shifting the communications into a more lighthearted, fun, and flirtatious direction as Mercury zooms into your 5th house of creativity, children, lovers, sex, romance, fun, parties, competition, and recreation. This should lighten (and liven) things up quite a bit! You’ll be responding more playfully and lightheartedly, and generally feel less “in your shell” than you have of late. Bring on the fun, clever banter and creative problem solving! You might also get out and about locally, just for fun, during this transit, rather than “just for errands” or grocery shopping. All around, communications will take on a more lighthearted and playful tone, enlivening your day, and turning your thoughts toward a more fun direction.  The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th lands in your 11th house of friendships, groups, goals, like minded people, hopes, and wishes. There is a strange mixture of optimism and “seriousness”, or “sobriety” about this full moon, suggesting things are looking up, but that perhaps a super down to earth “realism” is required in examining your finances. earned income, possessions, money, values, and self worth/self esteem. You could be hitting a crossroads where the opportunity to branch out and be more social with friends, groups, and the collective is very much front and center, and the will and impetus is there, but you also know you will have to manage your time wisely and not let your personal projects, aims, and goals suffer, because frankly, you need to get money. Blending it all, and figuring out a way to make your social connections work *with*, or at least comfortably along side, rather than against, your personal aims, goals, projects, and need to “keep your shit together and put money in the credit union” in a steady, reliable way, could be something you’re trying to figure out. There’s all these things your friends want to do with you, and that you want to do with them, but there’s also commitments you’ve made to yourself and goals you have to focus on that have been put off for far too long (thanks to the retrogrades), that you know you need to get serious about and throw yourself into. Certainly your friends will understand. There certainly is a vibe of optimism and expansiveness about this math that is undeniable, and it really looks exciting as far as “what’s going down in the neighborhood” goes. It all seems promising. You just have to keep your ducks in a row, and try not to let yourself get too distracted or pulled off course by all the fun times that could be had. There will be plenty of time for fun times, encourage yourself and your friends to take the “long view”, and this could really serve as motivation. It’s super important that you gain solid footing with your financial picture, so prioritize this and arrange everything else around that until you gain more traction and have a clearer picture of what you can/can’t afford to do, money or time wise. It certainly looks like some super fun people want to hang out with you, and you and they have a ton of ideas about how you can have fun together. Maybe there’s just some scheduling conflicts to work around, but all in all, things are shaping up to look pretty gosh darned interesting, happy, and optimistic. On the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the opposition/square action, from your 12th house of retreat, secrets, and psychological health. Something in your daily life, work life, health, routines, habits, or some kind of “crisis”, or even just “time management” issues, could be stressing you out or making you feel like something is beyond your control. Maybe you’re working and playing too hard and you’re just psychologically overwhelmed by the sheer amount of details there are to handle. *Time management.* Pair back. Only do what’s realistic. If you have to back out of some plans with friends to prioritize work, health, and producing viable income, don’t beat yourself up about it or guilt trip yourself, and don’t let anybody guilt trip you, because you’re the one who has to live your life. Just make sure that no one takes your behavior personally and that everyone understands where your priorities have to be, in spite of how badly you may want to just have fun, you’ve got to prioritize your security. Your friends will totally understand you (have to have) your mind on your money and your money on your mind, even if that’s not how you’d like to (ideally) be. I mean, you’re not a materialistic person, but you have to eat. And do the dishes. And walk the dog. And water the plants. And get to work. On time. You could feel torn about it because frankly, you really do want to play, and you don’t want anyone to feel like you’re avoiding them. Specifically them. Because you’re not. On the 21st, things take a turn for the “emo,” as the Sun and Mercury walk hand in hand into Cancer, leaving an emotive, sensitive vibe in your 5th house of play, but shifting the focus and drive toward work, health, fitness, and efficiency. There could really be a lot to manage, a lot of little details to focus on. Your social life could feel like it’s literally “on hold.” The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th happens in your 6th house, so this area is LIT. You could be a busy bee, but it’s having positive repercussions on your security, home, family, and dare I say..your wallet. Speaking of your wallet, your money situation is looking almost “idyllic” at this point, with only one caveat-Saturn square Neptune. So basically, friends and money might not mix all that well for the time being, or, you may just need to keep your goals realistic and “keep your eye on the ball.”


You kick off June still immersed in home and/or family matters. In the first days however, you’re very focused on your partnerships (business and/or personal.) Still reeling from the Mars/Saturn opposition between your 4th and 10th houses, you’ve had your fair share of frustrations, hold ups, anxieties, and competing interests when it comes to what’s going down closer to home, with family and personal life, and outer achievement, and eing able to manage the shifting tides of both. There may have been changes going on home wise or in the family that have required your urgent attention and drive to attend to, a family member in need, or a household or residential situation to address, or new emotional/residential circumstances to adapt to, pending moves, or settling in from a recent move. Simultaneously,  you’ve been having to keep up with career matters, PR, and climbing the ladder of success in the outer world, and there may have been frustrating blockages or last minute changes to navigate that have come up in both sphere’s that have really thrown you for a loop. On the 5th, Mars changes gears and heads into Cancer, leaving your 4th house of home on an emotional note, and  begins heading into your 5th house of creativity, fun, parties, kids, recreation, competition, sex, romance, and following your bliss. A positive change begins to make itself apparent when it comes to your earned income, money, possessions, values, and self esteem, that is liberating, refreshing, and revolutionary in nature. You’ll be more driven to enjoy yourself during this Mars transit. Self expression, creative expression, parties, the arts, your kids if you have them, will all be hugely motivating factors while Mars is here. You’ll also be more playfully competitive, and recreational sports might appeal. You’ll want good times, that’s for sure. On the 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, leaving you with tangible gains in your earned income/money/self worth sector. “KACHING!” and heading in to bless up your 3rd house of communications, transportation, siblings, neighbors, local’s, and local travel. Your words will be like sweet tea during this transit, and communications will run smoothly.  This will sweeten any negotiations you have, and you’ll be able to charm the birds from the trees with a few well chosen words. You’ll derive more pleasure from chatting it up, and from your local environs, short trips and local excursions, and anything mentally stimulating. If you’re partnered up, you and your partner can be sending more love notes back and forth, flirty texts, and sweet nothings. You’ll really enjoy getting the communication flowing. If you’re single, you could meet someone in your neighborhood or local environment, or see/hear their words on the internet before you even meet in person. Anybody that get’s your mind engaged will have your attention, as you’ll be more attuned to the pleasantries of mental repartee and all things mercurial during this Venus cycle. Later, on this same day, Mercury heads into chatty Gemini, landing in your 4th house of home, family, security, and emotions. You’ll be thinking along more emotive lines, and having more talks with family, or about home, residence, or the past. “Call your mom.”  The full moon in Sagittarius on the 9th lands in your 10th house of career, reputation, mastery, public image, and achievement. Your work, and what it is you do, could be in the spotlight in some way. There is a curious mixture of optimism and expansiveness on the one hand, and sobriety, “somberness”,  and maturity to this lunation. Which is good, because you might be feeling cloudy and confused about some things as regards to your core identity, self direction, “where this is all going”, some kind of “existential” crisis of sorts, where many things just feel unclear, as if the dust hasn’t quite settled about some things. The “existential” issue could involve your home, family, or place of residence, maybe something is in the process here that is waiting to be resolved, or that you’re hoping resolves, ..and soon. Maybe you’re trying to feel “at home” about something, or you’re waiting for “the facts” to come in about a family member, a mortgage, or whether to move. It’s all still vague at this point, so keeping an open mind and staying positive, but grounded, realistic, for the time being, will be important. This full moon appears to be wonderful for your pocket book/earned income/self esteem however, so that’s lovely. You could just feel a tad “under pressure” about the home/family/real estate picture. By the 17th, Pluto get’s in on the opposition/square action from your 11th house of friendships, networking, hopes, wishes, and the future. Hmm..This is curious… Something a friend or someone in your social network or group you belong to is doing, seems to conflict with your own wishes or creative vision somehow, or maybe it just kind of bums you out or leaves you to improvise. It could just be that what you want and what a friend or a group wants are not the same thing. This friend or group seems to have a lot of power in their corner, or their hands may be tied on an issue, and maybe this leaves you and perhaps a partner/someone else you’re tied to financially or otherwise to have to innovate solutions and just “do your own thing.” In either case, the paths of you and a friend’s seem to be diverging. This could involve realty in some offhanded way, I don’t know. Maybe this puts some kind of pressure on you career wise somehow. (Psst! Let me know in the comments!) By the 21st, things take a term for the “emo”, as the Sun and Mercury walk hand in hand into Cancer, leaving emotional reverberations in your 4th house of home, family, emotions, residence, roots, and the past, and heading forward together into party town. At this point, your focus is squarely on having a good time, children, fun, parties, and creativity, where you’ll fight for the right to party. You could be getting balls deep into a creative endeavor, or really involved in the lives of your kids if you have them. The new Moon in Cancer on the 24th is party central. Like holy shit,  you are celebrating… something. Is it a going away party for your friend? Or is it more like “ding dong the witch is dead!” sort of thing? Maybe some weird era has ended and a fresh one is beginning for you. It looks like it’s a pretty poignant timeframe, and there may be some kind of endings or “heaviness” to them, and intimate partner or someone you’re joined to might not be 100 percent stoked about something, but you’re determined to party on, regardless. Money looks good, and you seem to be in dreamy, even “idyllic” creative form. There’s one caveat: Saturn square Neptune: Try not to let things get “out of hand”, because any faux pa’s will be very very visible, impacting your career, public image, reputation, (in extreme cases, don’t get the cops called on you.) Otherwise, daaang….Party on Wayne.


  1. Incredibly accurate for me AND for everyone who I know the signs of =) <3 If I didn't already think of you as a Goddess I'd be freaked out by the sheer poignancy <3

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