Chart And Transit Analysis: Marylin Manson's Dumpster Fire In Gross Detail.


I can't say that I didn't see this coming. So, this is what a trainwreck of bad interpersonal karma coming around to bite someone in the ass and totally wreck a person's reputation, public image & career looks like in math format. This is a classic "public downfall" configuration. Students and novices of astrology, the esoteric and the occult, this is an excellent learning and study opportunity, and a great way to extract lemonade and hermetic and alchemical gnosis out of........well....someone else's very unfortunate, and extremely public dumpster fire.

Saturn, planet if karma, (which is just your cumulative actions and behaviors+time), is currently in justice seeking, humanitarian Aquarius, and rolling through Manson's 7th house of relationships, and has recently perfected a conjunction with his natal Mercury (news, communications,) also in the 7th house. 

This translates to rough news from/through/around partners/ex partners, -particularly so if the karma accumulated is... not so good. 

Transiting Mars in Taurus in his 10th house of *public recognition, fame, status, achievements, mastery, and/or downfall*-has been in opposition to his natal Mars in Scorpio in the 4th house of home, emotions, foundations, family, and the past, while squaring up to his Moon in Leo in his 1st house of identity, self, ego structure (Leo rising). I can already picture some coked out billionaire attorney saying "did you see what GOD just did to us maan?!"

So far, Manson is just taking the double down approach, and made one post on IG (with the comments section deliberately disabled). This reeks of culpability, guilt, and insecurity, and was not a wise move in my opinion, but this is his trainwreck, and he will handle it however he see's fit. 

I feel it necessary to say that I absolutely believe the women. I believe them because A.) Abuse, -particularly abuse of intimate partners, is straight up normalized and swept under a rug. I'm talking very, very serious psychological, emotional and sexual abuse of an extreme, sadist and predatory nature that escalates more and more over time, that takes years away from people, and even longer to recover from, let alone talk openly about to... anyone. Ever. This is a THING

I also believe the women because B.) As a musician myself, (and I don't know how many other musicians can identify with this next statement), I can oftentimes very easily gauge the level of psycho spiritual development, self realization, soul healing, and self awareness of other musicians/artists just by observing their body of work, their words, offerings, values, proclivities, and their projected outward persona. Even how they react to fame, (and whether or not they're even in pursuit of fame to begin with.) You can sense, feel & see substance -or it's lack- in people, -and you can certainly see it, (and more,) reflected in their charts. This isn't me being a judgemental snob. This is just discernment and built in self preservation instincts. Some people are just giant walking red flags. 

Keep in mind that you can appreciate a person's music or body of work aesthetically, and still be able to see how vapid, shallow, insecure, developmentally arrested, and hollow they are inside, oftentimes thanks to that same body of work. 

This dude literally goes out of his way to be a living archetypal embodiment of Hades. That's like... his flex. More than just a flex, or even just a stage persona or fashion statement though, it's a mask, an entire false identity, hiding all his unhealed traumas and unaddressed, deeply rooted pathological insecurities. Let's break it down a little bit, because this is prime study fodder and I'm like a fucking thelemic vulture right now.

The irony is that, if you observe his natal Chiron placement, in 29 degrees of Pisces in his 8th house of sex, death, and the occult, it is painfully clear that Manson is deeply insecure about his own spiritual, psychological and sexual potency.  This is literally an insecurity about a lack of substance, a lack of depth, a lack of power and a lack of significance in life. It's an envy/fascination/ and/or fear of shamans, mystics, women, sex, magic, death, the unknown, the taboo, and people with a mastery over the occult and the mysteries of the universe. 

In more obvious and generic terms, this is also a deep fear of genuine intimacy. It can also be sexual traumas rooted in childhood.

He has pretended this fear, unhealed trauma, and lack of cultivated depth away by projecting a persona that appears to be deeply in touch with and unafraid of all of these things, and especially involved with it all somehow, while merely co opting it's symbols to construct a larger than life false identity. A mask. 

Observe his hand tattoos. Covered in alchemical symbols. This is all hype and no substance. This man is desperate to be recognized as some sort of mythic, magical, and powerful figure, -and to also have power over others, but is too insecure to fully step into himself and his True Will. Demoralizing and dehumanizing the objects of his envy and fear, -(women, particularly), - has helped him continue to evade inevitably confronting the issue of his own self induced psycho-spiritual poverty and malignant God complex. Even taking a famous woman's name and pairing it with that of a serial killer, and projecting this "anti-christ" Pluto flex. Mentioning in interviews that he fantasizes about taking a sledgehammer to his now ex fiance's skull. There is no context in which that sort of statement should be merely brushed off, taken lightly or casually dismissed. It's just a giant red flag. I don't even want to go into his pedophilia tattoo.

I deeply empathize with the women whom have come into intimate contact with him and experienced the full force of his unhealed, unacknowledged, and unskilled management of his particular traumas. I also recognize that unfortunately, Saturn is going to bring all the suffering he caused to the women he has dehumanized, degraded, and harmed back upon him in a way that is specifically tailored to equal the suffering that he doled out to others until he aligns himself with his True Will. This is simply how the universe operates. This would be the case for him even if the women it affected stayed silent forever and said nothing but good things about him, and remained as stoic, passive, and invisible as saints.  Saturn doesn't let anyone off the hook, even if man's law, and even the people impacted negatively by his actions or behaviors, unconditionally love, forgive, and pardon his soul, Saturn will not let you ignore what you came here to learn and master, and you can bet money on that. 

In the case of Manson, and speaking of Saturn, his natal Saturn is in Aries in the 9th house of higher learning, study, consciousness expansion, gurus, beliefs, religion, spirituality and teaching. He is called to be a spiritual teacher. The man is quite simply,- spiritually impoverished,- and his lessons involve the use or abuse of force, the passions, impulse control, aggression, conflict, confrontation, identity, ego, and assertion, direction of the will as well as the libidinous drives (Mars.) He has a deep insecurity, fear, and negative experiences in the area of the 9th house, and this is reflected in his hyperbolic, over the top, theatrical rejection and mockery of the religion that he was raised around. No surprise there. This is very typical of people raised around religious zealots or christian fundamentalists. They typically go through a phase of some type of delayed adolescence that usually takes the form of some kind of reactionary, shock value foray into some sect of Satanism, followed or accompanied by a reactionary exploration and embrace of atheism, and a surface level appropriation of the occult, -but only as a fashion statement- zero actual insight into what any of it truly means. All very bread and butter stuff. Very predictable psychological pattern that's damn near universal and can be observed basically everywhere in American culture. We each know at least 3 people who are exactly like this. Typically, once the ego and psyche begins to recover itself from the blow of having organized religion violently foisted upon it before it was even developed enough to properly defend itself against such an unwilling colonization of consciousness, such a purely reactionary and hollow identity structure and solely defensive reality constructs begin to lose appeal, and become exhausting to the soul to maintain, as the vapidity and hollowness fails to satisfy the souls recognition of a higher intelligence, a craving for meaning, mystery, understanding, awe, inner peace, purpose, patterns, perfection, healing, serendipity, synchronicity, and significance, woven into the gigantic brain we call the macrocosm, that we are all mere cells and neurons within.  Not everyone reaches this stage of recovering ones own awe, innocence, spellbound curiosity, reverence, beauty, and power within the universe and life itself, -after being raised in an environment with strict and limiting belief constructs, a fearsome and punishing bearded Sky Daddy that hates non believers and condemns them to eternal damnation. Manson clearly did not transcend beyond the first two most basic "pupa" stages of recovering from a culty environment, and this arrested development significantly stunted his ego structure, -and apparently at great cost to those who have been intimately involved with him. 

Manson also has his north node in Aries in the 9th house as well. So he resists this pull towards higher learning, consciousness expansion, self development, and cultivating a deeper and more comprehensive awareness of the mechanics behind the universe that is his souls own destiny, True Will, and deepest calling. It is difficult for people to surrender completely to their North Node. But it's only difficult to the degree that it is resisted and pushed away. Life really only becomes increasingly difficult, empty, hollow, and utterly meaningless for people in direct proportion to their resistance of the North Node sign and placement. This is our destiny, this is what we came here to do, and what we resist, persists. Typically, we find ourselves oddly pulled towards people that exhibit the qualities, traits, or even just the actual sign placements of our North node somewhere strongly in their chart, without even realizing it or understanding the fascination, admiration, attraction, reasons, and what have you. We just feel compelled.

This is the soul, trying to keep you on track with your own destiny so that you can become a more fully realized version of yourself and truly step into your souls true will. 

Transiting Mercury, now retrograde in Aquarius, is slowly backtracking in his 7th house of partnerships, which is currently hosting an entire party, a whole stellium of planets in Aquarius is currently shacking up in Manson's 7th house. This house is lit up by the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, even the asteroid Pallas is hanging out there. This Mercury retrograde will most definitely bring up his ex's for him. Apparently all of them. Like...every single one of them.

That being said, I feel that Manson is due to have a spiritual reckoning and awakening of sorts, forced upon him by the cosmos. He would have it no other way I guess. He wanted to be struck down by "God", and he is finally achieving the healing that his soul has designed for him, and the manifestations of his own Abracadabra. I can only hope for his sake that he is receptive to the bitter medicine that he has organized for himself to drink. He asked for it, and here it is.

There is a moral to this story, and it's one of self knowledge, and of listening to ones soul when it calls to you. Oftentimes, people will convince themselves that they are taking the easier way out by avoiding looking more deeply into themselves, their nature, behaviors, attractions, repulsions, attachments, and proclivities ..more thoughtfully and intentionally. But in fact, they aren't taking the easy way at all. They're not only delaying the inevitable, but you can be certain that Saturn is tallying up the debt and collecting interest on it. 

The good news is that it's never too late to begin the journey of genuine self understanding, self realization, and looking your own soul in the eye.  It will spare a person a lot of misery, wasted years, lack of fulfillment, and worse, in the case of Brian Warner, public humiliation, -and downfall. This is much more difficult and painful than simply choosing to address ones deficiencies, follies, and weaknesses, and to absolve oneself of cumulative shitty interpersonal karma, -in human dignity, respect, and privacy.  

There is much we can all take away from this and reflect upon. As insignificant, petty, or distasteful as it may seem for me to write an entire astrological analysis on what could simply be dismissed as just another exploitative, mentally polluting celebrity tabloid, (admittedly this is not my usual fare), -I can't help but feel that this is yet another manifestation of the universe attempting to heal itself, and a valuable learning opportunity. 

Marylin Manson is not an isolated or special case. He has merely become another poster child, another whipping boy, another example, for what has become an established norm in human relationships today. A widely unrecognized and vastly underestimated psycho-spiritual sickness and impoverishment of ego.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, let us not allow such exposures and calls to accountability lead us down a path of demonizing, vilifying, and castrating male sexuality, sexuality in general, or recreating the very unhealthy and shame inducing psychic environments that do nothing but reinforce such maladaptive trauma responses that wind up crystalizing into various psychopathologies or malignant Cluster B personality disorders, -as this is already an issue of epidemic proportions in today's society. The untold suffering it causes to the afflicted and to those intimate with the afflicted, has already reached dangerous levels of normality, to the point where surviving traumatic psycho-sexual-emotional abuse has just become a normal right of passage in today's world. 

It shouldn't have to be. 

In calling Manson to accountability, let us also be generous of heart and spirit and continue to humanize him and pray for his healing, -and for the healing of everyone, regardless of gender, -whose unhealed, unexamined lives, and lack of self love and self reflective capacity, have maimed, shattered and destroyed other people who's only crime was simply attempting to share love and the pleasures of being alive with them. 

Granted, the survivors of such traumatic abuse have their own unhealed issues and demons to confront that lead them into the Den Of Hades in the first place, and kept them there, enduring it for as long as they did. My highest hope for them is that they can transcend their anger, rage, pain, resentment, and any other negative emotions and low frequency bandwidths, to reach a place of true forgiveness, not only of him, but of themselves, for lacking the self love at the time that would have prevented them from enduring such gross violations of trust, boundaries, and horrific treatment for as long as they did. I wish for them to experience a liberating personal accountability, self empowerment, and a self love, self regard, and self respect like they have never experienced before. It is this, -and only this,- that is our capacity to truly and deeply love other people, and bring healing into the world.  

The forgiveness of course, is for them, and their ability to see their abuser as merely a deeply insecure human being, an unskillful magician who simply stopped advancing psychologically, spiritually, sexually, intellectually and emotionally, beyond the age of 12, because he mistakenly thought it was easier to simply delay the inevitably required metamorphosis into psycho-spiritual adulthood, -will release them from their pain and heal their wounds.  

Our beloved anti-hero must realize that delaying such a universally necessary initiation into the full embodiment of his being is never "easier," and just because you can delay such a thing, doesn't mean it's actually in your best interest, or even in the interests of your instinct towards pleasure and fulfillment (and away from pain and anhedonia) -to do so.

He, and many others, inevitably discover this to be true, and often do so in the hardest and most tragic of ways, having wasted decades of their own as well as others lives, in an empty, hollow, and fruitless evasion of their own souls fullest realization and highest pleasure. Such a person is to be pitied, because while the targets of their abuse may be able to escape them, move on, and recover, (at least, to some degree-I'm not exactly certain what lies beyond the first few years of recovery from such things as far as human intimacy goes. I do know that many survivors remain voluntarily single, celibate and alone, and are very afraid of getting close to people, sometimes for decades afterwards) -however, the person who inflicts such abuse cannot escape themselves, and they inevitably will be forced into a reckoning by the cosmos that will equal the pain and misery that they inflicted to the precise degree that they resist their own destiny and self mastery. The more that they run away from it, the more suffering, samsara, and negative karma they will bring upon themselves. 

This has nothing to do with a "fearsome and punishing God", but is merely a reflection of an efficient and highly intelligent, sentient universe, with laws, a structure to it that is energetically enforced and inescapable. It's remarkably responsive, adaptive and skilled at tailoring experiences in accordance to a person's level of self awareness. The more teachable, humble, and receptive that we remain, the less extreme, harsh and garish the universe needs to be in order to call us home to ourselves.

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