Interested in a personal astrology and/or tarot reading? I look forward to working with you!

Menu of services provided:

Astrology Consultation: 

$60 per 1 hr session.

$30 per half hr session  

In this session, I cover natal analysis, important transits of significance, Solar Returns, yearly profections, progressions, etc etc. 

The option of synastry and composite chart analysis is also available in these astrological consultations- as long as the other relevant parties birth information is provided and birth time accuracy is assured.

I will ask for all relevant parties birth information beforehand. 

*Please ensure an accurate birth time*. Birth certificate is a preferred source. If this is missing and absolutely cannot be recovered or known, and you are uncertain of your birth time -a chart rectification will have to be performed.  

*Just Tarot* readings:

1 hr: $40

Half hr: $20

20 mins: $15 

Quickie Questions through fb messenger or other message apps including Signal: 


*The Full Monty*(astrology consultation with tarot thrown in at the end) 1 hr: $70

Payment options are cash app and PayPal. If you are in another country or in one that does not have either of these as options, Revolut is a reliable app that doubles as a quick and easy currency exchange. 

How do we do it? Skype. The sessions can be recorded and downloaded by you and kept for later reference. If you would like to book a session, please make sure to have this application on your phone or computer. You can reach out to me to inquire about booking a session via facebook(Amylia Willard) , Instagram (thecuriousgirl), or find me on Skype at "the curious girl" and message me there, or simply sms text me at 707-510-1901. 

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