Confronting Political Zionism And Deconstructing "Wokeness"

"Controversial" Sure.

 ...but all of this must be discussed. The world needs to have some difficult conversations.

I can't really take anyone’s "antiracism" seriously if we aren't willing to talk about and confront political zionism.

Openly. Defiantly. Shamelessly. 

Considering the fact that systemic political zionism is the primary, number one source of not only systemic, institutionalized racism and police violence against blacks and minorities in the US, (see here)>
but also of genocidal acts of war and aggression in the Middle East and around the world, it goes without saying that it is one of the biggest issues of our times. 

If you're serious about combatting racism, fascism, and tyranny, and are unaware of what zionism is, check out the book "Against Our Better Judgement: The hidden history of how the U.S was used to create Israel" by Alison Weir, as a crash course on the subject. 

The internet is unfortunately dominated and controlled by zionist corporate interests, so it's no longer the best place to research such a topic, as you'll find Google and Wikipedia have quite a pro-zionist bias.... 

Journalists such as Whitney Webb continue to cover the impact, power, and influence this ethno-nationalist ideology has over the US, and the entire world today, and it's connections to eugenics and transhumanism (which is really just rebranded, churched up eugenics.) Whitney Webb can mostly be found on twitter, promoting the work she does for the independent journalist syndication "The Last American Vagabond". She also used to write for Mintpress news. 
 Interviews she conducts can be found on youtube, though she doesn't have her own channel. 
She has to lay pretty low, (as is the case for pretty much everyone who speaks the truth about these issues.) 

Angela Davis, for instance, was denied an award and heavily targeted in 2019,- simply for calling them out on their genocide and police brutality against blacks and minority groups in the US.

Weird... considering "antiracism" is (apparently) such a "huge priority" in the US and around the world right now. I can't take any of these people seriously until they start saying the word "zionism", out loud, and begin a serious dialogue about it's abolishment and political and institutional delegitimization.

It's odd and somewhat ironic that Robin DiAngelo's "antiracism" doctrine was so heavily promoted by zionist organizations and zionist dominated magazines and syndications in previous years, and is being heavily promoted in the Beastmedia now. I'm aware of and very familiar with her work, -and her extremely expensive “antiracism” seminars. Her work reads like a religious cult indoctrination, complete with all the manufactured guilt and vulnerability and self hatred and shaming of Catholicism and Christianity, "born into sin"- only it's centered around race. 

Hear me out.

First of all, you're not going to resolve racism by teaching people to hate themselves and to internalize a bunch of shame, guilt, and constant race centric thinking. This is actually an extremely psychologically dangerous proposition, and is only going to create more racism and "race-centric" thinking. Self hatred, shame, and ethno-masochism is only going to lead to a macro psycho-social-  personality disorder, and a gross macro-narcissism of white people hating themselves, and in turn, hating and policing and lording over other white people, and thinking they're better and "more woke" than other white people for doing that, which just creates a creepy culture of macro narcissism, built on macro-ethno-masochism, while conveniently avoiding confronting the systemic ethno-nationalism of political zionism, protecting an elite billionaire minority group that is the primary beneficiary of ALL of this. 

 The cluster B personality disorders are literally rooted in shame, self hatred, and pathological insecurity. 

Secondly, DiAngelo herself, (a white person) actually *thinks* like a racist. If you're a white person, and you show up at a party you were invited to, and the only people there so far was a group of black people, would you feel "nervous" and "scared" and hyper race conscious about that? I wouldn't. Race wouldn't even cross my mind for a second. I would just feel inclined to socialize and hang out with other human beings. 

Not so for DiAngelo. She experiences anxiety and fear and "racial consciousness" in such situations, -and she projects this same racism and line of thinking on to all of her followers.

 From a psychological perspective, I find her work to be extremely problematic, concerning, and even antithetical towards the cause of actually resolving racism. I also find it strange that white people are being encouraged by the beastmedia to go to a white person and absorb the programming and doctrine of a white person who literally thinks like a racist in order to "combat racism."

If anything, this programming actually promotes more racism and division that can be repurposed for political zionist and corporate control by it's very nature. 

Why are you being asked to elect a white person as your "expert" on racism?  

The personal and social psychology that this doctrine is going to create is not going to result in a healthy psychological or social atmosphere.
The only people I can see such a doctrine, (and such a HEAVY avoidance of confronting political Zionism)be useful for is elite controllers.

  For example:

 A healthy version of "Wokeness" would ask, "IS there racism or sexism present in this situation or interaction?"

The DiAngelo/Zionist sponsored version of "Wokeness" asks, "Where is the racism and/or sexism present in this situation or interaction."

This is a subtle but EXTREMELY important distinction. One asks an honest question that leaves room for humanity, while still seeking to combat racism and race-centric mentalities and systems. The possibility exists that not everyone is racially motivated and complicit with racism,- but asks the question if such motivations or complicities are present. 

This other version, being pushed heavily by the beastmedia,- absolutely refutes that there is ever an absence of racism/sexism or racially motivated thinking and complicity. It seeks to problematize everyone who is of a certain skin color (or gender, when this same brand of "Wokeness" is applied to gender issues) *automatically*. This IS literally racism. We are not going to resolve racism with racism and racial profiling, and an excessive focus on skin color and race consciousness. It's just not possible, no matter how your indoctrination tries to frame this, it's simply ineffectual, and designed to not only fail miserably at producing equality and a healthy psycho social environment, it's just a rebranded, socially sanctioned, churched up version of new kinds of racism. It does nothing good for anybody. Even more telling is the fact that I've even seen the application of this doctrine make black people feel extremely fucking uncomfortable. It's literally designed to make people uncomfortable, and the people that are made uncomfortable about it aren't just white people. 

The whole thing is unhealthy from a standpoint of psychological wellbeing, and there are too many ways for this to be misapplied and abused and for this to go wrong. 

 It states that "the racial motive/race consciousness/and the complicity with racist systems is there by default, (born into sin)- we just have to locate it and call it out."

This line of thinking is an extremely dangerous psychological and political weapon, and still does nothing to confront the actual *root* of the problem, and if anything, functions as a smoke screen for political zionism. If this were being truly applied in any sort of honest way, zionism wouldn't even be able to exist and certainly wouldn't be socially and politically sanctioned, protected, and justified through a twisted lens of moral relativism. 

Under this "doctrine", and the ways that it is being used and applied by social engineers, zionism continues to go unnamed, unchecked, and is actually protected further, as it already uses Judaism , the Jewish people as a whole, and anti-semitism as a human shield.

It's ironic how DiAngelos work on "antiracism" is so elevated and heavily promoted right now, but Angela Davis, someone who helped pioneer the black power movement, fought for equality in women's rights, and has correctly identified political zionism/Zionist ethno-nationalism as a HUGE problem in the US and around the world, is essentially silenced, and is only revered and celebrated superficially, in a "past tense" sort of way.

No attention is brought to the causes she feels are most important today, which are implicitly anti-zionist. Because Angela Davis is legitimately against racism.

Not to be crass, but these people don't actually give a fuck about "resolving racism."

They care about using "resolving racism" as a political cover and shield for their racism, and their complicity to systemic racism. They would prefer to project this onto "white people" collectively and individually, and keep people distracted from the real, actual problem. If they truly cared about resolving systemic racism, they would be talking about the issue of political zionism and how completely complicit they are with it, and how protecting zionism has been their number one priority and special interest since the creation of the state of Israel, and how the existence and perpetuation of racism and division continues to serve them and function as a deflection away from what's really, actually going on here.

If confronting systemic racism is the goal, let's confront it. But let's not be mislead, let's get specific about the systemic ethno-nationalists we're dealing with here. We don't have an American Nazi Organization for instance. This just doesn't exist. We don't have a problem with systemic neo nazis, or infiltration by neo Nazi white supremacists, or generalized white supremacy, contrary to what everyone has been indoctrinated to believe. Neo Nazis *do exist*, don't get it backwards-but we don't have politically sanctioned neo nazi organizations funding our politics, media, education, science, police forces, and politically and socially sanctioned "think tanks."  

*Fuck Nazis and white supremacists regardless, and any form of ethno-nationalism -let this be understood- but neo nazis and generalized "across the board white supremacy" actually isn't even the root of the issue here. They actually aren't what's controlling the media, the internet, the narrative, and all of the educational, scientific, and social institutions, or even our police forces, -and all of our politics. What we do have is an American Zionist Organization, (ZOA) and systemic political zionism, however.

 If I am "anti Nazi", does this mean I am also "anti German people?" Or "anti white people?" Emphatically No. 

We have never, ever conflated being anti-nazi with racism, -but exactly it's opposite. We would all think such an assertion is completely ridiculous and utterly absurd, and would dismiss it outright, with zero conjecture, or debate.

 Why is it then, if I am also anti-zionist, that this in turn somehow makes me "anti-Semitic" or "racist"? 

This makes zero sense. 

Especially considering the steadily growing number of grassroots antizionist Jewish organizations and movements, and the fact that the Nazis themselves, were pro-zionist. Zionism is literally an attack on Judaism. It's even an attack on Jewish people. Zionists have historically thrown their own people under a fucking bus in an attempt to achieve their goals, -goals of which have only become increasingly more and more maniacal and far reaching as time goes on.

Why is ethno-nationalism only ok for Jewish people? Even when Jewish people themselves aren't even ok with it?

Why is it politically, socially, scientifically, economically, and educationally sanctioned, protected, funded, and endorsed- and this goes completely unchecked, and operates under the radar, in the shadows, systemically in all of our politics, media, education, economy, and social fabric?

Why is antizionism equated to "propaganda" on Wikipedia?

 Why is the only lens we are allowed to view it through an explicitly zionist lens? Why is "our cooperation with Israel" more "fundamental" than our own US constitution in America? 

The ZOA is older than the Holocaust. It was founded in 1897, and controls literally all of our politics. It is the origin of the American Eugenics Society, and eugenics in general.

The educational doctrines of "Wokeness" and "antiracism", are coming out of educational institutions funded by Zionist "think-tanks" and billionaires-(Epstein only being ONE of those people, who Gates has been good friends with since the 90s.) 

Why are we allowing literal racists, eugenicists, and ethno-nationalists dominate the psycho-social discourse on "combatting systemic racism?" Just as we have let them dominate the discourse in politics, law, science, education, and medicine? 

Most of the people espousing these “wokeness” doctrines have no idea of their origins, or in the very least, the agendas behind them, and they really believe in their hearts they are truly doing what is "right," "correct," and "good". They have no idea the doctrines are designed to seed more division, because such doctrines operate under the guise of "wokeness", "diversity", "science", "medicine", and "philanthropy". 

They have conflated an indoctrination with an "education."

 If a person takes a college course on "gender equality" or "feminist studies", with the intent of helping to seed more equality and justice in the world, they should not come out of these institutions in massive swarms, hating, resenting, and problematizing men as an entire group. Problematizing even the most arbitrary exchanges, activities, clothing items, hairstyles/body hair/makeup/no makeup, and using divisive language disguised as faux empowerment and liberation, which not only divides women from one another, but also winds up seeding division and resentment in the formation of grassroots social "movements" for men, such as MGTOW, which can encourage violence, cruelty and hatred towards women.

 If a man takes these same "gender studies" courses, he comes out hating and resenting himself, hating and resenting other men, carrying shame, and a sort of "Catholic guilt" that produces the same types of division and disunity psychology as the racialized version of "wokeness". 

"Wokeness" and "diversity" itself -has been co-opted. 

If these Zionist "think tank" institutions were truly interested in generating unity, equality, inclusiveness, diversity, social justice, peace, freedom, truth, progress, and enlightenment, their doctrines and agendas would not seed hatred, resentment, "racialization", radicalization, and division, at a systemic level.

They aren't interested in "creating a better world for all", -they are interested in creating a world that an elite minority group dominates, propagandizes, and controls, at the expense of everyone else. 

We need to get more specific, more educated about the actual source of systemic ethno-nationalism that controls the narratives and every aspect of society, that benefits from divisive, racialized, "genderized," narratives, divisiveness between people in general.

 "White people" is far too generalized to even begin to make a dent in "systemic inequality." We need to confront zionist ethno-nationalism, in the US, and in the world, -right now- if we are actually truly serious about combatting racism, genocide, eugenics, terrorism, global psychological/political operations, war, unethical human experiments, and systemic injustice. We also really need to take back "wokeness" and "diversity" and completely rebuild it at a grassroots level, with a focus on healing divisiveness at it’s roots, before these Zionist versions of “wokeness” completely destroy what we have left of our humanity.

It wouldn't be unwise or even factually inaccurate to interpret the ideological agendas at play, along with their narratives, as a deliberately divisive, evasive, coercive, deceptive, clandestine, and subversive force, that exerts tight, regimented, directional control and expansion over all psycho-social narratives, at all the angles that it can manage to exploit, under a guise of "care", "inclusion", "safety", "diversity", "health", "science", “psychiatry/psychology” ........and whatever other sacred value and discipline that can be used as a political and social engineering tool, that is explicitly designed to problematize even the most arbitrary exchanges and benign activities, and certainly even our warmest, closest, and most sacred and personal of friendships and relations. 

Just as they have attempted to “re-envision” physical health in 2020, and plan to “re-envision” education, along with “re-envisioning” race relations (to suit their own ends of course, as everyone involved is being used as a tool and played like a card)-they are also in the process of attempting to “re-envision” mental health. This is an extremely dangerous and disturbing trend.

 Conflating “non compliance” with ‘social distancing,’ masks, ...or whatever else they want to add to this “new normal”)-with psychopathology-opens a very dangerous door to abuse and tyrannical, -even genocidal measures.

When Dershowitz told everyone that they could “technically”, “legally” abduct people from their homes and inject them with Bill Gates vaccines against their will, this illustrated only the tip of the iceberg of the kind of world these elite minorities envision for all of us. 

The most challenging aspect of all of this is that these issues are systemic and institutionalized.
Where the money flows, the tyranny grows, and this includes educational, scientific, economic, banking, and medical institutions, the professions of psychiatry and psychology, the media, civil servants, the justice system, all of our three letter "alphabet organizations",- and globally, organizations such as the WHO. All infiltrated. All corrupt.

There is a clear agenda at play, and numerous documents and agreements written out throughout the last century illustrate their “brave new world” totalitarian elite state of philanthro-capitalism/fascio-communism/technocratic fascism. If being "non compliant" to tyranny, fascism, and a sociopathic re-envisioning of mental, physical, and social health is going to be their new definition of antisocial personality disorder, this “new definition” would certainly be abused, and create a gateway “free for all” for gross human rights violations on a massive scale. 

2020 has literally been a global, psychological grooming exercise for an Orwellian global dictatorship run exclusively by elite billionaires and corporations. The definition of macro-narcissistic abuse if there ever was one. Complete with projection, gaslighting, deception, manipulation, triangulation (deliberately manufactured racewars), isolation of the target from outsiders who could influence their perceptions….and all of the trimmings. There is nothing “healthy” about any of this, and the impacts on individuals and the collective consciousness have been absolutely staggering.

It is our duty as global citizens of earth, as human beings part of a global human family, to call these people out, and CANCEL their tyrannical, technocratic vision of 'Lockstep.'

To do this, we must know who and what these people are, (zionist, eugenicist, transhumanist, technocrat, billionaires)- and not be reserved, bashful, or socially shamed out of speaking out about it, because it's not a conspiracy theory. It's organized crime. 

The “Epstein saga”, and Bill Gates' connection to him, and their entire social circle of scientists, eugenicists, zionists, transhumanists, and their influence on all of our most prestigious educational universities, plays a much larger role in all of this than many people realize. 

If you want to understand the mind of a zionist, and how they think and see the world, listen to Whitney Webbs 2 part interview with Maria Farmer, here:

(You might want to sage yourself afterwards.)

These people are way more of a menace to society than the "un-woke" seeming white person posting "All lives matter" on their social media. (I've seen black people post this trope too. I've even seen black people post "white lives matter". We're living in crazy times.) Just ignore the provocative tropes, and don't let them bother you. Certainly don't let them divide you from your fellow human beings or work you up emotionally. The people posting tropes aren't even the actual problem. If anything, they're psychologically traumatized casualties of something far more insidious.

The issue of out of control, zionist billionaires and global elites who believe they are completely untouchable, and can get away with absolutely anything they want, is something we can all unite around calling out and abolishing. 

Don't allow innocuous political tropes handed to people by the beastmedia as fodder to sew more division and antipathy,- distract you from the true antagonists pulling all of the strings behind the scenes. 

Divide and conquer is an age old strategy. Keep this firmly in mind and stay focused.

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