WWII 2.0: Control The Opposition.


*First things first, skip this part if you're not ignorant to what zionism is, or of actual world history. For everyone else, let's just get this out of the way. If you don't know what zionism is, you've got absolutely no idea what's going on in the world today, and you need a crash course in world history and geopolitics ASAP. It's an emergency that you learn about it while you still can. It's not your fault you don't know what it is and why it's pure evil. You've been intentionally lied to and kept in the dark. Immediately download the book "Against Our Better Judgement: The Hidden History Of How The US Was Used To Create Israel", by Alison Weir on kindle. It's free to read if you have kindle unlimited. Encourage your friends, loved ones and family members to read it as well. After reading that book, you will understand more about what's happening. That book is the bare minimum requirement to have even a basic, elementary understanding of the state of our world and geopolitics today. It takes most people about a day to read, and is easy reading. Moving on now to the article.

I seriously can't wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance being accepted into the mainstream and by academics. This clearly illustrates my point that academia, media, the medical and scientific establishment, and social justice movements at all levels have been hijacked, co-opted, and infiltrated by zionist organizations and think tanks. It's naked and in your face. If Zionism had never existed as an ideology, the Nazis literally wouldn't have ever happened. They were a direct product of zionism and they aided and collaborated with zionists. They shared the same objectives. This is based. It's not even conjecture or conspiracy theory.

When you try to address any of these people, the academics pretending to be "fringe," pretending to represent a rebellion against the divisive, race-centric rhetoric of academia and media,- on their hypocrisy,- they just ignore you. Or worse, random trolls who see your comment or question, will go lurk your profile, and attempt to change the subject to a dissection of your bio header, seeking ammunition to silence or incriminate you, any way they can. They literally have no based argumentation, so have to resort to a contemptuous silence, or petty insults that completely evade the topic at all costs.

Anyone with any sort of reach or influence, who speaks about these issues, who confronts zionism, criticizes it, exposes it for exactly what it is, is branded an "anti-semite", censored, banned, and silenced on mainstream platforms. This conflation is so bad, that a twitch streamer, known as Dr. Disrespect, was recently banned, had his whole account taken down, for simply mentioning during a stream that he was going to read David Ickes book, and that he saw a David Icke documentary, and "he liked him." This level of censorship is completely unacceptable.

Contrary to how the media attempts to brand David Icke, he is not an "anti-semite." Maria Farmer, an Epstein victim, actually credits David Icke for helping her work through her own prejudices towards Jewish people, after her horrifying experiences and exposure to the elite zionist community, and hearing the way Ghislane and Jeffrey spoke about black people, white people, asian people, and all "non Jewish people." They spoke about them as if they were subhuman, things, slaves, objects, there to "serve the Jews."

They aren't even shy about it. The overt racism in elite zionist circles is so toxic, overt, and normalized, that any normal person exposed to it walks away utterly traumatized with the assumption that all Jewish people are Jewish supremacists that want to enslave all "non Jewish people". David Icke is an anti-zionist, he actively confronts this, and has actually helped people overcome their reactionary anti-semitism, a direct product of structural zionism. I feel great sympathy and concern at this juncture in history for Jewish people who are anti-zionist, as the anti-zionist Jews were some of the primary victims and targets of the Holocaust.

The same way that zionism has hijacked and co-opted Judaism, and attempts to wear Judaism and "Jewishness" as a cloak, it is now hijacking and co-opting and infiltrating all social justice and human rights movements, with a goal of becoming virtually untouchable and socially and politically indemnified. Shlomo Sand, Jewish author of "The Invention Of The Jewish People", a book he originally published in Hebrew, does an incredible job at exposing the complete and total hypocrisy and baselessness of the zionist ideology. "Jewishness" itself isn't even an ethnicity. It's a religion. Zionism is the attempt to nationalize it, and the attempt to obtain international recognition of "Jewishness" as an "ethnic backround" and not a religion, is imperative to this cause. You don't see Christians attempting to conflate christianity with "whiteness" and attempting to create a Christian state on the basis of "rampant anti-whiteness", thus requiring the expulsion and extermination of whoever is already occupying the land. If they were, we would all call them insane, and this would never be socially acceptable. Nazi's were an ethno-nationalist reactionary movement of the German people. This movement sprang up as a reaction to Zionism. The most preposterous thing about this is the fact that zionism is the only form of ethno-nationalism that is based on a completely fictitious ethnicity, -and it thrives on race-centric, race focused, and race sensitive narratives promulgating themselves in society, so that it can effectively weaponize the term "anti-semite" in order to silence and delegitimize any and all political opposition.

It's pure evil.

Zionism literally thrives on race wars and anti-semitism. They love race wars. They create race wars. They create anti-semitism. They need anti-semitism to push their agenda and justify their cause. Zionists are literally the biggest anti-semites that exist. There were points in history when zionists concluded there actually "wasn't enough anti-semitism going on to make their case for a Jewish state," and they would artificially inflate it. They've bombed their own mosques and synagogues to keep the impression of anti-semitism alive and thriving in order to create more Zionists. They've hurt and killed their own people to make the case for a Jewish ethno-nationalist state, and Jewish isolationism.

"Gods chosen people."

If you investigate Jewish Law, Talmudic law, and the Babylonian Talmud, the absurdity and belief in supremacy that is behind the zionist ideology is impossible to overlook or sweep under the rug. Zionism and zionists are the leading cause and primary beneficiaries of anti-semitism. It literally harms Jewish people. It harms all people. Especially Palestinians, but more specifically, non jewish people, and non zionist Jews. The plights of the Middle East are a global plight. Zionists' ultimate goal is to make the non-zionist Jewish diaspora feel so threatened, so uncomfortable, so terrorized, that they conclude that the world is against them and so must flock to Israel for safety and isolationism. It's the most bat shit crazy movement that's ever existed, and it's going hardcore mainstream.

It manages to do this by 1.) Conflation. 2.) Controlling all the opposition. and 3.)) Censoring, smearing, gaslighting and banning anyone that speaks the truth. It's literally terrorism. Their aim is to make the entire world feel so uncomfortable, terrorized and unsafe that everyone has no choice but to fall into line with their insane ideology and agenda. This agenda affects the entire world, and everyone in it.

Worse still, is the fact that their controlled opposition are composed of extremely intelligent people, speaking intelligent narratives, particularly within the spheres of social justice reform, "anti-racism", and even critique of anti-racism. The quickest way to expose controlled opposition is to notice what subjects they avoid talking about. What they refuse to comment on, and refuse to speak about or address. Some of them are even easier to spot, as they are openly board members of "proud, unapologetically" zionist organizations. Zionists control virtually all of media and education today. The only media that isn't zionist is censored, banned, difficult to find in search algorithms, and they're all independent citizen journalists not associated with academia or mainstream outlets. You will not hear a single true word spoken in zionist media unless there is an agenda behind it.

 James Lindsay, who does his amazing work for New Discourses, and the other academics associated with these admittedly wonderful, substantive, and necessary critiques of the (zionist endorsed) critical race theory, will go completely silent and avoid discussion, if you bring zionism to the anti-racism critique discussion. I haven't completely written James off, as his work is absolutely amazing, and I don't see him (publicly) associated with any zionist organizations, but I will have to look into that deeper. I also know that openly condemning zionism will impact your reach to people via censorship, algorithmic suppression, controversy, and the dreaded "anti-semite" badge of dishonor, so I know it's a nuanced and complex issue.

Disappointingly, Chloe Valdary, who does pieces in mainstream outlets and even TED talks, and is an amazingly intelligent, well spoken critic of DiAngelo and Kendi's "anti-racism", is a board member of a zionist movement in the united states, called Zioness. So, they are controlling both sides of everything, -and controlling the opposition. This unfortunately put the nail in the coffin for me as far as she goes. Being a board member of a zionist organization is just kind of a deal breaker for me. I still follow her on twitter, but more to just stay abreast of what the zionists are up to with their social engineering and controlled opposition projects.


This is going to be quite a task over the next decade or so. Not only are zionists the very root of all internet censorship and tight narrative and media control, but their controlled opposition present eloquent, thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate, and articulate discourses meant to appeal to the opposition by seeming to question the mainstream narratives, and offer up thought provoking, compassionate and holistic alternatives-in order to win hearts and minds. When you listen to them, you feel heard. You feel seen. You feel relieved that other people can "see through the veneer". You feel hopeful that their voices are being amplified. You feel represented. That's the point. Zionists are playing an elaborate chess game with themselves. Years ago, zionist syndications were speaking highly of DiAngelo's "anti-racism" work, spreading it around, praising it. Now they are playing the other side to control the inevitable backlash among any intelligent people with any sort of psychological insight as to why her and Kendi's antiracism work and race-centric narratives will have a negative impact on society, and on the cause of eliminating racism in general. They know intelligent, self respecting people will see through that, and that the opposition must be controlled. 

Deciphering who is real within the spheres of social justice is similar to deciphering who is real within the medical establishment, in the sense that much of it boils down to simply how censored, banned, or shadow banned they are, (a tell tale sign they threaten the narrative) -but the criteria is different. Even this fact though, is exploited by expertly controlled opposition, (Dr. Buttar is an example of this. He's been used as controlled op many times in years prior by mainstream media outlets.)  Instead of looking for whether they discuss vitamins, nutrition, terrain, nutritionally acquired immunity, and the harms of a legally indemnified, mandated vaccine industry, and out of control pharmaceutical lobbying and astroturfing,- determining who is real within the social justice movements has it's own nuances, but it's actually pretty easy to spot.

Here are some tell tale signs you're looking at controlled opposition within the social justice narrative.

1.) They're associated with academia.
They may have initially lured you in due to the fact that they seem to be exposing the fraudulence and corruption within academia (that is very real, so the fact that they're exposing it is very compelling and appealing. "They're on OUR side!") That's exactly what they want you to think. Any association with academia in any way, even if they appear to be "exposing" how bad it is in there, should be automatically suspect. This doesn't mean they need to be completely written off-but just watched carefully. Exposing academic fraud to appeal to the opposing factions and the dissenters isn't automatically a sign that you're not a total hack. Anyone can hand candy to a baby. It doesn't mean they're one of the good guys.

2.) They've recently written for the NY Times.
Ok. This one is obvious as hell to most critically thinking people, but still bares mentioning. If they're involved in mainstream media in any way, and the mainstream media is supporting them, publishing their work, if they're doing TED talks, they're controlled opposition, hands down. I don't care how well articulated they are, or even how solid the points they are making are, the whole point is to reach and appeal to the opposition. The opposition isn't stupid. The controlled opposition wouldn't be effectual unless it appeals to people who would otherwise never agree to a global zionist takeover.

3.) They refuse to speak about structural Zionism.
This is probably one of the quickest ways to decipher the legitimacy of any self professed "anti-racist", "wokeness expert." Zionism is an ideology that is inherently racist, and zionists are the direct beneficiary of any form of racism or bigotry. Wherever zionism goes, structural and societal racism and race centric thinking thrives and perpetuates itself. Just take a long look at Israel and Ukraine and tell me that isn't true. Today, zionism latches on to any and all social justice movement that it can, the same way that it has parasitized Judaism, in order to use ethnic minorities and oppressed sectors of society as human shields of protection against any critique, questioning, or wide spread social and political rejection. This is literally pure evil. It's completely indefensible, poisonous, and insane. Imagine twitter accounts with the words "Unapologetically Nazi", or "Progressive Nazi", or pages called "LGBTQ+ Nazis" with a rainbow flag and a Nazi party flag as the cover photo. Imagine these pages containing tweets that exclaim "We stand with BLM! We stand for black trans rights!" It would be utterly confusing to even witness. It would be a completely antithetical mindfuck to see it even exist. This is literally what zionists are doing, in order to take zionism mainstream, and keep it alive as a movement. Imagine if Nazis did the same thing. It would be shut down in a heartbeat, and would be completely unacceptable, and anyone associated with it would be frowned upon. If someone you look to as a leader in "wokeness" and social justice refuses to talk about structural zionism's role in societal and structural racism, if they refuse to touch the topic, if they never mention Palestine, or their position on the issue, if they don't talk about Israel training US police forces,-they're controlled op. If they won't take the risk to talk about it, (which is quite a risk, you immediately get branded an antisemite in media, censored, and "cancelled")- they're working for them. The most dangerous thing about this is that making zionism go mainstream, will in turn, facilitate some kind of nazi backlash. Even creepier, is they have long since been seeding an underground conflation of antizionism with naziism, a sort of "if you're not for us, you're against us, if you're not a zionist, you're a nazi", branding everyone and anyone who speaks out against it as a nazi. So under that sort of insane rhetoric, Angela Davis is a "nazi" for championing the BDS movement. 

4.) They're literally a board member of a zionist organization.
Yikes. This one is a dead give away. Once you've discovered this fact, there is no rationalizing this away. Don't ask them to explain it to you, they'll just ignore you. I do encourage people to comment on their tweets however, regardless. Just don't expect them to engage with you when you bring up their zionism. What's mind blowing about this phenomena, is that the person can espouse the most "woke" sounding narratives, seems to "really get it", they can seem all about equality and social enlightenment, compassion, and they seem to be against divisiveness, isolationism, racism, sexism, inequality, and any form of ethno-nationalism. Yet they're a board member of a zionist organization. This is so gross, on so many levels, because it's an attempt to make zionism look "woke". It's an attempt to make zionism seem like a socially and politically acceptable, and even politically correct position. This is terrifying. The last time in history this kind of normalization was attempted, the Holocaust happened, and it didn't just impact the jews.

Historians and geopolitical scholars have said that the arc of history can be traced from the Ukraine, to Israel, and back again. When you deeply study zionism, you see how true, (and how devastating and horrific) this observation actually is. Even slavery in the US has it's roots in zionism. The people claiming to be "ethnically Jewish" most likely actually have mixed, slavic roots, if anything. There are billions of zionist dollars being poured into scientific studies that are desperately trying to legitimize some sort of genetic marker of "jewishness." When you read the studies, you see how absolutely desperate, bombastic, anti-science, and maniacal it is. Equally, zionists have poured billions of dollars towards science in an attempt to argue that inbreeding doesn't have degenerate effects on I.Q or biology.

There is an extremely unhealthy obsession with race and eugenics here that can only be likened to ideologies that sprang up in Nazi Germany, and prior to that, in the US, with the eugenics movement. These "movements" never went away, they've just rebranded themselves as "transhumanists", and have since worked hard to distance the direct association of zionism with eugenics, (at least, publicly). The creepiest part is that legitimizing a fictitious racial identity requires willfully fraudulent science and a bending of the truth. In other words, gaslighting the entire world with "science." The entirety of the STEM disciplines have been aggressively infiltrated and taken over by zionists. This impacts everyone. Zionism and eugenics go hand in hand and are inseparable.


5.) The media or internet hasn't branded them an anti-semite or cancelled them. No, really
Ahhh....nothing screams "this person has had too much to think" quite like being labelled an anti-semite. As some of you know, every president that we have ever had, and all of our politics are controlled entirely by zionist puppet masters and zionist money. No president has ever broken with this tradition, and if they tried, they were promptly assassinated and disposed of. The Trump administration has changed the definition of "anti-semite" to "anyone critical of Israel, it's policies, or it's political ideology (zionism.)" Imagine if we changed the definition of "Nazi" to "Anyone who doesn't wear a mask in public, and anyone that questions mandated injections" Sadly, we're probably well on our way to that sort of reality, because very few people are paying attention to what's really going on here.

 This new definition has enabled zionists to throw the term "anti-semite" around unrestrained, like confetti at a birthday party, -at the slightest breeze. All it takes to be "racist" against Jewish people now is slapping a "free Palestine" sticker on your car or speaking out against genocide, or Israeli training of American police forces. All Ice Cube had to do was post a picture of the Black Cube of Saturn, and merely allude to zionist control over everything, and he was instantly branded an anti-semite.
If you look up David Icke, you'll see his name has basically become a synonym to anti-semitism, even though the man is not a racist or a bigot. In 2020, the term "anti-semite" can basically be translated to "a person who speaks the truth out loud and hasn't been censored yet," because apparently the truth is "hateful and anti-semitic". 

Don't ask me how it's even possible to be racist against a fictitious ethnicity. I have no idea how this ideology has been allowed to gain so much traction other than complete and total manipulation. It certainly wouldn't be able to have become acceptable without all of the money, censorship, and revisionist history and revisionist science, and "re-education" behind it, because no person with any intellectual integrity or soundness of mind would ever be able to get behind this.

It's worse than Scientology.

Imagine if Christians had their own version of faux ethno-nationalism. Imagine they had complete control over the media, the economy, the banks, the educational institutions, the justice system, our interpretation of history, the scientific and medical establishment, the politics, and all the alphabet organizations. Imagine that anyone who criticized their ideology and their desire for an isolationist Christian state that "strongly encouraged" the "Christian Diaspora" to relocate to some "holy land", and required the extermination, dehumanization, and expulsion of whoever was already there,-was branded a "racist", smeared, and banned from the internet, and had their free speech taken away, lives, reputations, or careers utterly ruined.

Would you be cool with that? Does that seem rational to you?

Because that's exactly what zionists are doing, and I don't see very many people disputing it or calling it out. Anyone that is actively disputing it is being censored, shadow banned, silenced, and deplatformed. Harry Vox, the investigative journalist who told everyone in 2014 about the incoming "Lockstep agenda" of 'plandemics', quarantines, mandated injections, and global totalitarianism written down in a Rockefeller document in 2010, probably doesn't have much longer on twitter, and was banned on facebook a few years ago.

With censorship this aggressive, the amount of ignorance in the world is unsurprising, but still tragic to me. When you see the word "anti-semitic" being lobbed at someone, understand that the word has lost all of it's meaning, and that it's used today to silence and delegitimize anyone who poses a legitimate threat to their "official, zionist narrative."  This is the most sad for Jews who aren't zionists. Anti-zionist jews are probably more censored and black balled than anyone I imagine, because their very existence is threatening to zionists, and zionists main goal is to convert them from Judaism to Zionism. Ask any anti-zionist Jew about the differences between authentic Judaism and Zionism and you will be surprised to learn that Zionists are the biggest anti-semites and threat to the Jewish diaspora on the planet. David Icke does the Jewish people more favors than Epstein or Ghislane Maxwell ever did. Zionists don't exactly have the best mascots. Alan Dershowitz, Sheldon Adelson, the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Epstein, Maxwell...I mean, there isn't a really compelling case to be "proudly zionist", if anything it's more indicative of obscene wealth, pedophilia, racism, and sociopathy than anything else.

6.) They call people anti-semites, and talk a lot about "growing anti-semitism."
This last point may seem kind of controversial, but when you study the history of zionism and the holocaust, you will see how this term has been used as the ultimate power tool for the zionist agenda. For zionism to legitimize itself and succeed in it's ultimate socio-political aims, Jewish "victimization" must constantly perpetuate itself, until the entire Jewish diaspora are relocated to Israel and the Palestinians are exterminated and expelled as a race. Nothing serves this purpose better than manufactured race wars, and race-centric narratives and thinking.

Zionism as an ideology has a lot in common with Narcissistic Personality disorder, a disorder on the cluster B spectrum of "dramatic disorders". Much like Christianity asserts that you are "born into sin and must spend the rest of your life attempting to repent for those sins", -Zionism conversely asserts that the Jewish people are "born into victimization and persecution." This creates a constant victim mindset, and zionists are constantly seeking any and all opportunities to shout "I'm a victim! You're persecuting me! My people endured the holocaust! You're an anti-semitic monster! This is why we need a Jewish ethno-nationalist state! You're Hitler!" If there isn't enough anti-semitism and Jewish victimization and persecution going on, they will deliberately try to incite it. I wish I was joking.

Don't you think it's kind of odd that we were told that some dude went bat shit crazy in Germany in the 1930's and 40's, and explicitly singled out the Jewish diaspora and hated the Jews for absolutely no reason, -but just to be a completely insane, power tripping asshole? I mean, it's not completely unbelievable that a person is capable of that sort of low level thinking, but when you really think about it, it really doesn't make any sense at all. Didn't it always seem a little weird to you? Like there was something missing from the story? Why would a person hate the Jews so much, and so passionately? What the fuck did they do to him? What the fuck was Hitlers deal man? Who just hates entire groups of people for absolutely no fucking reason? Beyond that, -who hates an entire group of people for no reason, and manages to acquire virtually unanimous support and military cooperation from an entire country to have them all wear "marks" to be identified and rounded up, to be exterminated and expelled to a mandated Palestine? It literally just doesn't add up or make any sense-unless you factor Zionism into the equation, which is oddly completely absent from history books and the officially accepted narrative about the Holocaust. Didn't you ever wonder why Hitler hated the Jews so much? Didn't you ever just feel sort of bemused about the whole thing? We were literally told he hated and persecuted them "for no reason in particular. Just because. He just didn't like them." This version of the story leaves a terrifying confusion in it's wake. This version of the story leaves us extremely vulnerable to it happening again, -but on a much more terrifying and sophisticated scale.

Because we were lied to about it. Egregiously.

We are condemned to repeat what we do not remember.

The quickest way to determine the legitimacy of someones level of "wokeness" is to determine their position on zionism. If they don't see structural zionism as a widespread, global, structural problem and source of war, division, inequality, and terrorism, that poses an imminent threat to human rights, human civilization, truth, the integrity of science, justice, and peace, they are either willfully ignorant to the issue, or they are simply a zionist tool. Personally, I don't trust anyone who feels indifferent about this and remains silent about it. I definitely don't trust anyone who is openly zionist or associated with zionists.

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