Hi all! If you appreciate my weekly astrology syndication, feel free to subscribe to my tarot channel on youtube! In order to livestream, I first have to reach a total of 1000 subscribers! Until then, I have to deal with the time constraints of some weird SD card issues, but it isn't going to stop me from offering you all free tarot readings! I recommend people watch for their rising sign because that is your first house in your personal natal chart, and if you have any stelliums in your chart (3 or more planets in the same sign), I recommend to watch for that sign too. This is just what I personally suggest, but of course you're free to watch for whatever personally resonates most for you! I would love to have you in my little "de-occultist community", and each person that subscribes helps me reach my current goal of 1000 subscribers, which would help me to be able to be a lot more generous with the reads by removing the time constraints I currently have to deal with due to tech/SD card issues! I love and appreciate you all so much, thanks for stopping by, and a special shout out to everyone who is helping me to grow my channel in big and small ways, I look forward to being of service to all of you. Here is the link to my channel!

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