Mars Direct And Other Musings

What a climactic, Full "Strawberry Moon" in Sagittarius week it's been. It's been so long since I've updated the page, and seeing as I have the weekend off, I figured I'd drone on incessantly into a cybernetic void about celestial events, and the motions of large bodies of matter orbiting around us. It's a thankless job, and no one needs to do it. 
 I hope you're all able to use this time to refuel, because Mars is going to be stationing direct soon (FINALLY! the 29th), and will begin it's slow lurch forward as it revs it's engine out of Scorpio's emotive swamp of instincts. Personally, I've been really looking forward to this noticeable shift in energy, as the retrograde motion of the planet that governs drive, will, (and energy legs) has been..well, kind of a slog. I even feel a bit hung over, and I don't even drink. (I'll never be old enough to drink.) 
The biggest shift for us all will come in September. Although, I live very much in the present moment, ever since the beginning of 2016 I've admittedly had my eye trained on September, when the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion will shift from Virgo to Libra. I feel like this will be a breath of fresh air for everyone because I can imagine that people are growing weary of the seemingly unnecessary and even totally unreasonable abundance of work issues, health issues, routine issues, service issues, and details, details, details to constantly focus on, fuss over, correct, repair, organize, and perfect, (and of course eventually benefit from, for Jupiter's sake). It's nice to have an abundance of work available, it's nice to have an abundance of opportunities to address and resolve chronic (or spontaneous) health issues, and to get back to basics with the form, function, the routine of your life…but…(alas…).. Virgo also rules crises, so, many people have experienced Jupiter's transit through Virgo as a steady unfolding series of (secretly blessed) mini crises (and their inevitable breakthroughs,) This can all take it's toll on the nervous system, regardless of how healthy, beneficial, or necessary it all is and has been.

Jupiter, (which I've placed a lot of emphasis on throughout the birthing of this blog) the planet of expansion, luck, and philosophy/higher learning, in the earthy and purist sign of Virgo, has definitely seen the popularity of minimalism as a philosophy and lifestyle, absolutely skyrocket. It makes perfect sense. When the collective consciousness is flailing from one mini (or major) crises to another, simplicity, purity, and minimalism (Virgo keywords) become ultra appealing, if only to remain sound, unencumbered, and resolute in mind, heart, body, and spirit, minimizing any further complications whilst navigating our personal and collective reality toward some kind of healing nervous breakthrough. Any crisis, large or small, that Jupiter in Virgo has brought to you (or through you), is ultimately in your best interest, and is intended for healing purposes, (because this is the planet of luck we're talking about, in Virgo, sign of health, here to feng shui your life.) Anyway, this particular theme won't shift until September, but it's always nice to know you'll get a cookie when it's over, in the form of a less tightly wound, more pleasant and Venus dominated theme: Partnerships (business, personal, and otherwise, partnerships of all kinds will be totally poppin' from September onward.)

In the mean time, since we're on the subject of "healing", let's get back to the main character of all of 2016:
This entire ordeal, all the time spent in theScorpio/Ophiuchus/Sagittarius sector of the sky-has had healing as it's champion cause. I say this especially due to what I see happening on the 29th as Mars stations direct in the deeply instinctual water sign of Scorpio. It does so while in Trine with Chiron, the wounded healer,(who is set to go retrograde the 27th) and Venus. Several other things are going on here, but to keep things simple, healing transformations are the general potential. Now, it takes Mars a good while to really get going after a retrograde, so seeing as how this all takes place under a Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, I couldn't think of a better way to prepare thine "Energy Legs" besides refueling for a more vigorous pace, by means of simple emotional and tactile comforts. It's a very "homey" vibe. Nesting personified really. Kind of like the Universe saying, "Refuel while you can, and ready yourselves for another accelerated and vigorous round, my dear Minions." It's kind of like the meal and brothel offered before battle. It (could) actually be a comforting, even somewhat indulgent, drifting reverie of a time, but rest assured, once Mars picks up his pace and get's out of his shadow phase-
The shadow phase, (the period preceding and following the moments Mars enters and leaves retrograde motion, will last from approximately June 30 to August 22 (like I said, Mars takes a while to wake up from slumber, so "DAWN" and the "RIDING" isn't technically going down until mid august.) 
The shadow periods of Mars retros and stations have the potential to be very healing and regenerative, as long as people focus the energy constructively and positively, (avoiding unnecessary arguments and conflicts.) Due to the relationship of Mars and Saturn's telling placements this year, (I mean…it's like looking at "instant Karma" in star math format,) it's important to remember that impulsiveness and compulsiveness have a definite karmic price tag attached, so it's good to really mull over things before acting on them, making sure they resonate with your heart, your instincts, your rationale, and that all your cells are in general agreement, because the consequences of pure desire, blind rage, misuse of power, or other such out of balance Martian whims could have some pretty severe and in some cases, immediate consequences.That's all for now folks, I'll be back later on to eventually commit more seriously to our relationship, but in the meantime, enjoy the oxymoronic-ever-so-slowly-but-steadily-quickening pace.


  1. This is great. Looking forward to more future posts!😍

    1. Thank you so very much! I'm looking forward to writing a more regular horoscope column and settling into a groove with it!

  2. I am definitely looking forward to the shadow phase the most. I feel like I have a lot of healing to do. Thanks for this detailed post.


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